Are You Rich Enough for the World’s Most Exclusive Clubs?

By Jishnu B March 19, 2024

Step into a world where the atmosphere hums with the whispered tales of the elite, where each handshake carries the weight of legacy, and the walls reverberate with decisions that mold the world’s destiny. Welcome to the clandestine domain of exclusive members-only clubs, the sanctuaries of the affluent, the renowned, and the influential.

These aren’t your ordinary country clubs or conventional social gatherings; they are bastions of exclusivity, where membership dues rival the GDP of small nations, and guest rosters resemble a Vanity Fair Oscars Party. From the heart of bustling metropolises to serene hideaways shielded from the public eye, let’s pull back the plush velvet curtain to unveil some of the most exclusive clubs many have yet to discover. Brace yourself; it promises to be a captivating journey.

Image Credit: @67 Pall Mall/Facebook

67 Pall Mall, conceived in 2015 by Grant Ashton, a former banker turned wine connoisseur, stands as a haven for those who possess a profound appreciation for the intricacies of wine. With a membership fee of $2,400, this club caters to a select cohort sans the celebrity endorsements commonly found in other exclusive venues. In the bustling circles of London and Singapore’s elite, 67 Pall Mall fills a niche, providing a space where conversations flow as freely as the wine. Distinguished by its extensive collection boasting over 5,000 wine varieties from forty-two countries, it stands as a veritable United Nations of wine.

Club 1930, nestled in Milan, Italy, shrouded in mystery, operates unlike typical clubs, with no ostentatious application process or waiting list. Entry is by invitation only, conveyed through a secretive text containing the address and a UV light-visible membership card. Enriched by live piano melodies, the club exudes an ambiance of elegance and nostalgia, transforming into a hub of glamour during Milan’s Fashion Week, hosting exclusive soirées where patrons participate in a clandestine era of revelry.

Little Beach House Malibu, ensconced on the shores of Malibu, California, forms part of the esteemed Soho House empire, offering privacy favored by celebrities like Amy Adams and Paul Haggis. However, gaining entry requires navigating a labyrinthine application process, including securing referrals from two existing members and enduring a rigorous interview by the club’s senior committee. Yet, for those deemed suitable, it offers a sanctuary of exclusivity and luxury against Malibu’s scenic vistas.

Image Credit: @littlebeachhousemalibu/Facebook

1880, an exclusive club in Singapore established by Marc Nicholson in 2017, beckons the intellectually curious and socially responsible elite with an annual membership fee of $5,000 plus a $180 monthly charge. Far from a traditional club model, 1880 serves as a crucible for impactful conversations and ideas shaping the future. Boasting a meticulously curated space designed to inspire, it features a 22,000-square-foot venue adorned with captivating elements such as a 1.5-tonne rose quartz reception desk, charming visitors with its visual and sensory allure.

PS, also known as Private Suites, redefines the airport experience for the affluent at LAX, offering VIP treatment with an annual fee of $4,500 and additional charges for each flight. From arrival, members are whisked away in a BMW to their private suite, bypassing the usual chaos and queues, transforming air travel into a lavish indulgence reminiscent of a cinematic escape.

Image Credit: @PS/Facebook

In West Hollywood, The Beverly Hills Estates, curated by Branden and Rayni Williams, caters to top real estate moguls with a $2,400 annual fee. Beyond luxury, it fosters innovation and networking, providing a space where ambitious leaders converge to strategize, forge deals, and embark on new projects.

R360 Club, reserved for the ultra-rich, demands a net worth of at least $100 million for entry, with a staggering $180,000 entry fee for a 3-year family plan. Its unique storytelling approach immortalizes members’ adventures, crafting personal narratives akin to blockbuster movies starring ultra-wealthy members like Richard Branson.

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