Guy Humor: 40+ Hilarious Memes Guaranteed To Make Men Laugh

By Anni K

Men and women were created equal in many ways, but there are a few things that men might find funnier than women and vice versa. As such, there’s a meme page on social media that is solely dedicated to posting memes that might draw more chuckles from men. Most of them are funny because they involve the silly things men can get up to and get away with.

From social media fails to funny real-life snapshots of men caught in hilarious situations, there’s a bit of everything to get you laughing out loud. Sure, some of these are universally funny and applicable too, but if you’re a guy, they might just ring a little bit more true to you.

We are so curious to find out which of these you find most hilarious or relatable. And ladies, some of these are technically about you, so don’t go anywhere just yet!

Not on The Furniture

We have seen it a million times before. A dad tells his family they can get a dog, but it has to sleep outside. And then small compromises sneak in. Before you know it, now they’re allowed inside, but not on the furniture or the bed. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

And then eventually, it ends up exactly as it did for this doggy; they either sleep in the arms of the dad or they get their very own sofa so they won’t steal dad’s chair. All we can say is that we love this.

Treasure Awaits

Raccoons are jokingly called trash pandas because they somewhat resemble red pandas and because you can often find them destroying garbage bags or digging through trash bins. With that in mind, it is now clear that this little guy has struck gold. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

He probably got stuck on this truck after the garbage services emptied a trashcan with him inside, but it seems like he is going to the promised land where all his dreams of bountiful trash await. He is going to a landfill! How exciting!

Petty Payback

We do not want to press anyone’s buttons here, but there is a reason that women are more easily insured than men when it comes to driving. Sure, you might see them do some makeup whilst in traffic or make some questionable parking decisions. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

But let’s be honest, men, the statistics don’t lie—men do risky things like trying to cut off a massive truck in traffic. Just know the bond between truckers having each other’s backs is more robust than your ego. Sit tight, buddy. 

Look Closely

This pet owner snapped an adorable snapshot of his cat being told that he is a little overweight. We can only imagine the vet is saying something like, “Listen, buddy, it’s time to get a little more active and chase some lady cats to shed some pounds.”

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Of course, cats won’t understand the charts this vet is holding, yet it seems like the two guys are sharing such a bond and that the cat kind of understands what is being said to him. No more late-night snack runs with Dad!

3-in-1 Wash

The irony of this image hits home. How is it that men can use a product that is intended for their bodies, and it still results in such gorgeous locks? Is it something in their genes, or is it a secret ingredient in the “body” wash? 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Most women are known to use at least a shampoo meant for hair and a conditioner. A lot of women spend hundreds or even thousands on other hair care to achieve the same healthy hair as men who use literal body wash. Life is unfair!

Pet Projects

Adding a pet to your family is a huge responsibility. It is like having a child, so we understand why some dads want to avoid another significant responsibility being added to the family. However, it often ends up like this. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

They slowly but surely love the loyalty that dogs bring them. Plus, dogs are cheaper than kids, have fewer errands, and won’t turn into moody teens. So, we understand why they end up going to great lengths to build a little home for their dog companions. 

Modern Solutions

Dads are notoriously known to have some unconventional but genius hacks when it comes to kids, and we love that this dad had a very straightforward approach to keeping the peace in the car on the journey to the grocery store. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Having three small children is no easy feat, and fights will often happen, especially if they are crammed closely in one car for long periods of time. So, to stop them from having contact with each other, which will stop the fighting, just pop in some plywood between the seats!

Bachelor Special

Women can add a comforting touch to a home—that is a unique trait that comes with femininity. However, many men start off or end up like this, and they live with it in absolute peace without any issues. We just know there is a lady out there wanting to add some throw pillows. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

But it seems like when the relationship or married life starts to sour, it can often result in this. All you need is a semi-comfortable bed, a blanket, and of course, your TV or entertainment setup. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Construction Humor

In a physically demanding job like a construction worker’s job, you have to relieve some tension every now and then and goof around. Just look at what this guy did when he realized his hard hat would allow him to make a shadow puppet turtle. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

It is funny because when your supervisor asks you this question, you either answer with a pre-prepared answer or you’re caught off guard, and this pops up in your head. Now, does anyone have some cheat sheets for this question?


When you think of sleepovers, it is easy to imagine a bunch of teenage girls dancing in PJs to their favorite boybands, doing each other’s nails, and sharing some hot gossip about the cutest guy in school. Just regular slumber party activity, right?

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

But that view is a result of society and stereotypes. We love to see grown men break the stereotypes and have a slumber party of their own—it’s adorable. This is a great example of male friends hanging out with pizza in front of the football at a “sleepover.” Sounds like a fun time.  

Body Warnings

This is applicable to everyone who has ever stood up too fast and felt dizzy, disoriented, and maybe even saw stars. Almost every single warning sign on the car’s dashboard started flashing to signal that there was something strange going on. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Just like your body sending you warning signs with dizziness or stars, it kind of feels like your engine is sending you all the warnings! Change oil, top up water levels, clean wipers, a door is open, do not take off!


If you’re a dog owner, you understand this meme immediately; if you’re not, allow us to explain. When dogs are in the mood for playing, all you have to do to active zoomies mode (where they act all crazy) is drop down 2 inches, and they’re ready. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

It’s a common play tactic, and it works 99% of the time! Ready, set, drop 2 inches, and go! It also works on dogs that don’t belong to you but beware, they might attack instead of play! Proceed with caution and maybe lots of treats!

Nope, Not Today

If you have seen the movie Final Destination, you know exactly why everyone is avoiding this truck and would rather sit in 2 or 3 more cycles of this traffic light. Death will simply not catch up with us today!

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

If you haven’t watched it, go watch it, or else prepare for some spoilers! The movie includes a scene where a car is driving behind a truck loaded with logs—just like this truck is. An unfortunate accident causes some logs to fall off and impale the car behind it. 

Talk of The Town 

Ah yes, remember when we hated younger guys saying wacky nonsense? All these weird sayings and slang that made 0 sense, and then one day, you wake up and find yourself finally understanding it because you just said it to your supervisor. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

We could get technical and say it’s probably social mimicking taking a toll on you, but that’d be boring. You are hip and cool, or whatever the new slang word is for “hip and cool.” Go out there and say cool slang words like “yeet!” That’s what the kids are saying, right?


Do you know what it means to be “hangry”? It is a common phenomenon where if you are hungry, you become irate and, honestly, usually a bit mean—hence the new term “hangry.” It seems to be something that everyone has experienced before. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Girls can get mad at guys for a multitude of reasons, and most of the time, if it’s about silly little things, she’s probably hangry. It can all be solved with just a little bit of food, and she’ll be back to normal again. 

Bed Time

Unless you’re some sort of abnormality to the rule, anyone over 25 would agree that if you have been out and it is already 10 pm, the night is over. We aren’t teenagers, we have jobs, and they’re difficult to do with hangovers. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Heck, we’d already be in bed at 10 pm! Who are these people up till midnight and can still show up for work sharp and ready at 7 am? What magical potion do you have every morning? Coffee can only work miracles to a certain degree. 

It’s Adulthood Now

If you are this age, you completely understand the weird shift your life has taken. Where are the days of being confused as to why Dad was so excited about a 10-pack of socks on Christmas? It seemed like a boring gift then, but a gift from heaven now. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

So, of course, when you get a new appliance, it’s pretty literally life-changing. Bonus points if it has a timer, so we don’t have to stand there for 20 minutes to make sure whatever we are cooking does not burn!


This is applicable to everyone who has to get up before dawn or, honestly, any time before 8 am. Just let us sleep in, we don’t want to get up this early, and it will take at least 7 times hitting snooze on every one of the 40 alarms we set. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

We all have a little bit of Snorlax in us, the large Pokemon known to sleep wherever for long times. We have to give thanks to all those alarms trying their best to get us out of bed. Now, just one more snooze, and we promise we’ll get up.

Looking Good

It looks like this dog is in his own world with a sense of ignorant bliss, but the poor guy is actually trying his best to see where the delicious smell is coming from, and none of his buddies are helping him stare in the right direction. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

It’s okay little guy; we’ve all been there. Sometimes it just doesn’t click for us, either. At least he is close enough to smell some of the food, and he looks like he is doing his best. You better give that good boy a piece of your leftovers!

Silence, Please

We feel like it’s stereotypically more often the men that want to eat alone in silence, without being bombarded by a lot of stories with far too much detail than we care about, but hey, it’s refreshing to see the other side of the coin here. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

We appreciate that this wife just wants to enjoy some alone time—especially if there are kids in the house. We all need to take a break from sensory overload. Let’s hope nothing exciting happens that’ll give the husband a story he is burning to tell!

You Know What Went Down

Those who know, know, but for those who don’t, just live your life without knowing what happened here. Sure, it is a giant frog that jumped on this guy’s hood, or yeah, maybe it is a toad! Sheesh, these things are getting big!

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

A lot of men would comment that this has to be fake since it happened on the hood of a Hyundai, but hey, good on you, don’t wash off that trophy print just yet, buddy! Also, we appreciate the good form!

Airlift to Bed

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day of spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. Coming together and being thankful for what you have, what you are, and where you’re heading. But let’s be honest; the food is the main event. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

We have all been there, you just cannot have enough of those delicious sides, turkey and dessert, and you might end up looking very similar to this animal. You feel like you can’t move, and you’re in a food coma. We’re headed straight to bed for that glorious food nap. 

I’m a Chef!

Who has time to prepare a full-blown dinner every night? Especially if you’re alone, it is just too much effort. So, if you’re cooking anything at all (even frozen pizza) instead of ordering takeout, we just have to say we’re proud. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Even though our frozen pizzas are far from authentic, we feel Italian AF, like this sign says, when we do manage to make it without burning it or having it undercooked with a half-frozen base. Top tip: next time, add your own dash of Italian seasoning and be prepared to feel like a chef!

Can’t Hang With Us

Have you seen some of the music album covers nowadays? A lot of them are intimidating and half-nonsensical in some way or another. This suburban dad has definitely topped them all by hopping on the trend. He is the OG flex king!

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Freshly cut grass is a big flex already, but laying it out in your name and having your dog pose with you in front of your huge lawnmower? That’s a downright baller. We bet this guy enjoys a beer and nap after being so cool every single day. 

Secret Messages

When one of your buddies gets engaged, you have to say goodbye to them since your relationship will forever be altered by married life. No more spontaneous game nights, club trips, or hangouts. Once the ol’ ball and chain clip on, it’s all over.

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Everything you do from now on will have to be booked 5-7 working days in advance and with approval from not only your friend but their partner as well. So we don’t blame the guys for subtly leaving messages to not do it.

Don’t Say It

Come on, we all have our inner children still raging inside of us, just bursting at the seams to say something inappropriate about Uranus. After all, it was the joke in every kid’s science class at some point in middle school.

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Now, when something exited Uranus, there was a newly updated joke to be made about the planet with the most unfortunate name in all of immature humanity. Don’t say it, don’t say it. We are adults. We are mature, we promise.

Bye, Again

This is possibly one of the most awkward things that can happen to you. Okay, sure, it is not the worst, but man, we hate it when this happens. What do you do now? Do you say goodbye again, or do you continue the conversation?

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

You probably just end up walking in awkward silence for a few minutes that feel like an actual eternity. For real, does anyone have advice on this and how to stop our insides from imploding from the cringe? We do feel like that little girl crying and screaming on the inside. 

Not Made for Running

Apparently, when our doctors asked us, on a pain scale of 0 to 10, how was our back pain, they were surprised that we were shocked to hear that there was an option for 0. What do you mean we’re not supposed to have at least level 7 pain?

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

If we ever got into a scrap with Predator, this image represents what he would see after having to run away from him for about 5 minutes. Don’t make us run, please. Or bodies are made for memory foam mattresses and burgers, not running.

Unfortunate Placement

It is almost as if the universe has challenged us to have the most wonderful, legendary bowel movement in all of history with the placement of this inspirational quote. We absolutely accept this challenge, and we vow to not disappoint. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

A bathroom is a sacred place for us men. It is where we spend a considerable part of our day. We understand that someone in marketing tried to make us feel inspired, and we sure are—just not in the exact way they perhaps had imagined we would be. 

Perfect Planning

You’re either a crust-on kind of guy or a crust-off kind of guy, but either way, there is nothing like the middle bite of a delicious sandwich. Through careful planning, this guy has earned the absolute pleasure of taking this bite.

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

It’s almost a metaphor for life. You have to eat the hard, tasteless crust of life first before enjoying the perfect, deliciously balanced bite in the middle, right? Next time, make it even better by taking care of the bottom crust too.

Awkward Phase

What are adults anyway? When we were younger, we thought 30 was old, but here we are, just winging it every day. We still don’t have enough savings to put down a deposit for a home, and we live off of frozen pizza. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

But at the same time, you feel like a grandpa around children under the age of 18. Your joints crack at awkward times, you always groan a little when standing up, and how did we get to having to sleep on special pillows to preserve our fragile joints?

The Long Scroll

When you were 16, it was fun to spin the little year wheel selector on your phone or on a website to find the year you were born. However, now anything over ’96 is just embarrassing. We petition for it to be banished. Why is there an option for the year anyway? 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Just let us type in the year and call it a day. Now it has turned into some massive event where we have to spin the wheel selector with such force we almost drop our phones. Anything over two scrolls is just a no-no. 

Send Dudes

If you have been on social media at all for the past 7 years or had any amount of internet access, you would have seen this trend going around where guys would ask for photos in crazy, funny, and sneaky ways as a hilarious joke and trend. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

But this guy didn’t make a typo, and he had a massive plot twist. Send dudes, and he’s in a fight. He needs more men. Assert dominance, call the comrades; we must not fail; we have to conquer this land immediately!

Live Fast

Men are innovators. Not more so than women, but just in a more, let us say, “creative” way. Sure, sometimes the word creativity is used as a replacement for crazy, dangerous, wild, and downright stupid, but it is still creative. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

How would you have mowed the top of your hedge? Hedge trimmers? We are not spending good money on another tool when we have a perfect lawnmower in the garage. All we need to do is bribe a buddy with a beer to do the crane lifting, and there you have it.

All Natural 

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it does seem like money can buy you fame and a good face thanks to being able to afford lavish cosmetic surgery bills. You’re not ugly, man; you are simply just poor. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

It seems crazy to compare this image of the Kardashians to what they look like now. Some of them look like they are brand new people who replaced some of the family members. But to be fair, this must have been at least 20 years ago! 

Instruction Manuals

See, this must be a fake post, not because we wouldn’t buy an elephant under the influence of some drinks; oh no, this is fake because what man in his right mind actually reads an instruction manual? Those are just suggestions, right?

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

This might be the reason why our ceiling fan spins the wrong way, but hey, it’s on, it didn’t cause a power trip, and the light works on it—most of the time. By the way, does anyone know what we should feed our pet elephant?

Closet Staple

We hate to admit it, but we all had this jacket or some other combination of colors. It still feels like you can’t be a real person unless you have a jacket like this, especially if you grew up in the 90s. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Sure, some may say it was fashion, and that is the reason why everyone had the same jacket, but to us, it is much more. It is a sign that you got the childhood you deserved. This is a trophy. 

Where Are the Chips

There are a few things in life that should never be changed: the one lightbulb we said we would change 5 years ago and the layout of the grocery store. We do not like to wander down every aisle to find the deodorant or the ranch. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Why do you have to change the grocery store layout? Now our whole day is ruined because we have to spend more than 10 minutes inside and now the possibility of having to ask someone for help is a real threat. 

Selective Wrapping

Just like most men possess the life skill of selective hearing, they also possess the selective skill of wrapping. Who wraps presents anyways? You’re going to tear off the paper and throw it away, so why waste time on it?

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Wrapping a lump of grilled meat is a whole different story. Food is an art form. Cuisine is an experience, and wrapping a grill takes mastery. We love our grilled meats, and so we put effort into them. So, next year you can expect your birthday present in a shoe box. 


We guarantee this barista is either fed up and cannot stand the girls always taking selfies with their Starbucks cups, or this might be a barista just living in ignorant bliss that he has just ruined these girls’ Instagram posts. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

You might not have known, but it is said that the baristas misspell the names on purpose, so you will jokingly post it on your social media and indirectly market the company. How clever of them if that is the case. 

Nothing’s Changed

This is our way of upcycling old cardboard tubes. You make it into the perfect staff to hit your younger siblings with. If you’re all grown up now, you still hit your younger siblings or your friends with it. It simply has to be done. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

It is the perfect shape, makes the perfect sound, and won’t seriously hurt anybody. Live your best Ninja Turtle dream, kid! If you do not still do this, go to therapy and make better life choices, you might be ill!

Stuffy Nose

If you have never had one nostril clogged for absolutely no reason at night, then we cannot believe that you are not an alien. It seems to be in the genes of every guy and is likely the reason we snore so much. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

But did you know your nose always has one nostril more dominant and open than the other? Plus, it changes every hour or so. It just seems like every night, one fights harder than the other to stay open, and we suffer the consequences. 

It’s Still Soaking

You would be lying if you said you have no dishes currently soaking in your sink or kitchen counter. It’s a never-ending struggle of having to explain that we didn’t actually forget about it; we are just letting it soak. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

Okay, sure, we may have forgotten about that one pan for the last 3 or so weeks, but you know what? It is going to be sparkling clean when we do one day clean it because mom called and said she’s dropping by. 


This restaurant had a genius solution to hide a vent gap that was visible. Do you know what this is in reference to? Yep, that is Bruce Willis from Die Hard in the scene where he crawls through air vents. 

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

You might not notice it immediately, but if you get the reference, this will make anyone have a good chuckle at it. Now just explain the joke to your dining partners. Let’s just hope grandma isn’t there; that explaining will take a while. 

Age-old question

If you have male friends or even just a brother, we are sure you have heard them say that often annoying phrase that goes, “men are simple creatures.” They always say it condescendingly, and the worst part is that it fits almost every situation! This one included.

Image Credit: [unknown user]/imgur

Like most other memes on this list, this one is also quite relatable. With women, the age of a guy matters a lot. And yes, it’s true that sometimes, older guys are more appealing. However, that complex is supposedly nonexistent among guys. They are equal-opportunity ‘daters!’


This is a universal truth that is backed by years and years’ worth of research, but it’s still refreshing to come across memes like these. What are they even doing in that photo? Installing a particularly large, not to mention, living, piece of art?

Image Credit: Men’s Humor/Facebook

From a young age, boys are known to prefer rough games that are almost always non-sensical and dangerous. But it seems that doesn’t end with age! That said, biological factors like estrogen, stronger immune systems, and others are the reason for this phenomenon.