45 Superb Memes From The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show

By Arvyn B

This article was originally published on sportfoy

Every year, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the most-watched programs worldwide. It is not just Americans who love watching this annual celebration – people all around the world gather together to see the latest singers perform. And for a good reason! Every year, you can be assured that the performers will put on quite a show for the audience. There have been many legendary artists in the past, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Prince, and many more. This year marked the 56th Super Bowl. The artists performing at the Show included Eminem, 50 Cent, Mary J Blige, and numerous others. As with every Show, the Internet reacted in various hilarious ways. Here are just some of the best ones!

Back in Time

One thing that a lot of people noticed about the Show was that it seemed to cater much more to an older style of music. Of course, when we say “older,” we don’t mean the ’80s or even the ’90s…

Cmindnich (Twitter)

We are talking about music from the mid-2000s! Yes, we are afraid to admit that 2000s music is now considered “old.” Does anyone else remember having one of these iPods? They weighed a ton, but they felt so high-tech and futuristic!

How Old?

One question that many of us had while watching the Show was, “how old are they?” — which then makes us question our age. It feels like these artists have been around for such a long time, but it really has not been all that long!

Davejorgenson (Twitter)

Thankfully, this user was able to answer all of our questions and let us know exactly how old each performer was. We are so glad that we were not the only ones who had this question — there were enough to prompt this PSA.

Hey Grandpa

After watching this year’s Halftime Show, it was pretty clear that the NFL was aiming at a slightly older audience with their choice of guests. We have to say that it actually worked pretty well. Even if it does make us feel old recognizing the artists, it was worth it.

Cspotweet (Twitter)

So, you can be sure that we will tell everyone younger than us how great the Show was! Seriously — it was a pretty incredible choice of performers. We loved every single second of it and hoped the kids did, too!

Hanging Around

If you did not watch the Show, there was a moment where 50 Cent was hanging upside down and was waiting for Snoop Dogg to appear. Without seeing the Show, it’s a pretty funny image to imagine and probably would’ve looked something like this.

Justinmcphai1 (Twitter)

We wish that we had the upper-body strength to be able to hang for such a long time. It must be so difficult! Given 50 Cent’s age, we are so impressed with his ability to do this. We’re jealous, too!

Mary J Blige

One of our favorite performers for the night was Mary J Blige, who put on an absolutely incredible show for the world. There were almost no words to describe how brilliantly she was, wowing us and even celebrities with her skills.

KerryWashington (Twitter)

The actress Kerry Washington summed it up pretty perfectly since we also felt like “bowing down” after watching Mary J Blige’s performing skills. Her singing and choreography were truly out of this world and really made for quite a fantastic show!

The Stage

Did anyone else notice how strange the stage for the Super Bowl Halftime Show looked? It was such a huge mix of different areas and locations, which must’ve taken quite some time to create. It reminded us of something we’ve seen before…

Bromustdie (Twitter)

What was it? This mat, of course! We are pretty sure that almost everyone had one of these mats as a kid and loved to play with toy cars on top. The stage almost looked like a mini Los Angeles.

Like a Bat

We just cannot get over how 50 Cent looked as he was hanging upside down. It reminded us of something pretty funny, like this bat! Maybe we should start calling him “50 Cent” — or perhaps “Bat Cent” is more fitting?

Whitememjesus (Twitter) and Worraket (Shutterstock)

You have to be pretty strong to be able to hang in this position, as it is definitely not easy. We reckon that the worst part of it would be the dizziness. He is a true performer, powering straight through that headrush.


By far, our favorite part of the Super Bowl was not actually the Halftime Show. It was the advertisement just before, with Lindsay Lohan. It was so joyous to see her happy, successful, and positive. Seeing her on our TV primed us for the nostalgic vibes of the Halftime Show.

13st3ban (Twitter)

It has been a while since we have seen Lindsay on our screens for something positive, so we are really happy to see her back. We wish her the best of luck for the future and hope for more success!

Millennials Only

Honestly, we would not be surprised if there were lots of Generation Z or other kids who were confused by the Halftime Show. There were quite a few performers from decades past that they probably do not know. Or worse, would only know from Tik Tok.

Curlycomedy (Twitter)

It really felt like the Halftime Show was meant only for millennials. Although that certainly makes us feel old, we are grateful that the NFL took the time to cater to our needs. It was a fantastic show; we’re sure even the youngsters enjoyed it, even if they didn’t connect with it the same way.

A Real Doctor

Many celebrities use a stage name when they make it big, and for a good reason. It can help to keep some of their life private, but it can be a struggle to think of an alternative name to use.

JohnNolanMusic (Twitter)

Take Dr. Dre’s name, for example. We have a strong feeling that he did not really go to medical school, nor is he a real doctor! The truth is that his real name is “Andre Romelle Young.” Not as catchy!

Double Trouble

In case you missed it, there were also some other famous faces at the Super Bowl. No, we do not mean the performers — we are talking about the people who were actually watching the Show! Did you see them?

Ebaumsworld (Instagram)

On the front row of the Show, rapper Kanye West and his friend Antonio Brown were hanging out together and enjoying the Show. In case you have missed the news recently, they are both pretty toxic individuals. What a row!

Mom and Dad

If you are a parent, then we reckon that your children probably felt a lot like this meme during the Show. They probably could not understand why you were rocking out to the concert and having more fun in those fifteen minutes than the entire first half.


After all, there is no way that anyone could just sit there calmly while all those great songs were playing. They were all just way too good! Hopefully, the kids did not mind our bad dancing and singing too much.

Tired Out

We have already spoken a little about 50 Cent hanging upside down and how difficult it must have been for him. Now, imagine what it was like once he had finished doing it. He was probably very tired and dizzy afterward.

SohileAli (Twitter) and lzf (Shutterstock)

He was probably panting for breath and feeling exhausted since it is definitely not an easy pose to hold for that long. We are grateful that he did it, though, since it took us all the way back to the early 2000s.

Tears of Joy

We have said it once already, but we will absolutely say it again — the whole Show felt like such a huge trip down memory lane. These were the artists that we listened to when we were at an entirely different stage in our lives!

J_afc_x (Twitter)

Seeing all of them performing certainly brought back a lot of memories, and we would not be surprised if there were lots of people crying their eyes out just like this guy. It was a real blast from the past.

Where is it?

50 Cent’s upside-down moment sure created a lot of memes, like the one below. It is a fact that we have all done this at some point in our lives. After all, looking for a charger is such a chore we’d rather not have to get up to do it.

Robert_ybarra1 (Twitter)

But, unlike 50 Cent, we look nowhere near as great doing it! We are usually quite flustered and frustrated hanging upside-down to look under the bed, but he makes it look so effortless and cool. We are so jealous of his abilities.

Show Me the World

Celebrities are often known for having quite a strange taste in clothing. When it’s not a fashion statement, it also helps them to be talked about! We certainly have a few words to say about Snoop Dogg’s choice in fashion for the Show.

Ledankyash (Reddit)

Just what on earth was with that design?! It really did look like the flying carpet from the Disney movie Aladdin, except we think the shirt was probably nowhere near as magical as the carpet. But the magic of that Show was definitely real!

Doll’s House

We are not the only ones who thought that the staging for the Show looked odd, as there are plenty of people on the Internet who felt the same way. There were a few things that it reminded us of…

Huge_Esco20 (Twitter)

…such as this children’s dollhouse, for example! Okay, so this trio of rappers would never be caught dead hanging out on a dollhouse like this, but that does not stop it from being a pretty funny image in our heads.

Toy Story

Performing for an event like the Super Bowl Halftime takes tremendous amounts of energy. Singing, dancing, and matching the hype of a crowd is sure to wear anyone out. Mary J Blige wasn’t afraid to show us just how tiring her performance was.

Followingblaze (Twitter)

It does look like the toys from the Toy Story movie, and how they would pretend to be toys again when Andy would walk back into the room. We have a feeling Mary J Blige wasn’t trying to do that, though.

Peggy the Pegasus

The most expensive advertising slot in America is during the Super Bowl, which is not so surprising since so many people will watch the Super Bowl. There were so many cool advertisements this time around, and we loved them all.

Tartecosmetics (Twitter)

However, our favorite by far was the BMW advert featuring the Greek gods Hera and Zeus. Why was that, you might wonder? Well, it was because of Peggy, the baby Pegasus. Just look at how cute it is! We can’t help but think about another Disney classic: Hercules.

Dean Martin

If the Super Bowl Halftime Show did one thing, it is that it made us feel really old. Most of us remember listening to our parents talk about old singers and getting excited over them. We thought they were strange!

Page88 (Twitter)

Now, we guess that it is finally our turn to be the strange ones since we jumped around the house feeling excited to see Dr. Dre, Mary J Blige, and many other guests. The kids probably thought we looked so bizarre!

Celebrity Fans

It was not just us regular folk who were impressed by the Show since it even got celebrities talking about it. Take this tweet from LeBron James, for example. His all-caps Tweet tells us he, like us, could not believe how good it was!

KingJames (Twitter)

We totally feel LeBron’s emotions here, as we were so amazed by how great the Show was. Of course, there are others who would argue for previous Halftime Shows, but this one was undeniably in our top 5. After all, the nostalgia factor alone puts it in the top 10.

Feeling Cool

We have to admit it — we felt very cool rapping along to the verses by Eminem, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg during the Halftime Show. It made us feel like we were the stars of the Show, rocking out in our living rooms!

Cheezburger.com and Bryan 956 (YouTube)

However, we have a feeling that we probably did not look anywhere near as awesome as how we felt. It was likely the opposite, and we really looked like the guys in this photo here instead. Not cool at all!

Fell Off What?

We have already spoken about how the younger generation probably thought this Halftime show was quite strange, but what about the older generation? Apparently, they thought it was weird, too! This user’s mom needs subtitles and got more than a little confused during the Show.

LEBassett (Twitter)

She read the line “Dre fell off” and became immediately confused, asking what Dr. Dre fell off and why! We hope that the user took a moment to stop laughing and clue her mother in to what the lyrics really meant.


Of course, Peggy wasn’t the only advertisement. If you missed it, there was also an advertisement during the Super Bowl trailer that got everyone pulling out their phones. No, not because it was boring, but because they wanted to take part in the advertisement itself!

Goattfishh (Twitter)

The advertisement was for the cryptocurrency company named Coinbase. They promoted their brand by using a QR code. This made many people pull out their phones and scan the code in order to get a sign-up bonus. It was a cool marketing strategy!

Normal Bowls

There’s one thing that is quite puzzling to us, which is the name of the event itself. Just why is it called the “Super Bowl”? There are no “bowls” in sight for the whole match, let alone any super bowls!

Ygrene (Twitter)

If you are a fan of regular bowls, then you would be pretty disappointed since it was only the “super” kind on the screen. Fun fact, the name actually came from the name of a toy called a “Super Ball.”

Where’s Tupac?

One of the most famous rappers from the 1990s was sadly missing from the Super Bowl performance, but not through his own choice. Tupac Shakar, known as Tupac, died in 1996, but a hologram of him performed at Coachella in 2012.

OhanaDavila (Twitter) and Eightshot Images (Shutterstock)

Many of us were expecting the hologram to make an appearance at the Show, since both Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg have performed with him in the past. Sadly, it was not meant to be, with only living rappers performing at the Show.

Too True

Honestly, it felt so great being able to recognize so many faces at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. It made the Show feel like it was meant for us, like the NFL was directly targeting our audience. Finally, a show made for millennials!

NedStaebler (Twitter)

That is when the truth kicked in. If we are old enough to recognize each of these people, then that means we are getting old now. Which means it’s time to start acting like it, too, as this meme jokes about.

Kanye, why?

We totally get celebrities wearing strange or bizarre clothes. After all, they have the money to afford to wear these things and the looks and confidence to pull it off well! But we really cannot understand the point of Kanye’s outfit.

Memezar (Instagram)

After all, he paid well over $50,000 for front row seats in order to have…this view? There is absolutely no way that he could actually see anything through that piece of fabric! We got a better view on our flatscreen TVs than he did in the front row.

Back to the Future

Okay, we know that we have already spoken quite a few times about the moment that 50 Cent flipped upside-down — but we really cannot get over it! If you did not catch it, it was a reference to a video.


Of course, we are talking about one of 50 Cent’s most famous music videos and songs — “In Da Club,” which was released back in 2003. This move was obviously a reference to that, and we loved every minute of it!

No Clue

There are some people who try to pretend like they know what they are talking about when it comes to sports — usually, they have no clue at all. Take this grandma, for example, who wanted the “Cincinnati Bagels” to win.


We have a feeling that it is not a real team, although we wish it were — it certainly sounds like a delicious one! She probably means the “Cincinnati Bengals,” which sounds nowhere near as tasty as the Bagels does.

Into It

When watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show, it is impossible to ignore the reactions of the crowd who are actually there. Normally, they seem to be somewhat into it and enjoying themselves a little, clearly having come for the game, not the Show. But this time?

JaneCoaston (Twitter)

This time, the crowd appeared to be really into the performance as they were getting up and dancing along to the song. We honestly cannot blame them because it was truly a great set of performances on the stage this year!

Super Skills

Honestly, we would not be surprised if 50 Cent took on a new nickname, or even job, as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He certainly has the skills for it from hanging upside-down for so long, and that takes some serious commitment.


Unfortunately, we doubt that he is able to swing from buildings like Spider-Man or shoot webs from his hands. That is best left to the comic books and movies, but 50 Cent gave it a good try at this year’s Halftime Show.


In case you missed it, Eminem was one of the performers at the Halftime Show — and what a performance he put on! He performed one of his famous hits, “Lose Yourself,” which was definitely for the Midwesterners out there.

Cheezburger.com and ?????? ????? (YouTube)

Most people think that he says, “oh, there goes gravity” in the song, but any Midwesterner will know that he really says, “ope there goes gravity.” This tweak in pronunciation is because it rhymes with the word “nope” later in the song.

Pulitzer Prize

This user posted a question that we thought was pretty interesting. If you did not know, Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize back in 2018 for his contribution to music. And, of course, he performed at the Super Bowl this year.

Anthelonious (Twitter)

So, does this make him the first Pulitzer Prize winner to have a performance at the Halftime Show? If so, that is a pretty great achievement to have! We are sure that Kendrick Lamar is proud of this one. Do they give out trophies for the performers, too?

Shoe Problems

This meme is another great reminder that we are getting old. Okay, perhaps “great” is not the right word to use — but it certainly does remind us! The shoe pictured below was really popular at the turn of the millennium.


If you can hear this picture, then we can guarantee that the Super Bowl Halftime was meant for you. Why? Because you were the target audience with the choice of performers! This meme really hits the nail on the head.

Different lyrics

Back in 2003, 50 Cent released a song called “21 Questions” with the lyrics “I love you like a fat kid loves cake,” which was a pretty weird line back then. But now? A song like this would never fly.


And rightly so! There is no need for attitudes like this in 2022, especially with so many body-positive artists out there like Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. We really hope that fat-shaming can be left behind; we certainly don’t want it.

The Concert

The Super Bowl Halftime Show has become so famous around the world that there are actually many people who tune in just to watch the Show and not the actual game itself. Honestly, we’re not at all surprised by this.

Bondbarsf (Instagram)

Especially not this Super Bowl Halftime Show — this time, it was all about the performers! So, we can totally forgive this user for thinking that it was a concert with a football game instead of the other way round.

Too Much Work

Honestly, we can totally understand this meme since we also feel like collapsing even after doing the smallest amount of work. The fact that Mary J Blige gave such a stellar performance on stage is absolutely incredible; she even left us out of breath.


If we had tried to do something that was anywhere near as intensive as this, we would have collapsed way before Mary J Blige did! This is truly proof of her amazing performance skills and her fantastic showmanship. She earned that exhausted collapse on stage.

What Year is It?

When 50 Cent first started hanging upside-down, we are pretty sure that there were millions of people across the country who started asking, “what year is it?” After all, 50 Cent was referencing his 2003 video for “In Da Club.”

GeorgeResch (Twitter)

This was one of those songs that truly felt like it was everywhere, and we cannot believe that we forgot about it again until now! We hope that this will make the song popular again because it’s such a classic.

Best. Show. Ever.

You can tell from looking at just a few reactions on the Internet that people really enjoyed this Halftime Show, and we are totally with them with that. Of course, we won’t judge if it’s not your favorite; there are many different opinions for the best Show.

AndreaRussett (Twitter)

Some people believe that this one was the best, while others claim that Madonna put on the greatest performance. Even Prince’s Show and Lady Gaga’s Show were pretty iconic in their own right. Whatever your choice, it is totally okay!

Mom’s Spaghetti

Here is another pretty specific reference for anyone who is an Eminem fan. In his hit song “Lose Yourself” from 2004, Eminem says the lyric “Knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” The lyric itself is odd, but there’s more to it in 2022…

TheFienPrint (Twitter)

In 2021, in a rather strange twist of events, Eminem actually opened up a restaurant in Detroit called “Mom’s Spaghetti.” In a way, it feels like “Lose Yourself” is a form of promotion for that Italian restaurant now! Or maybe the restaurant was a promotion for his song. Who knows?

The Greatest

Here we have yet another user who is claiming that this was the Greatest Halftime Show ever. It really does feel like the Internet loved this Show to pieces! Saying it was “the Greatest” is a little dangerous, however, especially on the Internet.

Coochieplier (Twitter)

A statement as bold as this is sure to get a lot of hate and heated discussion, so we would advise that you tread carefully online. But even more importantly: don’t be mean to anyone else who might disagree with you. The Halftime Show was fantastic, but no Show is worth a flame war.

Vibing Along

While watching the Show, it was pretty easy to get distracted with all of the performers on stage. After all, they were pretty darn incredible! But it wasn’t just the singers; the musicians were rocking it, too. Any eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted Anderson Paak playing the drums very happily.

TimothyDeLaG (Twitter)

Judging by the enormous smile on his face, it appears that Anderson Paak was just happy to be there! We can totally understand this feeling because performing at the Super Bowl is an incredible achievement to have under your belt.

Come Back, Tupac

It seems that it was not just only us who wanted to see Tupac at the concert, as there were quite a few different people who wished that he had made some kind of appearance. It would’ve been nice, and certainly made it a Show for the ages.

H**ofmyheart (Twitter)

Perhaps his hologram could have made a short visit, or maybe the rappers could have done some kind of tribute to him. Even so, the performance that they put on was pretty spectacular, and Tupac was definitely there in spirit.

I’m old now?

Our last post for this list should serve as a reminder to anyone born between 1985 and 1995 who thinks that they are still young. Remember when the Show would be made of a line-up created for “old people” like our parents?

Rodger (Twitter)

Well, who do you think the line-up is for now? Yep, you guessed it — you are old now! Sorry to break it to you like this! We hope this trip down nostalgia lane was fun and not a sad one.