Tips To Make A Meal Plan For Muscle Building

By Shivam B

If you want a lean and healthy physique, you need to be patient. You need to commit to it and work out accordingly. But diet and nutrition also play a crucial role in this lifestyle change. Below are some tips to help you make a nutritious meal plan.


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If you want muscles, you need to make extra effort to get enough protein. You should create a meal plan that includes at least 150 grams of protein every day. You can add protein powder to your meals if you find you are not getting enough protein. You can also drink a protein-powder shake with water. 


You should have small meals at frequent intervals. It will help in boosting your metabolism. An ideal meal plan should contain adequate calories as per the requirements of your body. The meal plan should let you eat more and more often. The calories you gain will help you gain energy. It will make you work harder in the gym.


Fiber is of utmost importance, and you need 35 grams a day, minimum. Your meal plan should help you intake more fiber. You should add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fruits and vegetables have anti-inflammatory qualities. Your body will undergo acute inflammation to build new muscles. So, you should increase the fiber content in your diet to help your body heal from that inflammation. 

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Ending Note

When making your meal plan, you should keep the following in mind. It would help if you tried out new recipes every day as they will help you stick to the diet.