Men’s Health Startups To Pay Attention To in 2024

By Jo A January 9, 2024

The men’s health and wellness sector has recently expanded remarkably, with projections indicating a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.00% by 2030. This surge has ushered in a fresh influx of men’s health startups, strategically targeting the distinctive health needs of men. By honing in on an underserved demographic within the broader healthcare market, these startups are carving out a lucrative niche and fostering improved health outcomes.

Men’s health startups are entities devoted to delivering products, services, and care explicitly tailored to simplify men’s healthcare, making it more accessible and devoid of stigma. These innovative ventures are structured to tackle various health concerns unique to men, spanning mental health, fertility, and overall well-being.

Among the notable men’s health startups is Mental Happy, which was established in 2019. This platform provides digital tools and experiences to enhance moods and resilience, cultivating a community that shares advice, encouragement, and inspiration on mental health journeys. Similarly, Eucalyptus, founded in 2020, facilitates connections between patients and clinicians through video consultations, referrals, prescriptions, and lab requests, promoting accessible and convenient healthcare.

Legacy, established in 2021, specializes in providing online consultations, at-home sperm analysis kits, and optional long-term storage, allowing men to control their reproductive health. Another player, Creative Medical Technology Holdings, founded in 2017, employs patients’ stem cells to promote healing, targeting areas such as rebuilding penile function and restoring neurological damage from strokes.

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Posterity Health, launched in 2021, offers assessments and coaching for fertility challenges, online education emphasizing lifestyle changes, medical guidance, and relationship dynamics. Similarly, Grain Fertility, founded in 2021, consolidates various health data in one place, providing users with clear explanations and tailored insights, thus empowering them with knowledge and convenience in fertility care.

Treadwell Grooming & Wellness, established in 2018, takes a holistic approach, combining grooming services with wellness offerings like cryotherapy and nutrition guidance. Additionally, trooVRS, launched in 2018, engage men with interactive technology, covering areas such as nutrition, fitness, stress relief, and more, making learning about well-being interactive and enjoyable.

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Wild Genomics, founded in 2019, contributes to ecosystem protection by providing an early warning system for threatening organisms through kits that extract species DNA from water and soil samples. ExSeed Health, founded in 2018, focuses on at-home fertility tests, supplements, and medical advice to improve sperm health, aiming to destigmatize and address male factor infertility.

Ezra, launched in 2020, promotes comprehensive preventive screening by providing low-radiation MRI-like exams analyzed by radiologists and AI. Sons, which commenced operations in 2021, aims to simplify addressing private health conditions for men, offering customized treatment kits for issues such as hair restoration, sexual health, physical therapy, and mental wellness.

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Manual, initiated in 2018, provides actionable advice, product recommendations, and clinician access for common health concerns among men, focusing on practical solutions and personalized routines. Numan, launched in 2019, offers online visits, prescription delivery, over-the-counter remedies, and community support, working toward destigmatizing men’s health struggles.

Mojo, launched in 2019, provides engaging quizzes, video courses, and exercises designed for males, covering topics such as dysfunction causes, physiology, healthy habits, and treatments. With a mission to uncouple masculinity from shame, Mojo encourages open dialogues with partners and empowers men to take charge of their intimacy and performance.

These men’s health startups play a crucial role in addressing stigmatized topics like mental health and sexual function, providing accessible nutrition and fitness guidance. Their commitment to preventative and proactive care has the potential to significantly enhance health outcomes for men, breaking down barriers and reshaping the landscape of men’s healthcare.