The Hudson Bay Axe Should Be A Staple In Any Tool Collection

By Goodness M

An outdoor experience requires fire to cook and also to keep you warm. We are proud to unveil an axe that can help you enjoy camping. You can chop firewood with ease when using the Hudson Bay Axe.

Hudson Bay Axe

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Motor City Axe manufactured the Hudson Bay Axe in Detroit. It was made with precision and perfection so that you don’t falter when chopping wood. The hickory wooden handle is 28″ long and this gives space to reel back while chopping wood. Once you get used to swinging it, you certainly enjoy the feeling.

The head of the axe slices through wood as smooth as butter. Motor City Axe hand-sharpened the tapered head edge in forged tool steel to give it that cutting precision. You will get that campfire roaring in no time and enjoy fireplace chats with friends.


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The Hudson Bay Axe got its name from French trader Sir Henry Hudson. He explored the Hudson Bay, which was named after him following his trade deals with native Americans in the 17th century. He traded with the natives for beaver pelts. Also, as part of the trade exchange, the axe was a gift to the natives. Over the decades that followed, different models were made with perfection.

In retrospect, the Hudson Bay Axe is a must-have to any man regardless of being camping fanatics or not. You better add the Hudson Bay Axe to your tool selection. You can use it for virtually anything for various purposes.