Meet The Daddy-Daughter Delinquent Duo Who Dole Out Doses Of Cuteness Online To Over 300k Fans

By Israel O

There are two types of dads: The super strict dad, who always sports a stern and robust face, and the dad who takes hilarious photos with his daughter. This man here belongs firmly to the latter category, and he’s not afraid to show it. 

Sholom Ber Solomon is a 36-year old dad from California. His daughter, Zoe, is his partner in crime. Together, the two play dress-up and engage in a whole lot of fun activities that dads with a strict parental approach may disapprove of. However, the duo’s 319k followers on Instagram (sbolly, for those who are interested) certainly love the various photoshoots of their antics. Sit back and enjoy as we take you through 45 of Sholom and Zoe’s most hilarious moments.

Zoe and the Speeding Ticket

Nothing to see here, just a cop addressing another delinquent teenager who had a little too much to drink and has seen way too much Fast and Furious. Wait, except that’s no teenager. It’s Zoe and her dad at it again. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

It looks like this time, Zoe is playing the drunk teenager, and her Dad is the patriotic cop fulfilling his duties. While this is clearly fun, it’s also his way of teaching his daughter not to go over the speed limit.

Zoe and the Lion King

Kids will always believe what their parents tell them. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, to them their parents are always right. And that’s how he was able to convince Zoe here that the Lion King visited them. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Ever since she saw the famous Disney cartoon, Zoe had made it her life’s mission to meet the fabled Lion King. Her dad couldn’t possibly stand in the way of that. He had to make his daughter’s dream come true.

Zoe and the Lawn

We’re not exactly sure how Zoe and her dad come up with the inspiration for their tricks, but we suspect they’re inspired by skills her dad wants her to learn. Here, he’s teaching her how to mow a lawn like Santa Claus. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe is clearly not happy with this one. She threw away her shovel, sat on the floor, and said, “I quit!” She’s probably wondering why Santa would stop sharing gifts to young children so he could mow a lawn.

Zoe and the Flowerpot 

This time Zoe decides to be a flowerpot while her dad waters her in her cute little flower outfit. We think her dad is playing the wealthy captain who is in love with his hat and still reads the newspaper. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Most dads are always busy with work and barely have time to play with their kids, but that does not apply to Zoe’s dad. He has the time, and he meticulously chooses his and Zoe’s outfit for each moment.

Zoe and the Astronaut

We’re not exactly sure if it’s an alien or a giant octopus, but we know Zoe’s dad is pretending to have seen something terrible. On the other hand, Zoe doesn’t seem to care and is enjoying being in her bee outfit. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

They say astronauts are the ones who have it the hardest when it comes to nightmares. This is because whenever they journey into space, they see a lot of things that are not of this world, and this could be very frightening. 

Zoe and the Artist

The expression on her face says it all. It’s either she likes being painted, or the fruits in her front are responsible for the wide smile. Either way, it looks like both dad and daughter are having quality time together.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe’s dad looks like he’s having a hard time keeping up with Zoe’s dynamic and rapidly changing expression. She’s not to be blamed as the fruits in her front are capable of giving anyone immense joy, especially a blooming baby. 

Zoe and the Magician

Magic and magic tricks are one of the most relatable fun activities for kids. It makes them intrigued and happy at the same time. The reason for that is, unlike adults, they do not care about revealing the trick.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe’s dad looks like a Hogwarts teacher which is evident by his hat and wand. As a committed trickster, he also has a deck of cards on the table. This way, Zoe gets to know the different tools and skills used by magicians.

Zoe and the Chef

Only Zoe could have had this much exposure as a kid. Here, she is dressed as pepper but not to be used as an ingredient. Her dad realized that sooner or later, she’ll be inducted into doing regular kitchen duties. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Hence, she could count this as early exposure to the drill. However, it looks like Zoe’s dad isn’t having a great time in the kitchen owing to the color of his face. Let’s hope that’s not the heat from the pepper. 

Zoe and the Ballerina 

Raising a daughter is no child’s play. To get them to stop crying, you might have to do things you never imagined you would do. However, looking at the joy on Zoe’s dad’s face, we can confidently say he’s loving this moment. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Instead of switching the TV to a ballet channel or playing a video for her, Zoe’s dad prefers to become the ballerina himself. At least Zoe gets to see how it’s done up close, and who better to teach her than her dad.

Zoe and the Detergent Powder

It looks like Zoe and her dad just discovered they’re bathing with the wrong soap. Also, we might be wrong, but it looks like Zoe’s dad wore goggles so he can feel like he’s swimming in a bubbly bathtub. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

When it comes to Zoe and her dad, you can’t set a benchmark for hilarious. They just surprise you every single time. Even Zoe can’t help but be surprised after seeing it’s a detergent. At least they didn’t think it was corn flakes. 

Zoe and the Camping Experience

We certainly haven’t heard the news of any impending war, but just like in the movies, Zoe’s dad seems to be preparing her for one. He hopes to teach her how to disguise herself in the woods and avoid the enemy. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Most parents feel the need to equip their kids with basic survival skills in the event they’re not around. However, we didn’t think Zoe’s training would start this early. Let’s just hope he doesn’t teach a one-year-old how to use a gun.

Zoe and the Cooking Classes

Zoe’s dad has decided to teach Zoe how to make her own meal, so she doesn’t starve when he’s not around. If we didn’t know better, we would say he’s planning to leave her all by herself in a Home Alone kind of fashion.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

One of the upsides to all of the ridiculousness is everything they’re doing will eventually be helpful to Zoe and will make her dad’s life a lot easier in the future. We just can’t understand how they’re moving so fast.

Zoe and the Gardener 

Another day, another chance to do something hilarious with his daughter, Zoe. It’s like they look forward to it every week and spend time planning out their next move. This time, they’ve decided it will be an outdoor experience. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe and her dad decided to do a little house cleaning with Zoe riding shotgun. While her dad shows her all the tricks of maintaining a fine home appeal, Zoe is more than happy to sit and watch in her chipmunk outfit.

Zoe and the Dining Experience

After watching many classical movies with her dad, baby Zoe is finally ready to roll with the big boys by having her first dining experience. And of course, her dad decided to be the waiter as you’d expect from him. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Due to her small size, she couldn’t afford to sit on the chair, so the table will do for now. Baby Zoe can’t believe her eyes, all that milk, and all of those grapes are hers. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Zoe and the Sleeping Beauty

No offense, but that’s no sleeping beauty, that’s her dad, but who cares? If Daddy dresses like her and sleeps like her, then he is her. Zoe is so excited to be sitting next to one of the idols Disney gave her. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Unlike how the story went, we don’t think Zoe is ready to give her dad the apple. Not even the great witch can snatch it from her. That said, the amount of effort her dad puts into their dress-up shenanigans is incredible.

Zoe and the Indie Musician

Zoe’s dad has always wanted to start his band but never got around to finding the right mates. After a trip down memory lane, he has decided to start his band again, with Zoe backing him up with her recorder skills. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Honestly, we don’t know what kind of backup a 2-year old will be but seeing how cute and passionate they both are. We’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s hope they get to the grammies. 

Zoe and the Pressing Iron 

Zoe’s dad figured that sooner or later, Zoe would have to take care of how she appears in public, and part of that entails wearing smooth clothes. However, he had to find out the hard way that Zoe is nowhere near ready for that. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

She didn’t just burn her t-shirt. She made an iron shape out of it. Her dad, who was acting as a maid, was left stunned by the iron skills of Zoe. How she was able to lift that iron is still a mystery.

Zoe and the Smelly Poo

We know how terrible the smell of feces can be, especially if you’re a parent with a newborn. However, we didn’t think it’d be bad enough for Zoe’s dad to wear goggles and an oxygen mask. Just how bad is Zoe’s poo?

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

As a father, you would think by now he should have gotten used to cleaning Zoe up. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There is no end to how hilarious both father and daughter can be together.

Zoe and the Improvised swimming pool

It looks like Zoe’s dad wants to introduce swimming to his lovely daughter at an early age. Consequently, he got something that looks like an improvised rubber swimming pool for her. We reckon that it’s a good place to start.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe looked super comfortable and excited for a first-time swimmer to the extent that her supposed lifeguard had to salute her courage. We hope that she’ll be able to replicate these skills in real water or in the ocean. 

Zoe and the Baker

It looks like Zoe likes the ingredients for baking more than the finished product. What led us to this line of thinking is her enthusiasm to ingest all the butter and ingredients surrounding her before mixing all of them together.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Her dad beautifully donned a baker’s outfit as he looked ready to show his baking skills. However, Zoe’s performance on the baking table left him surprised. Let’s hope they end up putting something in the oven by the end of this process.  

Zoe and the Mona Lisa 

Zoe is at that age when she starts to take an interest in art. As her father, he has to teach her all he knows about the subject. As you know, you’re not teaching art if you don’t talk about the Mona Lisa. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

He could have passed the message to Zoe without shoving his head in the picture, but where is the fun in that? He also seemed to have drawn a mustache on Zoe’s face, and she is absolutely loving it. 

Zoe and the Pancake

Just so you know, that’s not a scarf or clothing item on Zoe’s head. It’s the dough for a pizza. And yes, her dad put it there and appears to be making more dough clothing for baby Zoe. Can you believe it?

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe’s dad felt it was time Zoe knew where all that pizza she enjoys comes from. Once again, it all started with a good cause, but somehow here we are again—another father and daughter playtime session in the works. 

Zoe and the Field Trip

This time, Zoe and her dad decided to take all the fun away from home by going on a field trip to the mountains. Apart from Zoe trying to eat bone remains of dead animals, it was a good field experience.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

We have no idea why Zoe’s dad is dressed like a character from Jumanji, but we can understand his surprise at Zoe trying to swallow a big bone. We think she was only trying to stay in character if you ask us.

Zoe and the Rescue Mission

Zoe received a distressed call claiming that a big fat cat was hanging on a tree, holding on for dear life. Zoe is determined to be a hero and save the day by coming to the rescue. Look at her suit up for the mission. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Her dad is the instigator, scriptwriter, and director of the scene once again. He’s also playing the cat on the tree. Zoe is very excited to be on her first rescue mission and couldn’t help but capture the moment before saving the cat. 

Zoe and the Air Hostess

We’ve never seen a plane this small with a hostess. However, Zoe and her dad have made the impossible possible. Zoe’s dad wanted Zoe to have her first experience on-air and what it feels like to be served on a plane. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Since he couldn’t take on a real plane, he decided to make his own. He also played the role of an air hostess so he could serve Zoe milk. Once again, good intentions, but in the end, it’s a hilarious execution. 

Zoe and the Road Bicycle racer

This scene is not a “Tour de France” finale which is the most reputable bicycle racing competition in the world. It’s still Zoe and her adventurous Dad. Here, he beautifully donned a cycling outfit, but we’re not sure the bike is a match. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe, on the other hand, looks like a commissioned commissaire. A commissaire is the equivalent of a referee in other sports. The expression on her dad’s face looks like they won the race, and we think they make a pretty good team. 

Zoe and the Cheerleader

Cheerleaders are the extra hands and legs in many sports and events. Their energetic display and enthusiasm are capable of renewing the spirit of non-enthusiastic or tired athletes. Here, Zoe and her dad assumed the role of experienced cheerleaders.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

We could deduce that their team’s official color is pink as cheerleaders must obey the team’s color code with their pom-poms and crop tops. Overall, their matching outfit is adorable, except that the dad isn’t wearing a ribbon.

Zoe and the Powerlifter

Zoe and her dad are showing us that what an adult can do, a kid can do better. Even though Zoe’s carrying what is two times her weight, she doesn’t look the part. On the other hand, her dad looks like he needs imminent help.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Apart from the conquering smile on her face, it is apparent that she enjoys what she’s doing since her hands are in the air. The same cannot be said about the dad, but we acknowledge his doggedness despite the weight of those dumbbells. 

Zoe and the Plumber

Everyone knows the dreaded feeling that accompanies a blocked toilet or bathroom due to a plumbing failure. If you aren’t a trained plumber, it leaves you stranded, angry, and confused about the next line of action. And it looks like they agree.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Zoe’s dad looks like a certified plumber, but the dreaded feeling of despair doesn’t even spare professionals sometimes. This is especially the case when it’s repeated because of your kid’s toys.  We hope she learns where her real toy basket is. 

Zoe and the Vampire

No one has ever made eating fried Irish potatoes with ketchup as frightening as Zoe’s dad made it. He wanted to utilize the scenario to disguise himself as a vampire and did nothing but make Zoe smile. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

He made the ketchup look like blood as he took a frightening bite from the potatoes. The idea was probably to make Zoe aware of some fictional blood-sucking characters known as vampires. We hope that the point was made. 

Zoe and the Market run

This is what happens when you leave a kid to go shopping without limits. There are several outcomes of such scenarios, but the most debilitating of them all is an empty wallet or debit card. We have all been there before.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

In this case, it looks like Zoe took good advantage of the opportunity that her dad gave her. Now, she is the proud owner of a car, several expensive dresses, and some accessories. Let’s hope it isn’t her last shopping trip as a kid. 

Zoe and the Nutella Art contest

Children are adorable gifts, and we believe Zoe’s dad acknowledges this. They are capable of giving us immense joy when we’re plunged into the depths of sadness. However, they’re also capable of making a serious mess if we’re not watching them.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Here, Zoe thinks that the Nutella that’s supposed to go in between slices of bread is meant for a fine art contest. Accordingly, she smeared a sizable part of the wall with the food item. Let’s hope Dad has some free cleaning time. 

Zoe and the Postman

Here, Zoe and her dad play the role of a postal carrier and a customer. Better yet, a customer disguised as a dog. We’re not sure of the type and content of those letters, but it looks like it isn’t as important as the carrier’s life. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

This postal carrier doesn’t know that his job requires him to deliver the letters no matter what. We do not know what Zoe did to the postal carrier, but we know it’s enough for it to make the innocent man abandon his job. 

Zoe and the Surgeon

We won’t be surprised if Zoe opts to become a surgeon in the future because she has a good role model in her Dad. Both surgeons are fully kitted and protected, but Zoe’s convincing scrubs really caught our attention. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

The confusing part of this setup is their surgical instruments and their patients. This is the first time kitchen utensils would serve as surgical instruments. Those are not the only firsts, as Zoe might also become the youngest surgeon out there. 

Zoe and Einstein

We do not know what a toaster, slices of bread, and a board full of equations have in common, but we have a feeling that it’s the adorable duo at work again. This time around, it seems they wish to make the next groundbreaking invention. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Whether that is true or not is not the main concern. Instead, we are intrigued by the elaborate Einstein costume and Zoe’s extraordinary concentration at the world’s next crucial experiment. Perhaps they wish to make a time machine out of a toaster. 

Zoe and the Laundry experience

Children know little to nothing about laundry and the stress that accompanies it sometimes. They just watch their parents do it once in a while. Their ignorance about this is probably one of the reasons they don’t care about the number of clothes they wear in a day. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

However, Zoe’s dad looks like the world’s first father to introduce laundry to their kid at a tender age. She doesn’t look like she’s involved in the activity, and he doesn’t look so sad about it, but we hope that she takes over very soon. 

Zoe and Aladdin

Aladdin and his magical accessories are one of the most famous childhood stories worldwide. Expectedly, Zoe’s dad intends to introduce the legendary character to his adorable daughter, and we think that he did an excellent job with the costume.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Aladdin was well known for his magical mat and genie that grants wishes. His costume includes a red cap and a sweater vest, and a white jumpsuit. The magical kettle is also a nice touch to Zoe’s new genie. 

Zoe and the Engineer

The first question that comes to our mind is, “Who puts their workshop in the middle of the road?” Zoe and her dad, of course. We could also look at it that the dad brought his tools and equipment to a toy accident scene. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Either way, the adorable duo seem to be enjoying carpentry and toy repair from the looks on their faces. The lesson here is to involve the kids in as many extracurricular activities as possible to help them navigate their options effectively. 

Zoe and the Hunter

It goes without saying that Zoe’s dad wants to build a strong and brave girl out of his daughter. Here, it looks like the adorable duo went on a hunting trip in the wilderness. The dad’s animal hide costume gave it out easily. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

While it looks like Zoe is having a great time, the same cannot be said of the Dad, who’s having a hard time with getting fire from two stones. It reminds us that the forest is a friend of no one when it comes to getting basic amenities.

Zoe and the Garden Night experience

This picture looks like Zoe and her dad are having a garden or forest night out. Sometimes, sleeping in the garden and appreciating nature while enjoying a gentle night breeze could be the remedy for insomnia. At least they make it to be this way.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Despite Zoe’s dad’s intention of having a silent and trouble-free night, which is evident by the music playing in the background, it looks like he isn’t getting what he wants. The only way out for him is if Zoe falls asleep soon. 

Zoe and the Spa experience

A spa session is usually an avenue to get undiluted rest and a break away from many mundane activities. Many people think of it as a way of rejuvenating the mind and body at the same time, and some feel like they need it ALL the time.

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Here, Zoe and her dad are getting facial treatments. Usually, the cucumbers are meant to add some extra therapeutic effect, but Zoe had other ideas. She thought cucumbers were only meant to be eaten and not for mere facials.

Zoe and the Playground experience

One of the happiest moments for children is when they go to the playground. It’s also a happy moment for parents since they will be able to see their kids in a cheerful mood. Quality playing time is also crucial for their development. 

Image courtesy of sbsolly/Instagram

Here, Zoe and her dad seem to have enjoyed a good roller coaster ride and have decided to move to the next fun item, which is to fly. We’re not sure if Zoe took off successfully, but they seemed to be having a good time.