45 Texts That Show Men And Women Are Definitely From Different Planets

By Aakash M

Relationships are indeed pretty challenging to handle and maintain. We get you. It becomes complicated because both people in the partnership have different opinions, moods, and methods of thinking. The truth is that you’ll definitely run into some bugs every now and then. However, the key is to work things out. Communication is key, but remembering that men and women communicate differently is even more essential. Understand that sometimes things go south for a little while and you might argue, but what matters is that you are still there for each other. However, here are 45 text messages showing the colossal difference between the logic in males and females. As they say, men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

1. Trap

People don’t like mixed messages mainly because they are very confusing, and the signals are pretty weak, as they don’t give an honest view into the person’s mind. For example, people often take messages at face value. Texts don’t have an easily decipherable tone.

Image Credits: fizkes / Shutterstock

This screenshot is something that many boys have witnessed. But, we must say that Alice’s partner walked right into that trap. Honestly, she should have said that she is mad at her partner instead of saying no then lashing out at him. But, we don’t know what happened, so we’d better not meddle.

2. Laundry invitation

Here is a situation that starts as a string of fun texts (not pictured), but things take a turn, and now it’s all different. After looking at this image, we can see that the wife knew how to get her point across.

Image Credits: Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock

Any husband will start thinking a lot of things (if you know what we mean) after reading the first text from his wife. But, it all goes down to 0 after reading the second text. Kudos to the wife for finding an innovative way to address an issue.

3. Healthy reassurance

Reassurance is vital for relationships. People require it from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with it. So, even when the signs are apparent, there is no harm in telling your partner that you love them. It feels good to hear!

Image Credits: Branislav Nenin / Shutterstock

Bunny is indeed a pretty understanding person. He gave her reassurance in the most beautiful way possible, and it must have made his partner really happy. We love that he gave her the same answer Golda had in Fiddler On the Roof.

4. Unhealthy reassurance

As we mentioned above, sometimes, we all want reassurance in the form of our partners telling us that they love us. Sadly, you won’t always get a reply like Bunny’s partner did. Take a look to know what happened here.

Image Credits: Sergii Gnatiuk / Shutterstock

This moment would’ve been pretty bad for Alex’s partner. She was only looking for some reassurance when she was introduced to the groundbreaking reality. We do feel bad for her, and we hope things get better with time. Men, amiright?

5. Trick questions

When your feelings aren’t clear, responding to a compliment can be difficult, especially if it’s coming from the same person for whom you have mixed feelings. It can also be difficult other times, because what can you do when someone is constantly praising you?

Image Credits: fizkes / Shutterstock

This screenshot is the perfect example of what we were talking about earlier. It’s pretty hard for the girl to reply in such scenarios. What’s worse is that you never know if the person is actually praising you or if he has ulterior motives.

6. Intelligent Betty

You should always take your time to thoroughly get to know a person instead of jumping into things. It’s because when you’re in that phase, there are many things about that person that you are unaware of. Things like middle names might be discovered down the line.

Image Credits: Asier Romero / Shutterstock

Betty pretty much dodged a bullet, and we must say that she’s pretty smooth. That’s a heck of a way to avoid the awkward “Where do you live?” question. Boys must also learn from this image because you have to be able to pick up on hints like these.

7. Bubbly romance

Romance is highly essential if you want to maintain the spark in your relationship. It is necessary because it makes your partner feel loved, just the way you feel loved when your love makes special gestures. It doesn’t even have to be anything big.

Image Credits: yaplakal.com

We know it’s a joke, and these texts show how tempting it is to tease your beloved. However, these jokes don’t often receive the best response. We wonder what happened when the lady came back home. Judging by how far the husband went, she probably laughed.

8. Everything is Wrong Here

In a relationship, we all know there are specific texts that we never want to receive. “We need to talk” certainly shoots to the top of the list. We know what happens once you get that message. Here’s one direction it can go.

Image Credits: Banana Oil / Shutterstock

Well, this person received the worst message, the breakup text, but she never knew that there could be something worse. Neither did we! But, her man texted saying that it wasn’t meant for her! What could be worse? We’re sure that relationship ended.

9. Help!

We all need help sometimes, no matter how small. It could be helping something through a devastating breakup or simply opening a jar for them. One of the great things about being human is the connections we make with each other.

Image Credits: nairaland.com

This person sent a pretty wholesome text to their better half, saying that they realize how much the other person means to them. It developed into a pretty cute moment. Is it just us, or do you also feel like the recipient expected something like this?

10. Complementary ideas

Almost every couple reaches crossroads in their relationship when they repeatedly misunderstand and miscommunicate with each other. But, there is something different here since this couple seems to have complementary ideas. 

Image Credits: fizkes / Shutterstock

It looks like they are simply adding to what the other person has to say. It seems like it was a sleep date or a movie night. But the husband took it a step further with his fort idea. We hope they went for it!

11. Delightfully bad news

Like people don’t want to receive specific texts, certain texts make your brain explode with curiosity. When someone says they have both good news and bad news for you, you need an answer right away. It simply can’t wait until later!

Image Credits: keikobear / Imgur

Good news is pretty great, but who wants to hear bad news? But this text has to be the cutest text ever. What a great way of saying that you just brought a cute puppy! We’re sure that the person must have loved this “bad” news.

12. Motive?

These days, people often photo-chat with each other. The more the relationship builds, the more personal the photos get (and yes, we mean bathroom selfies). It’s great. What’s wrong with sending a picture to your bae anytime you want to?

Image Credits: vestniktm.com

This person is savage. He literally sent the same pic to his partner again because she asked for another one. We can’t understand if he is making fun of her. Is he playing dumb, or is he that dumb? Either way, we got a laugh out of it!

13. Disadvantages of texting

Although we believe face-to-face is still better, texts are excellent when you want to share short messages about your feelings, especially when you’re away. We believe in-person conversations can help you have an in-depth discussion without the tone confusion that comes with texts.

Image Credits: Tiko Aramyan / Shutterstock

The biggest con of texting is that you can’t understand the tone of the person you’re conversing with. Thus, it leads to disagreements, arguments, misunderstandings, and miscommunication. And sometimes, we want to be petty and stay mad, so we do what Darling did.

14. Not a happy couple

While arguing with your beloved, there are a lot of times when someone throws gas on the fire by bringing up past issues or mistakes. Please take a look at this screenshot to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

Image Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

Woah, now that’s what we call a heated argument. What’s worse is that all of it is happening on text, which isn’t healthy since these things should be face-to-face. However, Bunny’s partner was clearly giving her the exact reasons she’d probably told him a million times.

15. Humiliated

There are certain things that some people purposefully do to annoy somebody else. It’s actually quite fun. The best way to do that would be to copy the texts your partner is sending, just like we did with our siblings as kids.

Image Credits: Roman Kosolapov / Shutterstock

Christy found a great way to break the chain and not copy the guy after he typed an “I love you.” However, tough luck for the boy since his attempt went in vain. He must be wondering what would have happened if he had simply let her copy him instead of taking a weird step.

16. Catwoman, not the one from DC

A relationship is actually full of tricky moments. There are numerous mistakes even in the healthiest relationships because people still end up doing things that their partners dislike. It’s natural, so you don’t need to worry about it. We’re human!

Image Credits: DC Comics / digigtalspy.com

This text from Jennifer shows a couple-argument with high precision. The argument often starts with a complaint, and the victim replies with a counter-question or sentence which is equally harsh. And, the cycle goes on. We like her answer here, honestly.

17. Nice try

If you are trying to help someone out, you would know that there are a lot of hurdles in the way that you need to go through. For example, what would you do if you have a missing phone and you need to return it to the owner?

Image Credits: Farknot Architect / Shutterstock

The attempt was great. This person found a phone and texted the phone owner’s lover. But, it seemed like the partner was busy since he thought his lover texted him, so he replied to the same person. It took us a while to decipher it ourselves.

18. Tough luck

According to experience, the best part of a relationship is after things begin, and you have to muster the guts and ask the person out. It’s quite an intense process that leaves you curious and wondering till you have an answer. We prefer the comfy part that comes with time.

Image Credits: Jacob_09 / Shutterstock

Well, it’s okay if the person decides never to ask anybody out again like she just mentioned above. Replies like these will obviously make you lose your trust over the whole asking-out situation. We can only wish the person better luck next time.

19. Now’s not the right time

There is indeed a time and place for everything, and changing the topic in the middle of an intense conversation or even joking around in that atmosphere is something that you shouldn’t do, at least for the sake of mutual respect.

Image Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

Although we can’t read correctly, it’s clear that these two were exchanging some pretty intense texts. It’s censored, but those are some long paragraphs. But, it looks like the other person has his priorities set. He simply wants to tell her about the towel sale.

20. Nobody wants to see that world

Celebrating their wedding by going on a honeymoon after it is great, but we believe it’s also the traditional choice. Overall, spending some alone time is great for couples. They get to relax after the stress of planning the wedding and all that.

Image Credits: nairaland.com

This person was talking to their better half about their honeymoon. But, it looks like their “Honey” came up with a money-saving plan and bought a bedsheet and some pillow covers with the world map. We don’t know what happened after, but we think it’s hilarious!

21. Corrections

When you are in a live-in relationship, you need to ensure that you’re working together and also maintaining the house together. There shouldn’t be an imbalance in the duties. Out of these things, the first thing to ensure is that there’s food on the table.

Image Credits: nadia_if / Shutterstock

Texts like these show that it is not as easy as it seems. Mark’s beloved was only trying to let him know that they ran out of cheese. Sadly, she got a somewhat frustrating reply from him. This must be an ongoing issue.

22. Romantic date

Weekends are when working partners get time to spend with each other. There are many ways to take advantage of it, but both partners need to agree on what they’ll do on the weekend. Maybe a movie? A picnic? Netflix marathon?

Image Credits: hofbraupizza.com

That’s quite a dilemma. One person just wants to chill out and have some pizza. On the other hand, the other person wants to have a romantic day out. But it looks like they could have a good thing going if they eat pizza in the rain and sing!

23. Spoiled it

Meeting your partner’s parents is an iconic moment in each relationship. You’re nervous, excited, anxious, and maybe a little nauseous. However, the goal is always the same in this case. We always try to impress our partner’s parents. We hope to know them for years to come, after all.

Image Credits: nada54 / Shutterstock

Well, Betty’s partner straight-up ruined things. On the other hand, it could also mean that he and his girlfriend are relaxed and have that kind of sarcastic relationship, and she laughed. They do say that couples that laugh together stay together.

24. Frustrating replies

There are times when we feel like being by ourselves. It could be due to any reason, and it could also be because we simply don’t feel like meeting that particular person. There’s nothing wrong with a little alone time.

Image Credits: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

Wow, the “beefy hide” part must have been a compliment for Billy because every guy likes it when somebody notices the gains he’s making. On the other hand, Billy’s partner’s anger is justified because “I can’t be bothered” is an awful reply, especially when she just wanted some equality time.

25. Sleep > everything

It is good to know someone’s sleep preferences before texting them. Their response will depend on how they feel about the late-night interruption. If you wake someone up, they will probably not be thrilled at all, so avoid it if it’s not urgent.

Image Credits: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

We think Lisa should cut some slack for her partner, as it is 3 in the morning, and it is okay if he is a bit indifferent when he is, you know, asleep. Also, the conversation can always wait for a few more hours because it’ll be the time when normal people are awake.

26. There’s a lot happening here

The best part of reading a couple texting each other is their language. It’s pretty unique, and it differs from couple to couple. But, there are some texts that other people simply cannot decode. Here is one such set. These people have their own secret language for sure.

Image Credits: Warpaint / Shutterstock

What’s unicorn blood? However, it shows how undecipherable couple chats are. For us, or any average person, we can’t be sure of what’s happening here. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty cute and hilarious, even though it’s confusing. We hope they figured out the detergent issue or whatever.

27. Chips!

There’s a particular time for romance. Although those in the honeymoon phase of a relationship won’t relate to it, we’d ask them to wait a while because they will. Also, when things aren’t quite right, it’s definitely the wrong time for romance.

Image Credits: AT Production / Shutterstock

For heaven’s sake, give the man some more chips! Sam’s partner looks to be in a romantic mood, but Sam is only in the mood for one thing: Chips. We got the message in the first text. We wonder how Sam’s partner didn’t understand.

28. Not so smooth

Those who understand metaphors, great. But you should know that not everybody can understand them, or have patience for them. It confuses things, especially when you don’t know that the person is trying to be poetic instead of direct.

Image Credits: robert_s / Shutterstock

We don’t know what’s going on in Max’s mind. Max’s friend was pretty smooth and romantic about his crush, unlike Max. Well, it takes all types to make up this crazy world, and we’re almost sure that Max was totally making fun of his friend.

29. What?

Our intuition says that this argument stemmed from a joke instead of coming from a serious issue. If that’s not the case, we believe that they might have some issues that need sorting out. Or that woman needs serious reassurance.

Image Credits: brightside.me

First of all, decoding this thread is problematic. We literally have to sit down and take notes to understand what’s happening here. What’s worse is that the conversation only gets more confusing. Helen and her partner, y’all need to chill out if this isn’t a joke.

30. Best way to ruin a moment

The couples who establish a delicate balance between humor and cuteness must be having the time of their lives in their relationships. Take a look at this couple, who was being quite adorable, at least in the beginning. Leave it to the guy!

Image Credits: girlterest.com

It looks like the man went straight from being a softie to PG-13. It took him no time to make that transition. However, the lady wanted the cuteness because everything else could wait, according to her. We’d say they’re doing alright.

31. Table turning

Complimenting each other, passing sweet comments, and just saying nice things to and about your partner is pretty cute. So, this person only wanted to be friendly and let the other person know how unique they were. Don’t we all want that?

Image Credits: brightside.me

The texts show that the plan didn’t work, and his partner backfired on him out of all things. Look how quickly the tables have turned. It pretty much feels like a joke, and we hope Irene is only playing with her partner.

32. Short and sweet

When you are meeting new people, and things start moving in the dating direction, it is essential to be clear about what you want from them. Things will deteriorate if you fail to do so. You will avoid the pain and awkwardness that comes later in the relationship when you do it.

Image Credits: kenary820 / Shutterstock

Matt took it seriously and clearly expressed his desire to meet what he considers a normal girl. But, it could be offensive for the other person. However, the girl responded equally well by bidding Matt goodbye and saying that she understood. What a gal.

33. Always take decisions in unison

These texts tell a lot. In a way, they depict the problems that many couples face at some point. But it also makes for a pretty good texting joke between partners! It’s harmless, but only if you take it that way.

Imaeg Credits: Khosro / Shutterstock

Mary’s partner must have come up with a way never to fight, which is never to argue. But, Mary has an incredible sense of humor (we hope) and made this great joke. Maybe she’s a lawyer, and her partner has lost one too many arguments.

34. What’s on Your Mind?

Let’s take a look at another example of texts that are on their way to becoming steamy. But, the person who destroyed the mood here was the same person who was trying to make the mood with their girlfriend in the first place.

Image Credits: Lonely Guineapig / Shutterstock

Boy, things were getting heated until he suddenly started talking about his car. That’s a great way to spoil a lovely and romantic mood. He took the “what else do you have in mind” question too seriously. Get that car checked, man.

35. Caught

Love is probably the best feeling in the world. But the worst feeling in the world is being betrayed by someone you love. Especially when that someone you love is as dumb as a box of rocks and can’t figure out how to switch text converasations.

Image Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

Alice, in this screenshot, found out that she wasn’t the only love of her partner’s life, that too in the worst way possible. It also looks like Mark copy-pasted the same message to all of his girlfriends but sent them all to Alice. Womp womp.

36. No hurries

Let’s face it. Sometimes, dates are stressful. Similarly, a difference in punctuality in an otherwise well-established relationship can be equally tricky. It is because people who are always on time expect others to be the same. And those who are always late, well, they don’t expect a lot.

Image Credits: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

Katie gave a pretty savage reply in the end. That’s also true because she would have obviously been ready that day. Also, we can say that her attitude could be why her partner was so frustrated by these texts. At least let the guy in and offer him some coffee too.

37. Sarcasm 101

People expect many things from their partners, but they don’t often note it down or let them know about it. These are low-key expectations. For instance, maybe you and your partner have an arrangement between you regarding who cleans, who cooks, etc.

Image Credits: Oleksandr Filatov / Shutterstock

So, Claire’s partner asked if she could cook, and Claire smartly turned it into a counter-question and asked if Claire’s partner could earn money. From the tone of sarcasm on both sides of the conversation, we can sense that this argument is a recurring one.

38. Priorities

Now, there are some things that you shouldn’t just say to people. If you tell your beloved that they are not feeling anything usually, that is an invitation for a fight. Take a look at this image if you don’t believe it.

Image Credits: And-One / Shutterstock

From the looks of it, this couple was simply arguing for a long time before reaching an impasse. Dan’s partner thought of telling Dan that he didn’t even feel anything. On the other hand, Dan gave a sarcastic reply and said that he felt something, which was hunger.

39. Humorous, but not needed

Even when your partner is all cute, cuddly, and understanding, there are certain times when you just feel that things aren’t working. Expressions of love hit you sideways, especially when you aren’t in the mood for it in the first place.

Image Credits: knight-shives.tumblr.com

Max’s partner needed more space when Max confessed his love for her. Well, Max understood it and added more spacing in the “I love you” text that he sent. Good job, Max. Great sense of humor. Maybe the next one will appreciate it more.

40. Where are you?

Sleeping with your partner is fantastic. However, when you are used to it, you also check on them and be alarmed when you wake up and don’t see them beside you. Here’s a tip. Simply start by asking if they’re home.

Image Credits: Stock-Asso / Shutterstock

Nancy’s partner probably forgot the location of where they were the previous night before sending the text. He was pretty curious to know Nancy’s whereabouts. But, it looks like she was equally interested to know about her partner’s whereabouts. Where was he?

41. Switching off the mood

Take a look at this image. Sarah, the person who initiated this conversation, expected a romantic response. We all can infer that much from the screenshot. Sadly, things took a weird turn; we don’t know how because “how” is more important than “why” here.

Image Credits: SpeedKingz / Shutterstock

Sarah’s question was pretty simple, guys, wasn’t it? We are wondering if the reply from Sarah’s partner was sarcastic or a mood spoiler. Whatever it was, a straight answer to what was a straightforward question would have sufficed. Come on, bro.

42. Quick question

We are thankful for the technological advancements because so many features help us out and are lifesavers. The DND mode in our phones is one such feature that is most useful, especially when you’re driving. We love it because we have enough to think about when driving.

Image Credits: businessinsider.com

Well, knowing how someone wants their burrito is quite a matter of urgency. It sounds like it’s the question of the hour, maybe of the decade. We simply love how funny, cute, and goofy couples get at times in their relationships.

43. Off the working schedule

There are times when we have to take a step back from our professional adult duties. It is highly essential because we often tend to forget to live our lives because of our hectic work schedules. So, a break is necessary.

Image Credits: landislabyrinth.com

In these texts, we can see that Gene’s partner was out having fun and probably remembering her childhood since she was buying a water pistol. It also looks like Gene’s partner was shocked at first, but he understood that she needed a break from work.

44. Compatibility at its best

When you are in a live-in, you know what works best for you and your partner. You also know what doesn’t work best for the both of you. If not that, you’ll end up pushing each other to a considerable extent just to complete daily chores.

Image Credits: cleanipedia.com

This married couple seems to be lazy, funny, and most of all, compatible. The couple has got the concept pretty well. They seem to agree upon things, which is great for a married couple and even for those that share a home.

45. What do you desire?

We all need a chance to ask something for our beloved that they’ll do with ease. If not all, at least most of us do need that chance. After all, there are many things that we wish others could do which would help us out.

Image Credits: Harun Ozmen / Shutterstock

It is what this person did through texting when her partner, Jacob, simply asked for her order. She revealed her inner desires by saying that she wanted a foot massage, and she also wanted him to clean the house. Clever!