Tucking In Your Shirt: 3 Different Ways

By Goodness M

It might not always be an occasion to tuck your shirt in, but when it is, do it properly. Tucking in your shirt enhances your sophisticated look. Therefore, this article will outline proper ways of tucking in a shirt.

1. The Basic Tuck

Photo Credit: lifestylebyps.com

We all know this one, since it’s the most common. Once the shirt is tucked inside the trousers, ensure that it is above the underwear. The shirt is pinned under your pants and will remain there if your pants are not loose. This style of tucking works well with a fitted shirt because there is no excess fabric overflowing.

2. The Military Tuck

As the name suggests, soldiers use this style when in uniform. You want two pleats; the pant waist pins the pleats in place. This helps to achieve a stiff and crisp tuck. While standing straight in your shirt, fold the loose fabric on the two sides of your shirt. The shape it is folded into must be a sharp, diagonal crease that looks like a paper airplane nose.

The creases are then tucked in at the hips, tightening your trousers above them with a belt. Therefore, the pleats are held down flat. For best results, your shirt must be made out of stiff and smooth fabrics capable of holding the crease well.

3. The French Tuck

Photo credit: gq.com

Don’t get me wrong; we love the classic tuck mentioned above. But if you want to look put-together but a little bit more casual, you can do what is called a French tuck. This can be done with most shirt styles, even that button-up that is a little bit too big for you.