Pictures Covertly Taken In Public That Captured Some Awkward Moments

By Ana J

The general advice you would give to your friend if they were nervous about anything is probably “just be yourself.” However, is being your unfiltered self always the best option when you are in public? Sometimes it might be best to keep certain things private, but we can’t say everyone agrees with that. One important thing to think about when you are about to do something strange in public is that everyone has a camera! And the chances of you being caught being weird are high. But we appreciate all of those confident oddballs because they bring us so much joy. We apologize for anyone who finds themselves on the list of photos people took of awkward moments in public; you knew what you were doing.

Early bird

There are many sayings about birds, but none of them are gym-related as far as we know. But what is the likelihood of you seeing a bird next to you as you pump iron? Not very high, but there is a chance!


Even slimmer are the chances of seeing a bird copying your workout. Wow. We don’t know if we would call this necessarily awkward. It’s pretty awesome. But it would be embarrassing for the guy to see his pet bench more than him.


If you live in a big city, you know that you will see a whole range of unique people and overhear some strange things when you walk out of the house. For example, New York is famous for its quirky characters.


This picture above could be one of them. They chose an outfit that makes them look like they walked out of a movie! Well, we guess all those characters had to take inspiration from real life, so here he is!


Sometimes, you just want to sit and rest on your journey, and public transit is supposed to provide that. However, it might be crowded during your commute, so all the seats are taken. How can you get around this issue?


By bringing your own seat! It makes sense. You can’t stand for hours after all. That would be exhausting. Walking around with the chair might seem a little strange, but it’s worth it if you’re comfortable on your commute to work.

No ticket

Listen, we all have to get that bread. If you have a place to be, you have to get there on time, especially if that place is your job. If you are punctual, no one will ask you how you got there.

Source: unknown user / Imgur

The only question we have is where he had to go that wouldn’t require a shirt? Like, this is a very specific request. Be on time, and be shirtless. Maybe he leaves his uniform at work, and this is his preferred way to travel. Hope you made it, dude.


Many of us enjoy the quiet of our commute to work in the mornings, but the long train or bus ride after the workday ends can be a bummer. We just want to be home already! And for us office rats, sitting for so many hours can take a toll on our bodies.


Sometimes you just need to stretch. Stretching in public might be awkward, but while people might giggle at you, they will understand. Everyone has been stuck in some vehicle for longer than they wanted at some point! Ever been on a plane for more than an hour? Then you totally vibe with this man.


This next one is not awkward as much as it is rare. Construction sites can be annoying if they are close to where you live. The noise, the dust, and did we mention the noise? It’s just not pretty. The result might be great, but living through it is frustrating.


The process is not very aesthetically pleasing. However, in our next photo, someone caught a rare moment. All the construction workers are in a perfect line! It almost looks like some magical ritual. They are surely summoning the gods of construction.


If you ever wanted to have your own space in public without anyone getting in your way, we have some tips for you. The person in the next photo figured out how to keep others out of her bubble on the subway.

Source: Willetp / Imgur

All you need to do is wear your pet snake like a scarf. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Who could deny you the right to carry your emotional support animal in public? A snake is an unconventional emotional support pet, but if it works, it works.


Some days, you just want to be at the center of attention. This gentleman got up and put on an outfit that is guaranteed to get you some clout. There is no way you go unnoticed if you rock this look in the light of day!


Now, if it was nighttime, people might assume you went clubbing and wouldn’t give it a second thought. But as a daily look? You can judge for yourself. Then again, he looks content and super confident, not to mention fabulous. That’s all that matters.


Some people just can’t handle stress very well. It can make them forgetful and absent-minded because it consumes their brains. In this state, you are kind of on autopilot. You might think you have all your bases – and body parts – covered.


But you might forget your pants, as we can see above. Maybe this guy is just going through something. Or perhaps he is trying out a new look. We wonder what his boss thinks of this ensemble. Perhaps this man started a whole new trend, and we’re just behind the times.


Some things are designed to be used in specific ways. Like, you wouldn’t think to drag your suitcase if it didn’t have wheels, right? Wrong! You need to step outside of your comfort zone and start thinking outside the box.


Like this lady in the picture above, she is not tied down by any rules. Nobody will tell her how to drag her suitcase. Who knows? Maybe she’s onto something. Perhaps this is easier. We just haven’t dared to try it.


In the following picture, we have another innovative multitasker. We have always known that seats and handles in public transport were dirty. Now that we have to pay extra attention, some of us are even warier about taking the bus, train, or Metro.

Source: suyoquzo / Imgur

But how about this? You get to stay away from those germs, AND you get a bit of a workout in? Like our man in the picture, you can just plank instead of sitting. Before the naysayers chime in, we’re going to say you probably wish you had insane core strength too.


This is truly an awkward picture if there ever was one. We have anxiety just looking at it. We have our theories about this one. If you’ve ever been exposed to direct sunlight, you know that it’s not the most pleasant thing.

Source: fieroloki / Imgur

As soon as you see some shade, you make a run for it to catch a quick break. But what if that shade was under a huge rock that could just roll over you? That’s not a problem for these folks.


Speaking of dangerous environments, this next one is not any safer. We’ve all been there. When you get your groceries, you just don’t want to make two trips, so you grab as much as you can. Even if it hurts!


This guy did exactly that, but with a bunch of packages. Explanations aside, this is some impressive engineering. How did the boxes get up there? How are they staying there? Bystanders seem as amazed as we are. We hope the delivery man made it safely to his destination.

Moving, again

Here’s another awkward moving strategy. When you are on a tight budget, it can make you consider some options that fall on the crazier side. Like holding the whole package yourself in the back of the car. We understand being frugal.


But we can’t really justify the choice not to wear proper shoes! It seems extra dangerous. At least wear some boots or something with grip! What if the car stops suddenly? That man’s poor soles! We just can’t let this one slide.


If it is raining this hard, you can bet they have a flooded yard and could benefit from this tube. However, we are unsure whether it is legal to remove an irrigation tube from a construction zone for personal reasons.


This whole situation is not just awkward. It might not be legal either. How many laws would you be violating by leaving your door open while driving and transporting dangerous materials? We can count at least three. We hope no one got hurt.


Speaking of illegal, it’s not legal to leave when you get into an accident on the road. So when you don’t want to break any laws immediately, but there is no tow truck available, what can you do? Just ask this guy.

Source: u/Nemnock3113 / Reddit

He has an answer for you. Take matters into your own hands and just load the whole car into your trunk! Well, we’re not super sure what’s happening here, but we imagine the man in the pickup truck is doing the black car’s owner a favor.


We found this next photo with the caption “no tiptoeing around it.” And that’s precisely it. But we have to ask what the context this picture was taken in was? Like we said earlier, so many questions, not enough answers.


Were they trying to prove their toes were really flexible? Was it like a unique way to tell someone to back off? It just doesn’t seem comfortable. It somehow makes it worse that the shoes are beige and blend with the toe.


Prepare yourself mentally for the next one. Imagine coming to a friend’s house and seeing this rug. Would you be friends with them later? It’s not something you see every day, fortunately. Is this the former pet or a replica?


We are not sure we want to know the answer to that question. It arouses our morbid curiosity, but we also feel that getting answers would be worse. Would you think owning this rug is a red flag? Awkward for real.

Two for one

We saw a few things on this list that are probably awkward because of financial concerns. Like, moving on a budget. But this is the first example we have of advertising on a budget. Of all of the photos thus far, this one makes us giggle the most.

Source: TheGasMove / Reddit

This company might not have had enough money to pay for two models or buy two stock photos. So they just put a wig on the same guy! At least, that is how it looks. They could be siblings, we suppose. But not likely.


Another thing we saw on the list is that when trying to find shelter when the sun is harsh, you might even be tempted to sit below a huge boulder that looks like it might roll over you. But would you be tempted to do this?

Source: Palifaith / Reddit

Drive with window covers? It can’t be nice to sit under the harsh sun in traffic for hours. Although, it might be dangerous when things start moving again. While we can’t offer you another solution, we can say this is not the best option.


How far would you go to have the optimal chill time? Would you just be carrying a couch and a TV around so you can just chill anywhere? It does sound extreme, but for these guys, relaxing is an extreme sport.


However, we are not sure how relaxed you can be when the cars are honking behind them. It does not seem very relaxing to us. But, hey, whatever floats your boat. Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered for these two.


Some say that you should cross your legs when you’re wearing a dress. Just to be safe, this woman crossed her legs twice! This is not something everyone can do because this woman is clearly double-jointed or very flexible. We certainly couldn’t do this.


Taking pictures of someone’s legs is never polite. We would not justify it in any case, but we are very impressed with this woman’s flexibility. How is this even possible? The more we look, the more unreal it becomes. You work those legs, girl.


There are specific jobs where you have to dress the part if you want to be taken seriously. Like, would you get a haircut from a hairstylist who doesn’t have nice hair? It just seems risky. Similar logic applies to our trainers, right?

Source: / pinterest

Would you train with someone with an epic sense of humor like this guy? This trainer in the picture above woke up that day and made a bold choice, and we admire him for it. Most people probably see it as awkward, but we bet he gets lots of business!


Which meal is the most essential in your opinion? For this lady in the picture below, lunch is so important that nothing will get between her and her food! Not even being in a packed subway. No table? No problem.


The passenger next to her looks impressed and hopeful she will share some with him. Do you think she offered some? Listen, she was on a schedule, and part of meal prep is taking time to enjoy the meals you made. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Did you just ever wake up and think, “today, I would like to look like a watermelon”? No? Just this guy? Well, if we all wanted to dress up like assorted melons, then those who do would not be special!


Maybe there are some health benefits to wearing a watermelon rind as a helmet? We don’t know. There must be some method to the madness. Perhaps it’s a conversation starter? Like, “Hey, excuse the watermelon, but let me tell you a little bit about myself…”

Fallen heroes

Are bananas alive? To best describe what is happening in the picture below, we did some research. Apparently, bananas, like other fresh fruit and veggies, breathe in a way. So, they are living things. We knew this, but how often have we thought about it?

Source: lyndsey “grandma knees” crouch / pinterest

So, hypothetically, if you were a banana and saw your buddies in a store, what would be your reaction? This guy’s response was to pray to the god of bananas! Is it to repent? Is it for mercy? No idea.


Ok, so the following picture is less awkward than simply puzzling. We noticed a pattern here. All of these photos leave us with way more questions than answers. So the question for this one is, how did this mess come to be?

Source: unknownyoyo / Reddit

No one cleaned it up? Also, why don’t people care about their information? Isn’t there some sensitive information about you and your card on the receipt? So many questions! The poster’s joke was that this was a CVS receipt. Classic!


If you have ever moved, you know that moving trucks are not cheap. The following picture is a little more relatable because everyone must have at some point thought, “why don’t I just do it myself? What could be the harm?”


Well, there is a bit of a safety issue. But as long as you hang on really tight, you should be alright. While we all thought about moving ourselves, none of us were brave enough as the guy from the photo, and we don’t recommend you try this either.


As we said, moving is costly and labor-intensive. In this next photo, we see a natural multitasker. Someone determined to move their own stuff (or help a friend) and resourceful enough to find some time to take a short nap.

Source: seahorseolympics / Imgur

We’ve already seen how you can protect your cargo by holding it together. Who needs a trunk or ropes when you can just pin it down with your body? But now we see how you can take some time to rest while keeping everything from flying out of the truck.


You might think a car is not made for transporting pallets. While it’s not the best vehicle for the job, it did not deter this person from using what they had. With just a little patience loading the pallets, you too can do what he did.


Defy gravity and the laws of physics! Who needs to see out of their back window anyway? We hope that the person who captured this did so to prove they saw it and not to figure out how they could do the same thing.

Life hacks

Life hacks are popular, so we’re surprised no one thought of this before. Come on, people! It’s not a time-saver, but it’s neater. You slice the banana in half and then dig in with a spoon. This is not strange; it is brilliant.

Source: @sadgirlkms / Twitter

This one-of-a-kind way of eating bananas is something anyone would want to take note of, but would it really change the way you eat bananas? It just seems like extra steps. Points for creativity, but we will probably stick with the conventional method.

Pink fur

Squirrels are difficult to capture, and they get into all kinds of shenanigans. We want to thank whoever caught this squirrel because this one was up to some crazy things. What did this squirrel do? How did it turn pink?

Source: u/Starnois / Reddit

We might not know what happened, but we have to admit that the squirrel looks excellent. If pink wasn’t a conscious choice, it’s pulling it off really well. We can only hope that the squirrel wasn’t traumatized in the process.


Speaking of inexplicable things, which is what this list is mostly about, what is happening in this next photo? That’s certainly one way to store chairs. Some people might want to keep them in a warehouse or even do something crazy like try to sell them.


Crazy! Not this neighborhood. These guys store chairs between buildings, where we guess it was the most convenient? Maybe this community had a strange chair problem. It happens to the best of us, so we hear. At least we get to see it.


We’ve seen some things that we had to do some mental gymnastics to explain. By number 35, you know you won’t see anything ordinary on this list! But while we have so many questions left, we have just one for this next photo.


Why? Well, we have two questions. Who asked for this? It seems to be almost sold out too. Would you dare try it? We might. And when we start thinking about it, many soda flavors are weird, so we reserve judgment once again.

Mountain road

Many of us don’t consider how dangerous mountain roads are built. That is until we see a project in action. Then we think to ourselves, “there must be a better way.” At the very least, that’s what we’d think if we saw this!

Source: / pinterest

The only thing we can hope for is that the person operating this vehicle was getting paid serious money for this super risky job. For all we know, it might be the best-paid position on the planet, and here we are puzzled by it.


You wouldn’t think to look for your significant other in the children’s area after a long flight, but that is precisely where this woman found her man. He’d just finished watching a Pixar movie with the rest of the kids.

Source: unknown user / Imgur

While this might be strange for some adults, those of us who still haven’t lost our inner child approve. Pixar movies are incredible. To be honest, we would watch them even if there was plenty of other entertainment available. Why not?


Speaking of cartoons adults can enjoy too, The Simpsons Movie that came out in 2007 gave people ideas for photos with their pets. There was a scene where Homer gets the pig to walk on the ceiling singing, “spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does…”

Source:DontWorryImMedicated / Imgur

Because of this scene, loads of pets around the world had to suffer for comedy, like this poor cat in the photo above. The kitty does not seem to enjoy it, though. Or maybe it’s asking the photographer, “are you getting my good side?”

Eye mask

Sometimes, you are forced to work with what you have. Not everybody comes to a sleepover prepared. When you sleep at somebody’s house, it might be a good idea to carry an eye mask. You never know; their room might have too much light.

Source: Kat211 / Imgur

However, if you did not come prepared, your host might have some household items that you can use instead, like a bra! We can only hope he asked for the mask politely and did not just take it. We’re giving him the benefit of the doubt.


Have you ever lost a friend or a partner on a night out? They always reappear at the strangest places. Well, this person lost their husband in the store and found him in the children’s bedding section. We get eh feeling this was the end of a long night at the club.

Source: Ashley_spashley / Reddit

This looks like a tired dad, waiting for his wife to find him. This could have been taken by an employee, and either way, we are grateful for their service. We hope the man had a nice nap and returned home on time (and safely).


Assume you go to work and expect your husband, who is at home, to get some things done. Well, life is never that smooth. Instead, your husband might be sitting in his Spiderman suit playing his video games all day.

Source: u/twoforjoy / Reddit

What would you do? We guess, take a picture as leverage for the next couple of months. When you are not home, maybe send a few texts asking if the chores are being done or is he cosplaying again.

My Little Pony

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. This is perfectly normal. But when you catch somebody enjoying something that’s a little awkward for their age, it’s natural to want to take a photo. Like, this guy who unwinds after a hard day with this show:

Source: u/megabetty / Reddit

Yep, that’s My Little Pony. Who can blame him? Friendship is magic. However, we don’t know if his “secret” guilty pleasure is a secret anymore. It is all over the internet now. He has to own it. No going back.

Hot dogs

Who would be more embarrassed if this was caught on camera, the dog or the human? We’re not sure, but it is a strange sight to behold. We can understand why you wouldn’t want a hot dog in the house.

Source: unknown user / Imgur

It’s not surprising that this woman is assisting her dog in getting some fresh air. It just looks kinda funny. There has to be a better way. Like, put the little guy in the fridge with the rest of the hot dogs. Just kidding! We’re making a pun, folks.


If you ask anyone who has interacted with the male species for some time or attempted to date them, they will confirm that men are kind of just big kids. This next photo will confirm their feelings on the matter.


We guess most men have just not lost their sense of wonder and stay connected to their inner child. However, there must be a better location to play with the trains than the children’s room while they are sleeping. Seems a little counter-intuitive.


Here’s our last photo of the compilation. Just like all the others, it’s hard to explain. Someone must have thought their doughnut is so delicious that they must protect it at all costs. However, why leave it outside if that is the case?

Source: anlyin / Imgur

Wouldn’t the doughnut be safer inside the house? In a fridge, for example? Like we repeatedly said, so many questions, not enough answers. If you have any, please let us know. We would love to hear them. We hope you enjoyed this compilation.