Cringe-Worthy Rejections From People Who Could Use Some Tact

By Arvyn B

It is a fact – rejection is not easy to deal with. Nobody loves being turned down for any reason, but, unfortunately, it is a part of life. We face rejection in almost everything that we do, yet it rarely gets easier. Usually, instead of a stepping stone to better things, it just feels like a real bummer. The important thing to remember is that the pain does not last forever. Soon enough, you will get the acceptance you really desire and deserve. However, it can be pretty difficult to remember this, especially when dealing with issues of the heart. Here is a list of the toughest rejections people on the internet experienced. We sincerely hope that nobody else out there has received rejection like these and that they never will!

Dinner Date

Going for a date with someone is enough to make anyone feel nervous, and dates, in general, hold potential for awful rejections. We think that this one definitely takes the cake, though, for being one of the worst we’ve heard of.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

However, we guess this girl should feel happy that her date revealed the truth before the evening ended. We wonder how someone could do this after a month of flirting. She deserves somebody a lot better than him! Maybe karma got him back.

Best Friends

We all have that one friend who’s just the best. No matter where you are or what problems you are having, they always seem to help you get through things. It’s no surprise that you consider them your best friend.

Image courtesy of fosterkittenhq / Instagram

But what do you do when they think of you as just a “regular” friend? Ouch! That rejection has really got to hurt! We hope this person managed to find a new best friend who will be their ride or die. This one honestly hurts more than romantic rejection.


Anyone with a social media account will have faced their fair share of rejection. Back in the old days of Twitter, deleting a private message would delete it from both people’s inboxes. Sometimes, this could have horrible consequences…

Image courtesy of seyidlimakeup / Instagram

This girl found that out soon enough! She messaged a guy to ask him out after they kissed, and he replied by deleting the message. That’s one way to tell someone “no.” But did he really need to ghost her like that?

Money isn’t everything

Many things can be a deciding factor in a relationship, including someone’s hobbies, career choices, and financial status. But telling someone that they are “not rich enough”? That is beyond petty and more than a little bit mean. Some people have us questioning everything.

Image courtesy of shivisha_ / Instagram

Unfortunately, this guy experienced that exact same problem when he was told by a girl that he was “not rich enough” to be with her. Not only is that hurtful, but it is also quite superficial. Money is not everything!

Larger than Life

Shaming people for their weight is never a cool thing to do. It is especially not nice to do it to someone who is so young. We hope this user didn’t let this silly comment get them down. That guy was totally out of bounds.

Image courtesy of Pilardiary / Instagram

We are honestly shocked that anybody could even think about saying something like this, let alone say it! It is so uncool, and we can’t even begin to understand what was up with him. Size should not be a deciding factor in a relationship. We imagine she set her friend up with someone else.

Freckle Fiend

We have already heard of a few ridiculous reasons people have rejected potential lovers. Still, this one has to be the strangest we’ve come across. This woman was turned down by a man, and not for her salary or size.

Image courtesy of Karydicis / Instagram

But because she has freckles! What makes this even worse is the fact that this guy told her that was the problem, straight to her face. This guy seems way too superficial to be dating in general. We understand that attraction is personal, but how can one feature change someone’s whole view of another person?

Missed Friend

Having a friend move away is never an easy situation for either person. You end up missing them a lot and, even when you reunite, you know that things will be different because you have both changed. But if the love is real, time nor distance will ruin the relationship.

Image courtesy of Springwithsarah / Instagram

We feel extra sorry for this person because it happened when they were a child. No matter what, getting rejected like this has got to hurt extra bad at that age. We’re sure they have a better best friend now.

First sight

As we’ve seen, one of the most common reasons people get rejected outright by a potential SO is because of appearance. There is nothing exactly wrong with this, but there are more subtle, kind ways of turning someone down because you think they are unattractive.

Image courtesy of Styu_magna / Instagram

The girl in this story could sure do with taking some classes in being subtle. She did not even try to pretend she rejected the guy for another reason! This kind of behavior is really uncalled for, no matter what.

Let’s Go

Getting rejected by text is something that we have all been through at one time or another. One of the most popular ways to do this is through “ghosting,” where you completely ignore the other person when they message you.

Image courtesy of talldarkandharrison / Reddit

That is exactly what the girl in this conversation decided to do! She agreed to fly to Vegas but then ghosted the guy when he made a joke. Maybe she was just playing her role really well? Or maybe he went too far.

Dance Time

There are a lot of ways to make someone you know that you are not interested in them, and we think that this is easily one of the most original out there. This guy just asked a girl to dance with him.

Image courtesy of iowacookieco / Instagram

For whatever reason, she did not want to do it and claimed to be “eating this cookie.” We get that food is life, but she could have just said no. But it sounds like the poster got the hint after her second reply.

Not in public

This one seems like something from a movie, but the person who posted it said it was absolutely true. He was getting serious with a Varsity cheerleader and tried to kiss her in public. Unfortunately, she was not having it.

Image courtesy of cheercofc / Instagram

Instead of just telling him that she did not want to do that right now, she told him in no unclear terms that she loved him “just not in public.” Ouch! It is probably because she had a reputation to maintain. Hopefully, that was the end of it, and he moved on.

House Buying

When you are in a marriage or a serious relationship, there is not really any easy way to try and break up with your lover. The “best” way is, to be honest, and the worst way has to be this!

Image courtesy of kj.rendering / Instagram

Instead of even trying to explain things to their soon-to-be spouse, this person decided to buy a house. We are not sure what they were trying to do – perhaps move into it and just not give the other person their address?

Messy Mark

This is another one that’s plain harsh, but it does have a little bit of a happy ending! This guy was in a serious relationship with a girl who immediately dumped him after her best friend moved back into town.

Image courtesy of mr.marcc / Instagram

That would hurt a lot, but it seems that karma had the user’s back. The best friend refused to get a job but moved in with the girl, signaling the end of their relationship. See – not every rejection is bad!

Teeth Trouble

Here is another story of someone being rejected because of their appearance. We are sure that there are so many of them out there, which is a real shame! We can’t imagine hearing this from someone we liked – or anyone, for that matter.

Image courtesy of Janet_arni / Instagram

He didn’t like the shape of their teeth! The worst part of this is that it is not really something that you can control without help from a dentist. Eventually, they got braces, which is good for them, but it’s sad that this is the event that inspired them.


From all the entries that we have seen so far, it seems that kids are the harshest people around. They have absolutely no subtlety with rejecting other people! We have more evidence of that here. This one hit us right in our 6th-grade heart.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This is certainly one harsh way to find out that the girl you like has absolutely no feelings for you. Calling you “gross” is a pretty straightforward way to do this, although it must have hurt a lot to read.

All in One

Breaking up with someone you’re in a serious relationship with is a seriously difficult thing to do, and no matter what, it will end with hurt feelings. However, there are gentle ways to do it, or you can do what this woman’s ex-boyfriend did (but don’t do this, ever).

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Not only did her ex-boyfriend break up with her on her 21st birthday, but he also canceled the party preparations that they had and forced her to move back in with her parents. And the worst part? She had two college presentations that day!

Size Situation

Here is another story of someone who was rejected for their size, which is just a truly awful thing to do to someone. There is absolutely no need for this! Having a crush on someone in high school is a huge deal, and those experiences shape us more than we realize.

Image courtesy of Aachentenzin / Instagram

The guy found out and made it a point to let everyone know how much he didn’t want to be with her. He told everyone that he would “become a monk” if they were the last people alive. Well, isn’t that just like a villain?

Fudging Foolishness

On Valentine’s Day, nothing quite beats a homemade present from your loved one, although it can get pretty awkward if they do not give you something in return. This story takes things to a new level of discomfort and sadness.

Image courtesy of bastickask / Instagram

Not only did this guy not give the girl a gift, but he also completely ghosted her on their Valentine’s Day date. That is so cruel! We are sure that she is much better off without him now. But wow, that’s next-level heartbreak.

My Mom

In all honesty, we have all used this excuse at some point in our lives. But that does not make it any less harsh! This girl asked a guy out to prom, and he rejected her. Why? Take a look!

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

He said, “his mom wouldn’t let him.” This is just a childish excuse, and we are truly surprised that he thought he could get away with using it. It is a sure-fire way to make a high school kid feel terrible!

Voice Acting

There is a saying which goes, “you have a face made for radio.” Let it sink in. It’s essentially just a subtle way of calling someone ugly. It is mostly used for comedy purposes, but this girl apparently was given this line in real life!

Image courtesy of katiejanecronin / Instagram

We cannot even begin to imagine how horrible this woman must have felt after seeing the reaction on the “fan’s” face. He could have at least tried to hide it! That is just a really hurtful way to react.

No cheer

One thing that we probably all saw at school was a fight. Usually, this was a cause for everyone to watch and cheer for the person they wanted to win. In this case, there was no cheering involved at all.

Image courtesy of Stella_rizou / Instagram

You might be wondering why. That is because everyone in school disliked both fighters and did not really want anyone to win. Getting rejected by one person is harsh, but finding out the whole school dislikes you? That is seriously scarring!

Bad Timing

We have another story of a terrible breakup for you here. This one also involves a birthday and a ruined party. To start with, this guy did the deed by phone. Why do people this day and age like to do things this way?

Image courtesy of Karpova_ni / Instagram

It was right before her surprise party, which he knew she was having. We hear the argument that waiting could have been a lot worse, and that faking it at her shindig would have been just as cruel, but come on.

Height difference

We have already seen quite a few rejections caused by appearance, and here is another one to add to the list. Apparently, height is a pretty important factor in a relationship for some folks, as this guy sadly soon found out.

Image courtesy of Bigguychris / Instagram

A girl told him that she did not want to date him because he was too short. This is pretty crazy in itself since he was actually 6 feet tall, and she was just over 5 feet. What’s stranger is that she opened the conversation that way.

Another Guy

We have got another great date story for you now – or should that be an “awful” story? There is no other way of seeing this! The user in this situation asked a girl if she wanted to make things official.

Image courtesy of Lina_huye / Instagram

It appears that she chose to be brutally honest with him and tell him that she was already seeing someone else who “is really sweet.” To top things off, she even left him with the bill. We have no words.


Getting flowers from a loved one is such a sweet gesture, and we always love receiving them. However, the flowers in this story were the opposite of anything sweet or nice, and we feel super bad for the girl who got them.

Image courtesy of alliarayne / Instagram

Instead of being a symbol of love, these flowers were a symbol of rejection from her live-in boyfriend. He wanted her to move out in one week. He could’ve at least told her to her face! This is just cowardly.

Playground Problem

If you were ever wondering who the harshest group of people around are, we are pretty sure that children will win the prize. This list has only confirmed this. This user’s story is a great example of children’s lack of filters.

Image courtesy of ps101k / Instagram

She was on the playground when their crush decided to tell her something important. Unfortunately, he did not have anything good to tell her – instead, it was pretty horrible news. While we are sure he was wrong, we can just imagine how she felt at that moment.

Jesus First

This story seems pretty harsh, but we actually do not think it was that bad – they were just a little too honest. If religion is this important to you, then you have every right to make that a value in your relationships.

Image courtesy of aliswilson / Instagram

Even so, being told you “don’t put Jesus first” in your life is a pretty difficult thing to hear. It is definitely a way to make someone feel awful about themselves. Perhaps he can try using tact next time he’s in this situation.

Love Notes

Sending love nights during school – we have definitely all been there before! Sometimes, this can be a pretty fun thing to do, but it can turn out pretty painful at other times. This story is the perfect example of this!

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This guy made it pretty clear that he had absolutely no interest in dating this girl by giving her a firm “NO!” It appears that she got the last laugh, however, as she ended up marrying his best friend. Karma’s great!

New Girlfriend

We have already seen quite a few dates that ended up being a disaster, but this one has to top them as one of the most uncomfortable and upsetting! This girl’s date told her how much he liked her. Sounds good, right?

Image courtesy of Eunbistagram / Instagram

He even said, “I wish all girls were like you.” That sounds like good news. He then started talking about how he wished his new girlfriend was like her. Ouch! That’s painful stuff and should only ever happen on sitcoms.


The one thing that is harder than going on a first date is actually asking someone to go on one. This is pretty nerve-wracking stuff! Unfortunately, this guy did not get the best reaction when asking a girl out on a date.

Image courtesy of Marta_chiari / Instagram

She did not even say “no” or even politely reject his offer. Instead, she laughed right in the face – for a super long time! That is such a mean thing to do. The guy still remembers it 45 years later.

Couple Costume

Couple costumes are all the rage at the moment, especially on Halloween and random themed parties. They are a great way to show off your fashion skills and can result in some pretty clever ideas! Just as long as it’s you…

Image courtesy of Ateliecamilalemos / Instagram

This girl got the short straw when her boyfriend wanted to do a “couples costume” with another girl. This obviously spelled out bad news, as he ended up marrying that girl later! We are sure this user saw that coming.

Reality vs Fiction

Sometimes, things feel so amazing in a relationship that it seems like it must be a movie or another piece of fiction. Even before that, things feel too good to be true. For this girl, it really was just too good to be true.

Image courtesy of janvi_mayur_janva / Instagram

She was told by a guy that “the idea of being with her is better than the reality.” Well, pardon us while we cry from secondhand hurt and embarrassment. This takes quite a bit of audacity as well. It brings that scene from Frozen to mind…

Results Day

This one is so sad that it is almost hilarious. If you did not know, GCSEs are a type of examination that children take in England. This girl’s ex dumped her on GCSE results day. The reason for this, you ask?

Image courtesy of fitnessforlife07 / Instagram

She got better results than him! We think that this is just a ridiculous reason to dump somebody, proving how insecure the ex is. The girl is definitely much better off being out of that situation. But sadly, we have likely all had a friend or significant other like this.

House Hunting

Here is another crazy story for you! This girl was with her ex for ten years and moved in with him. Seems like a typical relationship with a happy ending, right? Well, the story is on this list, so you know that it’s not!

Image courtesy of savyfitrealtor / Instagram

This story is simply a wild roller coaster ride from start to finish, and we could honestly use a few more details. But even taking it as-is, we have to say this sounds like the kind of story that prompts a person to write a memoir about their crazy life.

Secret Band

We have so many questions about this story. For starters, just what on Earth is a “secret band”? We have absolutely no idea what that could mean, but we can move past it. The fact that the guy played the guitar with his feet is… odd.

Image courtesy of mettenmusic / Instagram

Hey, we’re not judging how someone expresses themselves with music. But ending a relationship with someone because they don’t understand something that probably doesn’t exist is bizarre. Had he tried even to explain? We wonder how big of a loss this relationship really was for this woman.


Our next story is just plain cold, and it is worse because it isn’t about a first date. These two were in a relationship. You just do not do this to anyone that you love! Most of us would fly to the hospital if this happened to our bae.

Image courtesy of emtparamedicsupporter / Instagram

But, instead of answering her phone calls or trying to help her, he just ignored them all and let her deal with the trauma all alone. Not only is that mean, but it also says a lot about him as a person.

So untalented

So far, we have seen quite a few examples of rejections from people in relationships or possible relationships. But it is important to remember that rejection can happen to you anywhere in life, including your career! Here is an example.

Image courtesy of Eudenis1 / Instagram

Usually, universities will send something generic like, “we had many talented submissions, and it was hard to choose. We wish you the best of luck.” To get a response this blunt? That’s new to us, but we get the feeling it became a core memory for this person.

No luck

Speed dating has been around for a while, and it shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. It’s a great way to meet a bunch of people very quickly. This guy must have the worst luck on the planet!

Image courtesy of Slowdating / Instagram

He might have thought the odds were in his favor. Unfortunately, the guy completely lucked out, as not a single one of those women wanted to date him. We wonder if he braved going to one of those events again.

Too Upset

This girl found out her mom had only two years left to live and was very upset, as any of us would be. Her boyfriend at the time did not understand, and we can only imagine it was because he had zero empathy.

Image courtesy of Imaitribhatia / Instagram

He told her that she was “too upset” about her mom. We are honestly in absolute shock that someone could think this, let alone say it to someone. It just shows how cold-hearted some people are. It can take a while to see it.

No way

This has to be one of the worst reactions ever from asking someone out! In a situation like this, even a simple “no” would have been enough. Here is another person who could really use some kind of sensitivity training.

Image courtesy of _jonathan_88 / Instagram

On top of that, all of the guy’s friends started laughing about it, too. If you ask us, they do not seem like real friends at all, and we think that the guy should find a whole new crowd to play D&D with.

Fiery Passion

Candles, fairy lights, wine, and some incense burning to lift the mood—that sounds like the perfect date set up for a night of fiery passion. Unfortunately for this lady, it seems that the passion between her and her date burnt a little too brightly.

Image courtesy of elora_yoveva/Pinterest

Her hair catching on fire was bad enough; the events that occurred afterward are just too cringey for words. We imagine that both parties were either too embarrassed or too polite to just end the evening. Instead, they both endured an awkward rendezvous shrouded in the smell of burnt hair. So cringe!