45 Times Silly Memes Were Posted Around Neighborhood To Prank Passersby

By Arvyn B

One of the most popular things to ever take the internet by storm is memes. If you are living under a rock and need a definition, memes are basically funny images or words spread across the internet, usually relevant to what is circling in the news or on social media. These can also be about various topics, such as funny pictures of animals to movies! Memes are usually restricted to being on the internet. However, two brothers from Vancouver, Canada, decided to take some of these memes and apply them to the real world. You might be wondering how they did this. Well, through posters, of course! At first glance, the posters look pretty genuine, but you will see that they are just pranking the people in their neighborhood after a closer look! Here are just some of their best posters we found on their Instagram, Physical Memes. Hopefully, the rest of the neighborhood found them as funny as we did!

The Right Celery

We are starting off this list with a particularly strange choice. This poster starts with a very clear call for attention, with “Hey You!!!” It seems like it must have something important to say – but it really does not.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Strangely, the poster is asking if any of the pieces of celery are “appropriately sized.” Just what on earth is an “appropriately sized celery?!” At least this poster is good for the environment and a good snack for birds.

Blobfish Baby

Looking at the headline for this poster, you might be a little concerned. But do not worry – they’re not giving away a free baby! Just look at the picture, and you will realize that this is nothing like a baby.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

The man is actually holding a kind of fish known as a blobfish. No wonder it “didn’t meet our expectations.” We would certainly be very surprised if anyone gave birth to something as bizarre as this strange and slimy creature!

Freaky Father

A popular type of video on YouTube is called a “Mukbang” where people record themselves having a huge meal and talking to the camera. It appears that this was the inspiration for this poster, where you can watch someone’s father eat!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

We are not sure why anyone would bother to do something like this, let alone pay $15. That seems pretty ridiculous! The lawyer at the bottom, approving the message, is a pretty odd choice, too. What a strange poster!

Sleep Scam

Almost all of us love catching 8 hours of sleep every night, and we all need a different number of hours. But, according to this poster, that’s all a scam, and we need zero hours. That’s quite absurd and definitely not true!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

You do lose around one-third of your life due to sleeping, but you have to do it to be healthy. We do not recommend that anyone follow this poster’s advice, and we hope nobody falls for its silly ideas!

Tickling Terror

This one is particularly strange. The poster is asking for someone to tickle another person for money! It seems to pay pretty well, at $179, which will be delivered “upon sincere giggle.” We wonder what a “sincere” giggle is!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

If you are looking to apply for this opportunity, the requirements include being over 33 years old and having dainty fingers. You can also contact them using “instant gram” – we guess that is meant to be “Instagram.” How bizarre!

Cheesy Chaz

This one is strange, but it’s definitely not the strangest one on the list! At first glance, you probably think that this is a missing poster of some sort. Instead, it’s a poster from “Chaz,” asking people for something special…

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

He is asking for people to “love each other” and “give peace a chance.” This is a message that we can actually agree with! It is an odd way to call for peace but a good message to put out.

New Slang

Slang is something that is consistently changing. With the rise of the internet and social media, new slang words are developed very quickly and can start to trend rapidly. For example, we have all heard of “LOL” and “LMAO.” But not these!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

“Lit” and “No Cap” are real slang phrases, but the rest of them are completely ridiculous. We really do not think anyone is using the name “Vin Diesel” as a piece of slang for anything, same with “off a bean!”

No disrespect

This one might have only a few words, but it doesn’t need a lot of them to appear odd. This poster is calling for one thing and one thing only. The man does not want anyone to disrespect their son!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

The reason for this is even stranger. Apparently, the song deserves no disrespect because “he’s a fitness professional.” How crazy! Looking at those muscles, we have to follow the advice. There is no way we will disrespect him with those guns!

Hair Buyer

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the hair that’s left on the floor at the hair salon? Well, apparently, it goes to this man, Bryan! He supposedly collects hair but “can’t tell you what [he does] with it.” How odd!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

We have so many questions about this poster. Namely – why?! This is so strange! We also would love to know what Bryan does with this hair and why he has to be “discreet.” Also, how can Bryan be loyal?

A new religion

One popular kind of poster to see around a neighborhood is the religious kind. They usually tell you about a particular religion and why you should join it. But, we do not suggest that anyone joins this one called “Deanology!”

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

The reasons for creating the religion are pretty sweet, but we have a feeling that the things that this particular religion teaches are going to be strange. The author, Justin, does not even know how to start a religion up!

Professional Scapegoat

We really wish that this one was true, as it would save many people in a sticky situation! Being able to hire a “professional scapegoat” would be a saving grace whenever we make a mistake at work. If only!

PhysicalMemes (Instagram)

The fact that this man is “100% pro bono” is a great feature, too. If you did not know, this just means that the scapegoat is only paid if he is successful. We think this is a great idea!

Sleep plank

Here is another one that we wish were true, as it would be a quick and easy way to lose some pounds. Planking is a form of exercise that is pretty difficult to do for a long period of time.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

You definitely cannot do it while you’re sleeping! But, according to the picture, not only does planking in your sleep helps you to build muscles, but it also changes your skin color! This poster is just all kinds of strange.

Friend needed

This poster is sweeter than it is strange. It is asking for someone to become “close friends” with this random gentleman who wants to “walk and talk” with somebody new. Looking at his picture, he seems like a nice man!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

The only downside is that there is no phone number or contact details, so anyone looking to make friends with him is out of luck. This is a real shame, as we think this friendship appears to be quite appealing!

Sweet Sergio

Another short but sweet poster this time. Sergio is asking for nothing special, just for people to have a nice day! This is quite a lovely message to display to the world, and we would love to see similar ones in more places.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

After all, who does not love being told to “have a nice day” and that “it is a pleasure” to meet them? Sergio seems like quite the friendly fellow! We hope that Sergio also had a lovely day too.

Help needed

This is another kind of poster that tricks you into thinking that it is for something else. Most “please help” posters are for something relatively serious, like helping with painting a fence or organizing something. But, not this one!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

This man wants somebody to “take home” some lasagna after their wife “made too much last night.” It is another poster that we wish were true, as we would certainly love to eat some of that delicious homemade lasagna!

Lost and Found

So far, we have seen quite a few posters that are pretty unrealistic, and we don’t think that anyone fell for them. However, we have a feeling that somebody probably fell for this one and gave the number a call!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Apparently, this boy named Ashley “found a garbage bag full of US bills” and wants to return them to the owner. We imagine that plenty of people rang the number in hope that it was real and pretending that it was their bag of cash!

In your dreams

Here is another rather inspiring poster. Simon wanted to inspire people to “go after [their] dreams” like he did when he “bought a Dodge Stratus” named Sally. We are not sure why he would want to advertise this fact!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

At least it is a very positive message, and it hopefully inspired some other people to chase their dreams. Even if it didn’t, we reckon that it gave a few people a good laugh, which is always a good achievement!

Holy Matrimony

This one could’ve been true if it were not for the multiple mistakes made on the poster! It seems to be an invitation to a wedding. Firstly, that is definitely not Ariana Grande or Mark Zuckerberg in the picture!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

It’s Oprah and Tim Cook! Secondly, Barcelona is in Spain, not Italy. And thirdly, we highly doubt that these individuals would be getting married in the first place! Hopefully, nobody fell for this obvious joke. It gave us a laugh!

Stinky Fridge

Here is another ‘fake help’ sign. This time, Rufus wants to know what in his fridge smells so bad, as he “can’t figure out why.” Take a look at the image. It’s not hard to see what the reason could be.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

His fridge is full of rotten food, and he has milk that has spilled down the side! We really hope that this picture is fake, as anyone who has a fridge like this needs to think about cleaning it.

A New Learner

Learning a new skill is always difficult, and this is especially true if you are an adult! So, it comes as no surprise that Angelo is finding that learning the saxophone is a challenging task. But, why advertise it?!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Perhaps he is looking for a new teacher and wants somebody to help him out. Even if this is true, we are not sure that this matches the ‘marketable skill’ requirement that his dad is looking for. Good luck, Angelo!

Certified Cactus

We are back to some strange plant posters for this next meme. Instead of celery, we have a different ‘C’ plant – a cactus! This plant has been certified by actor Tom Selleck. We are not sure what certifying a cactus involves…

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

…but we reckon that it is probably pretty painful! Perhaps it is a cactus that looks like Tom Selleck, minus the mustache. Or maybe it is one that Tom Selleck fancies. Either way, it is a hilarious poster, and we’re sure it caught the attention of passersby!

Problematic Poland

Sometimes, people just want some advice from other people on potential life decisions. However, we think that this one is a pretty odd question to ask! This man wants to know if they should go to Poland since they’re 23.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

For some reason, they think that everyone should have visited Poland by the age of 23, which is pretty strange. Our personal recommendation? Everyone should visit Poland – it is a beautiful country, and it is never too late to go!

A Message from the DeRigatonis

Here’s another very lovely message, this time courtesy of the DeRigatoni family. Similar to the earlier message from Sergio, the DeRigatonis just wish for everyone to have a great day and year. However, we think they have confused their names…

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

After all, the youngest DeRigatoni, aged 14, is named “Josh DeRigatoni Senior,” and the eldest one, aged 97, is named “Josh DeRigatoni Junior!” We guess they must really like the name ‘Josh.’ We hope they have a pleasant day, too!

Leave it alone!

We can all relate to the struggle of this poster. This woman was going to a business meal in the Bahamas but was stopped at the border. If you don’t know already, you apparently cannot bring fruit on an international flight.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

To keep the apple safe, she stuck it to a pole with tape! We have a strong feeling that it probably won’t be safe. Either someone will take the fruit, or it will make a delicious dinner for some hungry animals!

Hat or no hat?

For this poster, a man named Karl just wanted some fashion advice for his date. He wants to know if he should or should not wear this bucket hat. He is from Norway and very proud of the accessory!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Personally, we must check the “no” box, as we think Karl should try wearing something else for his date. After all, it is not 1990 anymore – this type of bucket hat is out of fashion now! We wish Karl the best of luck.

Harley-Davidson Therapy

This one is another poster that we wish was true, as we are pretty sure that no legitimate therapist offers Harley-Davidson as a treatment! We think it would be a great idea, as there’s nothing a motorcycle ride can’t fix.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

It even includes some beef jerky – yummy! However, we do have a few questions about the phrase “protection provided, but not required.” There is no way that we would step onto a motorcycle without following any safety measures beforehand.

Not very moral

This poster is a little too realistic to be true. A lot of people do not like lawyers, which we think is a little silly. But we think this lawyer, in particular, is pretty unlikeable. Just look at the poster!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Suing someone’s parents for having a crying baby is quite uncalled for, as is suing “reckless old people on scooters.” Also, we are not even sure how you would get any money from being stung by a bee! What would you do? Sue Mother Nature?

Water scam

It is back to alleged scams for this picture. This time, it is not sleep that is the problem, but apparently, water is a lie. Yes, really! According to this poster, our body “is already more than 75% water,” so why all the stress over drinking water?

PhysicalMemes (Instagram)

That is a complete lie, as it is actually up to 60%! It is also not true that we do not need water, so please do not take the advice of this picture. It is a joke and not serious!

Poor Richard

Looking at this picture, we feel very sorry for Richard and really hope that this one is a joke, too! His friends do not seem to treat him nicely, although it seems like he is not the greatest ally, either.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

He doesn’t bring anything when they’re watching football, and he does not share his things with his friends, either. Even Greg has abandoned him! Hopefully, Richard found a new circle of friends to hang out with instead of these bashful people.

Keep quiet!

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor. Somehow, they always manage to make a lot of noise just when you need some quiet time – like in the middle of the night! So, we can completely understand putting up a poster like this.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Hearing neighbors shriek and make lots of noise at night is the worst feeling ever, especially if you have an early morning class as Tyler Michael Dean does. We want to put these posters up in our neighborhood, too!

Do you like me?

This is a pretty desperate one. Nathan Junior wants to know if people on the street know him just from his picture. We are not too sure that a picture is a great judge of character, in all honesty.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

However, we do love the pineapple that Nathan Junior is holding. That guarantees some tally marks in the ‘yes’ column from us! Sadly, it appears that nobody wanted to share their opinions yet, as there are no marks on the list.

Help me choose

There seems to be a common feature with a lot of these posters. They are asking for advice on a problem. Here’s one that we have all faced before, which is trying to choose the right present for a birthday.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

We’re not sure why he mentioned he is rich. He does not know whether to buy a DVD, boots, or something else for his new wife. Looking at her picture, we would probably recommend investing in some makeup remover instead!

Lost anaconda

Thank goodness this one’s a joke – it would be absolutely terrifying if it were real! Gina Roth claims that she has lost her pet anaconda, who is “a little shy.” Looking at his size, we find that hard to believe!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

His last meal was “2 weeks ago,” so we really recommend following the poster’s advice and staying well away from him if you spot him. Hopefully, they made it clear it was a joke, or there would be some very terrified neighbors!

Waste not, want not

Another slightly creepy and unnerving picture this time. Just look at the picture of the son, Groot. What is up with his face?! We guess it is good that they are willing to take any expired or wasted food.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

It is much better for the environment this way! We also love the comment about “ethically caught” quinoa for the other son. If you did not know, quinoa is similar to rice, so there is no way to “catch” it!

Pickle maker

In the times of COVID, this one’s equally unclean as it is hilarious. Jeremy decided to try his hand at pickle-making and is asking for the public to share their opinions on the results. We don’t recommend eating them!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

This picture will definitely attract some wild animals who will nibble on the pickles. Yuck! There also does not seem to be any space to leave an opinion, so the whole thing is an epic failure. Thankfully, it’s not serious!

Missing skeleton!

If anyone just glanced at this poster, they might think that someone is actually missing something. Looking a little closer, you would soon realize that it is being silly – there is no way that anybody could have lost their skeleton!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

If you were wondering, the picture is just a photoshopped snap of a blobfish with someone’s face on the top. However, it must be said – we could not stop laughing at the pun at the end. It’s amusing!

It’s my towel

It is back to people putting their possessions in peculiar places. Instead of an apple, we have a towel. It seems to have been put on a random coat hook on a wall. What was the hook doing there, anyway?!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Unlike the earlier apple, Dean does not even explain why his towel is there in the first place, nor how long it will be there. We have a strong feeling that it was probably not there for very long.

Yogurt Eater

Another common theme of these posters is that they often invite random strangers to do odd tasks with someone else. They are all very strange, and some of them are just plain dirty – like this one, in the picture below!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

With all of that yogurt on the spoon, it is bound to attract flies, insects, and other nasty creatures to the area. We appreciate the idea of wanting to connect to other people during times of COVID lockdown, though.

Lost bracelet

Here is another “lost” picture. Strangely, it is not for anything of significant value, just a random silver chain necklace. What makes it funny is that this is something you can buy at any old store as a replacement!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

We disagree that it made this person “look so fly” and gave them “tons of positive attention.” It looks like something from the early 2000s, so we don’t think this attention would have been positive! It’s a pretty funny picture.

Ryan Reynolds

This one is a pretty funny one, but it does discuss a real problem – well-known actors stealing “roles from struggling actors.” They seem to be talking about the film Detective Pikachu, but we reckon they need to watch it again.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

In the movie, Ryan Reynolds plays the voice of Pikachu, not the actual role of this lovable creature! He is also a fully American man, so there is nothing “un-American” about it him at all. The name is “Pikachu,” too!

The Rubberband Man

A few criminals have strange calling cards for their crimes, including flowers or other odd pieces from around the house. This one has to be the weirdest one, though – they leave rubberbands for every crime that they commit!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

However, it looks like this criminal needs to figure out how to be a little sneakier if he wants to be a criminal. He has revealed his real name on the poster – Derek Evans! We love how funny this is!

Poopy pigeon

Another side-splittingly funny picture this time, courtesy of Dr. Darry Crun! He claims to be a gastroenterologist, which is just a fancy name for a scientist who studies stomachs. He is looking for a sickly pigeon with a bad bladder.

PhysicalMemes (Instagram)

Unfortunately, he did not give any easy ways to help identify the sickly bird, just some random stock images of pigeons! We would be more frustrated than curious if a bird ever pooped on our car. It is gross!

Free sausages

There’s an old saying which goes, “you should never look a gift horse in the mouth.” This is supposed to mean that you should never question a free gift that you get from others. However, we must question these ‘gifts’!

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Are these hot dog sausages, or are they carrots? We just do not know! Whatever they might be, one thing is for sure – they are pretty gross and probably infested with germs. We hope nobody actually ate any of them!

5-second rule

For those of you who do not know, the ‘5-second rule’ is a mythical rule that if you drop food on the floor and pick it up before 5 seconds have passed, the food is perfectly safe to eat.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

Sadly, that rule is not at all true, so we reckon someone should tell Carl about this! Well, we’d like to tell Carl about this rule, if we knew what he was! Seriously – is that a monkey or something else?

Lost Card

Once again, we have saved the best picture for last. This one is of a supposed lost credit card that Arnold Pitts dropped somewhere. To help find it, he wrote his card number and expiry date on the poster.

Image courtesy of PhysicalMemes/Instagram

He even included a picture of the back to really make sure it could be identified. Unfortunately, we do not think he found it anytime soon. Instead, it’s more than likely someone used the details for a purchase, and we know you were thinking the same thing.