Men Can Guard Against Common Sports Injuries In These 5 Ways

By Goodness M

Every athlete is exposed to injuries. Therefore, we have compiled tips that will help you guard against injuries during physical games. However, following all of these to a T will still not eliminate the risk, so play responsibly.

1. Wear a helmet

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When participating in contact sports such as rugby and football, protect your head by wearing a helmet. This helps to reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury. However, a head injury can happen while wearing the helmet. Therefore, after hitting your head, if you feel drowsy, get medical attention immediately.

2. Warm-up Before Physical Exercise

Just before working out, stretch a bit or make light movements. This will improve flexibility through the increase of blood flow to the muscles. Therefore, the chances of you pulling or straining a muscle are reduced. For a five-to-ten minute jog, touch your toes, and circle your arms as a way of warming up.

3. Use Proper Form

The National Institute of Health identified improper form as one of the common causes of sports injury. Therefore, you must seek advice about proper form from a trainer or expert. Relaxed shoulders, a tight core, and stacked joints are the requirements of proper form.

4. Take It Easy

When you start working out, do not push yourself too hard. Take note of what your body is telling you and add pressure or increase the intensity gradually. After high-intensity workouts, you can take days of active rest, such as walking or gentle stretching. This allows the repairing and healing of muscles to take place.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

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Sneakers are designed for cross-training and playing field sports, but not all of them are comfortable. Uncomfortable sneakers accelerate your chances of spraining or tearing a muscle. A sports shoe specialist can assist you in choosing the right shoe for sporting activities. Also, gym regulars are advised to replace their sneakers twice a year.