Presence: An Essential Component Of Charisma

By Peter C

Your charisma is essential in your relationships with people around you. You need it to become more persuasive and inspiring. Many people understand this, and they have effectively used it to get to the top of their careers.

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Charisma is a huge quality in mastering the art of personal magnetism. It allows you to connect with people easily and to be able to present your ideas to them in a more convincing manner. Apart from having a wealth of knowledge about something, your ability to influence people’s decisions can make a huge difference.

Although it might seem like some people are born with this quality, the truth is you can also develop yourself into a very charismatic person.

Many charismatic leaders you admire have effectively mastered these three elements of charisma: Presence, warmth, and power. By effectively combining the three elements, you can also get the same results.

In this piece, efforts will be made to explain the first element listed above in more practical ways.


It’s common these days to be having crucial conversations with people and not getting their total attention. Yes, it isn’t enjoyable being in that kind of situation. This has become worse since the advent of smartphones, making it possible to be physically present somewhere while your attention is somewhere else.

Presence is making yourself available to people and allowing them to feel good about themselves after interacting with you.  This improves your charisma and makes people always want to be around you.

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Do you wish to develop your charismatic presence? Then endeavor to read the following tips:

– Ensure to be physically comfortable when meeting with people

– Make yourself available by ensuring that your mind isn’t fully engaged

– Get rid of distractions by keeping your devices out of reach

– The person with you deserves your attention, so prove this by maintaining eye contact with them  

– They should know you are listening to them and never make them feel like a burden to you.