It’s Possible To Make Scars Less Visible – Here Are A Few Ways How

By Peter C

Scars are formed when human skin heals wounds caused by accidents, surgery, or disease. In short, they signal the healing process of the skin. Whether normal scars, which are not usually painful or hypertrophic scars, which are often considered painful and itchy, nobody likes to go around with the permanent mark they leave on the skin,

At times, scars shouldn’t be a cause of worry as they can fade with time. However, some scars do not fade, raising the question of the possible ways to treat them. New York City-based dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D., offers some of the best treatment methods. But remember scars are formed from various injuries, which means there would be different treatment methods for each type.

1. Keloid / Hypertrophic Scars

Image credit: damato / Shutterstock

This type of scar is formed when the body uses excessive amounts of collage during wound healing. Collagen plays an important role during this process, but its presence at the site of injury often results in a raised surface. Because they often appear very thicker, they are also called thickened scars. Using Embrace’s Active Scar Defense Sheets or any other Silicone gel sheets will help treat the scars.

2. Atrophic Scars

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At times, the body produces little collagen at the site of injury during the healing process. This implication is that the skin won’t be able to regenerate the tissues correctly, making the skin appear uneven and indented. Using Smooth Beam Laser will help the skin produce enough collagen to smoothen the indented area, as recommended by Dr. Gross.

3. Discoloration

Some scars lead to the discoloration of the surrounding area. Red scars are a perfect example. There are different treatment methods for this type of scar. Get a V-Beam Laser, and you may need to apply chamomile extract.

However, try as much as possible not to expose the scar to sunlight during the healing process. This will prevent the scar from the darkening and lightening effect of the sunlight.