43 Wacky Products To Buy Online Now That Have Us Thinking “Why Do These Actually Exist?”

By Aakash M

Have you ever come across a product so strange that you couldn’t even understand the purpose behind its invention? When we see such products, we often question ourselves about the meaning behind their making, and of course, why would anybody even go through the effort to design such a thing? People love online shopping. Considering that, we don’t think there would be a better place to find weird products that have a specific purpose on the Internet. Maybe people buy these products because they admire them like most of their other material possessions. Others might purchase them to have a good laugh with friends. Whatever the reason, someone is buying it if the product is out there! There is a Twitter account called “The Worst Things For Sale.” The page shares the most outrageous products that are found on the Internet. Drew Fairweather is the man behind the page, and thanks to him, we have a list of quirky products that will leave you in utter confusion!

It’s not even toasted!

Our generation has become much more obsessed with ourselves than any other generation before us. When you think about why that’s happening, we’d say that phones are among the most significant reasons behind it. Many people have become obsessed with selfies.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

But that still doesn’t mean we’re so self-obsessed that we’d want a selfie on our toasted bread. Honestly, it’s one of the most ridiculous products we have ever come across. It isn’t even a good toaster since the edges look pale. Why!

What’s happening here?

If we are talking about religion, there are many books that many people follow. Most of these teachings have been around for thousands of years, so, considering that, it can be really challenging to get certain demographics to want to join in.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Since we are talking about demographics, enticing young boys is the most challenging it seems. That’s just one point. We don’t know what exactly is the purpose or differences behind a “Boys Bible.” If you’d notice, it’s written that there are “Exciting features that boys will love.” What even? What about the girls!

Bringing a change

There are many things in life that we are used to seeing and using in a particular way. These things have been in such a way that it’ll make us feel weird if we even see a slight difference. What if we experimented a bit?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

We’re sorry for thinking about experimenting, and we’re okay with how things were earlier. This black toilet paper just makes us feel weirded out and confused. We just can’t see the point of having a color change in toilet paper.

Unofficial merchandise

There are certain TV shows which have an enormous fan following. Fans like to show their support to their favorite shows by purchasing and sporting their merchandise. But, it’s elementary to tell what merchandise is official compared to those that are fraudulent.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

And this Game of Thrones merchandise is unofficial. You don’t even have to glance at it for more than a second to realize that. So, if you’re looking for a new GOT mug, we think you should steer clear from this product since it isn’t what you’d be looking for unless Freudian slips are your thing…

Tastes horrible

These days, so many brands are constantly collaborating with different brands and people it’s hard to keep up. Now, it could be a move to gain more attention, or they might just be wanting to get people curious about what they’re promoting.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

The point is that sometimes, these collaborations aren’t the best move. Everybody loves Pringles, and everyone knows they are potato chips. So, we can’t think of a sane person who’d be in a mood to have white chocolate potato chips. It’s a mismatch.

Fried chicken and phone covers

Ever since our obsession with our smartphones, we think we all have been searching for a perfect phone case. It seems like the most important thing to buy after getting a phone. There are certainly appropriate and sensible phone cases, but some are just over-the-top.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

If you ask us, we think that the best phone case would be the one you like and, of course, the one that fits your pocket. Therefore, this fried chicken phone case doesn’t qualify for that. On the brighter side, the fried chicken looks authentic and tempting.

The irony!

Although we know that the precious moments in life are irreplaceable, we often get lost in our own lives while putting off any effort into making memories. Well, if only there were something that would give us a reminder every now and then…

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

This sign is ironic because, as lovely as the message on the poster is, if we actually took the advice seriously, we wouldn’t collect this THING(the sign)! But let’s be honest, this sign is definitely up on the wall at your Aunt Barbaras home.

Pants for your trash can

Ever since online shopping has become a big thing, not only did people start to buy a lot of unnecessary things, but people have also started to create items that nobody even needs. Believe us, when we say that, we really mean it. This product is just useless.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Wow. Pants for a garbage can. Really? Why would anybody want to put pants on their garbage can? Have you ever heard a friend say that they need to put pants on their garbage can? This one has just slipped too far.

Try to not make fun

Everybody has their specific ways of how they prefer eating a particular food item. It could be what they like to eat or how they want their plates to be. The thing is that people are pretty specific about their food preferences.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Therefore, irrespective of how funny their preferences are, it would be best to give them space for that. But, if somebody wants to eat their food with this product, not making fun of their preferences can be really hard. But, we still ask you to try not to make fun.

Portable toilet?

We don’t think that there’s anything more frustrating than when you’re desperate to go to the toilet, but there’s no toilet nearby. That situation sucks, but when you’re in it, you need to be creative enough to find a solution to it.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

However, we don’t think you need to be so creative that you come up with a disgusting product such as this one. It doesn’t truly solve the problem unless you happen to be out on the range. If you’re in the grocery store and whip this one out, we are sure people will assume something strange is going on under there.

0% Hygiene

When buying a new product, it’s always best to conduct thorough research before buying. But, there is a limitation to how much research you can do. It usually depends on the product. But, no matter how much you feel like trying before buying, it isn’t always the best thing.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

This, right here, is simply foolishness. There’s a lot of Vaseline missing from this tester container, so it’s even worse that people are trying this thing out by dipping their fingers in it. It is just so unhygienic. We don’t think people would want to try that out, but we’re shocked.

Spinal tape

What’s unique about this page and its lists is that no matter how strange a product is, some of these products have a pretty clear instruction set about their purpose, and they have a how-to guide for the products. 

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

But, no matter how specific the instruction set is, it is still challenging to understand the purpose of creating such a product. Now, what’s spinal tape supposed to do? And, is it related to spinal tap? This one is really confusing.


Everybody has their set of favorite snacks, and as we know, there are specific snacks that almost everybody likes, no matter how often they’ve eaten them. One such snack of that kind is Oreo. Oreos are, hands-down, one of the best snacks ever.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

We can’t understand why the manufacturers would even think of taking Oreos and creating a peculiar version of it. Oreos are cookies and cream, and the whole cookie and cream flavor stems from Oreos. There’s no point in creating an Oreo-flavored Oreo.

Not so necessary, but good

We all go have days when we can’t help but feel more intense and frustrated than usual. Also, on those days, we don’t think there’s anything better than getting to release that frustration in a safe manner. Here’s an invention for that.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Now, this invention is definitely unnecessary, but it seems like it would be quite enjoyable. So, although it’s odd, it will be of good use at the right time. You can conveniently punch this big thing rather than taking your frustration out on your family and friends, or the random guy on the bus in your way.

A KFC star

There are just too many romance novels globally, and we’re only counting the good ones. These options are more than enough to overwhelm you. If you don’t want to read romance novels, an even wider variety of not-so-good novels are hanging around libraries. When there’s so much, why come up with this?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

The only thing that seems to be likable about this novel appears to be the name. Wings of Desire. Wow. That’s an excellent pun right there. We can’t understand why anybody would write a romance novel about KFC? Is it a new genre?

There’s no need for this product

It looks like we all have become too attached to our smartphones. We have come to a point where we cannot imagine a world without them. Somehow, we managed to live a long time without them, but now, we don’t think that can happen anymore.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

We can’t live without smartphones, but we can surely live without this product. All this while, there has been no need to use an accessory when using a smartphone. So, why would anybody need a finger stylus, out of all things?


Firstly, this product doesn’t look like a banana surprise of any kind. Instead, it seems more like a banana disaster. So, they lost us on the product’s name, but the image is even worse. It just looks disgusting. Freud, why are you constantly popping up?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Bananas taste good as it is, and if you want to experiment, there are many tasty products in the world for that. Bananas go well with chocolates, but they do not need to go with chocolates this way. This product looks like a problem to a solution.

Whom are you fooling?

When it comes to vehicles, we all, as responsible citizens, should always adhere to the rules to practice safe driving. These rules are pretty simple to follow, and they’re harmless. You don’t even need to use anything that isn’t already there in the car to follow these rules.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Since that’s said, we don’t know why anybody would ever want to bring such a dangerous and distracting thing? There isn’t any point in having a fake seat belt because seat belts are meant to protect you, and you basically deny that protection with this product. You’re only tricking yourself. 

Disturbing and damaging

Being a parent is one of the world’s best and most challenging experiences. One day, you become the person who is solely responsible for another person’s life. Therefore, you have to decide what would be in the best interest of your child.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

We’re really quite sure that giving your child measles is not the best idea. You can give your kids many good things, and measles should not be one of them. For some reason, this book tries to normalize kids getting measles and honestly makes it look pretty fun.


Irrespective of what it is, everybody has some guilty pleasures they want to keep to themselves since they might seem really strange to others. But, how would it be if you had a simulator of your guilty pleasure at your service?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Some people in this world love popping pimples, and even more so, they love watching the professionals pop them online. Well, for them, this product might be perfect. Considering that, this product has a particular target audience. Would you try it? We’re a bit curious not going to lie.

What’s with the philosophy?

In this list, there are some products that have very particular purposes. It is only sensible if such products are created if there is a demand. If not, then what’s the purpose? Therefore, somebody should tell the serpent on this doormat what is really going on…

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Doormats should be welcoming, shouldn’t they? Once again, this product acts as a problem when there’s already a solution. Also, this snake must be facing a lot of internal issues, since it doesn’t even know why a doormat is used.

Don’t ruin cheese!

Let us tell you one thing. We don’t joke about cheese. Cheese is one of the select few things that are enjoyed everywhere in the world in massive amounts. There are many ways for one to enjoy having some cheese. 

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

So, there’s no need for anything new. But, for some reason, simple people think that cheese needs to be served by a hot glue gun, which is called the Fondoodler. We don’t think it’s supposed to go that way—bad idea.

The fanny pack that nobody asked for

Since we are talking about useless products, here is the top contender for the most useless product of all time. This product is just ridiculous. Many people are self-conscious of their stomachs and just how they look. Dad bods are great and all, but not this great.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

People are often told that they aren’t in the right shape, and although it’s not the right thing to say, it makes a person feel very insecure. Since that’s that, why would anybody even think of buying a Dad Bag fanny pack?

Not so efficient hearing aids

Many devices out there do the job pretty well, but they look really weird. But, we don’t think you’d care about how a product looks when you are in serious need of help. Or would you? At what cost exactly?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Although these Dixie Cups look horrendous, we hope that these things do their job because if not, then this person in this image has just wasted some money, and on top of that, he’s looking ridiculous. Anyways, hearing aids do exist. 

An app for the pets?

One of the most challenging parts of the day is in the morning when you need to say goodbye to your dog as you’re leaving to head for work. Although we will eventually see them again in a few hours, it feels terrible, doesn’t it?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Even the thought of a pet being home alone can make anybody feel nervous. We only wish there was a way somebody could communicate with these lovely creatures. But it doesn’t mean that there is an actual need for such an app, because how will pets even know?

Out of trend

It’s a bit difficult to believe how long it has been since some of these social media trends started. It feels like these are recent, but trust us, there are a lot of them, and they have been around for at least a few years.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

There are worldwide trends that manage to rent a place in the hearts and minds of millions across the globe. The fidget spinner was one such trend. There is nothing that screams 2017 more than a fidget spinner. We think this t-shirt should have never been released back then.

A solution wasn’t really needed

Can you think of anything that tastes better and makes you feel better than ice cream? We really can’t think of anything. Ice cream is one of those foods that will always make you feel fabulous, no matter what. But, there is one annoying factor.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

That annoying factor is when the cone starts melting quicker than you can lick, thus, causing a mess. But, we still aren’t so sure that there’s a need for a “motorized ice cream cone” because it’s not unmanageable, despite it being an annoying factor.

Taking cat-obsession to another level

If you have a lot of cats, or if you have one cat, or even if you are obsessed with them, you can be called a cat person. Spending time with cats is cool… But if you’re pretending to be a cat so you can lick other cats, well, that’s crazy.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

This product just oozes weirdness, and although we know most people would stay away from it, the crazy part is that we can actually imagine many people purchasing this brush and using it on their furry friends. We can’t think of anything weirder.

Make a note of it

There are a lot of ways for us to remind ourselves of something. We can write it down, we can set an actual reminder, or we can even record a message! Writing it down is a bit old-school and less practical because we don’t always have access to a pen and notepad.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Although that’s that, it still doesn’t stop people from inventing irrelevant things and buying these silly things. We’re trying to understand why anybody would want to strap a small-sized whiteboard on their wrist? Also, how much can you even write on that amount of space? What happens if someone walks by and rubs against you by accident? Reminders lost!

Unbelievably creepy

If we’re talking about parenting, then there are some things that you’d find yourself doing, which, usually, you’d have never ever done earlier in your life. It could be anything from changing diapers to literally anything else. There are just so many examples.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

But, we don’t think anybody would have thought of purchasing a Babysaver box to save their child’s teeth. It’s weird. Nobody might have thought so in the past, and let us also tell you that nobody needs to do anything of this sort. What do you do with the teeth later? Let’s go back to that “collect moments not things” post.

A strange hat

Those who spend a lot of time scrolling without much purpose on the Internet must have come across some bizarre, random, and questionable things. The thing is that the online shopping world is in an ever-expanding weird space. We have said it so many times that you can find anything online.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Honestly, seeing this strange hat on the Internet doesn’t even surprise us anymore. It shows how things are on the Internet. But, you know, it’s a vast world, so some people must like this product on the Internet.

Doesn’t help solve anything

When you have a pet, bringing a baby home from the hospital seems daunting, doesn’t it? We never know how either party might react at that moment. We are worried about the safety of our newborn child while remembering the importance of our first fur child.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

We wish there were a way to tell your pet about the baby and the pregnancy. Apparently, if you have a cat and you’re pregnant, you can help your cat understand the pregnancy with the help of this CD. It’s funny, and we’re too dicey about it.

There are better options

There is a wide variety of kitchen utensils in the market. Although the companies are showing you that you have a sea of options, they don’t show you that most of these products don’t really have a purpose, and they are replaceable.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

The Ham Dogger is one such product. You see, molding minced meat into whatever shape you want is easy, and it doesn’t need machinery. Your hands can actually do a better job than this machine. We hope people don’t fall for this product.

Stay away from this one

After looking at so many items, we think that you must know that the Internet is indeed a pretty strange place full of so many different things. You can find anything over here, even the things one shouldn’t be allowed access to.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

This product in the image above is precisely why everything that comes to mind in the shower shouldn’t be readily available on the Internet. It’s simply too frightening, and it’s even scarier to think why anybody would want to buy such a product. We hope this product isn’t available anymore.

Not driven by purpose

Is it us, or does it actually seem like people don’t use pens as much as they used to back in the day? This generation is all on their phones and desktops, so people prefer typing over writing. Typing has sort of taken over. But, pens still have many uses.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Firstly, these iPhones aren’t in production anymore. Next, they are compatible with a ballpoint pen adaptor. All that is self-explanatory. People aren’t using these iPhones, and we’re sure they wouldn’t need a ballpoint pen adaptor either. Why do people make such products?

For your dog

People love finding cute clothes for their pets. That’s why there’s such a massive market for those things. Be it anything simple, festive, or even comfy, there are a lot of outfit options that pet lovers can choose from for their pets.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

First of all, we haven’t heard of Jewish dogs or dogs of any other religion. Next, do dogs actually have a bar-mitzvah in real life? By looking at these outfits, it seems like people celebrate their dog’s bar-mitzvah. We bet it would be amusing, albeit weird.

Are these even socks?

The Internet is renowned for regretful purchases. Technically, we are in the same boat since we also end up purchasing useless products so many times. Initially, it seems like buying a product you were suggested on Facebook is a good idea, but it never is.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a regretful purchase. It’s not labeled as one, but we’re sure it would be a sticky and guilty purchase. It isn’t very clear. Aren’t socks meant to be warm and comfortable? Latex isn’t warm or comfortable.

Selling problems 

Most people feel like getting themselves a dog just because it is too cute. They usually fail to understand the long list of responsibilities that come along with it. Like people, dogs need water, food, a resting place, and a place to do their private business.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

Although picking up your pet’s droppings seem to be the most annoying and gross part of having a pet, it still doesn’t mean that you should get this product. Either way, you’d still be dealing with their droppings, and eventually, you’d have to use your hands. Give your dog the freedom to poop where it wants!


To those who don’t know him, let us tell you that Macho Man Randy Savage was an absolute legend of pro-wrestling. But, what you will see in this image is one of those things on the Internet that make no sense. 

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

But that’s also why these things are extraordinary. If some things make no sense at all, don’t they gain meaning all by themselves? This pillowcase, perhaps, leaves a lot of things to our imagination. But, who would even buy this thing?

A regretful purchase

As we mentioned earlier, you can find things on the Internet that you never even realized existed in this world. That could be a good thing but also, at times, a bad thing. You’d be glad to discover some things, regret discovering others.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

This product falls into the regret category. Certain products are so niche-specific that it gets you thinking about how they even entered the market. It was nice till Jeff Goldblum, but it just got weird when we saw him and a gorilla in a rainforest. Oh, and it’s a shower curtain.

Very specific

Some products aren’t worth buying because their functions are just too specific. When so many products do multiple tasks, why would somebody even think of going and purchasing something that uniquely does one specific job?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

A vacuum cleaner for a phone sounds pretty cool, but at the same time, it sounds rather unnecessary as well. Why would someone get that when it is possible to clean your phone with a piece of paper towel and some detergent spray?

Creepiest one in the line

What would your reaction be if somebody told you that they could duplicate the smell of a loved one who has passed away? Would you get freaked out, or would you be taking the offer up? It’s strange, isn’t it?

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

The Abraham Lincoln scented candle is precisely what we are talking about. Some people tried to recreate the smell of the ex-president of the US in the form of a candle. We can’t think how it has been done, but it’s in front of you.

Console-shaped calculator

It feels like it’s really cool to be a gamer nowadays. Back in the day, gaming wasn’t one of the most desirable activities, let alone a desirable profession. But if you see today, everybody is sitting on their gaming chair with a fantastic setup.

Image credits: Twitter/ TWTFSale

The image shows that Staples has decided to take a dip in the gaming trend. No matter how cool gaming is, math and calculators can’t come close. Because of that, a console-shaped calculator won’t be of a lot of use as well.