Cryptocurrency Memes That Any Bitcoin Enthusiast Can Relate To

By Arvyn B

Cryptocurrency is has gained a lot of hype and attention in the news and other media outlets, and more so now than ever before. Bitcoin has been around for a while, but it is only within the last few years that cryptocurrency has become a major player in the financial market. It seems 2022 is shaping up to continue that trend, and we foresee the market growing even bigger. For those in the know, Bitcoin can serve as an equal source of happiness and despair as you watch the levels rise and fall in the online market that never sleeps. If you tend to feel frustrated with cryptocurrency, you should look at some of the memes below. They are sure to give you a little chuckle and make you laugh! Better yet, you can try sharing these with your other crypto friends and see if they relate!

Feeling sleepy

If you are really into the cryptocurrency market, you will know how difficult it feels to sleep sometimes. You may want to keep investing or even just continue watching as Bitcoin rises and falls. It’s constantly changing, and you just want to keep up!

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We have definitely all been in this position, once or twice before. Cryptocurrency never sleeps – and that is the beauty of it – so why should we? Every hour you seep is an hour spent not trading! Of course, we’re just joking.

Walks on the beach

One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to go for a long walk on the beach with nothing but your significant other and the gentle breeze to keep you company. Apparently, it’s easy if you like Bitcoin…

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…because you will probably have sold a lot of your possessions in order to buy more Bitcoin, so you will have nothing else to do instead! This is pretty funny but also a little too accurate of a meme.

Ageing up

The stress of monitoring cryptocurrencies can honestly sometimes make you feel much older than you are. It can give you wrinkles and make you appear to be a little worse-for-wear as you sit and watch the numbers of Bitcoin rise and fall.

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That is apparently what happened to this gentleman, who claims he is only 25 years old – but he seems well over twice that age! Obviously, this is just a joke, but we recommend taking a rest every so often.

It’s so easy!

One thing that we hear about when it comes to Bitcoin is what everyone should do before trading is a trading plan. This can really help you by stopping you from making mistakes and gives you an idea of what to look out for when you start trading.

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However, you should know that not everything goes to plan, and sometimes you end up with results that are a little pear-shaped – just like this boat in the Suez Canal in 2021! Just keep planning, and things will work out.

Parents vs Me

It is pretty easy to think that our parents had a much easier job back then when it came to planning things than we do these days. After all, it seems like they had their entire lives sorted by when they were the same age as us!

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Of course, we have one thing that they definitely didn’t have – Bitcoin! This cryptocurrency really puts money back into the hands of the people and allows us to trade money in ways that our parents could never have dreamed of.

Helping out a friend

This is definitely one of the worst feelings in the world! You somehow convince your friend to start trading since it is “not that risky” and “the rewards are worth it, only for them to fail and lose everything.

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What else can you do in this situation, apart from giving them a strange look? It was kind of all your fault for encouraging them to trade! We guess you could always try investing yourself to win it back.

Not gonna dip

We have definitely all been here before! Whenever you do not buy the dip, you end up feeling like the man in this picture. Life appears to lose all its meaning, and you spend the day doing absolutely nothing!

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Of course, this is only an exaggeration, and there are plenty of things that you can do instead of just wasting your time thinking about the dip. You can try creating a trading plan, so you never miss opportunities.


There’s a lot of terminology involved in cryptocurrency investing, and sometimes, it feels like there is more of it than in normal banking! That is why it can be pretty hard to keep all of these in mind when you start.

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But, no matter what, you should always make sure that you keep your Stop Loss in mind. If your friends are unfamiliar with this term, we strongly recommend that you teach them about it to prevent any big mistakes.

Crypto rollercoaster

As we have mentioned before, cryptocurrencies have been going on for quite a while. Even in 2017, many people were buying up Bitcoin with the hopes that this cryptocurrency would make it big in the future. They were right!

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Anyone who has been on the cryptocurrency rollercoaster since then will surely feel like a skeleton by now as they watch newbies start to invest. Even with all of that experience, though, it does not make things less risky!

Check your phone

If you really go hard into the cryptocurrency game, then you will know how difficult it is to give it up. Even when you are in public, you cannot help but watch the figures go up and down on your phone.

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When they go up like this, you feel on top of the world! You might even start smiling so much that other people assume you got a great message from someone. But no – it is just the great Bitcoin!

Winter miner

If you want to start making Bitcoin, you have to have a computer strong enough to do the mining for it. This means that you may need something with immense power, which will very easily run up your electricity bill.

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In the winter, it becomes pretty obvious who is doing the mining – the heat from their computers is enough to make all of the snow seemingly melt on the roof, like in this picture! We sincerely hope they got something good out of it.


Honesty, we would be seriously surprised if this happened to anyone recently. With all of the talk of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the news, it is pretty shocking to us that someone might not know what it is.

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They are either completely out of touch, stupid, or living under a rock. Or, perhaps all three of them! You might not know the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, but everyone has probably heard the hype behind it at some point in their lives.

HODL forever!

If you try to explain to someone unfamiliar with Bitcoin about what you are doing, they will likely be very confused. After all, think of a scenario where Bitcoin is worth $1 million, then why wouldn’t you just spend it and get real money?

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Well, we know the answer – it is because you HODL, or “hold on for dear life,” instead! That way, you can end up turning that $1 million into many millions – which is definitely worth the risk of losing it all if you were to ask someone who’s into Bitcoin.

Stocks vs. Bitcoin

Many people think that stocks and cryptocurrencies are very similar to each other, but that could not be further from the truth. They are actually very different! For example, a 3% gain in stocks is a cause for celebration…

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…but a 3% gain in cryptocurrency apparently feels absolutely pointless and makes you start questioning why you even bothered in the first place! This is because most of the ‘bitcoiners’ out there are hoping for much bigger gains than 3%.

How did they do it?

It might be a lot of fun if you decide to start investing with your friends. Not only does it give you a topic to talk about, but it can also be a great hobby if you’re successful. However, you may start comparing yourselves.

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Soon, it feels that no matter what you do, they are doing pretty well with investments in Bitcoin, and you are the one who is left behind! Of course, you probably only see their successes and not their failures. It’s just another risk from trying to get into the trade.


The only thing about cryptocurrency is that you start to think about it every waking moment of your life. Even when you go to bed, your brain is full of thoughts about dumping or going bullish instead of sleeping!

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It is easy to get very distracted with cryptocurrencies, and your loved ones might start thinking that your mind is occupied with other thoughts instead. But these suspicions could not be further from the truth – it is just Bitcoin!

Marriage problems

When you really get into Bitcoin, you will probably find yourself spending a lot of your hard-earned cash on getting more coins. Naturally, this can cause a lot of problems in a relationship. Some people assure you that it’s worth it!

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Just a few years later, all of that money will (hopefully) turn into much more, and you will find that a lot of your financial problems are a thing of the past. That is the dream of investing, anyway!

Real research

One tip of advice that people will probably tell you is that you should probably never use YouTube videos like these ones as “research.” They are mostly just clickbait and a way to gain views without any actual research going into it.

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You might be better off looking at properly-researched material that you can find on the web instead of just these videos aimed for shock value. Many people don’t know this fact, and they may need to hear about this fact, so they don’t make these mistakes.


This meme is more painful than it is funny since it seems like this person made a lot of poor decisions. Not only did they invest in Bitcoin at a huge price, but they bought Dogecoin for something terribly small.

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However, that is not enough as they decided to start investing in the actual stock market, too, with purchases in GameStop and Nikola. We only have one word for all of these decisions – ouch! We hope things are better now.

Hard worker

It’s very easy to get lost in watching the price of Bitcoin, especially at work. After all, what else is there during slow periods or your lunch break? Bitcoiner’s will tell you that it’s a great way to pass the time – sometimes, too great!

At least waiting worked out for this person, who was actually praised by their boss for staying late all of the time. Even if Bitcoin does not work out for them, they have a potential raise from their employer!

It’s not that easy

Cryptocurrency has become so widespread that almost every single person has decided to invest in it. Many people assume that they will be able to make a quick fortune with just a little cash. Unfortunately, it is not that easy!

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That does not stop some people from thinking that they have become investors and entrepreneurs from buying a little Bitcoin. Of course, they are not wrong, but we would not go shouting about it. You have only invested a little!

RIse and fall

One of the most addictive aspects of cryptocurrency is the fact that it can rise and fall so quickly. In one month, you might feel like a king. You may be living large with all the cash you’re raking in…

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…but by the next month, you might be feeling the exact opposite of this and wondering why you ever started investing in the first place! Bad things do not stay forever, though, and prices will soon rise again, thankfully.

Can’t stop

We have already seen a few memes of people who cannot stop thinking about Bitcoin at work, in public, and even in bed. But what about in nature – surely there cannot be any Bitcoin references there? You would be surprised!

The mountains in this picture look almost exactly the same as the levels of Bitcoin holdings that any cryptocurrency investor will be familiar with. If you feel like this, we strongly recommend getting a bit of fresh air and relaxing.

Where is it?

As we have mentioned earlier, many people seem to think that Bitcoin is an easy “get rich quick” scheme, which could not be further from the truth. We recommend showing this meme to anyone who thinks about it this way.

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You will certainly not get a mansion or a castle from a few days’ worths of investing – these things take much longer! Just sit back and try to remember that it will all be worth it in the end – at least that’s what investors will tell you!


It is a fact – putting money in the bank is so boring. It just sits in your account and does not make you any money or make you excited. Because of this, some will tell you that investing in cryptocurrency is much more fun!

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Sure, there are lots of ups and downs with crypto, but apparently, that is all part of the fun. Whenever it goes up, it will surely go down again – and vice versa! In this crypto world, keeping your money in the bank is so outdated.


It can get pretty addictive checking your portfolio to see if there have been any changes to Bitcoin – crypt investors have all been there before! So, we certainly do not blame you if you end up feeling like Gandalf.

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All of this checking can make you feel very old! We reckon that if Gandalf were a real person, he would be an addicted HODLER too. If only we had his magical skills to make Bitcoin stay where we want!

Elon Musk

We heard one of the most challenging parts of investing is the fact that the prices can change all of the time. With stocks, this is caused by wider issues in the world. With cryptocurrency, Elon Musk changes it all!

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All it takes is a tweet and BAM – there goes your trading plan and all your hard work! Seriously, it is pretty crazy that he can change trading prices just on a whim. If only we had that power.

Just 3%

For anyone who is trading stocks and “legit” forms of money, a 3% gain is a pretty high amount. It might feel like the heavens are shining down on you when something like this happens. For those into cryptocurrencies, it’s hilarious.

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Three percent is almost nothing in comparison to the absolutely huge gains that you can make as a cryptocurrency trader, so it makes sense that these guys are laughing about it. We would, too, if someone told us this!

Bitcoin or Pizza?

When Bitcoin was first released, many people dismissed it or were keen to trade it for things of higher value, such as a pizza. We guess these same people are kicking themselves now, as Bitcoin is worth a fortune!

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Seriously, who on Earth traded Bitcoin for a pizza? We’re not judging, but we’re thinking that this is a ridiculous thing to do, but we cannot blame them. Nobody knew that Bitcoin would be as successful as it is today, so it was a fair deal.


If we had a time machine, we would like to do plenty of things with it. We would love to learn about the mysteries of life on Earth, see the pyramids being built…and perhaps invest in Bitcoin if it will do any good!

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Think about this scenario real quick. If you traveled back in time, you could buy some Bitcoin for absolutely dirt-cheap. It would probably make you a fortune pretty quickly! Of course, if you had a time machine, money is worthless.

Just keep waiting

As we mentioned earlier, only the very best computers are capable of mining Bitcoin. This means that many of the parts needed for these devices, such as graphics cards, are pretty expensive. There is no hope if you need one!

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We reckon that this person will probably be waiting for a long time before seeing any significant price reduction. The longer that cryptocurrency lasts, the higher these prices are going to go. Good luck getting a graphic card!


Once you become a seasoned cryptocurrency, you feel pretty unaffected by what happens in this world. Whenever the market crashes, you know that it will pick up again, so you might not run crying like many other traders.

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Instead, you are just cool, calm, and collected, which is definitely the way to be. You may start to panic about your cryptocurrency, which might cause you to make unwise decisions that could cost you a lot in the future. Stay cool!

Angelina says…

If you are already into crypto and feel like you can already relate to the on this list, then this one might take the cake – hold, hold, and hold. Seriously, take this advice from the queen of the screen herself, Angelina Jolie. She decided to “hold”…

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…and look at how beautiful she is now! Obviously, holding cannot guarantee that you will look this stunning, but it might just give you the money to do so. Some will say this is worth more than anything in the world!

Bossin’ It

Whenever people make a good amount of money on a trade, it is impossible for them not to feel pretty proud of themselves. After all, they have achieved something that not a lot of people get to do themselves.

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Even the small amounts feel like a huge achievement, and we cannot help but to the Billionaire Strut to show the world how great we are feeling. It is pretty difficult to describe this feeling to anyone who doesn’t trade.


Of course, for every rise in the value of Bitcoin, there is always a fall, too. And sometimes, these falls can hurt pretty badly, even worse than a trip to the doctor! We would rather get an injection…

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…because at least that pain is pretty quick and painless. Losing something on Bitcoin feels like it hurts a lot more, and for a much longer time, too! There’s no getting over a pain that hurts as bad as this.

Financial advisor

A financial advisor is someone who is supposed to help you make money and organize your finances. They help you make decisions about what to buy and what not to buy. But, we think this one needs some help!

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After all, buying Bitcoin is only ever going to be something that will help you make money, so it is almost laughable that this financial advisor told someone not to invest. Many will tell you that you have nothing to lose.

Tell them all

If you are a cryptocurrency trader, it can be a little difficult at times trying to keep that to yourself. You just want to tell everyone about it and let them know how much money they could be making instead.

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You might soon find yourself trying to slip Bitcoin into every discussion that you have with them, just to try and get them to start investing. It happens to all of us! You never know when they will eventually listen to you.

Super strength

Another challenge of trading in Bitcoin involves holding your money. Sometimes, you just want to sell it all off to make some easy money – but some would strongly recommend that you do not and that you have the strength to say no.

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Just like this man did! He held Bitcoin since it was valued at $20 thousand, and he managed to hold it all this time. If he can do it, then maybe you can do it too! He’s not the only one who went through this.

Catch ‘em all

Of course, Bitcoin is not the only choice out there for cryptocurrency, as there are, in fact, quite a variety of options. Some of them, like Dogecoin, are becoming almost as famous as Bitcoin. But, which one should people choose?

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Well, you could always try this guy’s advice and choose all of them! That way, you will at least have a chance at getting the correct altcoin…right? We are not sure, but we don’t think this is the best decision.

Wrong turn

Our last meme for this list is also a piece of good advice – never trust a Bitcoin website that has no valid sources or is not well known. You should always follow a BTC wallet that is legitimate, according to experts out there.

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Otherwise, you will probably find yourself making some pretty poor decisions that can end up costing you an arm and a leg. Many suggest not making the mistake when you’re a first-time Bitcoin user. Take the time to research your possibilities instead.