This Is What Most People Don’t Know About Coconut Oil

By Anthony K January 24, 2023

You wouldn’t think that a fruit associated with cool tropical regions could spark such a blaze of dietary debate, but the humble coconut does. Over the last decade, online health “specialists” have promoted a slew of ostensibly beneficial properties of coconut oil.

Source: @freestockpro/Pexels

They say coconut oil is high in fat, particularly medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which can benefit your hair, nails, and general well-being. According to some, coconut oil and MCT oil can even aid in weight loss.

Then there’s the other segment of nutritive culture, which regards coconut oil as a meal to shun at best and a heart-attack-inducing foodstuff at worst. These extreme perspectives, like many other dietary supplements and nutrients in the era of misinformation, do little to help you.

It only works to confuse you when you’re trying to find the best alternative for your health. And all these different views have made us want to help you find an answer. We took it upon ourselves to research whether coconut oil is good or detrimental for you.

The truth is that the clearest answer lies on neither side of the love-hate scale. According to professionals, coconut oil is merely an oil extract from the meat of coconuts. People generally use coconut oil for cooking, especially high-heat methods like stir-frying, popping popcorn, and baking.

Source: @riolec/Unsplash

In proportion, coconut oil is actually healthier for you, but it’s far from the superfood we have been taught to believe it is. Feel free to give it a go, but don’t anticipate any miraculous health advantages.