45 Unfortunate People Remind Us To Look On The Bright Side…Because Things Could Always Be Worse

By Arvyn B

We all have had at least one bad day at one point in our lives. They could have happened due to a variety of reasons — an argument with a loved one, work troubles, bad karma, or just rotten luck. While not every misstep can lead to a bad day, problems both big and small can have a lasting impact and ruin the whole day!

But, we bet that, no matter how bad your day is, it definitely cannot compete with some of the people on this list! They are all having an awful day, and it feels almost criminal for them to be this bad. Let this list help you be thankful that your bad days have never been as awful as those you are about to see. We have no idea how we would cope with these problems!

Yeast mistake

Working in a bakery can be challenging work. There are many things that you need to be aware of, and things can get pretty heated in there. Unfortunately, we think these bakers need to go back to culinary school.

Image courtesy of TELME3 (Reddit)

They made a mistake when they were baking, and for some reason, figured that they could just dump the disastrous mix in the dumpster. However, they forgot that yeast still works in there, resulting in this catastrophe! We would hate to clean this up.

Lost keys

If you are a cat owner, then you probably experience your kitty bringing tons of little ‘presents’ for you. Sometimes, this includes small animals like rats or mice. However, we have never seen one bringing home keys before, though!

Image courtesy of robrobxD (Reddit)

We are not sure why a cat would think that a set of keys would make for an excellent present to bring home – perhaps it felt that it was a toy. Whatever the reason was, someone was having a bad day because of it!

Late night snack

We have tripped over and fallen down the stairs at one point in our lives. It happens to everyone! For most of us, something as embarrassing as this is just over and done with. Not for this girl, though!

Image courtesy of upvotemypics (Reddit)

She went for a snack in the middle of the night and, somehow, slipped down the stairs. Unlucky for her, the camera in the doorway caught the whole thing! There is no way that she lived this one down.

Lost wallet

One of the worst feelings in the world is losing your wallet or purse. No matter where you are, you will end up feeling terrible and very worried. That is exactly what happened to this user, who bought a replacement.

Image courtesy of Dragonboy2734 (Reddit)

If only they’d looked a little harder for their wallet, they would have noticed that it was stuck in their desk chair’s arm! We bet that they felt so annoyed after doing this. At least they have a spare wallet!

File organization

If you want to avoid any future problems regarding paperwork, we strongly recommend that you make sure you keep your things organized in tidy, neat folders. Otherwise, you will end up with a disaster like this!

Image courtesy of Almeldin (Reddit)

This user needed a specific file that was apparently lost somewhere in this room. We cannot even imagine where to begin looking for it – the whole room is an absolute mess! Whoever did this needs to learn some organizational skills.

Printer problems

It is a fact – printers are one of the most challenging and annoying things to use. They always seem to have problems, like low ink or paper jams. Thankfully, we have never had something like this happen to us!

Image courtesy of Joshdyson (Reddit)

This poor user was trying to do some printing when the device literally exploded in their face. The result? Ink everywhere! This must have been a real pain to clean up, and we certainly do not envy them for this.

Down the stairs

This picture is another warning – don’t walk down the stairs carrying food! If you do, you might end up with an absolute disaster of a clean-up task as this user did. They had some chili in their hands but then stepped on their cat…

Image courtesy of GoAwayK (Reddit)

It is not too difficult to guess what happened next – they slipped, and the bowl of chili splattered all the way down the stairs! Because the food is wet, it’s a pain to get out of the carpet.

Leather gloves

Leather gloves are a great purchase as not only do they keep your hands warm in the cold winter months, but they also look pretty stylish too. However, it can be a little tricky trying to clean them up.

Image courtesy of Gene100001 (Reddit)

We certainly do not recommend doing what this user did, though! They accidentally left their gloves in the washing machine, which ended up shrinking them horribly. These would not even fit a child! Hopefully, they bought some replacements.

Headphone headache

Having wire headphones can be pretty annoying, as it seems that no matter what you do, the wires end up getting tangled. One way to avoid this is not to leave them on the floor as this user did!

Image courtesy of Shiby92 (Reddit)

They turned on their Roomba, which ended up chewing up the headphones and tangling the wires worse than any pocket could! However, they are lucky. It could have been a lot worse. The Roomba could have eaten them!

Through the window

This one is almost too good to be true! This user was lying in their bed, having a lovely relaxing morning, when a bald eagle suddenly flew through the window. The result? A lot of screaming and broken things!

Image courtesy of taterz_precious (Reddit)

To be honest, we are not too surprised that they reacted in this way, as we are pretty sure that we would do something similar too. It is a pretty scary wake-up call! We hope the bird left soon after.

Unreliable robot

One of the latest trends in technology is owning a drone. They can help you capture great aerial photos and let you see things you would never have done before. Unfortunately, flying a drone can have some dire consequences…

Image courtesy of Lisaneedzbraces (Reddit)

…getting stuck in someone’s hair, for one! We have no idea how something like this happened, but we reckon that they must have accidentally flown the drone a little too close to someone’s head. What an absolute disaster!

How did that happen?

There is nothing better than having a nice cold ice pop on a hot summer’s day. It instantly makes you feel a lot cooler, and the sweet taste is just so delicious! But imagine if you found this inside…

Image courtesy of HaemmerHead (Reddit)

This is absolutely terrible! If we were this user, we would definitely contact the makers of this ice pop to try and get compensation. They could have seriously choked on this and ended up in the hospital for it.

Busted pipe

If you live in an old house, then you will know the difficulties of having to keep your house in good condition. Old pipes constantly need to have work done, and this can end up resulting in a pretty hefty bill.

Image courtesy of Thepinkfluffy1211 (Reddit)

However, no matter the cost, it is definitely worth it to avoid a problem like this happening. This pipe broke and ended up expanding through the floor! At least we hope it is a pipe and not a giant snake…


Having a mismatch of socks can be annoying enough of a problem but imagine having a mismatch of shoes – it is a disaster! That is exactly what happened to this poor user when he went to work that day.

Image courtesy of Hat7e (Reddit)

He left the light off in the morning when he was putting on his shoes, not realizing that he had actually chosen two different colors of the same shoe! It is an easy mistake to make, as they do look quite similar.

Down the toilet

All of us, at one point in our lives, have ended up dropping something down the toilet that we didn’t mean to. Usually, this is something like a mobile phone – but this user had a far worse accident!

Image courtesy of Longdongwitch (Reddit)

Instead of dropping their mobile phone down the toilet, they ended up dropping their glasses in there! We are not surprised that they took a photo of it – what else can you do in this situation? It is dirty stuff!

That’s not paint…

You might look at this picture and think that this was a paint explosion, but unfortunately, it was not for this user. It was actually over 300 kilograms of pudding instead! This must have been the clean-up task of the decade for this company.

Image courtesy of Meme_lad69420 (Reddit)

The user said that it took them over four hours to actually clean up all of this mess – what a waste of time! It’s a shame that they lost all of this pudding, as we reckon it was probably delicious.

Mean mom

Any parent knows the sheer stress of raising their kid. You have so many questions and uncertainties about the “correct” way to look after your child. Luckily, there are books to help, and usually, these can answer your questions.

Image courtesy of Halvere1600 (Reddit)

However, this user’s mother had a particularly difficult question that she wanted the answer to. The user found this book on their mother’s bookshelf, which is definitely not a nice thing to see! Hopefully, they’re not too upset over it.

Filter priest

During the lockdown, many people used the internet to try and continue their daily lives by live-streaming important events. That is exactly what this priest did when delivering Mass. He should have checked his phone before he started, though.

Image courtesy of memeguy.com

He did not realize that he had left a filter on his camera, so he live-streamed the entire Mass with this fedora and sunglasses filter! It is pretty funny, and we think many people would have actually enjoyed this.

Graduation blunder

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, particularly for those who were graduating. Many students found themselves graduating virtually, but some were still lucky enough to have their photos taken in real life. They should have redone this one, though!

Image courtesy of Einstein Visuals (Facebook)

This one pretty much defines what it was like living through 2020, so we are not surprised that they decided to keep this photo. It is pretty hilarious, even if it’s an unfortunate shot, and one to keep on the fridge door!

Double booking

A venue being double-booked is absolutely terrible and even worse if you only find this problem out on the day. It is even more terrible and humiliating if your wedding venue gets double-booked, especially next to this kind of event…

Image courtesy of Kndrp2 (Imgur)

Yes, that is right – this person’s wedding venue was double-booked while a furry convention was happening at the same place! The result is lots of hilarious pictures like this one, where the furries are photobombing what should be beautiful shots.

Bag mix-up

One of the more annoying things about being a cat owner is having to clean out their litter. It is never a fun task! Although, we supposed it could be a lot worse, like this user demonstrated with this picture.

Image courtesy of Eric264 (Reddit)

They had two bags – one full of lunch for work and one with used cat litter to go into the garbage. Somehow, they mixed the two up and ended up taking the poop bag to work instead. How awful!

Interrupting ox

Hiking is an intense activity, but it is certainly worth it. Sure, it can be pretty tiring, but nothing can quite beat the feeling of just sitting back and relaxing in nature. Unfortunately, nature can get a little too close!

Image courtesy of Jaminator97 (Reddit)

This user hiked for over two hours so that they could find the perfect spot to have a picnic. However, it seems this ox had other ideas, as it walked right in the middle of the blanket, completely destroying everything!

Flying frame

Here’s another useful life lesson – don’t dump your trash onto the street. Not only is it a pretty dirty thing to do, but it can cause a lot of problems for people, too. For example, it can stick to people’s houses!

Image courtesy o fValley Teacake (Facebook)

This bedframe ended up sticking to the side of a user’s house after a very windy day. We have to admit, though – it is pretty impressive that the frame managed to hang onto the side of the house like this.

No more headphones

Having a dog means that you should always be prepared for the unexpected. They love to chew up whatever they can get their paws on, and that includes $300 headphones, apparently. This is definitely an expensive mistake to fix!

Image courtesy of Toddsiegrist (Reddit)

We cannot be mad at a puppy like this, though – just look at his cute little face! He knows he has done bad, but we don’t think he meant to. It was just a mistake, and we forgive him.

Smashed eggs

Just what is it with people dropping loads of food on the floor?! We have already seen lots of pudding on the ground; now it is time for a whole bunch of smashed eggs. All because of one little mistake…

Image courtesy of yourmate24 (Reddit)

Whoever it was, they did not close the straps on the egg trolleys properly, so this entire batch smashed to the ground. That is 10,500 eggs, to be exact! What an absolute waste of food and a huge clean-up job.

Fallen cabinets

So far, we have seen quite a few problems that have been caused by human mistakes. However, sometimes bad things just happen for no apparent reason, like with the kitchen counters in this picture. They just fell during the night!

Image courtesy of weeJwontC10 (Reddit)

We cannot even imagine the amount of noise that this would have made – it would have been enough to scare us, for certain! Hopefully, this user managed to clean up all the mess relatively quickly, as it is quite bad.

Baking blunder

Although making a cake can be pretty stressful, it is undoubtedly a very enjoyable experience when you get to enjoy eating it later. Just be very careful when you take it out of the fridge, or this disaster might happen!

Image courtesy of FireChemist123 (Reddit)

This user spent over four hours working hard to craft their cake. Just as they took it out of the fridge, they somehow managed to drop the cake and completely destroy it. We bet they were very frustrated afterward!

Not those!

It seems that cabinets are a pretty dangerous place to store things, as we have already seen a few cabinets that have collapsed or had their contents fall out. This is exactly what happened here when this little box fell.

Image courtesy of BayNights001 (Reddit)

The worst part is that the box contained glasses and watch screws – they are so tiny that it is almost impossible to get them all back into the box again. We cannot even begin to imagine how time-consuming it was!

Key problems

Buying a house is an expensive task and, for many of us, it requires quite a few years of saving and careful spending. So, that moment when you get the keys is a memorable experience, but you may never want to remember something like this!

Image courtesy of Bevan182 (Reddit)

This user put the key to their first house in the door, where it immediately snapped and left them locked outside the house. We hope that this was not a sign of unfortunate things to come for them in that house!

Make-up explosion

Now it is time for another life lesson. This time, you should be very careful of what you put in a makeup bag and how you handle the bag. If you are not careful, it can end up exploding everywhere!

Image courrtesy of dinklederp (Reddit)

This user’s boyfriend dropped the user’s makeup bag, resulting in some bottles exploding and covering everything in the gunk. On the plus side, they have an excuse to shop for more makeup now, which is always a good thing!

Cheap jeans

Here is another life lesson – if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. This user bought a pair of great jeans on eBay for a pretty low price. In fact, it was suspiciously low…

Image courtesy of lance2k2 (Reddit)

That is because the jeans were actually stolen, and they still had the security tag on them! Thankfully, it is pretty easy to fix this problem, as eBay will probably accept a refund. It could have been a lot worse!

Thieving chicken

If you have a pet, you might be used to them begging you for some of your food. But there are other times when they will just take it from your plate, like this chicken. It took his owner’s pizza!

Image courtesy of BigA**Puppies (Reddit)

We have no idea what a chicken would want with a slice of pizza, but we are pretty sure that it cannot eat it. Perhaps it will give it a bite and see if it is any good. What a strange bird!

Lost drill

A mistake like this one is a complete freak coincidence. This user was doing some DIY work at home when they lost their drill. They searched everywhere in the house for it but could not seem to find it.

Image courtesy of Brave1i1toaster (Reddit)

Naturally, this made them feel pretty frustrated. That is until they had a closer look at their bed and realized that the drill’s design made it blend almost perfectly onto the bedsheets! This one is just a strange coincidence.

Dropped brush

We feel really sorry for this user. They were brushing their teeth in the sink when they accidentally dropped their toothbrush. But when it fell, they were confused because they did not hear the sound of it hitting the floor…

Image courtesy of Jukkster (Reddit)

That is because it did not hit the floor – it landed straight into the toilet brush instead! That means that it is definitely time for a new toothbrush, as there is no way to recover something like this. Gross!

Lost pieces

Anyone who has the strength to build a giant jigsaw puzzle is pretty impressive, especially one of this scale. It has 2000 pieces! Or, should we say, 1999, as the user somehow managed to lose a single piece. How annoying!

Image courtesy of Voytaouta (Reddit)

Perhaps it was not packed in the box, or it fell out somewhere. Either way, we would feel pretty frustrated if it were us. Losing just one piece of the puzzle feels worse than losing two or three of them.

Holey loaf

Going to a bakery to get some freshly baked bread is one of life’s greatest treasures. The gorgeous smell of dough and the taste of the bread are both priceless. However, this experience is unique for a different reason.

Image courtesy of TheWrigglerr (Reddit)

This user bought a giant loaf of bread that looked like it would be delicious. Unfortunately, when they sliced it open, they realized that it was mostly just air with very little bread to eat. This is really frustrating!


Picture this. You are sitting at the dining table eating your breakfast when something suddenly smacks into the side of your face. Naturally, you would feel very shocked and wonder what on earth it could be. Take a look below…

Image courtesy of Pabbit41 (Reddit)

No, your eyes are not tricking you – that really is a genuine bat! We have no idea where this user was living or if it is pretty common for bats to be flying around there. Either way, it is strange!

Walmart graduation

As we mentioned earlier, 2020 proved to be a difficult year for many students as they faced virtual or canceled graduations. We prefer to graduate from a grocery store as these individuals did, but there is nothing graceful about this!

Image courtesy of Spicy-Samich (Reddit)

Seriously – what was the thought process behind this? There is no way that anybody thought it was okay for the professionals of the future to be graduating at Wal-Mart. It just seems so utterly bizarre and feels fake.

Just my luck

This one’s more frustrating than some of the others on the list because of where it is. This user went on a flight and was preparing to watch a movie on the in-flight system when they noticed it wasn’t working.

Image courtesy of Jammy_Git (Reddit)

They had a look around and realized that it was just their screen that was faulty – everyone else’s screen was working perfectly fine. We would feel quite jealous in this situation, as this is just very bad luck.

All down the stairs

This person would have benefitted from reading some of the other entries on this list, as they would have realized how risky it is to carry things down the stairs. If you are not careful, you can drop it all.

Image courtesy of FernandoBruun (Reddit)

One good thing is that it was all trash, so it does not matter too much. If it were some yummy food, we would feel pretty annoyed if we were in their shoes. So, we think the user should be grateful it was not important.

Ant enemy

It is now time for another life tip. For this one, we recommend that you keep any cash in your house in a safe place. Not just from potential thieves but also from animals who might want to eat it.

Image courtesy of raylolSW (Reddit)

This user went to get some cash from their savings when they came across a huge ant colony instead, which had devoured their supplies. What a disaster! There is no way to recover from an unfortunate situation like this.

Screaming husband

This user was in their house when they suddenly heard their husband screaming from the bathroom. They ran to see what was going on, and they were greeted with this hilarious sight – the cat attacking him through the shower curtain!

Image courtesy of Kenlayne (Reddit)

Cats are pretty crazy animals, and maybe the kitty was just playing with him. It is pretty funny that the user decided to snap a picture before actually going to help their husband. They definitely have their priorities straight!

What happened?

We’re not too sure what happened in this picture, but it is pretty clear that there is some kind of interesting story behind it. It seems like this person was going skiing when they suddenly saw some kind of animal.

Image courtesy of Pp0787 (Reddit)

They ended up going falling straight into the snow, leaving behind nothing but these funny snow prints to tell the story! At least, that is what we think happened. We would love for this user to share the entire story!

Cheese delivery

Here is another life lesson for you – always make sure to read what you are ordering before you click confirm. This user wanted a plain cheeseburger from McDonald’s, so they deselected everything that they did not need in it.

Image courtesy of Wubnaught (Reddit)

If they had taken the time to look a little closer, they would have realized that they had taken off the meat and the buns as well. All they got was two slices of cheese delivered to their door!

Cement stairs

Construction workers have a rather difficult job, and this picture is one of the best examples of how challenging it can be. If you are not careful, disaster can strike, just like this picture shows. You need to watch out!

Image courtesy of Rabaful (Reddit)

This is one heck of a clean-up job, and we certainly do not envy the person who did it. What is worse is that you have to do it quickly to stop the cement from hardening. That is so stressful!