Günther Krabbenhöft: A Century-Old Stud With Impeccable Fashion Sense

By Peter C

One of the most commonly held beliefs is that our sense of fashion fades as we grow older. The same way people change with time, fashion also changes with time, making it difficult for older people to catch fashion trends.

Image credit: sueddeutsche.de

However, Günther Krabbenhöft, who has lived more than a century on this earth, has proven fashion can be timeless if individuals can stick to wearing what makes them look special.

Günther Krabbenhöft became an internet sensation when a German fashion blog Schickaa interviewed and photographed him in Berlin. Ordinarily, a city filled with a lot of hipsters like Berlin would not have been so thrilled if it was a younger person.

For someone his age, Krabbenhöft’s lifestyles and his taste for partying are some of the things that set him apart from other older people. He likes spending his free time going to clubs, dancing to melodious songs. Apart from being a fashionista, seeing someone his age hitting the gym regularly is something that sounds quite unusual.

While he has been able to create a perfect style for himself, you will most likely see him appearing in narrowed pants, hats, jeans, and shirts.

Image credit: livemaster.com

For someone who spent nearly 50 years of his life working as a cook and raising his daughter, this looks more like a good retirement plan for him.

All he does now is getting featured in fashion magazines, growing his fan base on Facebook and other social media, and turning himself into a special figure in the fashion world, especially in Germany.