Robbers Rejoice: 40+ Homes That Are Asking To Be Robbed

By Jishnu B

Rember the good ol’ days when people could sleep with their doors unlocked? Ah, what a time. Nowadays, it’s not enough to lock the doors and shut the windows to keep thieves, robbers, and burglars away — they will find other means to break inside. 

When it comes to taking security measures, people don’t play around. They equip their homes with surveillance cameras, use secure locks that require passwords or build structures that are impossible to enter without permission or know-how.

At least, that’s the plan. Every once in a while, some doofus comes along and employs “security” measures that might as well be a neon “rob me!” sign. We found some of these idiotic security fails and collected them here so that you can laugh along with us. Don’t worry; you won’t need a secret password to read this article.

Security Gate or Artsy Ladder?

The owner of this gate probably thought it was a very clever way to deter intruders. However, he forgot to notice one crucial detail. Anyone can easily use the bars as a ladder to climb over. Given how the gate isn’t very tall, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle, even for the vertically challenged among us.

Image Credit: @pcjcusaa1636/Reddit

If you’re trying to install gates to secure your place, you should keep in mind not to make it a tool for intruders to use in order to rob you. You went through all that effort, and it turns out it was money down the drain.

When Your Security “Hack” Looks Wack

This person just wanted a little privacy from their colleagues, but all they could come up with was this abomination. Surely they could have found something other than paper and paper clips in their office to set up this “hack?”

Image Credit: @Aberrationism/Reddit

To be honest, rather than deterring someone from opening the cabinets, this elaborate joke seems like an invitation to open them on purpose. You know how it goes; “Don’t push the red button” may as well be an invitation to do so.

It’ll be Extremely Difficult to Break into This Home

Sometimes you set up locks but forget where you put the keys, or, even worse, forget the code. We feel you — it’s a pretty common phenomenon. That doesn’t mean you should be taping up the pin code for your lock for everyone to see.

Image Credit: @Olioski12/Reddit

At this point, the person above is in too deep. Not only did they broadcast their PIN code for all to see, but they also obviously haven’t changed it in a long, long time. Even if they did ta ke down the sign, it’s still painfully obvious which numbers to try.

When Decoration Gets More Priority Than Security

When we see photos like this, we wonder if all high-quality security gates are just there for decoration. After all, it does not make a large amount of sense to keep a large area easily accessible right beside a gate.

Image Credit: @izakaman/Reddit

Someone should tell these people that they don’t need to compromise between aesthetics and security. Just put the garden behind the gate, dummy. Right now, if someone decided to rob this house, you wouldn’t call a break-in so much as step-in.

Overdoing the Security

The security personnel at JFK Airport probably don’t want to leave any corner uncovered by surveillance. However, pointing multiple cameras at the same place doesn’t compound their ability. Maybe they have two guards watching the same place in case one falls asleep?

Image Credit: @casey/Reddit

It seems like security is always watching. Well, they’ll definitely see us when we’re pointing and laughing at their silly tactics. Maybe they should ask Casey Neistat for tips, actually. He’s caught a lot more on camera using a lot less.

That’s a lot of Privacy

The purpose of installing a door eye hole is to maintain privacy inside the house while you can check out who’s at your door. Putting it on a glass door, however, defeats that purpose. That’s like wearing a ghillie suit to hide and seek and lying in the road.

Image Credit: @RianTheLion97/Reddit

You can see clearly what’s inside and who’s looking at you through the clear glass, which is an awkward situation when you’re a guest. For stalkers, though, it’s the best door ever. The intruders don’t need to do much to get hold of your private life.

He Looks Intimidating

When you can’t afford a security guard, get a guard dog. If you can’t afford a guard dog, then buy…a musclebound action figure?! Who is this guy going to fight off? Maybe he’ll scare away cats or something of the like.

Image Credit: @Frankykeys/Reddit

That way, the guard can monitor these devices and take necessary actions when there is a threat. It’s good to rely on technology, but sometimes you need human help for that added security. In this case, we require a buff mannequin. 

This Will Be Very Useful in Controlling Access

Hey, uh, you’re missing about half of that bar gate. If anything, this is a larger nuisance for the people who actually belong here than the people who don’t. Imagine having to digitally verify your presence at a gate that serves no purpose.

Image Credit: @SecFails/Reddit

This gate has no place in this wide corridor where people can easily walk past it. The length of the bar is utterly baffling as well. This photo leaves us to question why someone would install it there in the first place. 

Must Protect The Mug

People seem to do this strange thing in workplaces where they deem a random coffee mug “theirs” and don’t let anyone else use it. This person is perhaps a bit overprotective. We don’t know anyone clear of mind who would do this.

Image Credit: @/Reddit

Who would want to unlock their mug each time to have a drink? Seems like a tedious process. Honestly, we would teach them a lesson. These kinds of locks are easy to pick, after all. Whatcha gonna do about it, Janet?

Scissor Theft Prevention 101

It can be pretty annoying when people keep taking small things like scissors, pens, and erasers without returning them. While we understand the sentiment of preventing scissor thieves, we don’t see how tying it to something easily cuttable with the scissors can be a solution. 

Image Credit: @Jobyn/Reddit

Oh man, whoever did this is going to freak out when we show them cable locks. “You mean there’s a way to secure sharp objects that can’t be destroyed by the object itself?” Yup. Looks like someone else has had this same problem before.

 When You Run Out of Fence 

What a useless fence! It was supposed to be big at one point, but the contractor changed their mind, and now it’s just a lonely, sad, tiny fence that prevents nothing from crossing it. Such a cruel world we live in.

Image Credit: @gntrr/Reddit

Tell us why this looks kinda cute. Do you see it, too, or is it just us? Maybe we’ll adopt it. Pet rocks are a thing; there’s no reason why we can’t have a pet fence. Watch, it’s going to be all the rage. Call us trendsetters.

Protecting The Garbage

When you see such a sturdy gate, you expect there must be something valuable there to protect. However, this clunky metal gate is there to protect garbage bins! Well, it’s doing a pretty terrible job at it by our metrics.

Image Credit: @Doniym/Reddit

Next time, maybe tell the hedge trimmers to lay off a bit. Thanks to them, someone’s child could end up in there (definitely by accident)! Well, thanks to them and the dumb design in the first place. Let’s spread the blame a bit.

Clumsiness often leads to Bad Conclusions

If you’re going to lock your door with keys, take a few seconds to ensure you didn’t leave the keys in the lock. Or, don’t place drains outside the door where your keys could easily fall into and get lost. Whichever the situation is, this picture looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

Image Credit: @gowasugay/Reddit

 With the drain grills cemented into the ground, we doubt you could pick up anything small once it drops inside. Looking at this picture will make some anxious, while others will take this as a challenge that comes with living on the edge. 

 When You Don’t Care About Who Gets in

This picture was taken at a daycare. We’re going to repeat that: A DAYCARE. When you need the guardians to drop off the kids safely, you share the door code privately instead of taping it on the door for everyone to see.

Image Credit: @gorbok/Reddit

This should be one of the safer places to go considering you’re leaving your kids there. Although, if you were fed up with the little beasts (as is bound to happen), maybe you just turn the other cheek. Don’t worry; we understand you’re not a bad person.

The Best Way to Block a Road

This genius way of blocking the road will surely keep people from walking past it and going to the other side. When you’re traveling around, you want to be able to enjoy the view without any interruption. However, this particular person thinks that the gate is an effective measure to keep people out.

Image Credit: @parsniplovaaa/Reddit

When faced with absurdities like this in the beautiful scenery, one can’t help but get mad. Even if this gate was placed there for safety reasons, the whole area should be blocked out to prevent any kind of accidents from happening. 

Read The Sign Before Doing Anything

Another gate in the middle of nowhere! So what if we don’t keep it closed? What’s going to happen; it’s not like it’s protecting anything in the first place. All this is doing is tarnishing natural beauty with a bunch of twisted metal.

Image Credit: @Dontwalkrunsalot/Reddit

Maybe the gate has seen its glory days, and now that it’s not needed anymore, it has been dumped here. However, we do feel bad for this gate, given that its existence for the sole purpose of security is defeated. 

The Lock That Needs No Key

This is a crime of passion and ego. This person probably broke the lock while installing it and couldn’t swallow their pride, so they instead chose to cut off their nose to spite their face. Now all can gaze upon their mistake.

Image Credit: @RobbinsTexas/Reddit

This security system is clearly missing something, and at first glance, it is very confusing to figure out what purpose it serves. Seems like the person installing the system got an emergency call and had to rush on it immediately. 

Thieves Wouldn’t Dare to Touch that Cycle

If the owner decided to lock the wheels of the bicycle, this wouldn’t be so funny. A signboard that’s easily liftable isn’t going to keep that bike from getting stolen. At least put it next to a CCTV so you can see who took it.

Image Credit: @1Nexx1/Reddit

If someone is truly desperate to steal the bicycle, then they can just lift the signboard up and ride the bike leisurely back home or wherever they’re going. Whoever thought this was an ingenious security idea needs a reality check.

Best Anti-theft Method for Bicycle

Some people obviously lack the common sense needed to keep their bikes secure. Tying it up with a pole through the handle is not the way. It’s an open invitation for thieves to press the handle, slip it through the lock, and take it away. 

Image Credit: @LeviAhlen/Reddit

Seems like people nowadays are so busy and in a rush to get to other things they have planned for their day they tend to forget small details like this. As a result, this mere failure of care might cost them more, perhaps the cost of a new bike.

Face The Wall Punishment

We don’t know the purpose of this security camera, but it seems like someone has punished it for facing the wall. Maybe this camera will protect the house from whatever that’s on the wall. That CCTV footage must be a bonafide action movie to watch.

Image Credit: @Vmpi/Reddit

Maybe the camera outputs strong electromagnetic radiation that can see through the wall and what’s inside it. Seems like people have come up with ingenious ways to secure their things. Unfortunately, robbers have thought up ingenious ways to steal things.

Small Chain Protects Bolt Cutters From Shoplifters

We all know the sole purpose of a bolt cutter’s life is to cut locks, and they are efficient in that regard, especially if they are new and haven’t been left to rust in the toolbox. However, bolt cutters are one of a thief’s most infamous tools, so watch out!

Image Credit: @NewZephyr49/Reddit

Given the bolt cutter’s identity to do what they do, is it really necessary for them to have such security measures? Come to think of it, this particular security measure falls in the category of “You became the very thing you swore to destroy.”

Humble Cop Improvises Safety Measure

If you are one to believe your bicycle is your best friend and love to go out and bicycle around town because you want to feel adventurous like this humble cop, then hopefully, you carry your bicycle lock with you everywhere.

Image Credit: @prettyflyforaryguy/Reddit

Bicycle locks keep your bicycle from being stolen on busy streets. However, would you allow yourself to get a bicycle lock as “secure” as this? This cop surely needs to rethink their choices, but be the judge and decide for yourself.

Car’s Gucci Chain

So you took your bicycle out to get some errands done. On your way back home, you find this scene in front of you. For obvious reasons, this would boggle anyone’s mind. How does this car have this bad of a lock system? Whatever happened to obnoxious car alarms?

Image Credit: @schizoduckie/Reddit

Whoever thought of this security measure sure didn’t think hard enough. Oh well, more content for us. Let us know if you ever spot a car driving around town with a Gucci chain hanging by its side. We’d be curious to know.

Handyman Had Just One Job

Imagine moving to a new house and getting the handyman to set up a door lock for you. He then adds this lock. Would you yell at him? Would you redo it on your own and perhaps end up with the same result?

Image Credit: @MikeTheBum/Reddit

We don’t know about you, but this surely does not help in keeping the sneaky burglars and thieves away. The handyman had just one job, and they screwed it up. Somebody was having a bad day, that’s for sure, and now you’re stuck with the result.

Two-In-One Lock System

So you’re out to take a couple of laps around the block, buy yourself some shoes, or maybe explore the alleys of the city with your bicycle. You bought yourself a pair of sandals and will now be continuing this little adventure for the rest of the day.

Image Credit:

After you are done touring, you’re looking for a place to lock your bicycle, but you can’t seem to find any. Don’t worry — this bike lock system is sure to keep your shoes and your bicycle safe from harm. 

” Tagged” Boss About This

Security tags are a security feature installed to prevent the shoplifting of items from a store. Although this employee did add the security tag to the item as per the definition, they still have to learn how to do it correctly.

Image Credit: @Polymer15/Reddit

The image is the perfect evidence of what happens when these tags fail to meet the expectations of a better security measure. Not to worry; just let us know where the store is, and we’ll come and fix it. We totally won’t take anything, pinky promise.

Perfectly Secured

Hey, finally, something that actually works, right? Wrong! There’s no way you seriously believe that someone isn’t going to try to slip the bike out or the lock? We’d for sure give it a go just to see if we could.

Image Credit: @hannahsimpson/Reddit

Would the situation be any different with vertical handlebars? Unlikely. It would probably just require a bit more fidgeting and, bam, a new bike for us! At least this person actually put some effort in. They had the right idea, which is more than most of the other entries in this list can say.

Mr. Bean, Is That You?

We can tell that this car owner is quite the Mr. Bean fan. No wonder why he chose a door latch for his car’s safety measure. What we are wondering is how he manages to lock the inside of his car. Does he use another latch? Guess we’ll never know.

Image Credit: @Higgs-Bosun/Reddit

This failed system may look fiction inspired, but hey, if it works for them, then it works for them, right? We are just here for some mild entertainment, that’s all. Who knows, maybe the next time you’re on a budget, you’ll probably try this out too.

Cycle Locks Not Securely Locked 

These locks seem better left out in the open than being caged here in this fashion. The thing is how easily they can be taken out and how these were not so well thought of. Maybe rethink it and do it again perhaps.

Image Credit: @MajorSoulja/Reddit

After all, security could be a bit of a hassle. One of the employees at the store might have been having quite a rough day and took it out on their work. Happens to the best of us, for sure.

Not the Best Lock System

You’re not the smartest person when it comes to taking care of your transportation, but it seems like you did find a way to lock your bike on a blue ram-rail bollard near the store. This mistake could make it look like you were in a hurry and used the very first thing you found.

Image Credit: @Mattyice0228/Reddit

Whatever your reason may be, you still chose the ‘not-so-wise’ place to lock your bicycle. This particular lock system did make it seem like a joke to some, but it did teach new bikers not to use a bollard to lock their bikes in.

One Way Gate 

This image may look photoshopped to some extent, but believe it or not, that gate exists. It seems that this gate alone was strong enough to take the responsibility of protecting the family from intruders. It may even do a good job; who knows?

Image credit: @LAFoodieBen/Reddit

One thing, or should we say three, is that the builder did forget to build walls around the gate. Imagine all the small rodents or raccoons as uninvited guests in the house. That’s one party we don’t want an invitation to!

These BBQ Grills Ain’t Goin Nowhere

Afraid of someone breaking in and running away with your BBQ grill machines? What if we told you not to worry about it and gave you the best way to keep them locked in place? It seems far-fetched, but trust us.

Image credit: @PsychodelicMentor/Reddit

We came across this very “smart” method to keep your grill machines secured. Take a bike lock and attach it around the handlebars of the machines. Now, where does the rest go? In a post, of course. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.

Wire Mesh Net Forgot to Grow

This, by far, was one of the worst security measures to exist, in our opinion. This wire mesh net was probably too shy to grow itself out and reach the ground, which is why it’s just hanging there and having fun.

Image credit: @DeuSovKam/Reddit

As long as this mesh net exists, you can easily invite the neighbor’s kid for some snacks when their ball rolls into your yard. Either that or the ball flies into your property and breaks one of your beloved flower pots.

The Lonely Gate Pass 

You’ve decided to take a pleasant little stroll around your neighborhood on a lovely winter morning. All of a sudden, you come across this — the lonely gate pass. No support around it to help it sustain security or this cold winter.

Image credit: @Horse_Pickle1/Reddit

Come to think of it, the one building responsible for this particular security system was not thinking through, or else they could’ve given more character or even some friends to this gate pass in this cold weather. What a depressing image.

When Your Security Device is a Home for a Fluffy Bird 

We get it; sometimes, installing actual security measures is just out of budget. Thankfully, just the sight of cameras is enough to deter most people from trying anything. But not if Tweety Bird is living there! The entire illusion is ruined.

Image Credit: @RandomITpro/Reddit

If you were trying to protect something with that camera, we’ve got some bad news for you. If you ever see something like this on your security device, you should probably just dial the insurance company on the spot. You do have insurance, right?

One Meter Short

Sneaking in clubs and places for vandals has become way easier now if these gate passers were installed everywhere. Would you take your chances? Would it even be considered sneaking in if the passes are just one meter short of preventing people from entering without permits?

Image Credit: @Switchy249/Reddit

However, this security measure could be hazardous to some extent. If there is a crowd jostling to get in, then there would not be a queue to make sure things go as orderly as possible. It can lead to stampedes and whatnot.

Gas Tank Latch

You complain to your mechanic about how your gas tank is always open, and you demand to get it fixed within two days. So they attach a door latch to it to make it “secured.” They take your money and leave you baffled.

Image credit: @0311fml/Reddit

You may not end up wanting this for your car, but someone somewhere sure wants this to get their problem fixed. They can also improvise. After all, why spend money to get it done when you can do it on your own.

It’s Just A 360 Camera

Install a 360-range CCTV camera, they said. It will be fun, they said. It surely does not promise to be as fun as they said. We cannot tell for sure whether it is a 360-range CCTV camera or not, but the person who installed it thought it would work.

Image Credit: @Afrocrow/Reddit

Imagine the type of advantage the thieves might have if they ever break into this place with their faces covered. They would instantly remove their masks and rob this place blind with ease. This problem can be avoided if the business fixes the camera right away.

Christmas Ain’t Over For It

Christmas may come and go, but this camera just can’t seem to get over Christmas. The jolly decorations are what it wants to see instead of some pesky shoplifters or criminals. Whoever thought this was done to keep that Christmas Spirit alive really didn’t see the camera there.

Image Credit: @jayiss/Reddit

We wonder if the people in the security room have noticed this yet. This little mishap could cost a great deal of criminal activity in the mall, but it isn’t hurting anyone, is it? So let the camera enjoy Christmas like the rest of us.

More Lonely Gate Passes

These three gate passes just missed the mark. Why even use them when you can just walk past them? But, at the sight of that tree, there seems to still be someone dumb enough to try to get in a hard way.

Image credit: @Jus_Jaisinghani/Reddit

Imagine the number of times this was an amusing meme to some. It seems highly inconvenient and not much of use, but at least we get a laugh out of this and make your week a bit brighter at the same time.

Only Way To Make It Work

This is just another shoplifter’s dream. They can easily unplug it. With one camera down near that aisle, their job is just as easy as anything. This security failure is so simple that it is going to make us cry.

Image credit: @Finnjrrigney/Reddit

We hope they’ve fixed it by now, but if not, then it is bound to bring more damage to the owner, their store, and the enormous amount of product decline. Who knew such an unplugging could bring such a great disaster.

Security or Dollhouse?

Never go to this house without making an appointment because even if you ring the doorbell, there’s nobody who will answer the gate. “But there are people at the entrance,” we hear you say. Are there? Look again. Have you noticed it now?

Image Credit: @ssabripo/Reddit

The dolls may seem threatening from afar, but once they realize they are dolls, it is game over for the house owners. This is modern art, not modern security, and it belongs in a museum. At least the dolls look dressed for their job.

This Gate Pass Was Shy Reach To The Other Side

Sure enough, this gate pass in this road was too shy to reach out to the other side of the road and hence became an internet meme for all of us. The one who built this should’ve either increased it in length or built another long gate pass on the other side.

Image credit: @evan274/Reddit

This did fall in the category of short gate passes of the century with the others, but we assure you it is just shy and might need some time to grow itself out. Maybe then it will be a great security measure in the future. Just give it some time.

Gate’s Wide Open

Just like the previous one, these metal gates seem to miss the point of being a gate and allowing easy access to almost anyone. Hence they look non-threatening and extremely hilarious at the same time. The road leading from these gates does not look like a path to danger either.

Image Credit: @LuckyTopher/Reddit

This has to be by far the funniest security measure failure yet. The number of times it was a meme was countless, to say the least. No matter how many jokes arise from this failure, it sure is dangerous, as children might get lost while playing beyond the metal gates. 

Missed One Spot

If you own a pet and are thinking of making them a pathway to make them an easier way to enter the house, then look no further. The person sure is caring that they thought to leave a pet (not human)-sized hole in their gate.

Image credit: @CyonicGhost/Reddit

It is efficient to bring in your pet and other animals for a great party inside, would it not? However, do be aware of the threats they might bring in. You missed one spot for your pet, which now takes a toll on your home’s security issue.