Infertility And Its Effects On Men

By Goodness M

Men usually display larger-than-life characters in various situations. They can endure all the hardships they come across. However, only one thing can devastate a man psychologically, and that is infertility. Not being able to produce offspring is a significant blow to a man’s ego. This article will look into this infertility issue and how it affects men.

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A Freudian View

This view provides a deeper explanation of the effects of infertility on a man’s life. According to the Freudian theory, the mentality of human beings is mainly made up of id, ego, and superego. It is a representation of the subconscious that revolves around satisfaction. This is brought about by sleep, reproduction, and eating. The ego is a product of the conscious and subconscious mind. It monitors and directs the id to express it appropriately in society. Superego is the beacon of moral standards taught by society and parents. This is the ultimate guide to perfection.

A Freudian Fault

The id views reproduction as a basic need of paramount importance in every man’s life. As a basic natural need, the ego and superego agree with the view of the id. Therefore, when infertility arises, confusion in the mind occurs and throws a man’s self-esteem into disarray.

A Freudian Response

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Men lose confidence in themselves once they find out that they fail to fulfill their earthly mandate of reproducing. As a result, men start to doubt their capability of performing in the bedroom. This emotional turmoil becomes a big problem because the id, ego, and superego are not ready to deal with this situation.

However, once they realize that some stuff is uncontrollable, men tend to exhibit remarkable emotional resilience when encountering the infertility hurdle. Also, health information helps them overcome the stress associated with infertility. The ultimate key to conquering unexpected events in life is to be honest with yourself.