The CICO Diet: Here Is The Truth Behind The Diet

By Anthony K

Few people know about the CICO diet. However, this diet plan is a familiar kid on the block. Weight loss fads seem different because diet marketers aim to create this distinction with their unique rules on specific nutrients.

Source: @brookelark/Unsplash

In truth, most diets operate in an almost similar mechanism. They all intend to cut calories. Be it Keto, Whole30, or PALEO, these diet plans encourage enthusiasts to eat less food overall, thus stimulating weight loss.

Albeit this approach is effective, it can serve you in the short term. Failure to comply with your specific plan might result in regaining weight in a process known as “yo-yo dieting.”

The name simply means “Calories in, Calories Out.” This trendy diet is based on the idea that you will shed some pounds by taking fewer calories than what your organism requires to do its day-to-day processes. The CICO concept is in tandem with the core of weight loss. However, weight loss and metabolism are more complex.

As such, you must comprehend a few fundamental elements regarding your metabolism and bodywork in terms of weight loss and dieting. There is a healthy way to try this diet, but there is also a way that can literally make you sick or worse.

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It would be helpful if you were mindful of health, happiness, and satisfaction factors before adopting the CICO approach to losing weight. On CICO, you will be consuming fewer calories than you shed daily. Diet plans can be demanding. Thankfully, CICO attempts to simplify the whole weight loss experience. 

But don’t forget to always check with your doctor if you can follow these diets.