40+ People Who Impressed Their Loved Ones With Wholesome And Memorable Gestures

By Louise T

They say “first impression lasts a lifetime,” so if you want to start off on the right note, be sure to make the interaction right. Impressing someone is by no means an easy task, especially when you have little knowledge about the person you’re meeting. It gets easier with time, as you get the chance to know someone better. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first or fifty-first time, with the right level of thought and care, you can sweep anyone off their feet and leave a lasting memory that they’ll keep in their hearts forever. Why are we so sure? Because others have done it. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of 42 individuals who left the best of the best impression that left not just their loved ones but all of us in admiration. Here they are!

1- Coming Home

Being a parent is a tough job, and it doesn’t necessarily get easier with time. Parents of soldiers have an especially difficult time, with their children away for indefinite periods of time as they put their lives on the line.

Image courtesy of Prettywise14/Reddit

You’ve probably seen all of those homecoming videos where the children or pets are greeted by a returning soldier. But what about parents? This soldier got back early and decided to hide in his parent’s trunk to surprise them. They were overjoyed to find their son rather than their groceries in the car.

2- A Warm Meal

If you’re not sure how to impress someone, food is always a surefire way to earn a smile. It might be cliche, but packing someone’s favorite meal never gets old. It could be for a friend, a family member, or just a colleague; it’s sure to work.

Image courtesy of monniiee1221/Reddit

This person complimented the chef of Meals On Wheels, saying that they like the gravy. So, what did they do? The next delivery included a whole tub of gravy with the meal! That gesture surely won’t be forgotten any time soon.

3- The Surprise Visit

Switching to a long-distance relationship can be a deal-breaker for some. Being so far away from the one you care about is extremely difficult, especially when you’re in different time zones. Some people are more than willing to put in the effort to make it work.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

In a long-distance relationship, one of the grandest gestures is to surprise your loved one with a trip to visit them. This couple went a little too far in their love for each other. They both went to visit one another…at the same time!

4- The Legendary Announcement

Getting pregnant is a big deal, so it’s no surprise when people share the news with partners and family in creative ways. For women, it’s a big life-changing moment, and it’s a time to celebrate this next step in their lives.

Image courtesy of yogaposer/Reddit

This woman certainly went all out to impress her loved ones. Rather than the cliché “gather everyone around and break the news,” she went to her favorite celebrity, Will Smith, who was more than happy to tell everyone and share in her joy.

5- Lost and Found

At some point, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “you don’t know the value of something until you lose it,” or some variation thereof. Tony here has been looking for his cat who got lost while he was playing poker with his friends a week before his birthday. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Unicornlitteryblood

Tony had been really sad and had decided not to celebrate his birthday in honor of his lost cat. However, to his surprise, his friends got him a gift — which happened to be his lost cat. Tony has been smiling ever since. 

6- The Power of Love

Loving someone involves making unimaginable sacrifices, even at your own expense. However, we didn’t know that these sacrifices might come in the form of traveling several miles through an ice storm. This girl did exactly that for the love of her life.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/ Devi8tor

It seemed her lover wanted a pizza badly, and she thought that delivering it herself would be a nice gesture. She then took the liberty of coming down to her partner’s place, via plane, while in her delivery outfit. How clever!

7- A Wedding to Remember

Most, if not all, weddings are planned with utmost attention and devotion. It’s a special day, and couples want to make it the most beautiful and memorable day of their life. That’s why it’s common to see surprise gifts spring up. 

Image courtesy of twitter.com/ETcanada

What better surprise gift could anyone wish for than a famous actor showing up unannounced. Adam Sandler showed up for this couple’s wedding and took some pictures with them. You can see the excitement his presence gave the love birds.

8- The Peak of Patriotism

Getting injured badly enough to need a cast is a frightening experience. It limits your mobility and function in day-to-day life. Although it will heal, it’s a tough time while you wait. To make things a little better, people often choose fun casts. This person couldn’t decide what he wanted…

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/Imgur

When asked what design he wanted, this guy told the nurse to surprise him. It looks like she did as he asked. Rather than a plain color like white or blue, she gave him a cast designed with the USA flag. That’s one surprising and impressive way to show patriotism.

9- Getting the Real Thing

Having a pet is a fantastic experience, not every family has the luxury to keep a furball around. As a substitute, parents give kids stuffed animals to cuddle instead. It’s not the same as a real pet, but it’s a good workaround. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/Slottedspoons

One day, this girl’s parents decided to give her a surprise. They replaced her stuffed animal dog toy with a real-life puppy. She couldn’t believe what was in her presence until it moved. Their gesture simply moved her to tears. 

10- Surprise Birthday Party

No matter how old we get, surprise parties are always a welcome celebration. It’s something that our loved ones collaborated on to make our days better. Though, admittedly, it’s a rarer occurrence the older we get. That just adds extra surprise.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Switch819

Another thing about birthdays as we get older is our desire to celebrate them less and less. No one likes being reminded that they’re getting old. To keep a smile on her face, this mom got a surprise birthday party from her son. The last time she got one was when she was eleven. 

11- A Powerful Bond

Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating experience and difficult for everyone involved. The affected individual not only loses their memory but their independence, too. As it progresses, more and more daily tasks need to be taken care of with the assistance of others.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ constipated_giraffe

In this case, this man with Alzheimer’s disease has her daughter taking care of him. She must have heard that patients suffering from this condition benefit from having a pet. She bought one for her dad and was surprised that they bonded immediately.

12- A Gift for Everyone

Checked baggage on flights is a unique type of stress all fliers have. There’s a certain level of anxiety that is only released at baggage claim, when we sort out our luggage. However, this airline decided to mix it up.

Image courtesy of quiterly.com

The management wrapped individual gifts for every passenger as a form of celebration. The passengers were met with the presents instead of their own bags. We’re sure they were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected gift, but they’d also be worried about their possessions. 

13- A Good Time for Neighborhood Birds

No matter where you live, you probably know at least one person that feeds the local wildlife as a hobby. The cliche that often plays out is an elderly person sitting on a bench feeding the birds. Like this woman…

Image courtesy of Mjones57/Imgur

This grandma is one of those that doesn’t let a day go without feeding the neighborhood birds. Someone decided to surprise her and gave her a birdhouse that’s a scale model of her own home. This is wonderful news for grandma and the birds. 

14- Surprise Cake

We’re back with another birthday surprise. Of course, no birthday is complete without a cake, preferably filled with our favorite flavors. This baker wanted to make sure that their husband got plenty of cake and baked this towering chocolate masterpiece.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/Mistressmelon

This leaning tower of chocolate cake was not a first-time occurrence. It seems like Misstressmelon is determined to provide their husband with increasingly ridiculous birthday foods. The previous year, the husband requested cheeseburgers in pizza, and his partner delivered! What a chef!

15- Rush of joy

The best surprise visits come from loved ones or family members that you haven’t seen in a while. Moving out of your home to start a new life isn’t an easy decision, especially for the parents. After years of seeing someone every single day, it’s a big change when you now only see them once a year.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/amltoast

This empty-nester once had a home of seven. Although she saw most of them regularly enough, her eldest son hadn’t been able to visit in a while. So long, in fact, that she couldn’t recognize him at first. The love coming from this picture is tangible!

16-  Age is just a Number

As we said earlier, cakes are a must for any birthday party. The cake signifies love, gratitude, and appreciation for many people. Sometimes it’s something ridiculous like an eight-tiered cake, like we saw before, or iced with a special message like this one.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ jonbenta

Here’s an example of a clever message embedded in a birthday cake. This person was reminded that age is just a number, and it’s all about perspective. Although they’re 65 years old, they are still as young as eighteen years old. 

17- A Pet Chicken

The internet is flooded with cute stories of children and their pets. Kids will do anything to have a pet, and their companions are often fiercely protective. While many of them opt for common animals like cats and dogs, some kids prefer to own a pet chicken. Undoubtedly, keeping a pet chicken is unique and intriguing.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Spx1e

This kid wanted a pet chicken, so she figured step one would be to pet one. She certainly got a surprise when her potential new friend thought to attack. Hopefully, things settled down afterward, or perhaps she reconsidered her pet of choice.

18- Oh My God

Surprising a child isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is get them something that they haven’t seen before. Even if they’re familiar with, presenting them with a larger version will do the job just as well. Don’t believe us? Look at this girl’s face…

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Wombatusmaximus

This girl’s face says everything one needs to know about a good surprise. The giant dessert looming on the table was ordered for her, and this gesture made her day. Let’s hope that she didn’t eat all that alone in one sitting.

19- Bottling a Memory

Taking a day off work to spend time out with the family is one of the best surprises anyone can get. It’s not every day that we get to shirk our responsibilities in favor of having fun, so we make sure to take pictures to remember the fond times.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ theAlexanderjohn

This young had a surprise photography session with his family and that made his day. However, while everyone had their hands up in the air, the dog had something else to deal with. We’re sure this picture left a long-term impression. 

20- A Terrific Surprise

Many people love to surprise their significant other with a trip to a place they always have wanted to visit. This time around, the person wanted to go on an African Safari, and they got it. However, the trip wasn’t the only surprise they got. 

Image courtesy of bbc.com / David Horsey

During their trip, a cheetah jumped into their car, which was exciting and terrific at the same time. Seeing wild animals is a common phenomenon when you’re on a trip to Africa, but the encounters aren’t usually that close. Let’s hope that the cheetah only came to say hi. 

21- Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. It’s a day to specifically appreciate, remember, and celebrate one’s lover. People exchange gifts, renew their vows, and send love letters to their partners on this day. Even though the date varies from country to country, the sentiment remains the same.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ Chopped_broccoli

As a symbol of love, gifts in the shape of a heart are a common theme on Valentine’s Day. Like this person who ordered a heart-shaped pizza to celebrate. What a great attempt, and a great sense of humor to write inside the box.

22- The Work of a Sparkler Candle

Helping your grandma plan a birthday party is very fulfilling. You get to appreciate the fact that she lived through another year despite the health scares. You also get to see the immense joy on her face as she celebrates. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ BMC1969

This grandma got a surprise birthday party from her children. They made a beautiful cake and attire for her, which made her day. The greatest surprise came when she discovered that they also put sparkler candles on the cake. It looks more like a mini-fireworks display.

23- A Terrific Prank

Looking out of your window in an airplane and seeing someone holding a note that “I was your pilot” is undoubtedly an expensive joke and heart-stopping surprise. It could make the victim breathless and confused. Some would even panic and become restless.

Image courtesy of twitter.com/Kittlechip

Whoever saw this surely had a moment of panic before realizing that the plane hadn’t shifted dangerously. We’re not sure if it was a retired pilot, or an adrenaline junkie having a few good laughts. Either way, it was a very creative joke.

24- Two Gifts in One

In the history of nice gestures and surprises, this has to go down as one of the most memorable and unique. This guy went out to get food for his girlfriend and came back with more than he set out for.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/lanithebug

He came back with a beautiful and fluffy kitten. It’s two gifts in one for the girl and a surprise for her and the cat. The cat suddenly has a new owner, and the girl now has a companion the next time he goes out for groceries.

25- Pokémon love

Staying with someone for a long period allows you to have an insight into their interests, favorite things, and pet peeves. As a partner, you can use this information to impress and set up surprise packages for your significant other. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/ vasatchi

This girl knew the depth of love her partner had for Pokémon. So, what better birthday gift could there be than a Pokémon-themed pizza, complete with a cheesy message stating her love. She even dressed up to match the sweet treat!

26- Plot Twist

One’s wedding day remains undefeated as the most anticipated event of one’s life. Even if you plan every little detail, it’s never guaranteed that everything will go according to plan. Instead of a happy memory, one’s wedding could lead to the exact opposite. 

Image courtesy of pawelbebenca_photography/Instagram

This wedding was meant to be a happy one, everything was fine until the pastor asked if there was anyone against the union of the couple. Not one, not two, but three hands were up in the air, leaving everyone in shock. 

27- The Surprisingly Big Fish

Fishing is a popular activity for sport or for leisure. Some enjoy it as a time to spend outdoors and bonding with loved ones. This grandma decided to take her grandson fishing but she never expected to catch a fish let alone a big one. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Beezy8d5

The look on their faces pretty much explains the whole situation. Grandma has been fishing in that lake for over ten years and hasn’t caught a fish until now. To her surprise, she hooked a large fish. Maybe it was making up for all of the years reeling in seaweed.

28- A Very Happy Long Distance Birthday 

People who frequently travel around the world for work often end up spending their birthday away from home, and this story is one of those scenarios. These folks decided to celebrate the 30th birthday of their son who is away for work. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Jojonaanu

He couldn’t make it home in time for his own birthday and his parents decided to surprise him by inviting his friends over to celebrate his birthday on a video call. For them to do this surely he’s a jolly good fellow.

29- The One They Always Wanted

Adopting a child is one of the most selfless acts anyone can do. The parents are giving a loving home to someone who, for some reason or another, was left without. However, most people still find it difficult to adopt a child out of fear the child won’t love them back. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/r/pics

This couple saw Amy and they knew right away she was the one they wanted to be their daughter. Surprisingly, Amy went to them first before she was even chosen, asking them to carry her. The couple was more than happy to oblige.

30- The Lost Benchpress

Ever heard of spring cleaning? It’s that time of the year when you clean your house and get rid of unwanted stuff. Naturally, you’ll find a lot of things you don’t need anymore, but you’ll also find things you didn’t think existed. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/r/worldnews

This man here was doing spring cleaning when he surprisingly discovered this long-lost old benchpress that has been in his family for years. It’s not every day you find in your home an item that is much older than you.

31- New Friends

Just like how we can’t seem to get along with some people, the same applies to animals. Cat and dogs are known to be sworn enemies. We’ve seen this in movies and TV shows, like the famous duo Tom & Jerry.

Image courtesy of Reddit/thegandalfoflacrosse

The owner of these two was prepared for war the moment he put them together in the same room, but to his surprise he couldn’t be more wrong. They got along together and didn’t even mind posing for the camera.

32- Look Who Made It

With high-quality cameras on all of our phones, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is trying to be a model. And we’re not talking about Instagram models. This girl spent years doing photoshoots at various brands to make some extra cash. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Zabsgabsdabs

She certainly never considered herself a top model until she got a call from a friend telling her that she saw a picture of her downtown in New York City. She was so happy that she went there and took loads of photos.

33- Scratching off his Bucket List

We all have a list of things we hope to do before we get to that age when things get too boring or difficult for us. For this guy here, it’s a trip to the Himalayas, to see the mountains and waterfalls. 

Image courtesy of rxricks/Reddit

This is by far the best birthday gift he could ever hope for. He never expected to be going on such an expedition so early in the year. From putting up posters of mountains in his room to being there live taking pictures.

34- Surprising Grandma

Look who decided to pay grandma a surprise visit for her 80th birthday. It’s quite common to find kids who don’t like their parents, but it’s uncommon to find one who doesn’t like their grandparents, especially their grandmother. This pair certainly gets along.

Image courtesy of Sportinal.com

One of the joys of getting old is getting to see your grandchildren running around the house everywhere. Getting old has a lot of perks but the happiness on her face as she saw her grandson is arguably the best part of being old.

35- Family Reunion

This man here had a lot of fun while he was young, perhaps a bit too much. It certainly caught up with him 30 years later when he surprisingly found out he had a son with one of his old flames. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/r/pics

Just like a responsible father, he decided to meet his son for a little family reunion. He didn’t need the help of DNA tests to confirm it was his son; he saw the resemblance the moment he set his eyes on him.  

36- The Big Question

Asking the love of your life to spend forever with you is one of the biggest days of one’s life. A lot of thought and planning must have gone into it because it’s a moment you want to capture forever. 

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This guy took his girlfriend to the top of a hill, her favorite place to be, and popped the big question. It was one of the most impressive things he had ever done in his life. She was moved to tears.

37- Running it Back

Even after many years of marriage, this man is still putting in the work. He created a much-needed spark to his marriage by reminding his wife of the vows they made 20 years ago when they said “I do.” A true love story. 

Image courtesy of thepflanz/Reddit

Getting married is easy; staying married is the hard part. Despite the unstoppable hands of time, nothing much has changed for these two. They’re still as passionate as ever and are savoring every moment as if it’s their last. We love the back-to-back photos!

38- Proposing with the Stars

Have you ever imagined what will happen when two nerds fall in love? Well, this is it. Everything becomes complex and involves mathematical formulas or witty humor. Unless you have a high I.Q, it will be hard to keep up. 

Image courtesy of techeblog

Since they’re both nerds who love studying the stars, the guy decided to propose by setting up the big question in the telescope, knowing fully well she’ll have a look. It was quite touching and very impressive, even for a nerd. 

39- The Italian Job

There are different kinds of women in this world; as a man, you just need to figure out where your woman falls on the spectrum. While there are women who prefer a peaceful and quiet proposal, some want something they’ll never forget.

Image courtesy of brillio.net/NurRomdion

This man really pulled off the perfect proposal when he took his girlfriend on a trip to Venice, Italy. It was a place she had always wanted to go and impressively put up the famous four words on the bridge over the lake.

40- Needed a Little Help

Impressing people is an easy task when you know what they like and what their favorite activities are. This guy here knew his girlfriend loves dolphins, so he decided to employ the services of a dolphin to pop the big question. 

Image courtesy of glitterpu**ies/imgur

Just like in a movie, he called in his friends to direct the scenes for him by steering the dolphin toward him and his girlfriend at the right moment. It ended up being the perfect proposal, and she said, “YES.”

41- Love and Keyboards

This is quite surprising as we never thought someone in love would find such a creative use for a keyboard. This man here decided to do something no one has done before by proposing with a keyboard. Who would have thought?

Image courtesy of thechive.com

He had it planned with her colleagues by asking them to intentionally sabotage her keyboard so she would need a new one. He then sent her a newly customized one with the big question sitting pretty on it. Very impressive and creative.

42- The Art of Proposing 

Some people believe there is art in everything. We can boldly tell you that they’re not wrong; it’s just about perspective. While the proposal may be the focal point of display, the art and effort put into this is just as visible. 

Image courtesy of brillio.net/NurRomdion

The man knew his girlfriend loved going to the beach, so he put 2+2 together and decided he would propose in her favorite place in the world. He also went the extra mile of preparing the question with sand in artistic terms.