A Woman’s Perspective On Living With A Partner In 45 Clever Cartoons

By Jana I

Living with a partner can bring you close or tear you two down. There is no in-between. Starting a new chapter with a partner is life-changing. You change your habits and way of being because now it’s not only you and your dirty socks, it’s also another person’s dirty socks. It takes a lot of time, effort, and tolerance to get over some issues and understand the other side. If you are made for each other, those difficulties will seem much smaller compared to funny moments. Moments when you laugh, watch movies, cook together and enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Today, we’ve compiled 45 everyday images of life with a partner. These were all done by a fantastic artist from Hong Kong – Bonnie Pang. Keep scrolling for some funny and wholesome content!


Opting out of having children is not an easy decision. It’s not something you jump into, right?! Questions about babies are what scares young couples the most. ‘When will you have babies?’ Well, first of all, none of your business Susan.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This collage is super relatable for both guys and gals! One terrifying life situation for couples not ready for children is, well, children. What’s so wrong with enjoying your love and freedom a bit longer?! Nothing! Kids will come, or not. It should all be up to the couple to decide!

Puppy Eyes

Before having a kid, couples usually try to have a joint pet first. This is a great way to split responsibilities and care for a gorgeous, spoiled, little, fat animal. However, when animals beg for food despite their food bowls being full…It’s a pet peeve. Pun intended.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Now, how do you resist such cuteness? The sparkly puppy eyes, the good behavior, happy, little tail wag, and attentive ears – it’s all a heaven for sore eyes. You must never let yourself go and give it your food.


If you live with a partner and are in a loving relationship, you shouldn’t hold in burps and other gas… Just let it go, friend! It’s okay! You are human, it’s natural, and you know everyone does it, right? A little toot won’t change someone’s love for you.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

However, it can be uncomfortable if you get used to letting out sounds around your partner, so you accidentally do it in front of others. It can get awkward. Yet, don’t be too upset. It’s unpleasant, but it will pass. Hold in there…

The Movie Debate

This is a lifelong, everlasting debate: Wanna watch this? – I’ve already seen it. So what!? Let’s watch it again. – But, but, I don’t want to. Whyyy? And so on. Even though you love your partner, it doesn’t mean you’ll get along with them all the time, about everything!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Maybe your partner loves sport and doing exercise, but you might be a giant couch potato. You balance each other out. They push you not to get too flimsy and weak, and you teach them it’s okay to relax and have a cheat meal from time to time. Balance, people!

Heavy Blanket

Anxiety is a condition that is a recurring thing among so many people. Everyone seems to have anxiety of some kind these days. Try to find something that helps your anxiety; for us, that’s a warm beverage, fresh scents, a long walk around the neighborhood…

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

They say that heavy blankets could also reduce symptoms of anxiety. This girl represents so many of us that struggle with stress and intrusive thoughts. Maybe cozying up under a soft, heavy piece of fabric like this would feel like heaven. Let’s order one…

Husband Material

Husband and wife material refers to a person that possesses specific qualities that, in your eyes, would make them a good spouse. This is optional and completely subjective. No one can tell you what’s good husband/wife material for you.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

For us, this man here is proper husband material! Someone who would follow you while trying to make your dreams come true. Besides that, and most importantly, someone strong to carry your books around while you find some more. Ah, wonderful!

The Undershirt Dilemma

Is it just us, or do men often have a bunch of undershirts? They are usually really plain or incredibly cringe, but no one can see them since they are under a sweater or a sweatshirt. So much freaking laundry all the time!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Here is the undershirt dilemma. The girl wears the same shirt as a shirt, with nothing over it, whereas the guy wears it just to cover it up with a second shirt. If this girl is anything like us, she probably stole that shirt from her husband and wore it around the house to clean. Let’s be honest…

Shakira, Shakira!

Shakira can put any girl in a good mood. Hey, let’s not discriminate, any guy too! No person on this blue planet doesn’t know the legendary Latina – Shakira. Blonde, curly hair, hips that don’t lie…She is a total package.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This girl right here is feeling herself! You go, queen! We imagine her husband sitting on a sofa cheering her on as a true king would! We find ourselves singing this song far too often and with Shakira’s distinct voice, of course.

House for When Guests Come Over

If you don’t have special plates or mugs for guests, are you even living?! Honestly, whenever guests are coming over, it’s like spring cleaning season all over again! Clutter disappears, dust is a thing of the past, and unironed laundry now goes to the bottom of the closet.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

No one is judging these two! You should make sure your house is clean even if guests are not coming over, but come on! Work, everyday drama, and leisure time can get the best of us. We all deserve to relax, even if that means binging Netflix while the dishes in the kitchen are touching the roof.

When Food Goes Bad…

Going grocery shopping while hungry must be one of the worst habits ever. You always end up buying too much food, and inevitably, the food goes bad. We threw away some unused, even unopened food packages so many times, it’s shameful.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

If you live alone or with a partner, you probably know what we’re talking about. Everything seems to go rotten so quickly, and you have no time to eat it all. You undoubtedly bought too much, and you still ordered take-out a few times a week.

Big Eyes Save Lives

There is something incredibly appealing about big eyes. They capture more light, look cartoonish, and are immersed in whatever you’re saying. So dreamy, so gorgeous… This girl is one lucky girl, she scored husband material and a dude with nice eyes! Damn it!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Her boyfriend at the time, and now husband, even wears glasses which makes his eyes smaller than they actually are! When he revealed his actual eye size, she was taken away by it! She presented it in such a cute, dramatic, anime-like collage. It’s adorable!

Early Thirties Spine Cracks

Lord knows when you enter your thirties, everything starts to decline. You are not as agile as you once were, strong, or physically capable. That is, of course, if you don’t exercise regularly and make 10000 steps a day.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Sometimes, simple things such as reaching the top of the shelf or lifting your tiny girlfriend can potentially risk your fragile spine. You can either hit the gym or stop trying to lift anyone heavier than 20 pounds. Your choice.

No Leftovers

Living with a hungry man has its advantages. It means there are no leftovers, which means no reheated food, and the cooking, contrary to groceries, disappears within a day. You could refer to them as human trash cans (in the most adorable, loving way!).

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Women usually know their limits and stop eating when necessary. On the other hand, men go all in, neck deep into some delicious homemade goodness. However, some ladies love their food too. We are one of them. The difference is that a girl can eat a lot, but a guy can eat twice as much.

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

‘You make me happy when skies are gray!’ – that song is so beautiful; we love it! Besides that, it’s super fitting for the following picture we have for you. Before that, we have a question, what do you think about couples that are too mushy, gushy, and baby-like with each other?

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

To be frank with you, we don’t love it that much. We believe in acts of service and when someone shows their love, rather than saying it. Yet, this little layout made us so warm inside. Finding your true love, that particular person can truly feel like sunshine on a rainy day.

Caring For Each Other

If you are in a one-sided relationship, it’s not going anywhere. You’ll always feel like doing too much or too little for your significant other. No matter what side you belong to, it’s best to work through your issues together or separate.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

A partnership is all about trust, love, and taking care of one another. The roles should be interchangeable. When one gets tired or overwhelmed, the other takes control and vice versa. The sweetness of this love and companionship is represented in this collage.

You Win Some. You Lose Some…

Your partner might know a lot, but don’t trust them when they say they can do anything. Sometimes, they just want to be of convenience and help, but it’s better to go to a professional. Especially when talking about hair and hair-dressing.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This man probably loves his hair and wants it to look, well, decent. His wife made a mess. Perhaps he wants to say something, yet, we believe he loves her too much to blame her. Instead, he will silently cry for the next week or two until it grows back.


Sometimes a partner feels more like a partner in crime. You can encourage each other to do reckless things, like take annual leave when you feel slightly tired – just because. All you might want to do is lie down together and eat ice cream for days.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Being with your significant other and doing nothing can feel like the best thing ever! She encouraged him to take annual leave, and we support that. Sometimes, all you need is to fill your days with cuddling, laughing, and watching your favorite tv show.

Ugh, So Annoying

We don’t understand what’s so tricky about throwing your dirty laundry into the laundry basket? Why do some people have to sprinkle it all around the house? It’s annoying as hell! Just take that laundry and put it somewhere that’s not the floor or a chair.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This man got what he deserved, no questions about it! He would find his dirty clothes hidden in his pillowcase if it were us. That would be the ultimate revenge. Next time, make sure to take your dirty clothes and put them in the basket or the washing machine. Take notes, boys.

The Undershirt Dilemma, Part Two

It’s well known that girlfriends and wives love to wear their hubby’s shirts, sweatshirts, sometimes even shorts or boxers. However, at times, it just so happens that a man wears a woman’s piece of clothing by accident. Believe it or not!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Remember the gray shirt/undershirt dilemma? Here is the other perspective! What’s worse is that men are frequently bigger than women and can quickly stretch out their clothing significantly. Hang in there, girls, and make him buy you a new shirt.

Simple Things In Life

We remember the time when we were all concerned and obsessed with making New Year’s Resolutions. In short, we wanted to predict and plan out what we’ll do the following year. Usually, those were extremely ambitious and exaggerated, even unachievable plans.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

What we learned is best is making a few big plans and spreading them out over a few years. This works better, and it takes the pressure off of the upcoming year—no need to stress over what you’ll achieve. Just work hard, be creative and enjoy every moment. It should be enough.

Jealous Boyfriend

Jealousy could be a severe issue at any time in a relationship. Don’t let someone dictate your behavior because of their jealousy. It’s their insecurity that they should work on. Now, pet jealousy is another thing, and it’s usually super harmless.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

If your partner doesn’t tell you, ‘you love that dog/cat/pet more than me,’ are they your partner? They fail to understand that the love you have for a pet is different from the love you have for them. You love your pet more, naturally! Just kidding…

When It’s Too Hot

In a relationship, there is usually one person who loves the heat and another with excellent circulation and hates getting hotter with blankets, clothes, and long cuddles. This makes sleeping in the same bed, sharing a blanket, and spooning difficult.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

One usually sleeps in their underwear, whereas the other person loves their pajamas and double blankets. On hot summer nights, cuddling might seem like a nightmare. During those months, you love each other from afar. It’s better that way. It’s either that or dying of heat.

Change of Heart

When you live with a significant other, you might want to do many things together. One of the favorite things among couples is cooking together, cleaning, walking, hiking, grocery shopping, gaming, etc. Those are the best hobbies to share and enjoy together.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

However, one of you might sometimes be inclined to do one thing, whereas the other might not want to do it. That is completely fine. Yet, most of the time, the other person changes their opinion and joins in either way. Sweet, loving, and adorable, if you ask us.

Remote Job’s Shenanigans

Working from home has its obvious perks, from working in pajamas and drinking coffee whenever you feel like it to taking a break often. Yet, some people still take their remote jobs as they would an office job. They don’t get up from their seats, ever.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

How do they do it? This artist presented her husband’s behavior during his shift at work. He doesn’t move an inch. She probably thinks to herself: come on, man, go to the toilet at least! We are bewildered by this behavior. We need at least five bathroom breaks and two coffee dates to get through the day.


Some tasks are more manageable for a man than for a woman, and we must all agree. Yes, gender equality and all that is great, but there are still some things men find easier and vice versa. It’s okay to ask for help. However, we don’t always do that.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Sometimes our pride gets the best of us, and even though something is challenging, we won’t ask for help. Perhaps you got into an argument with your hubby or wifey, and now, you are too stubborn to ask for assistance. We’ve all been there…

Just Let it All Out

A fantastic side to having someone by your side day in and day out is having a person to talk to daily. Letting out and verbalizing your stress, anxiety, sadness, and such is a healthy way of coping with it. Your partner should be considerate enough and listen.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Notice how a gray cloud above her head became smaller and smaller as she kept on talking her struggles out. The man never once changed his facial expression. He is there for her, as a shoulder to cry on, as someone who’ll listen and try to understand where she’s coming from. Don’t settle for anything less, friends!

Pet Nostalgia

The worst thing about taking a trip is missing your pet. Some pets get traveling anxiety and aren’t as adventurous as others, so leaving them at a friend’s or family’s house is best. When you come back, you can indulge in one of the best cuddles.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Yet, sometimes, a pet can surprise you. They might not have missed you as much as you missed them. Or, they’ve missed your partner more, so they run straight towards the other person when you enter the door. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of fluffy betrayal.

It’s Not What it Looks Like!

Sometimes things are not what they seem. That’s why it’s essential to be patient and have a high tolerance for others when you live with them. Habits from different people might need a bit more time for you to get used to someone being there 24/7.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Since this girl is an artist, she needs to practice throughout her day. Sometimes she sketches puppies, but other times she illustrates half-naked male models. Her husband had to get used to it. He was definitely sweating profusely at first.

Love Language: Gift Giving

Did you know there are five love languages that tell you how a particular person likes to feel loved? There are words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and gift-giving. Which one are you? Think about it.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This man’s love language has to be related to gift-giving or acts of service. She asked the price, and his credit card was already out! So sweet. Learning about your love language can help communicate your needs and ideas to your partner.

Giving Second Chances

It’s time to start believing in second chances. They might not feel very comfortable giving, but it’s essential in a long-term relationship. Make sure to set your limits and decide what your deal-breakers are. We hope making a haircut mistake isn’t one of them…

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

You must love someone a lot if you are willing to give them a second chance in cutting your hair after they made you look like a sick rat last time. She improved, and now, hubby is satisfied with the results. We love to see it!

Confidence is Key

Some people are not good-looking, but they are hella confident. They have a level of self-assurance that’s captivating. It’s all about how you think of yourself, people. Next time if you don’t feel cute or confident, fake it till you make it!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

However, we have to remember that when we wear masks, it’s challenging to figure out what someone is looking at. And also, it’s difficult to distinguish whether someone is good-looking or not. Nonetheless, kudos to you, man, for believing in yourself!

Tough Love

Sometimes, some things are difficult to hear. Habits we have might not always be the best ones, and we should try and change them if we have the chance. At times, we are not aware of these bad habits and how negatively they affect our health.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Our partner should be there to remind us to take care of ourselves. Now, every now and again, a glass of wine or a cigarette won’t hurt anybody. Maybe the man is overreacting. Although, we understand he wants what’s best for her.

Silver Fox

There are those people that look better with age! Gray hair seems to suit them well, and wrinkles frame their faces beautifully. Then, some don’t look so appealing and feel awful to see any type of aging on their bodies.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Women are usually known for overreacting and being dramatic when aging. So, they dye their hair, get botox and fillers, and change their whole persona. Embrace your age, guys! A few gray hairs can look amazing. Just rock it with confidence!


The Winter season is far; however, it’s never too early to plan your winter vacation or decoration for the holidays. With winter comes snow, and with snow, cold temperatures. As children, we loved it, but it’s not so pleasant nowadays.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Who would’ve thought that all you need to do next winter is get a boyfriend or girlfriend to keep your hands warm? Maybe loving winter again is just around the corner for some! It makes things more comfortable and bearable, that’s for sure.

Then Vs. Now

If you live with a partner, you probably remember the days when you lived alone. The peace and quiet, the self-care days, the parties… Now, everything is different. Some things are better, and some things are…not. Take a look at a few examples.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Okay, okay, we know our hair gets everywhere. But it’s not our fault! We can’t help it. Believe us, if we could prevent our hair from falling out, we would. It’s just not possible. We clean your dirty socks and wash your oily dishes. You can clean a few hairs here and there.

Being Grateful

The past few years have been difficult for everyone. No place on Earth wasn’t struck by the pandemic. Some went through desperate times, and others battled their demons. All in all, no one was safe, and we all felt the consequences.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Even though the year 2020 was harsh, we learned a lot of things, didn’t we? How to be grateful, thankful, and appreciative of our things: family, friends, comfort, a home, and love. Those things are priceless. We learned to appreciate it more, and you?

A Practical Man

Forgetting a grocery bag while grocery shopping is one of our greatest pet peeves. Not only do we hate piling up paper bags, but we also love our reusable grocery bags, and we want to put them to some use! Hold on. This man has a solution for everything!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

No bag, no problem! Put it in the backpack. If you feel full and still haven’t finished your homecooked lunch/dinner, and you have no empty containers, don’t fret; just put it in here (points to his tummy). Have to love men that have a practical solution for everything.

Anger Management

Okay, we admit it; we have all been angry sometimes without knowing why we’re mad. Are you happy now?! We blame it on the hormones, you know. However, if we think hard and long enough, we’ll find a reason to blame you for something. Do you want that?

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

If you see that a girl is angry, don’t try to pressure her into talking about her feelings. And don’t try to shift the blame for anything on her, oh no! That would be a bad thing to do. Just be close, hold her hand and give her space, but not too much; it will seem like you’re not interested. Give her food. Boom solved.

Prone to Injuries

If you know a girl in your life, you’ll know how clumsy they can be. We seem to trip over everything, hit our legs, knees, knuckles, and elbows into each and every corner of the house. It’s a problem. Maybe we should see a doctor about it.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This comic artist seems to know what’s up. She is one of us! Cutting yourself on paper, burning your palms, slapping your legs because of annoying mosquitos, and tripping over a fence in an attempt to jump over it are just a few things one can do to hurt themselves unintentionally.

Loving Support

How many times have you done something to appease your lover? Probably countless times. We are sure men don’t like going with us to the candle store or the drugstore to try any lipstick tester out there on the market. But they still do it.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This man knows how to treat his wife. As we understood it, the box has her design on it, so when he heard that, although he doesn’t like sweets as much, he decided to try it and thus support her hard work immediately. So cute.

Teamwork Or Not?!

Different jobs seek different skill sets. If you work in a field that requires a lot of communication with your colleagues or customers, you might be more skilled in teamwork. But, if you are an independent artist or a freelancer, you would prefer to work alone.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

We can see that the man loves being a part of a group and achieving the goal with his team, whereas the woman enjoys her one woman’s journey. It’s all about preference and career choice. There is no right or wrong here; to each their own.

Weak Arms

If you’re in your thirties or older, you might require a massage here and there. Sitting at the desk for eight hours at work can do some severe damage, especially if you’re not physically active or exercising. You might ask your partner for a massage.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

Sometimes, a girl’s grip can be too weak or not tough enough to reach the deep tissue of a sore muscle. What guy’s usually ask for is to stand on their backs or walk on them, which is scary. Don’t expect us to go full Hulk when we try and give a massage. It’s hard labor!

Stalker Vibes

How scary is it that people don’t have to see us for years and still know what we’re up to just because of social media?! This gets even scarier when you think of all those people that are a bit unwell mentally. They can get obsessed and start following you on every platform. Eerie.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

This artist must have had these situations happen way too often. Especially since she is not only posting her morning coffee and an annual trip to the seaside but a comic that represents her life and her relationship. It’s a tough spot, the spotlight.

Stress Reduction

Do you remember the anxiety blanket? If not, scroll up a bit to refresh your memory. If you still haven’t got one, what are you waiting for?! They are amazing! Now, we have upgraded and found bonus stress relievers. Ready? Take a look!

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

For ultimate relaxation, use an anxiety blanket, a plushie of a soft, furry animal, a real animal, and a 200-pound man to squish you on the floor. Now, anxiety is at zero, and broken bones are 100%. You are welcome, and enjoy!

He Won’t Bite!

We hate those people that defend their dog’s aggressive behavior and barking with ‘don’t worry, he won’t bite’ as if we believe you. First of all, that dog isn’t trained well. Second, if it’s frightening to the people around you, you need to put a muzzle on it.

Image Courtesy of bonniepangart / Instagram

We love animals—Scratch that. We adore animals. However, if we’re going to someone’s house and their dog is going ballistic with the barking, growling, and showing its teeth, we’re leaving immediately. We are not risking our precious lives for this. Sorry!