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Positively Perplexing: 45 Hilarious Ads That Failed To Connect With Audiences

Ads are everywhere nowadays, there’s no avoiding them. Closing your eyes to billboards and posters can only do so much when you get the worst of the bunch on your phones. The word must be spread at all costs! Brands are always trying to push the envelope with the most creative and attention-grabbing campaigns, but success isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes, things go great, and other times, they go hilariously wrong. 

We’ve all seen ads that leave us scratching our heads, wondering how anyone thought they were a good idea. For whatever reason, these ads failed to connect with audiences and didn’t get the desired results. From awkward slogans to questionable product placements, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most cringe-worthy advertising fails in recent memory. 


Well, well, well, TikTok is really trying to entice us with their latest offer – invite a friend to join and get a whopping $0 in return! I can already hear the stampede of people rushing to sign up their buddies for this unbeatable deal.

Image credit: buzzfeed.com

I can picture it now: “Hey, want to join TikTok? I’ll give you the chance to sign up and earn absolutely nothing!” Who needs money when you can have the privilege of scrolling through endless hours of dance routines and lip-syncing videos? Sign us up!

Life assurance

So, imagine getting this ad that says you’re only 45% prepared for death. What does that even mean? Should you start practicing post-mortem poses? Or maybe begin visiting graves in your spare time? At any rate, you need to bump those rookie numbers up. 

Image credit: nairaland.com

Doing well in the death preparedness department requires much more than a will and a life insurance policy. Your “Dead Jams” playlist won’t even cut it. It looks like we’ll have to do better and start haunting people very soon.


Have you ever gazed at the stars and wondered if we’re alone in the universe? Wonder no more; just sign up for Elizabeth April and Gaia’s class. With a tagline that reads, “Do you wonder if these intelligent beings ever visit Earth?”, how can you say no?

Image credit: The New York Times

Who knew aliens were just like us and needed a vacation? I can imagine these aliens now, kicking back on a beach somewhere, sipping on cosmic cocktails, and wondering why they ever bothered conquering galaxies in the first place.

Life of the Party

Wear this costume and have the most incredible Halloween party that people will talk about long after it’s over. Who needs a DJ when you’ve got a walking, talking musical masterpiece? Imagine playing through the night and even impressing that cute werewolf across the room. 

Image credit: microKORG, Facebook

With each step, you’ll create melodies that will make Beethoven jealous and Chopin do a double-take. You can top off your ensemble with a vocoder headband that will transform your voice; the big knob energy is no joke too! So gear up, tune in, and prepare to rock the party!


Attention all space cowboys and extraterrestrial enthusiasts! Need a safe place to park your souvenirs gathered from the cosmos? Karport King is here to store your intergalactic treasures, alien artifacts, and even a few flying saucers. Their storage units are more than enough to fulfill all extraterrestrial storage needs. 

Image credit: Karport King

How much space do you need to park your interstellar spaceship with ease? Hell, you can even do some parallel parking. And with the facility’s state-of-the-art anti-abduction technology, you won’t worry about pesky alien encounters or NASA black ops.

Valentine’s Day special

Roses are red, violets are blue, and this Valentine’s Day, there is some Carly for you! This discount does feel like a beacon of love: a Valentine’s Day deal with 20% off! Who knew that love could be measured in discounts? 

Image credit: Carly

Love is in the air, and so are the sweet discounts! It’s the best time to get as many Carlys as you want without breaking the bank. Remember, the only thing that should be discounted on Valentine’s Day is the bill, not your affection! One question, though: What the heck is a ‘Carly’?

$3 for 60

Looking for a way to show your love for piercings and save some cash? Who says you can’t have it all? This sweet deal is perfect. With this fantastic offer, you can get your lip, navel, and nipple pierced for $60. Jingle bells!

Image credit: pleasureandpainmtl, Instagram

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you get three piercings for a steal, but you’ll also be the envy of all your friends with your bold and edgy new look. You will definitely turn heads after a session, especially if you love their work for Santa. 


If we were in a class on effective advertising, this would make a perfect example of how not to advertise a product. Everyone, this is Vitamin Water. Not only does it contain lutein, which is suitable for people with eyes, but it also has an eye-catching purple color.

Image credit: Vitamin Water, Facebook

And if you’re wondering how to enjoy this drink, Vitamin Water has some advice: “Peep with your peepholes.” Apparently, using your eyes to see is no longer sufficient. Terrific! It could be the lutein talking, but I’m seeing everything in a whole new light.

Pushin’ P

There needs to be clarification about what they are selling here. Most, if not all, pizza adverts would showcase their delicious-looking products to entice people into ordering. But not these guys; they believe that their logo is enough to get the register going ka-ching, ka-ching.

Image credit: buzzfeed.com

Customers might have to play mystery box when ordering pizza. Some customers might see this as a brilliant marketing move, while others would laugh at how perplexing it is. One thing’s for sure, this ad definitely had people talking. 


If you’re looking for a massage that’ll leave you feeling like you just wrestled a dragon, this is the place for you! With their intensive traditional Chinese-style massage, you’ll leave feeling like you can take on the world or you can’t take any more of the world. 

Image credit: Dan Massage, Facebook

Just don’t expect to look pretty while getting it. You can tell this is no walk in the park. And if you’re wondering what the guy in the picture is thinking, I’m guessing it’s something like, “Why did I think this was a good idea?” 


Ah, the art of Googling symptoms! When you take this dreadful path, you see a lot of stuff, and it goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Type in a few symptoms, and voila, you’ve contracted a rare disease only found in the Arctic Circle. 

Image credit: memed, Pinterest

Suddenly, every little ache becomes a sign of impending catastrophe. But fear not; in the end, you’ll either breathe a sigh of relief when you realize it’s just a passing sniffle, or you’ll go work at the waffle house like this genius! 


Minecraft and Fortnite are so popular that almost everyone has heard of them. Amidst the competition, here comes this Minecraft ad that says, “This game is just like Fortnite,” you can’t help but laugh. It’s like saying a banana and a watermelon taste the same.

Image credit: FTR Ducky, Youtube

Ads have never been subtle, but there are less desperate ways to connect with Fortnite players looking for something new to play. It’s as if they’re saying, “Hey, we know you love Fortnite, but have you tried this game that’s nothing like Fortnite, but we’re saying it is anyway?” 

Hotline bling

Imagine minding your own business watching your favorite cat videos on YouTube when suddenly, an ad pops up for a 911 dispatcher simulator game. You might be intrigued because you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be on the other end of the line.

Image credit: iFunny.com

Taking these distress calls and saving lives might be the most high-pressure thing ever, but this game makes it look so easy. And if you feel as clueless as the caller, you can drop punchlines like “I’m too hot too.” 

Fair Launch

Having no luck on Tinder? Do you think your pickup lines are about as effective as a water gun in a firefight? Well, fear not, because one company has the solution to all your dating problems – a fair launch! 

Image credit: Shibby, Facebook

All you have to do is sign up, and girls will flood your DMs. You could go from being the third wheel at your friend’s wedding to being the guy with a hot date. What are you waiting for? Join the fair launch today and get your fly swather for these honey bees!

Skip the fluff

Are you tired of juggling your musical talents while attempting to conquer the vast world of digital marketing? Well, fret no more! This music marketer extraordinaire is here to save the day and help you skip all the fluffy marketing stuff.

Image credit: Indie Music Academy, Facebook

The best thing about this ad is the meme; so accurate and straightforward. Makes you laugh, yes, but it is also very profound. Let’s face it, who has time to promote their music when they should be busy shredding on the guitar and hitting those high notes like a rockstar?

Mother’s day

The makers of this bracelet ad didn’t quite think through the message they were sending. Sure, it’s supposed to be a sweet gesture for Mother’s Day, but did they have to use the phrase “smokin’ hot woman”? That’s just inappropriate.

Image credit: thechive.com

And it gets even wilder: “I was a little late to be your first”? Take it easy, will ya! Maybe they should have stuck with something more traditional like “To the world’s best mom” or “Thanks for always being there for me.” 

Varsity Jacket

We know those wordy ads are annoying, but imagine seeing ads that make no sense at all. Just a picture of a guy with his feet on the toilet with tissue paper to his ear. But hey, that’s the new cool.

Image credit: Selah, Pinterest

They could be selling anything. It could be toilet paper, clothing, shoes, or bathroom fixtures; take your pick. We don’t even have the slightest idea as to what is sold out. We wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t sell anything with this ad.

Embrace Baldness

Have you ever seen a hair transplant ad that made you want to reach for the clippers and embrace baldness? And that smile doesn’t help one bit; that’s easily the worst hair ever. As a matter of fact, it gets creepier when you think about it.

Image credit: Now Hair Time, Facebook

No one in their right mind would use this image when promoting a hair transplant procedure; it would only send customers elsewhere. This company just did its competitors a big favor. Hopefully, they got a few thank you cards for their efforts.

Hey Dave!

Are you tired of searching for all the Daves in your life? Look no further than the Dave directory! Finally, a website dedicated solely to listing every Dave out there. Join today and you’ll be on your way to creating a comprehensive Dave Rolodex.

Image credit: dave.directory, Facebook

But wait, there’s more! Not only will every Dave imaginable be within your reach, but connecting with fellow Dave enthusiasts will be easy. Share your favorite Dave memes, discuss the pros and cons of being named Dave, and maybe even plan a Dave-themed party. 

A Boy and a Horse

Hi-tech is indeed happening! By 2048, we will no longer ride horses but just type them on screens. Just kidding, we will all have Iron Man suits by that year. Feel better now? Anyways, we have a piece of history right here.

Image credit: thechive.com

The Sears Talking Computron was a learning toy for kids. It offered math and word problems and even some algebra-style equations to solve. It would speak the questions and tell you whether you were right or wrong. What a time to be alive!

Double trouble 

There are two things you want to get out of the way quickly: doing taxes and getting your kids their first piercing. Why not do them together? You get to choose what piercings they get because it can be done without your presence.

Image credit: Claire’s

You can seize this very underrated parent-child bonding moment too. The only thing that can cheer you up after giving half your life earnings to the IRS is a smiley piercing grin from your satisfied kid. Sounds like a win-win for everybody!

Weirdo season

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Are you tired of your nose and cheeks feeling like icicles when your outside in the cold? Well, fear not, my fellow weirdos! The Extreme Cold Weather Mask is back in stock.

Image credit: Kommandostore.com

So, throw on the Extreme Cold Weather Mask and embrace your inner weirdo. Join the ranks of the other weirdos and look like a goofball, but be prepared when people on the streets give you dirty looks, avoid you, or report you to the police.

Men at Work

Ah, the construction industry. Not exactly known for its sense of humor, right? We can’t fault them, though, you have to be serious when dealing with heavy equipment, but at least they tried to think out of the box and came up with “sugar buns.” 

Image credit: Westmoreland Precision Roofing

Sometimes, you gotta let your hard hats down, and the world’s greatest roofing service is here to show exactly how they do that. Who knows, they’ll take it to another level in the next ad and start busting out dubsteps on TikTok.


You’re waist-deep in sinking sand, frantically waving your arms and yelling for help. Suddenly, a delivery guy appears out of nowhere with a burger so big you could use it as a flotation device. “Stuck?” he says, offering you the burger. “Free delivery!” Yay!

Image credit: checkers.com

Now, this is reassuring. If there’s anything that can make sinking in quicksand more bearable, it’s definitely a giant burger delivered right to your face. But who knows? You could take a bite of the juicy goodness, and all your problems will go away. Who would have thought?


If you’re a bigfoot enthusiast or someone who loves anything covered with fur, you might love this shoe that looks like it was crafted by a Sasquatch. And for the low price of 950 pounds, you too can look like Bigfoot’s cousin at a black-tie event.

Image credit: yoox, Facebook

Who needs practical footwear when you can have a shoe covered in fur? If you decide to go for it, prepare to be the talk of the town. You could be the trendsetter who got everyone in the city wearing fur-covered shoes. Or maybe not.


Imagine paying for a sponsored ad poll on Facebook only to come up blank like this. Now your customers don’t know what to make of the ad, and you’ve just wasted money, but things could still work to your advantage.

Image credit: thechive.com

People could be so intrigued by it that you’ll have several guests flooding your website to get their hands on this mysterious product. But it could work the other way too; the ad is so unclear that they won’t even care what it is.

New Sheriff

It’s that time of year again when chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs start filling the shelves. But wait, there’s a new player in town, and he’s not just hopping in; he’s busting in! Move over Easter Bunny because the Easter Bussy has arrived.

Image credit: Anchorage People mover, Facebook

Now, some might ask, what the heck is an Easter Bussy? Is it a bunny with a bus driver’s hat on? Or maybe a bunny with a buffed-up butt? We’re not sure, but we know this is a new era, just like when Lebron moved to Miami.

Roll on

Well, humanity keeps rising to new levels. Either the person who wrote that ad has the digestive system of a saint, or they’re secretly trying to sabotage us all. One month with the same roll of toilet paper? Are you kidding us?

Image credit: Charmin, Instagram

Let’s be real here – most of us go through a roll in a week, or two if we’re lucky. But a whole month? That’s something we’ve never seen before. Can you imagine the commitment it takes to go through that much toilet paper in a month? 


Move aside FIFA and Fortnite; there is a new king in town. This special offer from KidsLearn for online games will have you dragging your teenagers out for some sunlight. What exactly will they be doing? We don’t have a clue.

Image credit: KidsLearn.cc 

But it will involve screaming moms and figurines with a dose of monsters that look straight out of the Odyssey. There is a lot to learn over here, and who knows, maybe they’ll never get spooked again. What are you waiting for?!

Exclusively online

This ad is wild. It’s like the store is teasing you, saying, “Sorry, you can’t touch or feel our clothes in person. You’ll just have to take out word when we say they’re amazing.” Sure, shopping online is convenient, but sometimes you want to try on clothes before you buy. 

Image credit: Naked Wolfe

Online shopping is like playing a game of clothing roulette. You might get the right color, or you might not. You might also end up with jeans two sizes too big. So, it’s a no for Naked Wolfe Man. We’ll be sticking to the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar shops for now.


You’ll love the before and after pics on this ad; the woman is livid at what this “hydrating” chemical has done to her hair. One thing you should avoid at all costs is trusting a product with a “Quality Results” tagline.

Image credit: iFunny.com

She certainly did look better before using whatever abomination she mixed in there. Guess this is why men want them to be natural. But what do we know? If you want to look like a premature Mufasa, the floor is all yours.

The Fury

And the middle school memories flood in! Because that’s the only period I would ever rock one of these. Wearing these will get you all the looks on the street; not the good kind. A little high-fives with fellow weirdos, but nothing special.

Image credit: theychive.com

Maybe this one will have you feeling like THE man, but we doubt some creepy 3D prints would have that effect. But it might be worth a try! Just make sure to put your chatroom username there for the virtual world points.


Marketing geniuses are at it again, this time with a thirst trap of a bear in a PJ crop top. It is fitting for a tea ad, especially if you like some honey with it. But hell, it just might work. You’ll be surprised what folks are into these days. 

Image credit: Celestial Tea, Instagram 

They knew what they were doing when they threw a bear in a crop top into the mix. Ads are meant to make statements, and this one certainly did. Quench your thirst with Celestial tea, you’ll never go wrong with it.

Hi funny!

What if I told you that every meme on the internet came from iFunny? Sounds like a bold claim. But then, have you ever seen a meme so absurd, so ridiculous, that it couldn’t have come from anywhere else but iFunny?

Image credit: iFunny.com

So, what if they’re right? What if every meme we’ve ever shared, laughed at, or cringed over has its roots in iFunny? We are ready to bow down to the new supreme leader of memes. All hail iFunny, the trustworthy source of all internet humor!

All in the windows

This mom-and-daughter duo is having the time of their lives, like they just won the lottery or discovered a cure for the common cold. We wonder if it’s the diamond pattern window film that’s making them so happy. Do you think so? 

Image credit: amazon.com

Or is it because they finally found a way to cover that hideous view of the neighbor’s yard with its unkempt lawn and rusted lawn furniture? Either way, I want what they’re having. I’ll take two rolls of diamond pattern window film and a guitar-playing daughter to go, please!


Folks need all the motivation they can get, and here it is; a bunch of poorly arranged posters. The plot thickens on the second step that declares “3 Months.” Sounds like a countdown to some secret event or a reminder of how long it takes to grow a decent beard.

Image credit: iFunny.com

Then comes the third: “You will.” You will what? But the cliffhanger ends with the next step: “Hit Yourself.” Well, that’s not very encouraging! And the final step cheerfully declares, “Thank Us.” For what? The existential crisis they’ve put people through?


Before you say, “Why don’t you just go bowling?.” There is much to be gained from putting your bowling skills to the test from the comfort of your couch. Say goodbye to those pesky rented shoes that never quite fit right and hello to the glory of perfect strikes without leaving your living room.

Image credit: thechive.com

Imagine the thrill of nailing a strike while wearing your pajamas, and munching on a bowl of popcorn. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, this game will have you feeling like a bowling superstar in no time. And it’ll boost your confidence in the real thing. No promises, though!

Hyundai and seek

Looking for some fun and adventure? Look no further than Hyundai’s “Hide and Seek Car Event”! This ad is giving us serious “Where’s Waldo?” vibes, but with the added excitement of trying to find ten people hidden inside a car. 

Image credit: Hyundai Worldwide, Facebook

Hyundai is so creative; we are all thrilled to see how they would pull this off. Unless the “people” they are talking about are the mystical tinies from Gulliver’s travels, it will be really funny to see how it all pans out. 

The wooing

Are you tired of feeling like a marketing novice compared to those 3.2 million other marketers? Well, not anymore, because Woo has got you covered! Who needs years of experience, data analysis, and a degree in marketing when you can hire Woo, and magically become a marketing genius overnight? 

Image credit: Woocommerce.com

They’re saying, “Hey, these other guys know what they’re doing, and you don’t but don’t worry, we can help.” Maybe they have some secret potion or fairy dust that they sprinkle on their clients’ brains to make them marketing experts. Whatever it is, sign us up! 

Creatives only

Wait, what? Did I read that right? Did this music institute just use a cat to sell its degree program? Holy smoke that is genius! Anyways, get your ass up! SAE Institute is definitely purrfect for you. (Sorry, I had to.) 

Image credit: SAE Institute Australia, Facebook

On the flip side, that is, in fact, a cat. But if it will take a degree in music production to convince us otherwise, sign us up! Who knows what other hidden truths are out there waiting to be unlocked by the power of songwriting?

The Book of Life

Looking to add some spice to your computer science major? Want to learn about topics that can’t be solved by coding? Look no further! Introducing the ultimate guide for the CS major who wants to learn the art of partying, going on dates, and sex education – in a formalized setting!

Image credit: Virdity Capital, Facebook

Finally, you can bring your love for algorithms and data structures to the dance floor. Impress your friends with your newfound party skills, and show off your understanding of the science behind dating. So grab a copy of this book, and get ready to level up your IRL skills like never before!


We don’t know about you, but we never thought we’d see the day when we’d consider buying a phone case featuring a fast food joint popular for its chicken and a superperson. But here we are, and we’re digging it. 

Image credit: theychive.com

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for – a buffed-up Colonel Sanders, ready to save the world one bucket of fried chicken at a time. So, why settle for a boring phone case when you can get your hands on one that’s finger-lickin’ good? 


Reading this ad got us thinking, “Well, that’s not setting the bar very high, is it?” We don’t go to a fast-food restaurant for a culinary adventure. We go there because we’re too lazy to cook. All folks want is something greasy and delicious. 

Image credit: Greggs

But we must admit, there’s something comforting about the idea of a little taste of normal. Sometimes, that is all we crave. None of this super-tripledecker-mouthsmackerburger mumbo jumbo. It might not change your life, but it will definitely hit the spot.


Have you ever felt like you’re cursed, and everything in your life is not right? Well, fear not! This astrologer has got your back with their black magic removal service. It’s like spiritual pest control. Just don’t inhale any bad juju.

Image credit: Pandith Sanjay

Astrology ads are always a gamble, but this one takes the cake. “Black magic removal” sounds like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie. Is there a wand involved? Do you need to cast a spell? You know what? We’ll give it a spin. 

No cap

Look who’s up-to-date on their Gen-Z lingo. Talk about being a fly dad! This cool cat is definitely feeling Kumho tires, boy! Father’s Day is really bussin on the block, and this ad might just be the best dad joke ever. 

Image credit: Kumho Tire USA, Facebook

We bet every dad can relate. Nothing like sweet slick tires that go dumb to match your whip, cruising down the zone with that new Ice Spice blasting out the stereo. You feel us? Now take your new babies for a spin.