The Benefits Of Micro-Workouts

By Goodness M

The rise of micro workouts has necessitated the busy schedules that prevent people from exercising daily. This is a convenient way to get those calories burned. While in the office, you can do a couple of press-ups or lift weights in your backyard.

Health Benefits

Ivan Dudka

Brief workouts are a compelling way of exercising. The intensity applied in these 10-minute workouts in conjunction with a one-minute sprint is almost equivalent to 45 minutes of a moderate pace workout. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, try these micro workouts, and you will reap good results for your health.

These micro workouts improve your health in several ways, namely:

How To Do Micro Workouts

You can do each of these in the study, office, backyard, or anywhere with space. Just commit 30 seconds to each activity and rest for 10 seconds between exercises. These are:

If you are into high-intensity micro workouts, Tabata training is the right fitness plan for you. It requires you to do four different routines for two intervals amounting to 20 seconds. A break of 10 seconds in between sets can be taken.

However, before starting any fitness program, ask for advice from your doctor if your health condition permits you to do certain routines.

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How To Begin

An average adult needs a total of 75 minutes of intense workouts in a week. Therefore, less than 8 minutes of working out are suitable for maintaining a healthy body. Utilize this small amount of time in your busy schedule to perform one or two routines. You can start by doing a set or two of push-ups, cardio, or weightlifting while in the office.