Stuck In The Matrix: 45 Photos That Make Us Feel Like We’re Stuck In A Video Game

By Aakash M

We know many people actually believe in the Matrix theory, and the images you are about to see will only strengthen the belief. It actually feels like our reality isn’t real in certain moments, and we all could be a part of a digitally generated simulation that could be run by hyper-intelligent AI, just as the Matrix trilogy suggests. It could sound pretty far-fetched and crazy at first, but the images you will see now, and even more, if you research it, will only blow your mind! For those who don’t believe in it, you might start now. These images are mind-boggling, but we will explain the practical ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s’ to the best of our abilities. So, here are 45 photos of the most significant matrix glitches that will leave you speechless.

Where the ‘F’ did it go?

In simple terms, a shadow is a dark area that is formed by a body because it comes between the surface and ray of light. In this context, the body is the nameplate with ‘COFFEE’ written on it. But why does the shadow only say ‘COFEE?’ What about the second ‘F?’

Image Credits: Reddit/Becausetoast

Some say that it’s photoshopped, which can be true. Here is a practical explanation. Because of the overhead lights and angle of the letters, the shadows of the F and the first E overlap. The giveaway is the additional spacing on the shadow between the letters. Or, it could be other things.

Five-legged frog?

We have got quite a shocking image here. Have any of you come across a frog with five legs? It seems pretty out of the blue because we have always seen them and other organisms with four legs. Why does it have an extra leg?

Image Credits: Imgur/Bb1pzqo

It is because of a parasitic flatworm that infects frogs. Its larvae can migrate from one organism to another and reach the hind limb buds of a tadpole. There, it grows a cyst, interrupting the limb formation, leading to the frog either developing extra legs or not having legs at all.


The students on the textbook cover are holding the same textbook with the same cover. It is a continuous pattern. Is it time travel? Or, did they click an exact duplicate of the picture? Or is it photoshopped? 

Image Credits: Reddit/The-Licker-Of-Balls

Don’t worry. We will clear up the confusion. The photo was taken with students holding notebooks, after which the cover was added, thanks to Photoshop. We can firmly answer because a Redditor found the stock image of the students posing with notebooks.

Cat with opposable thumbs

How is a cat with thumbs possible in the first place? Looking at the image gives a different feeling because of the amount of confusion, but also, it looks so cute! In fact, those little thumbs suit the cat and make it all the more adorable!

Image Credits: Reddit/Bigfoot22

The practical reason is that such cats are Polydactyl cats. They have extra toes because of a genetic mutation resulting in a dominant gene passing down to the next generation. Therefore, if one parent has extra toes, it could be possible that some of its kids could have extra toes as well.

Broccoli-like tree

We have one confusing image for you that we couldn’t even get an explanation for. Therefore, it’s all up to your imagination. Behold, the Broccoli-like tree. Or the tree-like broccoli. We wonder what the biological name of this tree is?

Image Credits: Reddit/Bdogg242

Is that a tree that looks like broccoli? Or is that a broccoli that has grown into the size of a tree? It could be a broccoli piece, the regular-sized ones. And that broccoli could be a broccoli piece, and so on. Or is it a trick photo? Or what if it’s CGI?

Different reflections

This one seems pretty terrifying. It’s a cat that is relaxing on the bed, and its human is probably there as well. That’s not terrifying. We’re just painting the picture. What’s frightening is that there is a different scene on the TV compared to the scene in the mirror. How is it possible?

Image Credits: Reddit/AvivaSappir 

Practically looking at it, it could be because the camera shutters from up to down. Inferring from this picture, the photographer held the camera sideways. Thus, it shuttered from left to right, capturing the scene change in the image.

Mother of coincidence

The book that this plane passenger is reading is eerily about the same flight the passenger is reading it on! How freaky, right? The book’s name is Factfulness by Hans Rosling, and the page number is 112. The flight stops in Singapore for fuel.

Image Credits: Reddit/oldtrader1

A sentence on the page reads that the flight arrived without any problems. And that is precisely what happened. It landed without problems. Well, we can’t reason with this one because it is a pretty colossal coincidence. What are the odds that this could be? It’s mind-boggling!

Is it a pink grasshopper? Or is it simply feeling flushed?

This rare sight is allegedly of a grasshopper. As we all know, these are usually green, but this one is pink. It looks like it is from a fantasy game or something of that sort. The person who spotted it and snapped a picture of it must be so lucky to witness its beauty.

Image Credits: Reddit/MC4204

Surprisingly, it is not precisely a grasshopper. It is a katydid, also known as a bush cricket or a long-horned grasshopper. And the pink color is natural! It occurs because of a dominant gene being passed on to the next generation. So, there are chances of you finding these in orange or yellow colors, too.

Egg without a shell

Eggs are among the most commonly eaten things around the world. Therefore, it is safe to assume that almost all of us know about the texture of an egg and the fact that it comes from the hen in that hard shell. So, how can an egg not have a shell?

Image Credits: Imgur/Jeph_Diel

Firstly, an egg without a shell would be intact. It won’t be a mess, and it is definitely not a cracked egg. Hens need a lot of calcium for creating hard shells. Therefore, if an egg has no shell, it is mainly because there is some sort of calcium deficiency in the hen. Simple!

The ripples in our clouds

The image is pretty beautiful, and it is also a rare sighting. We wish we could have captured this moment! It almost looks like an ocean, and we are under it. Because they are different from their regular shape, could it be a glitch in the matrix?

Image Credits: Reddit/PaSaAlCe

According to science, these are cirrocumulus clouds. In simple words, these are tiny cloudlets grouped together at high altitudes. They are regularly spaced, thus, looking like ripples. The reason for its formation is that it forms in a stable atmospheric layer, where there is no temperature difference with an increase or decrease in height.

Arm-sized avocados

We love avocados, but it seems a bit weird seeing this version of them. Well, on the good side, you can make a lot of avocado toast with it! These freakish avocados are nearly as long as an arm.

Image Credits: Reddit/GlitchInTheMatrix

It is not a glitch (it could be), but in fact, these fruits are actually avocados. Unofficially known as long-neck avocados, they have actually been on sale in the US fruit markets for years. Not only are these super-long, but they are also pricey. But they do have a great texture and taste!

License plates talking to each other

Here is another huge coincidence. It could be many other things, but let’s just look at it for what it is or what it at least seems to be. Here are two cars, with one stalled diagonally in front of the other. 

Image Credits: Reddit/VerucaMoon

One car reads ‘Peekaboo,’ while the other reads ‘I see u.” These are actually the first two lines of a nursery rhyme! Now, if the people in the cars don’t know each other and if the whole thing is not a setup, then it is a wild coincidence. Or is it a matrix glitch?

Coincidence at a wedding

No. The wedding isn’t a coincidence here. But the outfit of these two people definitely is. For some women, there is nothing worse than wearing a lovely outfit at an event only to find out that someone wore the exact same outfit as you. But, here is how men approach this situation.

image Credits: Reddit/drebler

Well, it would be such a bummer if this whole thing was planned earlier. But let’s not get into that. Thinking about the odds of this scenario at any wedding is so eerie! Is it a minor bug in the digital simulation that led two people to wear the same outfit?

Is that bread or a rock? 

Or is it a bread-like rock? It could also look like a potato for some, but that’s for your own perception. It also looks like somebody took a bite of it. We’d suggest you don’t try that if you want to keep your teeth intact.

Image Credits: Imgur/JoshPlaysUltimate

The person who found it was on vacation at a rental property. It was on the ground for a few days, and everybody thought that it was actually stale bread. The person then picked it up and realized that it was a rock—a heavy one.

Sweatless scars

Not sweating can be quite a relief for many people because of how annoying it gets. But, what are your thoughts about selective non-sweating? Because something of that sort is what you will see in this image, and it’s pretty strange.

Image Credits: Reddit/Thetacticaltacos

Why did his scars not sweat? It is simply because scar tissue lacks sweat glands, and sweat glands don’t reproduce in scar tissue. So, you won’t sweat where there is a scar, but on the downside, it no longer helps maintain temperatures.

This bench rocks!

Is that a homeless rock sleeping on a bench? Whatever it is, our first question is, how is that bench inside the stone? The most reasonable explanation to the whole situation would be that the rock was deliberately placed that way.

Image Credits: Reddit/MrCheapCheap

But, it is equally difficult to believe that a rock would have a hollow space for a bench to fit in. It honestly looks like a video game glitch! What if we could be living in a video game? No worries, we are sure that the developers will fix this bug soon.

Pixelated shadow

It looks like a 144p YouTube video with some network problems. It also looks like a video-game glitch. We could go on and on with the examples. This one actually makes us wonder a lot, and we are losing our trust in the world as we scroll through these pictures.

Image Credits: Reddit/brohannes95

Here is the most practical explanation. Well, it could be because the person clicked a shaky picture, but that’s not the case because everything else would have looked pixelated. It is probably because of multiple light sources, mostly LED, that make it look pixelated. Or is the matrix real?

UFO-like cloud

We are sure that it was a UFO, and the moment it realized that it was being captured, it turned itself into a cloud. How awesome would it have been if the person literally captured a UFO! Jokes apart, the real question here is that how is the cloud in that shape?

Image Credits: Imgur/kQDsfPm

Such clouds are called lenticular clouds. They are in the shape of a lens, and they form where stable and moist air flows, usually over mountains. It forms when the temperature at the wave crest drops to the dew point, and it vaporizes when the moist air moves into the wave trough.

What’s up with this lamp?

This lamp pretty much spelled ‘anal’ on the wall. That’s about it. There is nothing else to it, rather than wondering how it is possible and what it means. However, let’s have a look into why this might be.

Image Credits: Reddit/maddafakk

The lamp’s design is pretty specific, and looking at it, the reflection is somewhat predictable because the fonts match. But we still can’t fathom how it can spell ‘anal’ out of all things! Is it a secret message from the person behind the simulator? If so, it is pretty irrelevant and senseless.

Duplicate of a person

Unless you look closely, it seems like a pretty standard picture of a food court at a mall or a fast food joint. Two people are wearing the exact outfit, and probably the same hair clip as well. There are many possibilities to consider here.

Image Credits: Reddit/Scalabron

Firstly, they could be friends or siblings who are trying to twin. Or, it could be a colossal coincidence, which could be awesome! Thankfully, their bags set them apart because they are different. But why does it look like one person is posing and also secretly stalking the doppelganger waiting in line?

Day and night

Looking at the picture, it seems like it was noon in one part of the street, and it was night in the other part of the street. If you look at it from different perspectives, it could seem like you are walking under the bridge, or the sky is loading!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Grimsby545

Practically speaking, it could be a cloud formation taken during sunrise or sunset. Furthermore, the effect in the image could be exaggerated because the camera is exposed to the sun that’s pointing at it. Thus, it’s making the clouds seem darker than they are.

Ocean in the rock

Since we are talking about the whole matrix theory and how we could all be living in a simulation, just picture this situation. Could it be possible that the person who clicked this picture actually discovered a rock that has a miniature ocean inside itself? It could be a digital simulation inside a rock!

Image Credits: Reddit/nichs_

In actuality, it is quartz. It occurs as a rock-forming mineral in igneous rocks when the overall silica content of the magma exceeds 63-65%. When it cools down, many minerals grow in the environment, therefore, forming ocean-like layers. Practicality aside, don’t rule out the matrix theory, though!


Honestly speaking, this grape seems uncomfortably long and abnormal. It doesn’t even look like a grape anymore. Well, it could be a glitch in the matrix, but the truth behind the whole grape situation is quite shocking to know.

Image Credits: Reddit/TheBoyChadwik

These grapes are called ‘teardrops.’ Farmers developed them from a plant breeding company in the USA. These are hybrid seedless table grapes that are known for their unique shape, size, and sweet flavor. Their season of availability is summer.


We are back with the whole coincidence situation. From its looks, a music class is going on, and somebody clicked a picture of three identical girls (from the back), considering the hair and the dresses look exactly the same.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Siro1337

It can be a coincidence, or these classmates decided to look like each other. We believe it is a coincidence because there are certain differences. The middle one’s hair color is lighter, the front one is darker, and the color of the sweater of the one sitting last is lighter than others.

Paper-like building

It looks like an astonishingly tall piece of paper that looks like a building. But, it’s not really that. It is actually a building that looks like an elevated piece of paper. Many of you probably knew this one, but just putting it out there. So, why is it like that?

Image Credits: Reddit/AniFaulscabek

The angle of the photography is what makes it look like a building with nothing behind it. It is actually just like others, although it has a special build that makes it look like a piece of paper from certain angles. There are many paper-like buildings all over the world!

Blurry ham

Although this picture got quite the recognition, this optical illusion is pretty annoying. Not only does the slice of fresh meat look gross, but it is also blurry. And, it’s also not like the image isn’t blurry because other objects are pretty much in focus.

Image Credits: Reddit/Dr_Dewey

This picture was uploaded to Reddit. Some believe that the ham is blurry (we don’t know how that’s possible), while others think it is trickery. The real deal is that the ham is blurry because of the thin slicing and poor alignment.

Tree growing through the fence

Although it is a tad bit uncomfortable to see, it is unbelievable how this tree actually grew through a fence. Hats off to its dedication. Pretty good for a tree that took “overcoming your obstacles and growing through the pain” seriously.

Image Credits: Reddit/HembraunAirginator

This tree found a way, just like life always does. We can’t stop with these idioms because the picture is philosophical if you look at it from that perspective! The way the tree grew is simply fantastic. Too bad that the owners would have to burn or get rid of the fence.

Hotel portal

Every hotel has a unique design, but talk about this one! The style, the practicality, the attention to detail, basically everything is on point. It also looks pretty luxurious. Most of all, it seems like a portal to another galaxy. Could it actually be that?

Image Credits: Reddit/ TwineTime

The design of hallways and corridors requires more effort as compared to the rest of the building, and looking at this one, the amount of effort is clearly visible. It is robust and elegant. Or, who knows that if you walk to the end of this corridor, you might reach another dimension.


This image is from round 21 of Brazil’s second league. The match was between Criciúma and Ponte Preta. This image has been the center of tons of memes. It almost looks like the player has played from two sides at the same time.

Image Credits: Reddit/tallescabral

Well, they aren’t twins, it is not the same player, and both of them aren’t even related. They only look alike because their hairstyle and facial hair are identical. The player from Ponte Preta is Leo Gamalho, and the player from Criciúma is Raul Albiol. 

Clif Bar shenanigans

Firstly, congrats to this person for finding the cliff from the Clif Bar. The Reddit user shared this photo to show the cliff from the packaging of the Clif Bar. It is a huge coincidence, and the person must be so lucky to witness it!

Image Credits: Reddit/AnGabhaDubh

However, a large portion of people thinks that it is a random mountain, not the actual one. Practically, we don’t think that a hill was used for photography. It could have been that the makers took the Clif Bar image and photoshopped everything else to come up with the wrappers.

Dumpster rainbow

A rainbow coming out of a dumpster seems so contradicting but deep out of all imaginable! The philosophy has indeed gotten us. If the rainbow is coming from a dumpster, could the dumpster be full of gold or other things?

Image Credits: Reddit/NuWuX

Whatever it is, the angle and skills of the photography are exceptional. Luck plays a small role in it as well. After looking at this mind-blowing image, we can say that one man’s dumpster is another man’s end of the rainbow.

Dog in a dog

A dog has the power to go viral on its own, without anything else. A simple photo is enough to make everybody go ‘aww.’ The same goes with an optical illusion, but it won’t make you go ‘aww.’ Surprisingly, this one has the potential to do that.

Image Credits: Reddit/Embeast

The ear of this Great Dane pretty much looks like its face. If you can’t spot it, try zooming into the ear. It doesn’t look like its owner, but nonetheless, the good boy’s ear definitely looks like himself—what a coincidence.

Lizard-shaped snow

The snow on top of this mountain, which is melting, is shaped like a lizard. That, too, doesn’t look imperfect at all! Look at the face, the tails, the legs; they all look pretty much natural. It feels like a gigantic white lizard on top of a mountain.

Image Credits: Reddit/mcspecies

The lizard snow could also be a matrix glitch. A minor bug, perhaps? Maybe the developers left it in the open and forgot to erase its existence? Practically looking at it, it is pretty much a coincidence, and it won’t look like a lizard anymore if some snow falls on it here and there.

Caterpillar penguin

We aren’t so sure about the first person to discover these caterpillars wearing penguin sweaters, but we are grateful for the discovery. The way mother nature has colored these beautiful creatures is fantastic. It almost looks like these caterpillars spent their Christmas at their grandma’s and got a hand-knitted penguin sweater as a gift.

Image Credits: Reddit/XxXtoolXxX

FYI, this species is known as the tent caterpillar, and they have many subspecies within them, boasting a wide variety of colors and patterns. If you have a close look at the design of these caterpillars, you will notice that it looks like a string of dancing penguins!

Rainbow cheese

Does anybody want rainbow cheese for dinner? We can’t deny that it looks beautiful, but it could also be a matrix glitch. Maybe the default color of cheese was rainbow, and when nobody was looking, it went back to its original form? Pretty childish when you look at it that way, but who knows?

Image Credits: Reddit/beetlecakes

A Reddit user posted it on Reddit and captioned the image, saying that the sunlight falling from the person’s window turned the cheese into a chunk of the rainbow (only from the looks). This took perfect lighting settings and great photographic timing!


How many of you used to watch the show Catdog? For those who haven’t, it is a cartoon show about two conjoined siblings: a cat and a dog. It was a beautiful and essential part of many people’s childhood back then.

Image Credits: Reddit/maxxspeed

These two trucks actually look like the conjoined siblings from the TV show. However, it’s not a trick of any kind in reality. It is just two trucks facing opposite directions. Because of the pole in the middle, it feels like they are conjoined. Kudos to the photography, though.

Two-headed dog?

These two golden retrievers definitely have our hearts. Their eyes are so full of love! We are sure that they must be looking at their human who is about to leave or just returned home from the look on those faces.

Image Credits: Reddit/ NegativePitch

The situation is that these two doggos are sitting so close to each other that they look combined and almost like a two-headed dog. They are sitting so close that only the left leg of one dog is visible, and the right leg of the other! The seating arrangement is actually 50-50! 

Burger King moon

We have seen different moon stages, from full moon to no moon, but this one is on a whole new level. In this stage, the moon takes the form of the Burger King logo. Just kidding. Or maybe it is a space station?

Image Credits: Reddit/TwoMuchGames

Well, blame the fog for this one because it makes it look like Burger King is being advertised in the sky. The misalignment of the grids is also a major reason for it. We sincerely hope it’s only that and not somebody putting up ads on the moon.


Behold, the optical illusion of the year. Looking at the photo, many of you can already tell what’s happening in this picture. Yet, let’s see the image for what it is. It looks like this lady’s body is floating in the air. But that’s just the upper half. Where’s the lower half?

Image Credits: Reddit/lafarmacia

The lady is sitting on the wall with her legs on the other side. It is why the lower half of her body isn’t visible. Because her jacket is a tad bit long and the way she is sitting make the bottom of her jacket swing in the air. Thus, it looks like she is levitating.

The kneeling teacher illusion

This optical illusion is somewhat like the previous one, and it also went pretty viral. The person who clicked the image and posted it captioned the photo, saying that his teacher kneeled down to write on the bottom of the board. But, her long sweater made her look like a dwarf.

Image Credits: Reddit/jdjded436

Honestly, the long sweater has a lot to do with creating the optical illusion of the teacher being a dwarf, although it only hides a part of the lower half of the body. Or, is she clipping through the floor due to a graphical glitch, just like it happens in video games?

Unrendered trees

These video game-like scenarios in real life make the whole simulation hypothesis even more concrete, at least for us. In this image, the trees look just the way they look in video games when they aren’t rendered, when the graphics are poor, or when the game scene is loading.

Image Credits: Imgur/sumsut

This photo was posted on Reddit. According to a comment on this photo on Reddit (backed by reliable sources), here is what happened. These trees were wrapped and netted to protect bees from the chemicals sprayed on these trees.

Glitch confirmed

This picture depicts another typical video-game-like scenario. It is a staircase, but it has a stair that is made from a mirror, or at least its top has a mirror, thus, reflecting everything. It is confusing to understand why anybody would want that.

Image Credits: Reddit/dryst04

It feels like the odd stair accidentally opens up a portal to another world or galaxy. For instance, if you step on it, you might accidentally fall into that dimension. But, if you skip that stair, you might reach your destination. What we think is that it is just a weird design.

It looks like the famous blue Muppet character just came to life. We can’t seem to understand why a stack of rolls and towels have to be put outside in that way. Well, thinking about it, it also could be because they need to wash it or throw it away. That’s none of our business, honestly.

Image Credits: Reddit/ OyeSimpson

The way these are arranged together makes the thing look like the Cookie Monster. It was posted on Reddit, and it gained a lot of popularity, with one of the funniest comments on it being that the Cookie Monster looks like that now because of its lousy eating habits!

A beautiful glitch

It looks so beautiful. We can’t take our eyes off of it. Everything from the scenery to the clouds, the sky, and even the ceiling all just goes so well together. Even if it’s a simulated glitch, we love it.

Image Credits: Reddit/robyncracknell3

The reflection of the ceiling light in the window in the image makes it look like the ceiling is floating in the sky. We wish this was for real! It also feels like the ceiling light from the sky is why the streets and the building look illuminated.

Non-existent trampoline

It is about perspective here. For some, it might feel like the trampoline is invisible, and others might feel like it’s a portal to another dimension. But, it is almost like the trampoline is non-existent because what good is it if the jumpy part in the middle is not there?

Image Credits: Reddit/huntermanhlh

However, that’s not the case because the water reflection makes it look hollow. In reality, it just has a lot of water on it. Somebody standing close to it would understand. It would be so aesthetic to shoot a slo-mo video with a person jumping and the water on the trampoline splashing simultaneously!