Kit Connor Talks About the Unrealistic Body Standards Facing Male Actors

By Areeba T November 28, 2023

In an unexpected turn of conversation during a gym session, Heartstopper star Kit Connor and YouTuber Nathaniel Massiah delved into topics beyond the typical weight room banter. The duo, capturing their workout on Instagram and YouTube, surprised fans with insights into body image, Hollywood expectations, and the impact of working out on mental health.

Massiah shared a photo on March 26 from their workout on Instagram, humorously captioned, “Me and @kit.connor = average movie high schoolers 🥷🏽.” The accompanying YouTube video was titled “Training Movie Star KIT CONNOR For His Next Film.” Fans, expecting a typical workout video, were pleasantly surprised by the depth of their conversation.

Image source: camcapcor/Instagram

The workout focused on a “push” routine, emphasizing chest and triceps exercises such as bench presses, shoulder presses, machine chest presses, and cable-machine triceps extensions. Connor, achieving a personal record on the bench press with 105 kg (231 pounds), impressed viewers.

During the workout, Massiah inquired about Connor’s entry into acting and fitness, leading to a discussion about body image. Connor revealed that criticism about his physique after announcing his role in “Heartstopper” motivated him to start working out. In response to online comments about his perceived skinniness, he began doing push-ups and eventually incorporated gym training.

Image source: camcapcor/Instagram

Despite the initial criticism, Connor emphasized the positive impact of working out on mental health. “It’s good for your mental health, I think,” he stated, a sentiment Massiah agreed with, emphasizing that the emotional benefits often surpass physical appearances.

The conversation extended to the unrealistic standards set by Hollywood, particularly in movies and TV shows featuring adults portraying high schoolers. Connor, who was of high school age during the filming of Heartstopper, highlighted the deliberate choice to illustrate realistic teenage characters in contrast to the idealized portrayals often seen in the industry.

Having completed filming for Heartstopper season two, Connor has sparked fan speculation about a potential role in the Marvel Universe. His dedication to weightlifting has fueled rumors, with fans speculating on his possible involvement in the Young Avengers storyline. As the Marvel Universe expands, Connor’s commitment to fitness has added an intriguing layer to fan speculation.