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How Building a Great Relationship With My Kid Has Helped Me

While growing up, many of us couldn’t enjoy quality time with our parents. This does not mean our parents never cared about us; it just didn’t occur to them that they could have that level of relationship with their children.

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Over the past weekend, my daughter and I spent some time outside searching for mushrooms. It was a fantastic experience for us since it was the first time since her mom and I had her that we had that kind of adventure. We found many different types of mushrooms; of course, we were looking for edible ones, so we picked them after confirming their edibility using the mushroom-identification app.

She was enjoying the moment, so I decided to take the experience to another level. I pointed at some plants and asked her to name them. Well, I wasn’t expecting her to know many of them, but she managed to get a few names correct.

Her incredible intelligence reminded me of how I promised never to toy with the personal growth of my children. My daughter is just 5, but I envy how she has grown mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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I think the secrets to her incredible personal growth are my relationship with her and my relentless effort to impart knowledge and discipline at every opportunity I have. Surprisingly, this has also helped me grow. At times, we would learn a skill together so that I can watch and monitor her growth. The more I do this with her, the more I improve personally.

As a result of my experience with my daughter, I strongly believe every father can build the same relationship with their children and watch them grow the right way.