40 Photos That Truly Capture The Essence Of What The Slang “Absolute Unit” Means

By Larissa C June 26, 2022

Not everyone knows what the slang “absolute unit” stands for — but the meaning is pretty straightforward. Do you know when you see pictures of things that are way larger than the average? Well, that’s what the internet calls an ‘absolute unit.’ 

For instance, a giant cat is considered an absolute unit because it is larger than the average cat. And because we know how interesting it is to look at things from this absolute unit perspective and ponder how big they are, we prepared this article just for you.

Once you glance at these images, your mind will feel twisted. And while you might even think that some of the photos are edited, keep in mind that, firstly, that’s no fun. And second, none of the following absolute units are fake — they’re actually that large in real life. Let us stop rambling and job into 40 absolutely massive units that will blow your mind!

How to win a vegetable contest!

If your town is holding a vegetable contest, you should certainly take notes from this guy. He somehow managed to grow this absolutely huge cabbage that weighs almost 70 pounds! And we bet he must’ve won whatever competition he was participating in.

Image courtesy of Ukherewegrow/Reddit

In case you’re wondering, it took this man an entire year to grow this colossal cabbage. It’s no secret that it takes a lot of dedication, time, and patience to grow something like this. Now, his next challenge is eating that whole thing before it goes bad!

He makes it look like a toy

Some sports require athletes to have more muscular builds, like basketball. We mean, does it get any sturdier than Shaq? Our favorite giant player might have some competition if we’re talking about Hafthor Bjornsson, a professional strongman from Iceland. Check out how big he is…

Image courtesy of SamHe33/Reddit

Can you believe that this man is only 33 years old? The woman sitting next to him is his wife, and you can understand how much larger he is. If you look at their hands, you’ll also notice the difference in size. While Kelsey needs to hold her mug with both hands, Hafthor only needs two fingers!

That’s food for the whole year!

There are things in life that need no explanation — but when you look at this next photo, you will certainly wish that someone would explain how the heck this cow got so big. One thing is for sure: that’s enough meat to feed the entire family for a year!

Image courtesy of Zert420/Reddit

Believe it or not, this giant cow stands at over six feet tall. That’s over 182 cm, if you’re wondering. We have no idea how much it weighs, but we are confident that she’s heavy enough to release half of the atmosphere’s methane gas!

What a great boy!

Owning a large dog is a privilege that only house owners get to enjoy. You can’t exactly grow a large dog in an apartment, and not just because of the rules imposed by your landlord. Growing up a big dog in such a small space is not healthy, especially if it is as big as this one:

Image courtesy of RosenpugTrashDog/Reddit

This is certainly one of the largest dogs we’ve ever seen. And judging by the man’s face, it is probably the largest dog he’s ever seen as well. From this angle, it even looks like the dog is larger than the man, which is impossible. Right?

Imagine riding his horse!

Horses have been around for centuries, so it’s not surprising that soldiers needed them during wars. Back when cars didn’t exist, they were literally the only means of transportation (aside from trains). Imagine riding this horse, though. You would be the talk of the town!

Image courtesy of Shalamarr/Reddit

This picture is not edited. This is an Ardennes horse, a breed that is known for its thick legs and heavy bones. Riding this sturdy horse would undoubtedly make you look cool in front of your friends. However, it would cost you over $5,000 to buy one of these!

The fattest of them all!

While parents shouldn’t let their house pets get so fat, we must admit that overweight cats and dogs are simply too adorable. And this giant cat, whose name is Fat Fred, should receive a trophy for his cuteness!

Image courtesy of favorite_of_satan/Reddit

Judging by all the information the owners provided, many people must have thought that Fred was a pregnant lady. Turns out that he’s just a regular male cat (who’s on a diet that’s clearly not working) who happens to be much larger than his frisky friends!

Absolute units in the making!

If we are talking about sturdy animals, we can’t leave Pitbulls out of the list. This breed has some of the sturdiest-looking dogs you’ll ever see, no matter if they’re adults or if they’re still babies. Want proof? Here it is.

Image courtesy of Deathlysin/Reddit

The dad is unarguably a chonky boy — and it’s pretty clear that his kids are going to follow that same path. They might be tiny right now, but they already have that imposing stance. Maybe they should be called ‘absolutely tiny (and adorable) units!’

No complaining about the food

While most people associate bulky men with rough and raw things, like wrestling, the truth is that not all sturdy men are like that. Some men enjoy other types of activities that don’t require a lot of roughness but some gentleness instead.

Image courtesy of jab116/Reddit

Cooking as a profession might be pretty chaotic (we’ve all watched Masterchef at some point), but it is not the career you’d expect a man this large to follow. This is Andre Rush, a former Chef for the White House. One thing is certain: no one dares to complain about his food!

The king of the species!

Everyone knows that wombats aren’t exactly small. These cute animals rarely get larger than 70 cm in length once they reach adulthood, but this next guy certainly missed that memo. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was considered the largest of the species.

Image courtesy of a_whole_lemon/Reddit

As you can see, this is one mighty wombat. While we don’t know its exact measurements for sure, we can tell that this animal is much larger than its fellow wombats. See how much larger he is than the woman? And she must be pretty strong if she can hold him like that!

Imagine getting scratched by this cat!

Unlike dogs, cats tend to enjoy some pretty absurd games. Because of their reflexes, they can easily scratch their owners when they are playing, and there’s really nothing you can do about that. Now, imagine getting scratched by this guy.

Image courtesy of Papkin36/Reddit

This majestic guy is a Maine Coon cat, and they can grow as big as 16 inches tall and 40 inches in length. That’s almost the same height as a 5-year-old kid, so you can guess just how big these cats are in real life.

Just how fast the night changes!

It’s kind of crazy to think about how fast time is moving these days. It almost feels like each blink of the eye skips a day or two. Next thing we know, the whole year has gone by, and we’re starting a new one all over again!

Image courtesy of Fhoxyd22/Reddit

And that’s certainly how the owner of these adorable pets felt. One day, his Husky was just a tiny baby, and then suddenly, he’s the big guy of the house. As you can see by this picture, he’s grown into such a hefty dog that he’s outgrown his playpen gate!

The cutest bun!

If you feed your pets gigantic meals, they’re bound to become overweight. But there are some breeds that happen to be naturally built for that. Or, at least that’s what we hoped for when we first saw this next cat.

Image courtesy of A-tamed-impala/Reddit

We know that it’s probably not healthy for this cat to be this overweight (unless he’s naturally meant to be this big), but he’s so adorable! We mean, look at that perfectly round face! It must take some effort for one to hold this cat in their arms, but it’s certainly worth it.

That’s dedication!

Unless your religion doesn’t celebrate this holiday, you probably love Christmas. Some people have no limits when it comes to decorating their homes. You’ve probably even heard of neighbors who’ve competed to see who has the jolliest of decorations.

Image courtesy of Sir-Airik/Reddit

We bet everyone gave up on their “build a snowman contest” once they saw this giant snow bear. But we hope that they also recognize that this family deserves kudos for all the time and effort they put into building this absolute unit of a “snowman!”

So that’s the secret, huh?

Let’s face it: the truth is that we all want to have ripped bodies, but none of us wants to work hard to accomplish this goal. Well, some of us manage to gather the energy to go to the gym — but we wish that there was a magical way of losing weight and gaining muscles!

Image courtesy of benilla/Reddit

This man is clearly one of those people who go to the gym (probably on a daily basis) and works out hard to stay ripped. And he’s so tall that he makes this restaurant’s employees look like children! We wish McDonald’s was actually the secret to that body!

Do you have something to say to me?

Halloween is a significant event for American culture, that’s for sure. Most people decorate their homes for this occasion, and the very symbol of Halloween is the Jack-O-Lantern. Imagine scoring three beautiful pumpkins to decorate, to find they disappeared the following day.

Image courtesy of ElizabethDangit/Reddit

Well, it seems like this guy could be the culprit. We mean, look at how sturdy this squirrel is! And judging by that hole in the pumpkin, he went to work on it. Someone even said that the squirrel had already eaten through three different pumpkins — no wonder he’s so large!

Let’s hope he won’t jump on her

If you’re a dog owner, you know just how excited they get every time you come home. Whether you’ve been out the whole day or if you just went on a five-minute walk, your dog probably gets way too energetic the second you walk through the door.

Image courtesy of BufordTeeJustice/Reddit

But if your dog is from a large breed, you know the feeling of a giant dog jumping on you. Now, imagine getting jumped at by this gigantic Saint Bernard! He’s clearly much bigger than his vet, so let’s hope he won’t try to jump on her!

Caught in the act!

Some places are naturally safer than others when it comes to crime rates, and the person who took the photo below thought that their town was considered a safe place. Turns out that his boat wasn’t well guarded at the dock.

Image courtesy of islandofwaffles/Reddit

The interesting thing about the “crime scene” is that the two giant seals stoles his boat! They’re so massive that the boat is literally sinking. We wonder what made these two animals commit boat theft — but it certainly looks like they don’t regret it at all!

He must be so uncomfy!

Traveling by airplane is not always the most positive experience. Depending on how long your flight is, you might feel physical pain in your seat after a while, especially considering that plane seats are not necessarily the most comfortable seats in the world.

Image courtesy of pegi3/Reddit

And if regular-sized people find it uncomfortable to remain seated for long flights, imagine how this dude must feel. He’s probably just as tall and bulky as the other guy we saw (the one at McDonald’s), so we have no idea how he manages to travel economy!

That’s actually pretty scary!

If you happen to come across peculiar videos, there will always be one person or two that comments on how the video must have been recorded in either Florida or Australia. That’s because these two places are known to be homes of some bizarre creatures.

Image courtesy of kaiirii/Reddit

For instance, someone spotted this giant lizard climbing over a gate in Australia. And even if the residents of this country are probably used to sights like these, this person must’ve certainly been scared to catch this creepy lizard trying to break into their house!

What is that even for?

Do you know when you see something so unusual that you don’t even know what exactly you are seeing? Well, that is precisely how we felt when we saw this picture below. Never before had we seen tires so colossal!

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

It is hard to tell what type of vehicle needs such large tires. They look bigger than monster truck tires, so what exactly are they for? These absolute units are so large that we wouldn’t be surprised if one couldn’t climb out after jumping inside!

You can fit the whole family!

One of the very first things that adults purchase once they move to a new home is a comfy bed. There’s nothing like lying on a comfortable bed after a hard day’s work. And there’s no joy in having a small bed, or at least, that’s what this woman thought.

Image courtesy of Kosmonoetos/Reddit

We wouldn’t be surprised if that bed alone is bigger than an apartment’s living room. It also would not be surprising if this woman could fit her entire family in that bed — and there would still be space left, probably!

Can you eat this?

Thousands of restaurants exist worldwide, which is why restaurant owners must come up with new and exciting ways to attract new customers. For instance, Karen’s Diner switched things up by hiring hilarious rude staff (though it’s all an act). And this café decided to create these pancakes.

Image courtesy of Anonymous-Latina/Reddit

Now, that’s what we call an absolute unit. Each one of those pancakes probably weighs a pound, if not more. And we find it very difficult to believe that anyone can have more than one of those. In fact, we find it hard to believe that someone can even eat one!

He skipped leg day!

What would you do if you were driving by an alley and caught a bunch of boars rummaging through some dumpsters? We would certainly scramble from that location as far as we could — but this guy decided to stop and take in the moment.

Image courtesy of alotofbeer/Reddit

The boar that is standing on its feet is so big that it looks like it came straight out of a video game. It does look like a boss, doesn’t it? We have to admit that it’s kind of funny how its legs are so skinny. Seems like someone skipped leg day at the gym!

Straight out of a radioactive crop!

You’ve probably seen jokes about creepy things as a result of radioactive shenanigans. While excessive radiation does have some weird effects on things, most people on the internet are merely joking around. But this carrot kinda looks like it’s radioactive.

Image courtesy of Idontlikejokes/Reddit

Someone said that this carrot must have been reaped from a crop in Chernobyl, and we wouldn’t be shocked if that were true. This looks like a carrot overlord, and we fear that it will try to take control over humanity! Nah, we’re just kidding. We’d actually love to eat this carrot!


We all know how some mushrooms can cause people to hallucinate, and this next one might just be the king of all mushrooms. If this were a hallucinogenic mushroom, whoever ends up eating it would certainly have the time of their lives.

Image courtesy of Kagia001/Reddit

How does a mushroom get that big? And how did the homeowners never notice this massive mushroom growing in their backyard? We have so many questions for the person who took this photo! It’s so massive that someone even said it should be called a “mushmansion.” Get it?

The cutest borb!

If you have no idea what the word “borb” means in popular culture, we’re here to help you expand your vocabulary horizon. A borb is simply a bird that is too round. In other words, it’s a fat bird. 

Image courtesy of dakotaraptors/Reddit

And the bird in the picture above definitely matches the description of a borb. In general, borbs are absolute units — but this one stands out because it is just a baby. This bird is only a few weeks old, and it is already this fat! We wonder what it will look like in a few months.


There is no cat in this world that is more famous than Garfield. He might be just a cartoon, but this cat is recognized by people from all over the globe. And we wonder if this next cat gets compared to the cartoon very often.

Image courtesy of The_Butt_Crumpler/Reddit

You can’t deny the resemblance! Both Garfield and this cat are orange, sturdy, and make us want to hug them tight! This adorable cat could easily portray Garfield in a live-action or biopic about the world’s most loved cat. 


This next photo really displays how far the gaming world has come. We honestly remember every generation of PlayStation. When we see this, we honestly wonder how far they will go. Will they decide to go the opposite direction and get smaller again?

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

It’s the holy trinity of gaming in one picture. For real, though, the PS5 is almost double the size of the console that came before. We are confident that the creators are already working on the PS6, and we truly have no idea where it could go!

Imagine breaking into this house!

In comedy movies, there’s always a scene where a bad guy (or a clumsy guy) breaks into someone’s house and is faced with large dogs waiting to attack. Well, you can definitely recreate one of these iconic scenes if you break into this couple’s house.

Image courtesy of sshtriplea/Reddit

If you do that, you’ll find these two not-so-little guys staring at you. These dogs are so sturdy that they remind us of hellhounds. Though we have to say that maybe even the demons themselves would fear these two dogs!

That’s a gut-wrenchingly large wrench!

This entire article is about people, animals, and things that are much larger than average. You’d think that, at this point, we’ve already gotten used to these pictures. But this next image is here to prove that you never truly get used to ‘absolute units.’

Image courtesy of ToMeK2468_/Reddit

When we saw those giant tires, we wondered what type of vehicle required them. Now, we are wondering what type of machine needs such a large wrench! We’d say this is fake — if it weren’t for the fact that the blood circulation in this person’s hand is restrained due to its massive weight!

He’s so adorable!

We have already introduced you to the term “borb,” but now it is time to teach you a different term. Have you ever heard of a “lorb?” It’s an overweight lizard! Well, this word doesn’t really exist, but if it did, it certainly would describe this next fella.

Image courtesy of Wow_wut_is_this/Reddit

How does a lizard get that round? We have no idea. What we do know is that it is adorable, and if you give it a tiny hat and a pair of round eyeglasses, the lizard is going to look like a very wise elder!

Great hair day

No matter how much we may try to keep our hair glamorous every day, there are some days that we can’t do anything about it. And it’s even worse to know that some people don’t seem to have a single bad hair day in their lives.

Image courtesy of the_thinkerer/Reddit

This dude, for instance, is clearly pleased with his hair. And it’s not even because his hair looks amazing — it’s because he barely has to lift a finger to get his hair to look this cool. It’s really unfair how some people have it so easy!

He’s fit for his job

When celebrities become global superstars, there are many things they gain and many things they lose. And one thing that they lose is their privacy and sometimes the right to walk anywhere without being stopped by a crowd of fans.

Image courtesy of enigma439

In order to avoid getting involved in altercations, celebrities need a private bodyguard. And as you can see, Kendrick Lamar made sure to get the biggest one of them all! We’d like to see someone try to bypass that absolute unit of a man.

That’s bigger than my cat!

When we think of New York City, we think of all the glamour, beauty, and flashy lights of this amazing city. Indeed, there’s no denying that it is simply an amazing place. But this doesn’t mean that the Big Apple doesn’t have its flaws.

Image courtesy of twillitup/Reddit

Ask anyone who lives in New York City, and they’ll tell you all about its rat situation. It’s not difficult to spot a rat or two walking down the streets of the Concrete Jungle. While they’re usually regular-sized rats running around, sometimes they come in these absurd sizes.

Say cheese!

Nature is amazing, but we have to admit that it can be scary sometimes. For instance, think of the depths of the ocean. It’s incredible to imagine that such an amazing place exists, but it’s also scary to think of all the creatures that are lurking down there.

Image courtesy of -DongleBerries-/Reddit

And we can say the exact same thing about the surface. We mean, you can’t help but feel scared when you see a boar this large. Though we have to admit that this extra-large animal does look kind of cute because it’s smiling!

They all look big to me!

Because we are talking about large and scary animals, here goes another one. For most people, the only place where they’ll see a crocodile is at the zoo — and we can’t emphasize enough how happy we are with that.

Image courtesy of GulleGozer/Reddit

We mean, imagine coming across one of these in a place where there are no safety barriers separating the two of you! This absolute unit of an animal is so big that it even looks like he might have swallowed one of his smaller friends!

No, thank you!

When we think of pets, cats and dogs are the two animals that immediately come to mind. However, not everyone settles (or wants, really) for animals that they consider conventional pets. Instead, some people prefer to raise a tarantula, for instance.

Image courtesy of Sonny and Cher Reticulated Pythons/YouTube

And it’s clear that this family won’t be settling for a dog or a cat anytime soon. Not with that gigantic snake at home. It’s amazing to see how calm that little girl is even though there’s a literal snake sitting on her lap!

The cutest of all time!

When animals live at the zoo or are bred in captivity, they undergo a series of exams to make sure that they’re doing fine in terms of physical health. One of the things they have to do is get their weight checked constantly.

Image courtesy of ringed_seal/Reddit

Unlike humans, who run for the hills at the mere mention of a scale, this seal is obviously elated to get its weight checked. We truly wish we were that excited when our doctor checked our weight! Can’t say that’s the case…

They really meant it!

To be honest, who doesn’t love Oreo sandwiches? Even if you don’t like them now, there must have been a point in your life when you loved them. And it seems like the company behind these delicious cookies is still coming up with new ideas.

Image courtesy of lemonkitty/Reddit

They said, “most stuff ever,” and really delivered it. We must confess that we’ve never seen such a large Oreo before, and we have no idea how anyone can eat all of that and not feel sick later!

He’s just chilling!

To finish off this article with a smile, we might have just found the cutest seal ever. He was chilling in his home — the ocean — and somebody captured this cute moment. But it’s really interesting to notice how big this seal is.

Image courtesy of Julia526/Reddit

If you don’t know much about seals, all you need to know is that this is a baby, and it is much larger than the other babies in the ocean. It has its belly up, and it’s really cute to think that maybe it is waiting for someone to pet it!