A New Hope (For Humor): 40+ Side-Splitting Star Wars Memes

By Sachin P

In the 21st century, it’s almost a fact of life that there’s no escaping the ever-growing Star Wars universe. Between the films, TV shows (live-action and animated), specials, books, and more, it’s honestly hard to keep track of how big the franchise is. Anyone with access to the internet has at least heard of Star Wars.

With such a widely-known franchise, you’d think that just any random person could appreciate the many memes that have graced the internet. But, no, there is still some fabulous content online that is reserved for the die-hard fans. If you’re feeling empty while waiting for the next series to drop, we’ve put together a list of memes to fill that Star Wars-shaped hole.

Join us and become one with the Force of Star Wars fans.

It all depends on the context

It’s been 46 years since Episode IV: A New Hope came into theaters. Let that fact sink in – Almost five decades of Star Wars, spanning through some of the most diverse moments in human history. Out of all this hype, there’s one thing that needs addressing.

Image courtesy of Superstonk/Reddit

Jedi are the goodies, and the Sith are the baddies. It’s like night and day. Depriving a child of their childhood so that they can learn to shed all emotions for the good of the galaxy sounds a bit… extreme?

It’s just a phase

Before Luke Skywalker became one of the most legendary and beloved pop culture icons, he was just a simple moisture farmer on a boondock planet. Every hero must have a humble beginning. And not every one of them is full of wisdom in their teens and early 20s.

Image courtesty of razz-ma-tabzz.tumblr.com

This kind of plays into the fact that he would do this. This is one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons in the galaxy, and he just peers right through it. But don’t worry, Mark Hamill said that this is a set photo from production.

You had Wan job, Obi!

It’s not like you had the most complicated job in the galaxy. The hardest job would have been escaping from a Mandalorian bounty hunter, in our opinion. You just had to nurture Ani into being a standard, well, and stable Jedi. We guess it was too much.

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

Firstly, keep him off the sand. It’s coarse and rough, and he hates it. Secondly, don’t let Padmé die. Seriously, he’s obsessed with her. Thirdly, don’t be so sure of the guy just because he looks innocent. That’s one way of summing up everything.

Jedi pickup lines

We can’t get over Anakin’s interactions with Padmé in the prequels. In a way, they are art. On the other hand, they are believable because have you all witnessed how teenagers talk? Just remember how we used to speak. Not everyone is born a smooth talker.

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His master was some real hunk of a man with a beard that could rival Marty Stouffer and with matching swagger. He could have guided Ani in the arts of wooing women. Oh, wait. Jedi aren’t supposed to feel emotions.


Yeah. That happened. The first-ever reference to the clone wars happened in Episode IV: A New Hope. Luke asks this question from Obi-Wan. Who would have thought that one throwaway line would, decades later, be a phenomenon of its own?

Image courtesy of kevindayprotectionsquad.tumblr.com

George Lucas did follow up and delivered the world the Clone Wars movie. As a result, we were introduced to the magnificent Jango Fett. After that, the clone wars series, and after that, the Mandalorian. Thank you, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Thank you!

In conclusion, who loves the prequel trilogy?

Star Wars fans might be the only fandom that absolutely dislikes their own franchise. Well, to clarify, everything made after the original series is looked at with squinted eyes. That’s how high the bar is for the movies. Rightfully so, if we might add.

Image courtesy of loltrmemes/Reddit

But, there are some saving graces here and there. Nothing is completely lost, you know — namely the movie Rogue One, the clone wars, and rightfully so, the Mandalorian TV series. Therefore, it is without much further ado that we say, in Favreau and Filoni, we trust.

That’s just lazy writing

We know how most of you feel about the lackluster ending that is Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. But, just this once, revisit it with us. Remember how an old lady just materializes out of nowhere and asks Rey what her surname is?

Image courtesy of parentinfluence.com

This actually tops the list of lazy dialogue. Who would have thought that Martha’s scene in Batman vs. Superman could be topped? Like ever. We guess it took only three years. Of all the directions this could have gone, they went with this. Sigh.

That would have been something

You know, if there were this twist in the Fifty shades movie, well then, more and more people would have been interested. Think of how the storyline would flow after this revelation—a very well-off hot geek guy who loves Star Wars.

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

Speaking of missed opportunities, just think of what could have been achieved if one letter was missing. Fifty Shades of Rey. Rey gets stuck in an alternate dimension. She meets 49 alternate versions of her. Even that’s more interesting than The Last Jedi.

It’s just (show) business

Among the more powerful scenes of cinema, the slaying of the younglings in the Revenge of the Sith is quite brutal to forget. It showed the true capability of a Sith. Plus, what are the odds of this happening?

Image courtesy of blursedimages/Reddit

On the right is Hayden Christensen, who played the older Anakin Skywalker. The left is the kid, played by Ross Beadman, who asked him what they’re going to do. Adorable, isn’t it? The two met at a convention in London.

Say the lines, Obi-Wan!

Firstly, we’re not claiming the prequel trilogy’s dialogue was everywhere… but we’re also not saying it wasn’t. You get our drift? Look, George Lucas even deciding to write three more Star Wars movies at the time was like something out of a dream!

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

After the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983, George seems to have forgotten how normal people talk since this is happening in space! Lots of lines were awkward or wacky, to the point where we wished the scene in this picture actually happened.

He may have left out certain parts out

Obi-Wan’s force ghost paints Darth Vader as heartless. Maybe that’s a tactic of Obi-Wan’s. Darth Vader is the only obstacle between them and the empire, and with him out of the way, it won’t be much of an issue to take it down.

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Therefore, the famous line, “He’s more machine now than man,” is ironic. Maybe he thought that way, and it will be easier for Luke to fulfill his destiny. But, the part where Obi-Wan is the reason for that, Luke doesn’t get to hear. Wink, wink.

Mundi be needing some aloe vera for that burn

Life is all about the chances you take and the ones you don’t. Such is the case in this particular scene. This is where the Jedi Council meets Anakin. They assess him to see if he’s suitable to be trained in the ways of the force.

Image courtesy of funny/Reddit

After seeing this joke, we literally opened the Phantom Menace and skipped until this particular scene came up. Although it is actually a burn in the same vein as what Anakin received on the planet Mustafar, it’s not the actual dialogue.

In an alternate reality

You have no sense of what it would be like to hear about The Phantom Menace if you weren’t a die-hard fan of the series in 1999. George Lucas was returning to the epic he created – after 16 years without original Star Wars content.

Image courtesy of ironchefsworld.com

Fans were ecstatic, though, until they arrived at the theater and observed a nine-year-old asking an older young woman if she was an angel. Padmé’s apparent reaction, “You’re a funny little boy,” was not quite as logical as this one.

Among other perks

It was once thought that only masters of the light side of the Force, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, could manifest as a force ghost, which is somewhat similar to the ghosts you can find at the Hogwarts School. Well, almost.

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While some argue the Sith cannot return as Force Ghosts in the Star Wars universe, but this is untrue. Sith and some Jedi had learned the ability, and Anakin came as a Force Ghost at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi.

Grogu to the rescue

2019 was the last exciting year most of us had before corona swept over the world. After the sigh worth sequel trilogy, we really wanted some quality Star Wars content, and lo and behold! Finally, our prayers were answered.

Image courtesy of Gaynerd420/twitter

Favreau and Filoni stepped up and changed the vibe for good. The entire world was taken by surprise when they saw baby Yoda. Disney saw that they struck oil with it. Actually, they managed to deliver real quality content for a change.

Vader sure knows how to make an entrance

We say that the best cinema composer of all time is John Williams. No ifs, no buts, not “one of.” The absolute best. For example, he has racked up 52 Academy Award nominations, which puts him in second place. What an achievement.

Image courtesy of senacat.tumblr.com

Hearing that awesome boss music for the first time 44 years ago must have been some feeling. You just know when the orchestra delivers tunes this lit, stuff is getting real. And how! James Earl Jones’s voice really lends weight to the accompanying theme music.

Answer the question, Rey!

Of all the wasted opportunities which were in the sequel trilogy, very few compare to this particular event. If both of them had such a strong force connection, why didn’t they use it to discuss important matters like this?

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Also, is it us, or do you all get the feeling that this is a bit similar to the connection Harry Potter had with Voldermort? There is a certain possibility that the inspiration for the force connection was taken from that.

Honest Hamill

Mark Hamill is one of the best things to happen to us geeks. He’s Luke Skywalker, the Joker from Batman, and Ozai from Avatar. He’s an all-around good man. So, when he says he’s not happy with the sequels, we listen.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

He might have walked back on some of the things he said – because he’s a great guy – but what’s said is true. Why would a guy who managed to see the good in Darth Vader of all people would go all crazy on his nephew?

Anankin… more like A-nagging!

It’s pretty hard to forget that time when Anakin confronts Padmé about the genocide he’d just caused, and she reacts with all the feelings of a plywood partition. That was one of the most unforgettable sequences in Attack of the Clones.

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

The raw potential the prequel and the sequel series had pains us to even ponder! Oh, it’s torture to even talk about those. Apart from certain saving graces, we totally feel the spirit and direction which made the originals legendary, which was lacking here.


If you take a moment out of your busy lives, John Williams probably made your childhood all the more memorable without fail. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the original Home Alone movies, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter are some of his most beloved works that people even get tattoos of.

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

The American Film Institute named Williams‘ score for 1977’s Star Wars the greatest film score of all time in 2005. The Star Wars soundtrack was also added to the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress because it is “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.” All the more reason to praise this classic!

Dad joke to end all dad jokes

Why would you bring back one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars, put him in his old ship, and get us all hyped only to kill him off again? That truly blows our minds. That is just the most torturous tease anyone has ever pulled.

Image courtesy of parentinfluence.com

Looking at Chewie heartbroken over losing his best friend just makes you want to roll over and cry. We think this one genius dad joke could have saved all that grief and lousy writing. It is funny in a dry humor sort of way, isn’t it?

Trojan Force

Frequently, the universe bestows upon us something that is both a blessing and a curse. For starters, fate provides us with the opportunity to meet the love of our lives. Everything seems perfect until you find out that you two have vastly different tastes.

Image courtesy of DepressedDarth/Twitter

And out of the blue comes Grogu! It appears a secret formula for optimum cuteness and maximum awe factor make up Baby Yoda. Remember, fellow geeks, through cuteness. You can introduce another into the way of the force!

If it ain’t broke…

The Mandalorian took 13 episodes (almost a season and a half) to reveal that the creature referred to just as “The Child” was actually named Grogu. It really had no effect on anything as the fans kept calling him “baby Yoda.”

Image courtesy of slowrobot.com

We still question what species do Yoda and Grogu belong to. There are books upon books on all the alien species that make an appearance in the film, but there is nothing on Yoda’s true identity. We ask you with force to help us figure this out.

Hello there!

General Grievous was undoubtedly an odd villain, wasn’t he? Aside from highlighting George Lucas’s gradual catastrophic preoccupation with CGI, the warrior from Attack of the Clones was an uncanny character in general. But that line with Kenobi was memorable to say the least!

Image courtesy of Unexpected/Reddit

Grievous, who was neither a Jedi nor a Sith, reveled in battling with several lightsabers, frequently conjuring additional arms out of thin air to wield them. And, he did it all while appearing like a character from a film our grandparents used to watch.

The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people…

Remember that one scene in Rise of Skywalker – bear with us just for this moment – where Rey is on the floor unconscious. Then all these Jedi start speaking to her. Some happen to be ones we know so well and love.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

This also references some obscure ones Aayla Secura die-hard fans know. We know this is a joke, but how would it have played if Mace Windu, aka Nick Fury, said this line? It’s the merging of two cash cows with one perfectly delivered line that does it for us.

Money, money, money!!!

This is indeed a bit of a crackpot theory, but we like them, and we are the ones writing this piece. So, what if the lightsabers weren’t created by an ancient Jedi called the Weapon Master on Tython? What if Corporate Bionics invented them instead?

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

We all know a business needs a supply and a demand to survive. You supply lightsabers, and you manufacture prosthetics on the side. Once a victim or the user loses a limb, who profits? Now that’s how you conduct a business!

I find your abundant faith, refreshing

Who knew that one throwaway line in the original trilogy would lead to one of the best films of the series? Well, such was the case with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A worthy addition to the hall of fame!

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

Remember that scene towards the end that drove people mad with glee? Good times! What a way to profile Darth Vader! So, we totally get why Director Krennic would feel this way when he’s around Lord Vader. You don’t become a badass overnight!

Aim and shoot

There’s a scene where Luke and Obi-Wan discover a heavily damaged Jawa Sandcrawler. Then, Obi-Wan says, “These blast points… Too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise.” Then, they just go on to miss everything anyways.

Image courtesy of tapiture.com

The same sand people Obi-Wan assured couldn’t shoot straight shoots down a blinding fast podracer like it was standing still. So, what’s the truth here? There’s no point other than a running joke for the stormtroopers to miss obvious targets!

It’s proper etiquette

We could go on and on about the Mandalorian and still come up with new ways to praise it. That’s how amazing the TV series is. It just goes to show what properly channeled creativity can do to something that already exists.

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit

The Mandalorian actually explains why they don’t take their helmets off. Although we have seen countless others take their helmets off, only here do they explain that the true ones are a sect of religious zealots who never show their face to another living being.

Pulled a little sneaky on ya

Star Wars has everything your inner 9-year-old loves like tiny space ships, space dogfights, fantastic rogues, evil villains, lightsabers, lightsaber duels between Sith and Jedi, badass bounty hunters, bizarre aliens, and planetary landscapes. What’s not to love in this?

Image courtesy of guraqt2t/Reddit

This meme gives a whole new perspective to the Clark Kent without glasses is Superman vibe. Palpatine managed to hoodwink an entire galaxy for ages — No one was the wiser. Oh, who’s this evil Sith lord who’s messing the order of things!

Wait, you can actually do that?

Force healing is as controversial as it gets. This was possible in video games and was introduced in 2019 for movies and TV series. Baby Yoda had the ability in the Mandalorian, and Rey and Kylo Ren were both blessed with it in Rise of Skywalker.

Image courtesy of dankmemes/Reddit

The Episode IX force healing was powerful to the point it could bring the dead back to life. Ah, poor force ghost of Anakin’s. He must be throwing quite a fit after seeing this. Padmé might be rolling her eyes to the back of her head so we can see the whites of them.

A few moments later

Many are not going to like the same things all of the time. It’s a fact of life. So, while fans’ affection for the franchise definitely underpins all of the sequel trilogy animosity, it sometimes can be a little too much with the exception of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Image courtesy of smosh.com

The head of the First Order is built up in The Force Awakens to be the new trilogy’s final undeniable evil. He even persuaded Ben Solo to join the evil side. After teasing fans for years, they slice him off in the next movie. Ugh!

Visible confusion

Beyond the fact that anyone can, in a sense, become a Force ghost, the presence of Force ghosts raises a slew of troubling insights. Where do these spirits go when they’re not engaging with their loved ones or colleagues, for example?

Image courtesy of superiorofficerscouncil.org

No one wants some presence looking at your every move! Even in space. Actually, especially in space. Firstly, it’s creepy. Secondly, isn’t there a thing called privacy anymore? Hello! Thirdly, they must have important things to do other than ogling!

Order (66) up!

Instead of taking an estimated 300 percent pay boost over his previous film, George Lucas agreed to be paid only $150,000 for directing Episode IV: A New Hope if he gets to keep the sequel and merchandising rights. Sounds off, doesn’t it?

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Well, as it turns out, George Lucas is a visionary director and a literal fortune teller. His bet worked, and the deal paid off so well. Somewhere far along the timeline, until people get fed up, it will continue to make money.


Whatever you think Darth Vader will become and achieve, there are a few fundamental truths concerning the things he’ll never receive, such as the master’s status, the high ground, upper limbs, and a steady girlfriend, to name a few examples.


With only a bit more work, we were able to come up with respiration that isn’t so obnoxious. He won’t be tossed out of Sith sessions all of the time now. Well, it’s the little mercies that count, doesn’t it?

Whoa there Freddy Kreuger!

We’re not making fun of the phrase’s origins, but watching The Phantom Menace reminded us of the “banality of evil.” You see, the real evil isn’t always a mustache-twirling, manic laughing, pushing a cigarette bud into the balloon a kid is holding kind of villain.

Image courtesy of pholder.com

Consider how different the rest of the saga would have been if Anakin had not followed Qui-Gon’s advice and dropped on the ground. Darth Maul could have prevented the storylines of the next eight movies to come. It makes one shudder when you think of it.

Sweet Home Alabama

The amusing thing is that they were both correct! Actually, there’s a lot more next of kin snogging in Star Wars than most people realize. Also, given that the cosmos is boundless and constantly expanding, how is it that only one family is important?

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

It’s almost like a space version of KUWTK called Keeping up with the Skywalkers, and their family drama alone provided enough material for nine films. Not even Latin American soap operas can pull out more profitable content like that.

Green folding stuff

When George Lucas started out with his idea of a space opera, he didn’t have a large budget. This is partly because of the idea that it couldn’t make big money. So, he improvised. This gave rise to an era of practical effects unlike any other.

Image courtesy of Star Wars Dump/Imgur

We think the practical effects are one of the major reasons why the original trilogy is so loved. Without the technology that we have today, they did wonders. That gave a sense of realism which he couldn’t recreate with a considerable budget in the prequels.

Mesa been mooey mooey bad!

In a plethora of ways, Episode I: The Phantom Menace was unique. It included the first totally CGI character in a live-action film, for example. It’s too bad this character’s name was Jar Jar Binks. We really think they could have done better with this one!

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

Despite being disliked, the unpleasant and offensive Gungan bungled his way through the film. Jar Jar is George Lucas’s favorite character, and he says he’s “the key” to the entire Star Wars series. Of course, he was; he was the one responsible for the rise of Palpatine.

Well, it appears so

Realizing that Episode IX was really the final chapter in the Skywalker series makes us all feel unusual, for better or worse. Sure, Disney will continue to mine Star Wars for content until the world burns out, but George Lucas’s story is now complete.

Image courtesy of ifunny.co

They could narrate similar or unconnected storylines, such as Rogue One or The Mandalorian. The narrative of Anakin Skywalker and his descendants, on the other hand, is over. Was it really necessary to close with dialogue that sounded like it was penned by a primary school student?


Whoever is still listening to this, tune in: in the event that stormtroopers might hit the wide side of a country barn with the Starkiller Base, the different Star Wars motion pictures would likely be almost seconds long.

Image courtesy of me_irl/Reddit

By some doing, certain things are really the most noticeably awful within the original trilogy, where the troopers are talked up to be this huge terrifying threat, and we nearly instantly discover out that most of them have never appeared to hold a weapon until recently.

Mandela Effect

Have you ever heard of something called the Mandela effect? It’s also known as a shared false memory effect; it includes a considerable number of people being persuaded that something happened a certain way in spite of the fact that it didn’t.

Image courtesy of StarWarsMemes/Reddit

Pop culture has a large number of examples to supplement this theory. “Beam me up, Scotty” is not a real phrase. Captain Kirk never said that. Same with “Luke, I am your father.” It’s actually “No, I am your father.” *Mic drop*

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth

We always thought the order to “wipe them out, all of them” delivered by the obvious Palpatine Darth Sidious in Episode I: The Phantom Menace was rather unambiguous. It isn’t exactly imprecise or ambiguous in terms of orders, is it?

Image courtesy of PrequelMemes/Reddit

Nonetheless, after the Trade Federation’s army of droids crushes the Gungans, they quickly imprison a large number of the nuisances. We have this fleeting feeling that the people in charge of the communications did a lousy job at conveying the message quite clearly.