Brand Bloopers: A Collection of Hilariously Awkward Corporate Slip-Ups

By Ayomitide F January 23, 2024

The Corporate Facepalm subreddit reveals the humorous and cringe-worthy side of corporate blunders that often escape the scrutiny of the suits. This gallery of mishaps showcases the lighter side of the corporate world, debunking the notion of perfection propagated by these companies. From awkward ad placements on YouTube, like a Red Lobster ad interrupting a first aid video, to marketing fiascos like Polished Man accidentally revealing the use of Loren Ipsum in their emails, the subreddit exposes the behind-the-scenes blunders that make it to the public eye.

Image source: Happier_/Reddit

One notable instance involves a bagel shop’s owner defending the establishment against a customer’s scathing review, proudly asserting that bagel wait times vary from 5 to 30 minutes – an accurate display of the corporate world’s diversity.

The culinary world takes a hit, too, with the advent of vegan bacon hailed as the property boom of the current generation. La Vie’s plant-based bacon receives accolades, claiming to offer the taste, aroma, and sizzle without harming pigs. In an unexpected twist, a sports-related tweet by Clutch Points features Queen Elizabeth alongside sports icons, adding a celestial element to the monarch’s presence. BMW takes subscription services to a new level, offering a monthly fee for heated car seats. However, the humor lies in the comparison to a Netflix subscription, emphasizing the toasty behind of binge-watching shows.

Image course: KamalHasa/Reddit

The quirkiness extends to unexpected social media interactions, such as a sassy Delta Airlines response to a passenger’s complaint and a school shadow program misspelling their cause as “school shadows.” Brands like Shepper and MealPal also make peculiar choices in branding, adding their names to seemingly unrelated content like obituary pictures and email campaigns. DoorDash faced backlash when offering customers $5 in credits for a faulty $20 item, leading to a humorous exchange.

Missteps in pricing and promotions also appear, such as MealPal’s attempt to market avatars as NFTs for $100 or a “Cyber Monday Deal” that increases the price of a coffee maker by $4. Companies like Zaxby’s face criticism for their environmental claims when their cups and straws remain plastic. Even major corporations like Adidas stumble in their commitment to end plastic waste when their shoes come packaged in plastic bags.

In a heartwarming yet slightly misguided gesture, ABC13 surprises a woman who lost her sister and home in a tragic incident with… an ABC13 umbrella. Meanwhile, MealPal attempts relatable content with a chat about lunchtime cravings, and companies like Uber Eats suggest pinworm medicine when searching for chocolate cravings.

Image source: DnD-Newbie/Reddit

While some incidents, like Elon Musk’s intense call-to-action email for Tesla employees or Kathy Griffin’s Twitter suspension for impersonating Elon Musk, exhibit the eccentricities of notable personalities, others, like City Α.Μ.’s misstep in personalization or Xfinity’s attempt to prolong a discount with a $1.50 reduction, highlight the peculiarities of corporate communications.

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