Amusing Photos That Show Men Live Their Best Lives By Never Growing Up

By Sachin P

The journey towards adulthood entails a multitude of commitments. As well as positive and purposeful experiences that, while sometimes challenging, shape you into the man you want to be. But underneath it all, there’s always a little kid somewhere inside you. That kid really loves to play, have joy, and discover! Society wants us to grow into completely grown and accountable adult people. Do not, however, forget to create time for your inner child as well. Or else, life would indeed be dull! We’ve assembled a collection of men who are living their best lives, letting that part of them free. Now you have to agree; it’s rather adorable. So sit back, relax and enjoy this glorious list of men becoming 5-year-olds again and having a banger of a time with it.

Anubis, is that you?

So, this spouse heard their husband in the dead of night. He was telling the dog to stay still and silent. Curious, they walked up to the kitchen only to find this. They’d have been properly frightened if they were caught unawares.

Image courtesy of

It kind of looks like the dog learned to be bipedal, doesn’t it? Anyhow, we have to admit that this is pretty funny when you consider the effort put into this. The dog deserves applause because of how well it played along.

It’s carnival time!

So this person sent their husband to the crafts store to pick up some plastic fruit. From the looks of this photo, that is. The man took their small child with him too. When he saw these decorations, he was inspired!

Image courtesy of plutosrain / Reddit

That was to dress this adorable bundle of joy as a Carmen Miranda cosplay. Look how cute the baby is! It also looks like a renaissance painting where a bountiful harvest surrounds a cherub. Maybe Dad was an art enthusiast.

Racing is life!

Remember that particular episode where SpongeBob and Patrick find an empty box? They have a ball of a time inside it, using only their imaginations. This naturally drives Squidward mad as he can’t exactly figure out the whole fantasy plaything.

Image courtesy of

He finally does, and he ends up in a dumpster. The moral here is not that you will end up in a dumpster if you use your imagination. But rather, if you use it wisely, you to can be a famous racecar driver zooming around the kitchen.

Googly eyes for all your emergency pranks

Ahh, googly eyes. They can even make the most mundane things funny. And what about scary things? Just slap some on googly eyes and make fun of what frightened you. Poof! Your fear is gone, and you can finally move on!

Image courtesy of

In the hands of dads who specialize in dad jokes, googly eyes are a formidable weapon. You won’t know when or where they will strike, but when they do, you’ll know for sure. Just look at this tube of toothpaste. Classic!


Okay, we’ll bite. Why is his spouse so irritated? Every single cookie has a chunk missing from it. Maybe the husband was playing a prank? Or perhaps they were quality testing each and every cookie by taking a bite. That’s dedication.

Image courtesy of

There are two sides to every argument. Or maybe they were trying to make every single cookie look like Pac-Man. You know, with mouth wide open. But we are inclined to believe he was testing for poison, as any good husband would do.

Praying for a miracle

When it comes to sports, there exists an intricate system of superstition. Generations of fans surely know more than scientific research could unearth about this phenomenon, and they will tell you these rituals and good luck charms are THE way to win the game.

Image courtesy of JLundbeck / Reddit

But as it turns out, these seemingly small things spur on the team. It has that sort of placebo effect that can translate into a game-winning strategy. So we totally get what this gent is doing right here. His pose is on point and indeed reached the game gods.

An scent which is 65 million years in the making

So this husband printed an image of a Dilophosaurus and glued it to their wife’s air freshener. It spews a spray of perfume every thirty minutes. So, it kind of looks like the Dilophosaurus is shooting venom from its mouth.

Image courtesy of

Anyone who has watched Jurassic Park, which would be a vast majority of us, knows about this small but deadly dinosaur. It’s the one that spat venom at Denis Nedry when he tried to get off the island with the embryos!

Never grow up

All true aviation fans know that the older generations have it completely figured out when it comes to making models. The model kits that they had were just as good. And as we can see, one never loses the love of airplanes.

Image courtesy of tigbyhillvintage / Instagram

This store appears to have toys of a level of quality that is unmatched. And we see a customer who is nearing his hundredth birthday who still lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees a good airplane model.

Giddy up!

So this person heard his father laughing out loud. Curious and ready to laugh, he went to investigate. He found his dad like this. Beaming with joy, he was under the impression that no one was at home at the time.

Image courtesy of

Apparently not. But how cute and adorable is this? A fully grown man embracing his inner child. This goes to show that we only need the simpler things in life to be happy. Can we also note his perfect pose?

Googly tush

When this guy went ahead and ordered 500 pairs of googly eyes, his wife had doubts. But as it turns out, he is a proper comedian, and it shows quite well. Placing googly eyes on a dog’s butt? That’s high comedy, friends.

Image courtesy of

With the tail, it really looks a bit like a blobfish. You know, the ugly fish which sort of looks like it is melting? But the fact that it resembles anything at all is indeed the funny part of this. We need more people like this man in the world.

An eclipse of the bald

Hilarious story behind this equally hilarious picture. So this group was getting ready to see an eclipse. But a storm came rolling in, foiling all their plans. So this guy right here, making dads all over the world beam with pride, took matters into his own head – we mean, hands.

 Image courtesy of djbootybutt / Reddit

He created an eclipse using his bald head. How ingenious and entertaining is that? That’s really good on-the-spot thinking. He could be an outstanding teacher if he puts his mind to it. Why, you may ask? Well, because of this ingenuity and how far he’ll go for the sake of everyone’s happiness.

Bound to the shopping cart

This seems to be the kind of prank we don’t see every day. This lady seems to be bound to the shopping cart by a zip tie. Her expression says that she was unaware that this even happened to her.

Image courtesy of Myhouseisdirty / YouTube

Who could do that and vanish without this woman knowing? We think we have a sneaking suspicion about this situation. Do you see the guy in the background? That smirk? We have a feeling he knows exactly what went down.

Mr. Butterfingers

So this guy went ahead and pulled an old butterfingers routine, which is a fancy way of saying that he spilled his orange juice. So when they told the server to bring another one, she pulled a sneaky on him.

Image courtesy of PeopleOfTumblrOfficial / Facebook

So the second juice was presented to him like this. Covered with a lid and straw put in. Hilarious, but this will prevent any spilling of valuable orange juice. As long as it gets the job done, that’s what matters in the end.

Pickle Face?

There are so many more photo ops nowadays since everyone has a phone with a camera. Rather than snapping a nice photo of her, this woman’s boyfriend turned her into a pickle face. She, we assume, was aware of what was happening.

Image courtesy of motorcityjax / Reddit

Shame that this kind of filter is not available on social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat. Someone should look into it. But we can imagine the conversation here. “Babe, this pickle looks like a face! OMG, it fits you perfectly!” *Cue eye roll*

Yes, that’s a cat

This is what happens when a man child gets a label maker. They will label everything. This cat is a prime example of the mayhem that can result. We sound like mature, judgy adults, but this is exactly what we would do.

Image courtesy of tdgonex / Reddit

We can just imagine all the shenanigans this man got into with his toy and what his girlfriend has to deal with on a daily basis. The cat looks pretty indignant if you ask us. But maybe we are misreading a look of resignation.

Potty Humor

Here is another dude who enjoys leaving tiny mementos all around his residence for amusement. Some of these decorative item boards are extremely popular, and usually include general statements such as “Eat, Laugh, Love,” or “You can if you think you can.”

Image courtesy of

We don’t hold it against whoever added a small update; anything is an upgrade, honestly. By adding this little tidbit, the husband has actually improved it. The only thing we’d change is to take the wall art down and leave his addition as a standalone piece.

Dad joke ultra pro max

You know your father is a committed member of the Dad Jokes Club when he does this. Stopping in the middle of a six-hour drive in Wyoming in Chugwater so he can actually chug water. We are in awe of this man.

Image courtesy of Mechanicalmama / Reddit

He must have been planning this ever since he saw the name of the town. That shows promise and dedication on his end. We strive toward dad punnery of this epic level. Maybe one day, we too will be masters of the Dad Joke.

Jabba the Pie

There is really no greater opportunity to act like a kid than playing with food. The guy who cooked such an appetizing-looking pie added a tiny bit of decoration on the crust, transforming into something quite hilarious.

Image courtesy of doctor_boombot / Reddit

As one photographer puts it, this inventive pie looks a lot like Jabba the Hutt. We can almost hear it screaming for the capture of Han Solo with all those guttural, throaty sounds that made Jabba one of the most memorable villains in Star Wars.

Benjamin Button on a roll here!

Just look at the glee in this man’s eyes! He’s having the time of his life at this, uh, party. He’s reliving his glory days as a kid in this image, and the happiness he is experiencing here is just infectious.

Image courtesy of coolhandlucas / Reddit

He will surely remember this day for a long time to come. He will be telling about this to his mates, his family, and his grandkids. Oh, they will hear some stories about the day Grandpa truly started to be the life of the party.

Pixar is for everyone

What do you do when your flight is delayed by 12 hours? Finding a nearby hotel and sleep until it’s time to go back sounds like the mature thing to do. But it was not the case with this gent right here.

Image courtesy of

This couple got the news of their delay. Suddenly, the boyfriend went missing, and his girlfriend went on a mission to find him. There he was with a bunch of 5-year-olds, watching a Pixar movie marathon. Honestly, that’s a huge green flag, in our opinion.

Long live the King!

This husband saw the perfect opportunity to recreate something special from his childhood. Boy, did he take the chance when it was available! He recreated the famous scene between Scar and Mufasa where a herd of wildebeests kills Mufasa.

Image courtesy of supersamness / Reddit

Well, one can argue that rearranging the fridge magnets is an essential part of cleaning the kitchen. Plus, it is a welcome distraction to see grown-ups embracing their childhood like this. Imagine the laughs this gets from The Lion King fans.

My Little Pony, anyone?

That moment has arrived for all those who have managed to flee the realm of Bronies to learn something. Bronies are adult enthusiasts and watchers of the animated children’s show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This is a widely debated issue.

Image courtesy of

While munching on his favorite snacks, this Brony watches his favorite TV show. When it comes to the point of chilling while watching your fave cartoons, we stand right beside this dude in solidarity. You don’t have to have kids to love a good animated series.

As long as it floats his boat

It’s not the most hygienic of places to be lying around with a couple of dogs. But this guy doesn’t seem to care at all. He’s surrounded by his two loving best friends, huddled up with him for love and hugs.

Image courtesy of RumpleBumpleStumpleLumple / Imgur

As it turns out, he’s working on his finals. Well, what a way to control stress other than this method. And here we thought he was just catching up on the new Dexter show. Well, puppy cuddles are the best way to relax and destress.

Spider Whisperer

Many small children like gathering and playing with insects as a kind of entertainment. Typically, it entails peering through some kind of magnifying lens at insects while avoiding scorching them to death. Some of us collected worms and kept an eye on the caterpillars in the yard.

Image courtesy of SerenityStarCraft / Reddit

Others rear spiders in special terrariums. So why are we talking about bugs when this person has his head stuck in the railing? He’s just trying to feed dead flies to a spider. Man, that sounds too cool for school. Wonder what he named it.

This is the right way to do it

Certain parts of the Americas can get pretty hot during the summer. So, if one is privileged enough to own a pool in these exhausting times, count yourself among the lucky. Even an inflatable pool like this would do in a pinch.

Image courtesy of

This guy surely understood the assignment. He was hot, so he got into the kiddie pool and opened the water hose on himself. Ah! Instant relief. When presented with a hot day like this, it’s best to think like a child as they know how to make the best of things.


We’ve combined the joys of having cats with the joys of pest hunting. Anybody who has a feline understands how enthusiastic the fluffy little devils get whenever an insect enters its territory. They go full attack mode which is just evolution taking its course.

Image courtesy of

Cats are excellent climbers, yet they won’t be able to catch each bothersome bug that lurks on the ceiling. We think it must have been like this when man first domesticated cats thousands of years ago. Guess some things never change.

Boss Baby IRL

Infants, before they learn to walk, seem a bit boring. They are interested in only eating and sleeping (which we totally understand). But you can use their immobility to great effect. You can just tell them to stay still and put them in a costume.

Image courtesy of Krunchy_Kitten / Reddit

They don’t have any idea as to what is happening, even to object. So, this makes them perfect candidates for pranks and shenanigans just like the one depicted here. The baby does look boss in the suit, we have to admit.

Cat Man

Why is this human perched precariously on top of the fridge? Is he trying to show his spouse or his friends or family that he has a great sense of balance? We’re not sure what’s happening, but we’re here for it.

Image courtesy of

Well, like we always say, truth is stranger than fiction. And in this instance, the truth of the situation is this. This guy is mimicking his cat. He looks absolutely happy and seems to be having a baller of time, while the cat looks bewildered.


Honestly, this looks pretty awesome, and we are actually pretty bummed we haven’t been able to do this yet. Their faces speak volumes, and they are, as they say, having a monster of a time. Something as simple as noodle arms can turn a blah day into the best day ever.

Image courtesy of JJsCat / Reddit

Think of all the games! The epic battles! These two can get together and create a Dr. Octopus from Spiderman. Or they can have a tentacle arm boxing match of sorts. Man, the possibilities are actually endless, and we wanna join the fun.

Get to the Choppa!

Ahh, Predator! The 1987 classic action horror film still holds to this day. There have been numerous sequels and reboots, but none can match the pure macho vibe that the original movie had. It’s just one of those that no one can top.

Image courtesy of HsLUJYy / Imgur

We are talking about the amazing special effects, the screen presence of Schwarzenegger, Ventura, Weathers, Duke, and Landham. We’re talking over-the-top action scenes. So, no wonder this dad just ordered this from Thailand. If we saw this, we would too!


There’s nothing like having a best friend. It’s the kind of feeling that can’t be described in mere words. But it is something we all need in our lives. There’s peace and assurance in knowing that you have someone to count on.

Image courtesy of tbdakotam / Reddit

There’s stability in knowing that you have a person in your life that you can fall back when needed. Even when he shows up to your wedding a Spiderman onesie, at least you know he will never let you down. Take care of your homies.

Legos for Life

We said it before, and we will say it as many times as it needs to be heard. Legos are awesome. In the world of toys, they hold a position that strengthens day by day. So is it any wonder this man spent the power outage building something epic?

Image courtesy of jx5pDRr / Imgur

Well, what better way to spend your downtime? Building with Legos enables us to use our imagination any way we please. An individual’s imagination is the limit! So when you see the smile on this guy’s face, you know what he’s feeling: pure unadulterated joy.

What a fright!

You can be a diehard trekkie. You might have the ability to speak Klingon like your own mother tongue. You might be so well versed with the lore of Star Trek, you can get toe to toe with anyone you meet at Comicon.

Image courtesy of jennahopkins / Imgur

But all goes out the window when you see this unexpected apparition in your tub of all places. Worf might be a favorite character. But no one expects a Klingon in their tub. We have to say that this is some next-level prank.

Big Wheels!!!

Many children experienced riding around on their Big Wheels. These three-wheelers, which have a large front tire, were fashionable gifts in the 1970s and had been advertised as being much safer than the typical bicycle. And man, were these a blast or what?!

Image courtesy of

Many people have no understanding, however, that Big Wheels are also available in bigger sizes. This guy knows. That’s why he took the chance, bought one, and is having the time of his life. Way to go, buddy! Carpe diem!

Bubbles are for everyone

The photographer found this adult tourist blowing bubbles. Curious and delighted, they confronted this jovial gent, and he said to them, “no one suspects the adults,” and carried on what he was doing, living his best life. What an inspiration.

Image courtesy of ThisTimeLastYear / Imgur

He is right, you know. Whenever we see bubbles when we step outside, we equate them with children. But adults too are delighted by this simple act. Nothing quite like the feeling of blowing the perfect bubble and watching it float away.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

This guy seems to be a good follower of Bear Grylls. We are not talking about an Ursid that can work the grill; we are talking about the survival expert, Bear Grylls. Why him, you ask? Well, let us explain.

Image courtesy of iDontWorkForOREO / Reddit

He adapted to his new environment, where his baby knows how to walk and knock things down. He overcame the fear of the baby toppling down his PC and thereby destroying his whole gaming system. But this way, everyone wins!

Swag…uhhh…finds a way

Apparently, this wife asked her husband to buy a new shower curtain for the bathroom. In his defense, she didn’t actually specify what kind of shower curtain he should buy. Being the art connoisseur he is, he went with this tasteful choice.

Image courtesy of nm87x / Reddit

There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of Jeff Goldblum in your house. The man has aged like fine wine, and he has that chaotic, Loki-esque charisma that we all have come to love. We are somewhat sure the wife also loves this.

A googly Christmas

So the story behind this sombrero-wearing Christmas tree is this. The husband wanted a Mexican-themed Christmas so he found big googly eyes and a sombrero. Then he added the much-needed ribbon mouth to complete the effect. We think this will be a trend this year.

Image courtesy of disco247 / Reddit

We hate to say it, but the wife made him redo the tree with boring traditional ornaments. In defense of the husband, his idea is way more memorable and fun-loving, which fits in with the spirit of the season if you ask us.

Gamer Grandpa

You’re looking at the majestic picture of a 90-year-old proud grandpa with his battle station. As the proud grandson says, Grandpa was the one who introduced him to many technological advancements when he was growing up. That sounds super cool.

Image courtesy of timemctraveller / Reddit

Grandpa was the one who gave the grandson an iPad, a custom PC, and a Tesla. It’s so great to see people who are generations apart embracing new technology rather than shunning it out of misunderstanding. We wish Gamer Grandpa the best!

Way to go!!

Look at the determination on this dad’s face. He is in the zone. The goal? To beat the cheerio stack record. By God, he will not let anything stop him now. It’s just him and the cereal, and he will get what he wants.

Image courtesy of ObieUno / Reddit

And he has, apparently. 10 hours of stacking cheerios on top of an unsuspecting child. The child itself deserves commendation because of his participation. It’s his steadfast sleeping that made this a possibility. For that, we salute him.


So this person brought their laundry home, as many of us did in college. And then, their dad discovered the onesie in the pile. In a mischievous act only Dennis the Menace could perpetrate, he put it on. Needless to say, he rocked it!

Image courtesy of

And he quite happily paraded around in it. Just look at the joy in his face upon discovering the comfort of onesies. We sure hope his kid was thoughtful enough to get him his own. And we also hope that if they did, it was an animal print like this!

Rowan in this bathroom

Even though we all enjoy playing practical jokes on others, becoming the subject may be nerve-wracking – imagine having to see this as you enter into the bathroom… The best way to cope with a trickster is to level the playing field.

Image courtesy of unknown user / Imgur

But do not be scared to use your imagination while planning your payback! We can only imagine the revenge this girl took on her dad after this stunt, which involved placing this life-size cardboard cutout of Mr. Bean all over the house when she least expected it. Yeesh!

Fort Time!!

So what would you think is going to happen when you left your spouse alone at home for a period of time? Perhaps a jumble of soda bottles? A mess in the kitchen from dinner? Or even a full-scale castle in the loungeroom?

Image courtesy of I_Almost_Gave_A_F*** / Reddit

If the latter one perplexed you, we understand, but that may be the price you have to pay for marrying a guy like this. It looks quite comfortable, and what better way to chill after a long day at work?

Boys will be boys

This is among the best dad jokes we’ve seen yet, and it’s also vintage. This prank is so ancient that it’s more appropriately referred to as a grandfather joke. But it never has lost its power to make us laugh.

Image courtesy of

Classic indeed. Look at the expression on this man’s face. How could any of us deny him such joy? And based on his wife’s “surprised” face, she hasn’t realized her husband is at it yet again. We bet their marriage is anything but boring!