45 People That Show Us What It Really Means To Be Lazy

By Aakash M

While some people love going above and beyond in everything they do, even they won’t go overboard with their job. After all, if it’s not in the job description and there’s no incentive to get it done, why bother? Not everybody can be the “employee of the year,” because we all need to save our energy levels and control our stress levels.

However, there’s a striking difference between being a good employee and doing the least amount of work because you can get away with it. In honor of those people who do the bare minimum, a subreddit called “Not My Job” was created. There, you’ll find some of the worst and funniest examples of people doing just their jobs, and nothing more. We put together a list of some of the best posts so you could feel that you’re a better employee than these peeps.

Nobody finds out

The person who pulled this hack might have thought that nobody would ever find it, but boy was he wrong. Not only did people find out, but somebody clicked a photo, posted it on the subreddit, and now it’s all over the place!

Reddit/ HeartyHemlock

Maybe that’s what happens when you are expected to do something, but you try to chicken your way out of it. He might have run out of materials, and something made him think of getting that cup as a replacement.

Demotivation Monday

They might be cheesy, but motivational posters really can put a smile on your face. If you enjoy them, you might even hang some up at home. Well, this person needed some motivation to stay in shape, so they ordered a special yoga mat…

Reddit/ 7_S3M_7

We’d have a hard time working up the motivation to work out with this yoga mat. Imagine doing push-ups, your muscles straining, and you look down to see “nothing is possible” staring back up at you. Whoever designed it did a really bad job because white never goes on white.

How does it look?

These days, there are a lot of vegan meat products, and they taste pretty good, too. Normally, there’s nothing funny to see in the vegan aisle, unless you’re a die-hard meat-eater, but here’s something even vegans can laugh at. The description is where it all falls apart.

Reddit/ mrbritchicago

The whole ingredients part is good, but we totally didn’t get the “If it’s too long” part. What is the problem if it’s too long? Aren’t fish fingers supposed to be long? Or perhaps it’s about the text and it’s a note to the editors to cut down the description.

That makes a lot of sense

Ah, yes. We sense a lot of intellect here. This picture was obviously taken at a gas station — there are pumps for diesel, unleaded, and super. Normally, anyone could find what type of gas they need, but not when this person was there.

Reddit/ TragedyMaskBand

When one of these things isn’t available, it is best to let people know with a sign that says so. The guy was smart enough to do that, but he might have forgotten for a moment that he was working in a gas station and not an ice cream parlor. Besides, diesel flavor sounds disgusting.

Good skills

The person who posted this image on the subreddit captioned it by saying that his girlfriend was the one who mopped the floor. She can’t be serious! Not mopping a certain area of the floor because of a heavy object is understandable, although not acceptable.

Reddit/ Astranabis

But not mopping a certain area because there’s a small coin on the floor, what do you have to say about that? Also, if you notice closely, she has not wiped a few inches around the area where the dropped coin is.

Turn ahead

Great job on the curvy roads. Perhaps, that’s where the taxpayer’s hard-earned money goes. Designated bike lanes are great, but not when they’re a confusing mess like this. We doubt that anyone would stay in their lanes on this curvy road.

Reddit/ Himeko21

On the other hand, some daredevils might take this as a challenge. For them, straight roads might be boring, and this would possibly keep the bicyclists very alert and always on their toes. It would even prevent fatigue. Just kidding!

Roach painting

If you’re afraid of critters like cockroaches, we recommend that you skip this picture. It would horrify you, and we can only wonder what would happen to the people living in that house if they were also scared of roaches.

Reddit/ bieleft

That’s a dead roach! The expert painter decided to glorify the insect by painting over it instead of removing it from the scene. Now it looks like the cockroach is trying to come up with some kind of a “cool” pose to look good.

Got the spirit

The guy who made this has definitely got the spirit, and we think he only needs some direction. Because those stairs look really good, as far as the design and the construction go. But what he has made is basically useless.

Reddit/ jacobooooo

We wonder if people live there, and even if they do, how are they gonna get out the doors unless they live on the ground floor? And about the stairs, where do they even end up taking you? This is just sad.


This menu card appears to have some really delicious appetizers. There’s also an option of adding or not adding chips to your meal. That looks great now, doesn’t it? We can see that there are a variety of meats, and there’s also a vegetarian option!

Reddit/ FaZe_Thjiman

But wait, what’s wrong with the very first item? First of all, it’s just chips. Even for that, there’s a “without chips” option? Does it mean that for £1.9, they’ll serve an empty plate to whoever orders chips without chips?

New hobbies

People who work from home don’t necessarily have a perfect life. They could get bored of their daily routine. So, it’s pretty common for them to look for new hobbies and practice all kinds of new stuff. They could always begin by reading new books.

Reddit/ BlueYoshiFox6

There’s plenty of stuff wrong with this image. Firstly, reading about serial killers and drug lords as a new hobby is a bit strange. Next, if the section reads “discover a new hobby,” there should be a multitude of books in different genres. Then again, true crime books are pretty fascinating!

How would it be?

From the looks of it, the juice seems to be from some sort of Russian brand, and it looks like there are plenty of flavors stocked in the aisle. Although we can’t understand what’s written, the juices in other flavors probably taste good.

Reddit/ brammes_94

But what about the default juice flavor? What’s that supposed to be? Is a particular fruit the default juice flavor? Because if that’s the case, we never knew something like that existed! Either way, it would definitely confuse the buyer.

Convenience at its best

We can only imagine how this conversation would have gone. The boss might have told this person to sort out a certain emergency phone situation at his workplace. He might have responded affirmatively to the order, but he didn’t do what was expected of him.

Reddit/ Professional-Stick82

He could’ve just gotten the phone repaired or installed a new one, but it turns out that his convenience was of more importance to him than other people’s sudden emergencies. That’s why he requests that you not have any emergencies at this location. We hope you can cooperate.


That’s quite the setup. We, for one, haven’t seen anything like this. So, for the innovation itself, that stuff deserves full points. Honestly, moving the pipe would’ve at least taken an hour, but the tiler would’ve been paid decently for it.

Reddit/ nimeshudawattha99

So, whoever the tiler was, they’re skilled. But we’ve got a really lazy plumber here who wouldn’t move the toilet or at least think to work it out with the tiler to get a better finish. Instead, they came up with this expert hack.

Epitome of laziness

We’re pretty sure that the person who painted this would’ve been fired right away if they had been working for a big-name company because that’s clearly not how you do the job. Leaving a huge spot like that is the definition of stupidity. We’re no painters, but that’s common sense.

Reddit/ hellivvy

At the same time, maybe the person was tired of moving other people’s stuff and painting because, technically, the painter’s job is to paint. Moving the objects and reassembling them isn’t really their responsibility. That task belongs to someone else.

Job done

Ever heard about getting two things done in one shot? Here’s a not-so-perfect example for you. This guy ended up installing a single switch for both the lights and the elevator. Bravo. That’s obviously gonna show up in the electricity bill.

Reddit/ TyrTwiceForVictory

Well, what’s done is done. But, instead of fixing things up, this person thought of making it more convenient for himself by putting up a notice, asking people not to turn off the light switch. The “Thank You” in the end makes it even better!

Precision and perfection

Honestly, we have seen tons of these. Not in real life, but online! Have you ever come across those memes where they show people finishing their road paint jobs in this manner? They’re usually captioned with “you had one job.”

Reddit/ lekshmikutty

We doubt that this was done in an attempt to be part of a meme. This painter was just too lazy to move the fallen branch and painted around it. We get that they probably had miles and miles to cover in one day, but they could’ve tried a bit harder here.

The toilet stands

We’ve seen all kinds of luxury bathrooms, often with the most useless features, but this one is too much. A shower with a toilet setting? We can only imagine how the person owning this place felt upon seeing this for the first time.

Reddit/ notjustthemenyo

The fault here lies in the person responsible for putting in the shower doors. He mistook the toilet waste for the shower. How difficult could it be? The guy screened up the wrong section, but the real players are the plumbers. Even though they saw the screened part, they still went on to fit the toilet.


To the person who’s responsible for this monstrosity, we’d genuinely like to ask you a question. Have you ever heard of jigsaw puzzles? Did you ever solve them as a kid? If the answer is “yes,” then how did you get this wrong?

Reddit/ Great-British-Gaming

Everything is perfect, except this one tile that stands out weirdly. Also, if people are really unaware of this tile difference, they could trip on it, given that they’re walking as carelessly as they can. If there’s a panel underneath, it’s all fixable.

How cute!

It’s just like you see in those cartoon shows! Over there, every store is named “Store,” and every hotel is named “Hotel.” Things were so simple back then. But, it looks like these guys want to keep things simple even now.

Reddit/ YosemiteSaam

That’s a good reason if that’s why they haven’t made any effort in naming their store. If there’s a different reason — perhaps, one related to laziness — then we do not have any words. At least it’ll make it easier if a different store moves in.

Job one-third

So, this person was told to set up a landline and put up the emergency number on top of it. It seems simple enough, but they only did half of the job. They put up the emergency number, but the only part that they got right.

Reddit/ NichoHS

What about the remaining part? They put up less than one-third of the numbers! Worse still, they didn’t include the key numbers needed to dial the emergency number they were required to post up. Now we don’t know if the thing is working or not.

Paint job

Earlier, we saw a paint job where a person literally painted over a cockroach, pinning it to the wall forever. At least, until the owners get disgusted enough to fix it. We don’t know if this is the same painter, or if they’re just of like minds…

Reddit/ TheTB94

The colors are the same, and the amount of laziness is also the same here. At least the person before painted over something small and insignificant. Was it really that hard to unscrew the lightbulb? Or worse, just paint around it?

Seems wrong

The person who posted this photo on the subreddit captioned it by saying that it “seemed right.” Obviously, it was a sarcastic comment because this is nothing other than horrifying. It took us a couple of seconds to understand what this is even supposed to be.

Reddit/ czdiana95

Pugs are very cute, and it’s their faces that many people love. But this design messed it all up. It doesn’t even look like a pug anymore. Instead, it looks like a wasp that also has pug-like ears and coloring.

Delivered successfully

As you can see, the package has been delivered successfully. That’s what the delivery person said to their boss. But to us, this looks like a “before” picture of a stolen package. We’re not kidding! The way this guy has put it in is just asking for trouble.

Reddit/ klaymens

The least he could’ve done was inform the people who live there that he had delivered the package, especially if that’s how he was planning to deliver it. It would have been better to just put it on top and put a note in the mailbox telling the residents where to find the package.

Done with it

This guy was told to paint a bike path. So, he did as he was asked. He painted the path for bikers, and it’s all good, except for the fact that there’s a small hurdle in the middle. By hurdle, we mean there’s a literal hurdle.

Reddit/ city_

That huge thing in the middle is a serious hazard. Distracted bikers could get hurt on what’s supposed to be a safe path. Runners, too. It might not be the painter’s job to move it, but they should’ve informed someone instead of just acting like it wasn’t there.

That’s art

That truly is art, and as you know the saying, true art cannot be contained. It will come out, just like this unicorn’s horn on the cake. By the looks of it, it’s a well-decorated cake that is sure to please any unicorn lovers.

Reddit/ JackieSmazz

To be fair, transporting this beauty would be difficult, even if they put it in the right-sized box. But nope, the person responsible for packaging it created a hazard for the birthday girl/boy by leaving the horn out for anyone to jab themselves on.


There’s a huge gap in the center of the center. We can go on and on with these puns! Anyways, the person who did this job is surely going to lose his job; it’s pretty evident from the kind of work that has been done.

Reddit/ benisborker

But on the bright side, at least the guy thought of splitting the center from the center, and not from any other point since that would’ve ended up looking even weirder. We’re no designers, but we can think of several ways this could have been fixed.

Into the future

The people behind this have quite the futuristic vision because, according to them, we have jumped on to 2202 from 2021. That’s quite the leap into the future because that’s 181 years ahead of 2021. Yes, we just did the math for a joke. What of it?

Reddit/ Tiptoedbymyself

We understand it’s a simple error because they’ve placed the numbers in the wrong order. So, what should’ve been 2022 has become 2202. If you look at the numbers from the other side, it would be an inverted 2022. Not that that’s much better.


This person was about to put a table together. He needed a manual for it, and he got one. That’s quite helpful. But, the image that you see below is only what he got in the manual. That’s the sole instruction in there!

Reddit/ NuclearJ3st3r

We don’t even know if you can call that thing an instruction booklet. That is just a line drawing of a table, and everybody knows what a table looks like, so that little image is literally of no help at all.

Another one

Here’s another successful (so-called) road painting job. We’re amazed at how people would literally just prefer getting their job done, no matter how bad it looks in the end. They just want to see the end of it as soon as possible.

Reddit/ ricorrales07

The guy behind this road job is one of those people because he didn’t think of moving those garbage bags. Even if he didn’t want to do that by himself, he should’ve at least told someone to move those out of his way.

When things couldn’t get worse

Every single mistake could be overlooked, and every bit of laziness from a worker could be ignored, but this…this simply cannot be accepted. It is like one of those times when there’s a small crease in the sheets that ruins the whole bed!

Reddit/ InbaaYT

After looking at this one, we’d totally understand if anybody wants eye bleach for themselves. We already feel disturbed by the black one without even realizing that even the white one is wrong! It just gets more and more frustrating.

The wall

We have seen this image quite a lot of times in memes. Have you ever come across something like this? It’s rare to see this kind of stuff in real life, but you’ll find many of these images on the Internet. It’s hilarious.

Reddit/ NichoHS

We don’t know how this pile of bricks even solves the problem. We get that the wall needs to be repaired and filled in, but those bricks leave a lot of empty gaps, as you can see. But, there’s one legitimate good use. It prevents vermin from entering before the hole is fixed (hopefully).

It’s taken care of

We had a look at this image, and genuinely, all we have is one very important question. Could it get any lazier than this? Seriously? People won’t even move leaves. Instead, they’ll paint right over whatever is in their way.

Reddit/ StalkerforMemes

So, when the leaves fly away due to the wind, you can see the weird empty patch it has left on the spot. We’re sure the person who got the contract for painting this road might not be offered another contract because of the lousy job they did.


First things first, whoever installed this bathroom stall did a terrible job. Next, we’re shocked that despite that, somebody decided to use that bathroom, and a third person literally went on to click a photo of it and posted it online.

Reddit/ MRairden

Now, all of that is pretty much understandable if it’s a prank, but that’s the sole logical explanation behind all of it. If it’s real and if it’s not a prank, we’re speechless, and we have no idea what to say to that now.

Become illegal too quickly

This product just went from being legitimate to illegal in one sentence, even if there’s literally no problem with the product. If there is something wrong, it’s the weird advertisement copy of this product. What do you think about it?

Reddit/ _Marklar_Marklar_

It is either a huge error or a big revelation. If it’s a typing error, we understand because the guy might have been told to write about natural ingredients, but instead of natural, he ended up writing that it’s made up of banned ingredients. What if that’s true, though?

Box office success

How many of you have seen the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home? We’re assuming that many of you might have watched it. Do you know the main reason behind the success of the movie? It’s the marketing of the film.

Reddit/ trombone_boi_

Even with the marketing, we can point out which specific move led to the commercial success of the Marvel superhero movie. It is, by no doubt at all, this particular poster. Just look at the effort. Somebody typed the whole thing and printed it out!

Blame it on the boss

The chalkboard reads, “My boss made me write this board.” At least they’re being honest. Still, it took the employee at least thirty seconds to write the message. But do you know what else they could’ve done in that time?

Reddit/ FireKurama

They could’ve actually made themself useful by writing about the special items in the restaurant that day. That would have been more than seven words, and as far as time goes, more seconds than thirty seconds. But, nope. They’d rather blame it on their boss.

It’s secured

This guy might have been told to secure the area near the giant sink hole so that nobody walks into it. If you look at it from his point of view, it’s all pretty secure. He has put a total of one cone near it, and he has circled it with chalk.

Reddit/ Serenity__Now__

In short, he has made the thing look like some sort of a weird portal, which would, in fact, make people more curious about what’s happening. Hopefully, anyone living in the area saw the TikTok and knew to steer clear of the lazy sink hole cover.

Door’s done

Given the detailed drawing of the door angles on the floor, we’re guessing that the architect wasn’t the one who installed the door. There’s no way someone so precise would mess up that badly. Have you figured out what’s wrong yet?

Reddit/ IMadeThisToFightYou

The lines that turn the floor into a protractor are supposed to relate to the door’s angle when open. But nope, they just slapped the door into the frame without looking. On the bright side, if this is at a school, the students won’t forget to do their math homework.


Ladies and gents, behold the best emergency box of all time. What’s different about this box is that nobody really knows how it’s going to help anybody in times of emergency. What can you even do after breaking that empty case?

Reddit/ Jkeptho

Maybe the authorities paid only for the box and not for anything inside it. So, they got what they paid for. It’s unlikely, but you never know. Or, maybe this box conveys a deep message. Maybe it’s trying to tell us that in times of emergency, every man, woman, and child is on their own.

Messing things up

The details always matter. That’s the reason why we wished we never saw this photo. Because the details in this image are simply horrifying. The whole thing would actually look better if it were broken down. But, nope. They want to keep it this way.

Reddit/ Fillethesnille

Instead of making things better, these guys want it to be in this condition, which makes it look as if 80% of it is good, and the rest is just a mess, which is true. We just wish that, in some way or the other, they make it go away. That’s all.

Recently launched

When did this drink launch? Is it new in the market, or was it something we were unaware of? Also, isn’t Isded a weird name? It is written weirdly, and we don’t know what it could even mean. Let us try to find out.

Reddit/ rayalix

We cracked it. It’s Pepsi, with the only difference being that it’s printed upside down. The main question is if it is printed upside down or if the person who clicked it is currently in the Upside Down? We hope you got the Stranger Things reference.

No time to waste

This clock is from the band practice room of the school of the person who posted this image. We’d say that’s one busy school because they don’t even have the time to unwrap the clock that they bought. They only had time to put a nail up before getting back to work.

Reddit/ Hawkthemanaaaaaaa

But honestly, it doesn’t matter so much because it still ticks. Well, they’ll have to remove the cover at some point to change the batteries of the clock. At least there’s no confusion about what it is because the box reads “wall clock.”

Jumbled words

You’re going to need some time to decode what’s written over here, although it’s all written in easy-to-understand English. The sentences just don’t make any sense at all. Now, there are two normal ways to read this. You can go from top to bottom, or you can go from bottom to top.

Reddit/ sarvesh_s

When you do that, you’ll notice that it’s just a set of random words. The correct order is all jumbled. We think it’s something along the lines of “3 months from now, you will thank us.” We still can’t figure out where “hit yourself” should go.

45-degree tilt

How can you mess up a tile mural painting that has already been made? You didn’t have to draw it, nor did you have to do anything about it. All you had to do was assemble the tiles correctly! This one just makes us cringe.

Reddit/ lokismiddlenutt

Since we’re talking about it, let’s talk about how good the painting on the tile looks. That’s some fine art over there. Unfortunately, it had to be messed up because of some really silly mistakes. We hope they get it fixed.

About to lose millions

Let us give you some background here, so you can understand the level of this guy’s mistake and how much it could cost the store. For those who don’t know about the prices of meat, let us help you out.

Reddit/ KLSFishing

Chicken breast costs just as much as what’s mentioned there. But, what’s in the packet isn’t chicken breast. That’s wagyu beef, which could easily cost around $200 for a pound. This particular brand costs around $60 for a pound. So, there you go. Now you get it.