45 Nifty Things We Are Fully Ready to Spend Our Whole Salaries On

By Peace L

“Totally need this” is what comes to our mind after receiving our paychecks. The feeling is expected. We worked so hard all month, and now we want to do something fun. We can’t resist the urge to spend our salary on cool random things we find online or at the store (here’s looking at you, Target). The holiday season, a time to show love to our family and friends, just ended, so we all, hopefully, will have a little more extra cash in the coming months. Gift-giving is a way to express love, and who better to show some affection to than ourselves? We know you have a budget for other important things to buy and bills to pay. But if you want something fun to add to your shopping cart that you won’t regret buying, look no further than this list. Here, we will discuss some random things that are super cute, impressive, and affordable.

Dragon Lamp

The dragon lamp creates an optical illusion; it plays tricks on the eye. The item is a way to impress guests and the fantasy genre lovers in your life. The light is a perfect display piece for bedrooms, game rooms, and children’s rooms.

Image courtesy of odditymall.com

We would love to spend some of our salary on a fantastic lamp like this. A fire-breathing dragon is what you need to keep your room gothic and magical. The medieval 3D dragon art is safe to touch as it doesn’t get too hot.

Tablet Keyboard

Smartphones have replaced laptops. They are portable and easy to use. However, typing on smartphones sometimes is a tedious task. Table keyboards allow users, especially writers, to type fast and efficiently. They are in different sizes and almost all of them can fit into your backpack.

Image courtesy of brillio.net

You can type on the go with a tablet keyboard without any hurdles. It ensures wireless connectivity with its Bluetooth capabilities. The tablet keyboard is a fantastic thing to have and is certainly worth some cash. We already have plans to get it ourselves.

White Paw Plush Toy

Your good dog deserves a good toy to play with, and a White Paw plush toy is a great option that doesn’t cost too much. A lovely toy you can give to your dog whenever you are both out at the beach or the park.

Image courtesy of Do Good Dog Co./Amazon

The toy is cute as well as clever. Show your unconditional love to your doggo by walking into the nearest pet shop in your area. Make sure you take some nice shots with it on a sunny day and post them to the Gram.

Specific Drawer

Every Monday morning, you search for a bow tie or specific pair of pants but everything is all a-jumble. Well, you don’t have to bother tearing up the room early in the morning if you have a specific drawer for each item.

Image courtesy of dornob.com

You store each piece of clothing in its allotted drawer. The dresser is suitable for children to keep their room tidy and organized. It is also portable and durable. You don’t have to worry about keeping things organized – it’s practically done for you.

Swinging Office Chair

Swinging office chairs is a unique way to make your space more attractive. It is a special purchase to take your office to the next level. The seats are fixed around a desk in the center, and it can accommodate more than six people.

Image courtesy of lifehacksforu.com

The swinging chair can be installed in the board room for board meetings. The stylish design can boost creativity and productivity. Imagine discussing the new company proposal with investors sitting on these swinging chairs – talk about having fun on the job.

Floating Balloon Table

Tables aren’t only for function. The furniture adds beauty to the interior design of the house. A floating balloon table is a great choice if you want something unique. It is suitable for all occasions and an unexpected way to keep the living room beautiful.

Image courtesy of worldkings.org

The shiny balloons below the flat glass surface are metal or resin composite. The balloons come in different colors: red, wine, pink, etc. This model combined gold and silver. No doubt each guest will have a comment whenever they visit. It’s simply a beautiful piece of art.

Flower watering system

If you love flowers, then this is for you. This watering system will make it more exciting to water your plants every morning. It’s decorative as well as functional, and honestly, what more could you want? It is beyond adorable.

Image courtesy of 25.media.tumblr.com/Pinterest

The watering system is made of plastic, and it has a big bowl for plants and small holes at the top to water your green babies. The small size is suitable for just about anywhere. You have several sizes to choose from.

Doughnut mug

If you plan to present a friend a gift on his birthday or probably a special day to them, try a doughnut mug. It is beautifully crafted to look like the real thing. Your foodie friend or loved ones deserve to have a gift like this.

Image courtesy of pauznet.com

The mug is the best coffee gift you can give to a coffee lover. Some might see the design as problematic, but others will realize it is totally worth it to have that hole through the center – it looks much more authentic.

Butterfly Wing Chair

Everyone has a taste for quality. If you’re the type to spend on the nicer things in life, the butterfly wing chair is a perfect choice for you. A closer look at the chair reveals it is anything but ordinary. It looks almost mythical, and can be used indoors or outside.

Image courtesy of design-inspiration.net

The chair is neatly designed to ensure comfort while sitting, and the minimalist design makes it stand out. We feel it would look best outside in your yard or on the balcony, but the choice is yours! This is definitely a conversation piece.

Multi-tool Crab

The pocket-size Swiss army knife shaped like a crab is a unique twist on an everyday item. It can do multiple things, from opening a bottle to cutting nails – so if you broke or lost your trusty tool, grab this one.

Image courtesy of readabiography.com

It, of course, fits into your pocket. The item is a great gift idea and everyone needs a cute Swiss army knife, right? It is a very handy item to have with you on a daily basis. And why get a crustacean-shaped one? To make life a little more fun!

Giant 2-D Lamp

This gigantic 2-D lamp is a perfect accessory for any desk. An interesting fact about the light is that the design exceeds the size of any lamp you can find anywhere else, and it’s as bright as you would want it to be.

Image courtesy of integritytransaction.top

If you’re a minimalist but love to keep a collection of exciting office items, the 2-D lamp is something to add to your cart. Its unique design doesn’t take too much space at the office. Importantly, there is enough light for everything you do at your desk.

Cozy Outdoor Sofa

We all love comfort, and we work hard to live a life of ease. The cozy outdoor sofa is an item you need if you love to indulge in doing nothing but relaxing during your time off. You might not have even been thinking of something like this.

Image courtesy of gofstore.com

But the outdoor hanging sofa will be worth the money. Relaxing on this swing sofa with your partner or reading your favorite novel in your small garden during a sunny day sounds like a slice of heaven, doesn’t it?

Unique Stairs

Traditional designs are sometimes boring. It feels like every staircase in every home looks the same. Why not install something unique in your home instead? Does this design look like a nightmare? It isn’t as bad as it first appears.

Image courtesy of chianticat10/Pinterest

Although it’s more of a decorative item, the staircase has a light on each step that helps you walk downstairs. We do recommend reserving this design for a small portion, say, a landing. This might be a lot if you use it on three stories.

Yogi Sitting on Nails – Toothpick Holder

A toothpick holder is probably the last thing you would think to purchase. This random item – yogi sitting on nails – is a fun spin on what is usually a very mundane item. And now that you’ve seen it, you might even consider spending your money on it.

Image courtesy of hitek.fr

It’s always important to remind ourselves to find peace and meditate in our immediate environment regardless of toxic or peaceful it is. Also, it is a decorative item that can be a kind gift to a yoga lover, and they will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Adorable juicer

A juicer is a common item you’d find in every kitchen. The watering can juicer is worth the price whether you’re trying to get more nutrients into your diet or like to start your day with a big glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Image courtesy of designswan.com

It is easy to use, but you might be asking why you need it. It is definitely for fun! Its aesthetic design would complement practically any style. Juicing would be tons more fun with this handy item in your cupboard.

Cat Cactus Planter

Are you a lover of cats and cacti? There is a way to combine your love for the two favorite objects in a single piece. This decorative cat-shaped planter will surely ignite your passion and be a source of inspiration while at work.

Image courtesy of thisiswhyimbroke.com

The cat-shaped planter looks great on shelves or even on your desk. This cute item will only add to your interior design and, whether you choose grey or black, it is neutral enough to match your style no matter what.

Baby Yoda Night Light

Do you remember the character Yoda in the recent Star Wars movie? Suppose you have a friend who is a huge fan and you want to buy them a gift. This adorable Baby Yoda night light is the perfect purchase.

Image courtesy of Star Wars/amazon

The bedtime light is a good gift for kids, friends, or yourself. The glowing night light comes in different shapes and sizes, has strong battery life, and is affordable. Any Star Wars fan would be delighted to have such a fun night light on their bedside table.

Optical Illusion Chair

A transparent chair is one seriously cool item to splurge on. The unique design is easily one of the most impressive you can find online or at any furniture store. You would almost certainly agree you should throw money at the sellers.

Image courtesy of yenisafak.com

Your visitors would probably need to look twice before they sit on it. The chair creates an optical illusion that makes it unique. Every household needs to have a collection of funky items, and the transparent chair is a good one to start with.

Electric Wine Opener

We are in the 21 century, driven by technology, and a wine opener isn’t left out of the race of technological evolution. Thanks to technology, you don’t need to stress yourself before opening a bottle of champagne at a party.

Image courtesy of Secura/Amazon

The wine opener is simple and easy to use – all you have to do is put it on top of a wine bottle and press a button to have the cork taken right out. If there’s anything you should purchase for the sake of convenience, it is this electric wine opener!

Personalized Cartoon Portraits

An adorable gift for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion would be a carton portrait of you and your partner. You would happily spend some of your salary to have you and your lover’s embroidered picture next to your bed.

Image courtesy of polykatoikia/Etsy

The cartoon portrait is personalized and each one is unique. You can decide to hang it as is or add it to a shadow box frame for a more dramatic effect. Take a perfect picture and get a cartoon portrait made!

Water Bottle for Dogs

Humans aren’t the only living beings that deserve gifts. Pets also deserve nice things, and most of us love spoiling our pets. They make important memories with us and we have a special bond with them. Your beloved dog needs to stay hydrated as they play outside.

Image courtesy of yenisafak.com

As a pet parent, you should know the importance of keeping dogs hydrated, and with this water bottle, you can make sure that happens. The cap is a small bowl for the dog to sip from. This bottle fits well in a bag or even a larger jacket pocket.

Mini Coffee Maker

If you live alone or are the only coffee lover in your home, this mini Keurig is a necessity for you. It also makes a great gift for college kids or those just starting out on their own. The coffee maker is not as expensive as it looks, either.

Image courtesy of keurig.com

The mini coffee maker can make your tasty coffee in about a minute. There is nothing that would make a coffee lover happier than a quick, delicious cup of Joe. A mini coffee maker can prepare their beverage without taking up too much space.

Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle

No doubt, a fractal jigsaw puzzle is something you can’t resist purchasing. Unlike regular puzzles, it requires more brain-teasing and coordination. It varies in size and levels (easy, medium, hard, very hard, and extreme).

Image courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

It is a game of fun we could all use after a long day at work. Jigsaw puzzles keep you company for quite a while, especially if you love brain-stimulating games. The puzzle is inexpensive and fits in any budget.

A Shelf-Lamp

A shelf-lamp is certainly your next purchase if you care about creativity. The shelf is a unique way to beautify and illuminate your room. It is super cute and functional – what could be better? This is something we’d love to have in our living room.

Image courtesy of designboom.com

You can keep your favorite books on the shelf. The lamp is permanently on the wall. You don’t need to have a space on your desk for textbooks and lights anymore. Use it to spotlight your current reads or your favorite knickknacks.

Nintendo Switch Arcade Stick

Nintendo Switch is a vintage arcade machine for old-school gamers. It is another way to enjoy an old game experience, making you feel you traveled back in time. If you don’t have room for a full-size vintage arcade machine, the arcade stick is the perfect subsitute.

Image courtesy of 8bitdo/Amazon

This mini Nintendo Switch Arcade Stick is a great addition to your gaming equipment. It is compatible with Switch and Windows, and in pure modern fashion, it is totally wireless. Yes, this means you can hook it up to your Bluetooth.

Lightsaber Room Light

Another fascinating item you can buy with the money burning a hole in your pocket is a lightsaber nightlight. As a Star Wars fan, you need to have one right next to your bed. The beam light is too cool.

Image courtesy of toysrus.ca

A perfect way to start building a Star Wars room is to get the trademark Jedi weapon. Introduce the galaxy far, far away into your room by splurging on this lightsaber light. Or give it as a gift to one of the fans in your life. They will love you for it.

Special Work Desk

A well-functioning office should be convenient to maneuver around, encourage productivity, and be a space for creativity to blossom. However, many offices lack these features. This special work desk has a unique deck design and a crooked look. It is certainly different!

Image courtesy of novi.ba

The crooked desk provides a flat working surface, surprisingly, making this design is attractive. The method improves convenience and productivity to make you feel inclined to work. You don’t have to feel bored at your job anymore. The design is a match for any interior design.

Uniquely Designed Stands

If you want to keep your house or office organized, this unique stand is for you. Desk stands help keep essential items contained and your space neat and tidy. It is also a choice for coffee lovers that love minimalism.

Image courtesy of brillio.net

The stands are designed like coffee mugs with shadows. The design of these handy holders will fit perfectly in your kitchen aesthetic. Indeed, if you love coffee, these adorable pieces are a must. It goes without saying that they also make great gifts.

Smoothie Bike

The smoothie bike is a pocket-friendly item for the house. It will make you want to reach for your wallet right away. If you plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is worth every penny. The way it works is quite simple!

Image courtesy of Nrpdude/Reddit

The bike is stationary, quite simple to ride, and works without electricity. It is an eco-friendly alternative to stay healthy. How? You can make your post-workout smoothie during your workout! Yep, you blend as you pedal. This is such a great idea we can’t imagine why we don’t have one yet.

Old-School Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is the most popular game on earth. Almost everyone has played it at least once. The old game is still a favorite for many of us. This machine keeps you company whenever you are bored and feeling nostalgic.

Image courtesy of theverge.com

Although Super Mario is now available on Android and iOS, who cares when the real feeling of playing with the gaming system is everlasting and much more exciting? Don’t be sad about your old Gameboy – throw your money at this.

Portable Door Lock

We do a lot to keep our lives and our property safe. Hotels stays are no exception because total security and privacy aren’t guaranteed anywhere. When on a journey that would take days or weeks, a portable door lock can ensure additional safety.

Image courtesy of unicun.com

You don’t have to worry at night whenever you are outside. A portable door lock is a lifesaver. This particular model is simple to use. You don’t have to damage the hotel door in order to feel safer and more secure away from home.

Sushi Socks

We all love sushi. Imagine wearing realistic sushi socks is a thing you would love to try. The socks are perfect items to buy as a gift for close friends and family. The creativity is the most compelling part of this product.

Image courtesy of rainbowsocks.com

The packaging looks so realistic and amazing. You can track your friends to think it is real sushi. We know they will be thrilled to discover it is a pack of bright and colorful socks. They are made of high-quality materials and are a great choice.

Among Us Plushies

The popular video game Among Us has inspired many. The characters have even been crafted into tiny plushies. The game has grown in popularity, so it might be odd not to have a single Among Us item. The scientific horror video game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, etc.

Image courtesy of thisiswhyimbroke.com

If you love the characters or you know someone obsessed with the video game, here is a valid reason to purchase these adorable plushies. They are soft and can be the perfect toy for kids or the perfect desk decoration for adults.

Bubble Tea Kit

Making bubble tea is difficult and tiring. You want to drink bubble tea that has a good taste. The tea kit isn’t a bad idea. We would definitely purchase many bubble tea kits to keep us company in the long hours of staying at home.

Image courtesy of Qbubble/Amazon

Bubble tea is a way to keep hydrated and entertain yourself. If you don’t know how to make it, you should check out these easy kits. They make it simple and while it is a little bit DIY, they provide all the ingredients.

Photography Lens Ball

Photography lens ball uses refraction to bend the light as it passes through the glass. It helps capture scenes behind it naturally, creating a unique effect. It is a real necessity for anyone who loves playing around with their camera.

Image courtesy of lensball.com

You don’t have to be a photographer to take creative shots or own a photography lens ball. Whether you’re a professional or not, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this item, and if nothing else, it looks pretty on its own.

Xbox Light

Xbox is a perfect gift for gamers or Xbox enthusiasts if you want to ignite their passion for gaming. Although The Xbox light is a decorative item, it makes your console looks way cooler. It adds a nice ambiance as well.

Image courtesy of firebox.com

The Xbox uses USB to power its icon light, and there are three lighting modes (standard, color phasing, and music reactive). Of course, this is ideal for the gamer who already has an Xbox. Unless they love irony, don’t get it for your PlayStation friends.

Personalized Wax Seal

Writing letters isn’t much of a thing these days, but a personalized wax seal can bring it back into vogue. It will give you a reason to pick up a pen and an envelope. You can have the 18th-century style of writing once more and the great feeling of writing a letter.

Image courtesy of jwumoments.com

Depending on the seal customization, the wax seal can be any image or writing you want. This customized wax seal comes with a box you can keep it. You don’t have to worry about messing it up. Get creative and start writing those letters!

Google Chrome’s T-Rex Shorts

We’re very sure you have seen Google Chrome’s T-Rex at least once in your lifetime. It is readily available on the browser whenever there is a disruption in the internet connection. Instead of the app doing nothing, the T-Rex pops up on your screen.

Image courtesy of deleted user/Reddit

The shorts are just awesome. You can get these fabulous dinosaurs in your wardrobe and have the experience of playing even when you are out on the beach. The shorts are adorable, in our opinion, and everyone would look great in them.

Floating Cup Holders

Do you go to the pool quite often? This item is for you. The floating cup holder allows you to enjoy your drinks while swimming in the pool. You don’t have to move to the edge of the pool to sip your drink. These inflatable holders come in many styles.

Image courtesy of m.made-in-china.com

Suppose you hang out with friends or visit a community pool in your neighborhood every weekend. A floating drink is an excellent item you can buy. Everyone enjoys the feeling of floating and relaxing with their favorite beverage right nearby.

Superhero Shelves

Superheroes are always everywhere trying to save the world. Yes, they can save your books and style your shelves also. As Marvel or DC superhero fans, you can spend your salary to purchase Batman or Wolverine-like shelves to stake your books on it.

Image courtesy of oprahdaily.com

These kinds of shelves appeal to the eye and add to the interior aesthetic design of the house. Children love comics and superheroes. A superhero shelf should be a present on their birthday. There is no doubt they would love it.

Biting Dog Cable Cover

Are you tired of tangled cables on your desk? A biting dog cable is an adorable solution to your problem. No one likes how tangled cables mess on the desk. Cable management is more than possible – it is easy.

Image courtesy of TheJivvi/Twitter

The dog-shaped cable cover is tiny and perfect. The design protects the edge of the cable from being tangled up. It is a bit more interesting if you are a dog lover. The option isn’t only for dog owners; the cable covers are designed in various animal shapes.

Take a Hand – We Mean, Take Seat

Furniture is one of the integral parts of an interior design in the house. A stylish piece of furniture will surely give the room the most desired look and respect. An oddly designer chair is a perfect blend of art and style. It was crafted to look like a half-folded human hand.

Image courtesy of notey.com/Pinterest

An item you will buy. The chair is a good attraction to guests. Why? We love the uniqueness and appreciate a piece of art. Your visitor will definitely try to sit on it whenever they visit. Although we are not sure how comfortable it is, we can’t wait to try it out.

Personalized Family Mugs

There is a way to bring the family together at the dining table. It is always cool to have customized stuff in your name. You develop a special feeling for whoever gave you a personalized item in your name.

Image courtesy of theknot.com

Each personalized family mug has a cartoon illustration and a name stylishly written under it. You can write your nickname or use your favorite picture on the cup using a different font. A personalized mug is also a way to show affection to friends or neighbors.

Tetris Tiles

For almost all Tetris enthusiasts globally, Tetris tiles are a design you won’t mind purchasing. If you are a player, and we are sure we’ve all played the game, this is a great design option. It requires tile-matching blocks in a particular order.

Image courtesy of alexanderjam/Reddit

The tiles are installed in the kitchen, rooms, bathrooms, and exterior part of the house like, say, the garden area. You might have missed the old-school game, but the Tetris tiles design looks so attractive on the wall, you will get your fix every day.