Banter Or Battle: 45 Clapbacks To And From Businesses’ Social Media Accounts

By Arvyn B

If you are a company looking to get some promotion, there is no greater way to gain attention than through social media. In recent years, social media managers have become pretty smart with how they use the Internet to get clicks from customers. Gone are the days when social media accounts for companies needed to be polite and respectful. After all — this does not get you likes! Instead, many social media account managers try to be witty and roast some of their customers. However, these attempts do not always work out as they intended. Sometimes, Internet users give their social media accounts something that they were not expecting — a clapback! Here are just a few of those times.

Axe Stinks

Most of us know by now about the deodorant called Axe, or Lynx as it is known in the UK. The advertisers claim that it can attract many people, but we all know the truth — there’s no secret pheromone ingredient.

The makers of Axe decided to finally recognize this fact, as they admitted that they usually end up eating pizza alone. Obviously that’s not what they meant, but this Twitter user had an excellent one-liner pointing out that Axe doesn’t work!

Truth vs. Reality

Arby’s is a well-known fast-food restaurant in the States, but it is not always for a good reason. As with most food advertisements, Arby’s uses camera tricks to make their food look tastier. What they show in the commercials is far from reality.

Sure the photographers need to get the best possible picture, but we wouldn’t expect the real product to be so far from the advertisement. What secret is Arby’s announcing in the Tweet? Is it that their food photography is just a lie?

A Terrible Date

One way that businesses’ social media accounts try to get attention is by interacting with other users. With so many well-known brand names, users don’t expect a reply from the companies they name. This Twitter user must have been surprised to get a response.

New to Money (Instagram)

Well, that was a twist. What a fantastic reply from this Twitter user! We wonder what the Subway account manager’s response was upon seeing the reply. It certainly has us laughing, but that insult probably stung too much for a quick laugh.

Broken Machine

It has become more than just a joke by now that McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is — you can guarantee that the machine is likely not working. We’re surprised they even bother advertising ice cream anymore.

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

Relebogilereeh had a fantastic comment to add to the thread. Sure, it was funny that McDonald’s chimed in on the social media app replies, but it’s not what they’re known for. Instead of trying to join in a joke, their time would best be spent fixing what everyone wants!

Poor Delivery

Social media can be a great place to talk about funny things that happen to you, such as with this user. The user’s food delivery guy asked her to give him a bad rating so he wouldn’t have to deliver to faraway places.


Naturally, the food delivery company Zomato wanted to know who the delivery person was. That’s certainly not the behavior they would expect in a delivery person. We’re glad that clayytonbiggsby chimed in; that’s not the responsibility of someone joking on social media.

No Fix

Taking your pet to be groomed can be a traumatic experience for both the pet owner and the furry friend getting cleaned up. You can get pretty stressed out trying to look after your lovable pet and keep them calm at the salon.

But we think that none of those problems compare to what happened to this user’s dog — just look at how Petco completely ruined their pet’s hair! When Petco tried to “make things right,” another user rightfully questioned this. They cannot fix this mistake!

Video Games

It is not just internet users that do clapbacks; companies themselves are quick to put individuals in their place when Internet users try to insult them. Take a look at this one, for example, where someone tried to hit Microsoft with complaints about Xbox.

Instead of taking it lying down, Microsoft clapped back with a “now we see why no one plays with you.” Yikes! We reckon that user is probably feeling pretty burned from this one, and they are probably regretting their retort when Microsoft replied.

All By Myself

Of course, it is important to remember that the social media accounts of these businesses are not just computers. There are real people behind each and every single one of them. We don’t usually take the time to consider this, and wonder who could be behind the keyboard.

New to Money

The social media account manager for Moon Pie made a funny joke about their personal lives. To be a social media account manager, they need to be good at interacting with others, but according to Moon Pie, that doesn’t extend to their real-life relationships.

What is a Minion?

Since their debut in the Despicable Me movies, Minions have taken the Internet by storm, with people of all ages posting Minion memes and funny pictures. There are some people that just do not get the appeal of these yellow creatures…


…such as the person who runs Amazon’s Twitter account, for example. One user was quick to point out the similarities between Amazon’s workers and Minions — they are all poorly treated by their employers. It must really have hurt Amazon to read this!

Trip to Walmart

If you live in North America, then it is pretty much guaranteed that you will have taken a trip to Walmart at some point in your life. Even those outside the US have likely heard of it. Places like Walmart and Target are great one-stop shops.

However, this user had very different ideas of what “shopping” is. They openly confessed to Walmart on Twitter that they enjoy stealing from the store instead of buying products legitimately. Okay, they were probably joking, but it was still a clever reply.

Three Times the Pain

It is hard enough for a brand to get a clapback from a “normal” individual, but when it is from a celebrity, then the hurt has got to be worse. How about when they get two from the same person? We could ask Real Kraft Mayo about that…

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

That is about three times as much pain than just one clapback! Legendary singer Dionne Warwick did not like the assumption that she was subtweeting Kraft nor being simply called “Dionne.” Do you think that mayonnaise would be a good substitute for aloe to treat that burn?

The Truth of It

You know, we really have to admire someone who is completely committed to the grind. Take this artist, for example. They deliver on Door Dash and use this as an opportunity to promote their music — fair play! In theory, this is pretty cool…

Total_Dork (Reddit)

…but this user pointed out the harsh reality of what was going on. If Spotify paid their artists a decent wage, perhaps they could follow their dreams instead of finding jobs outside their profession. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

Real Meaning

Have you ever wondered about what goes into the name of a brand? It takes a long time for companies to come up with the right name for their brand, as well as each of the individual products. Old Spice had a few questions…

New to

They, rightfully, claimed false advertisement if the fire sauce isn’t forged in fire. Taco Bell didn’t waste time and pointed out the flaw with Old Spice. The famous deodorant brand wasn’t formed during the new trend of natural products, so we doubt that there are actual old spices in it.

Drive Stays

A “drive stay” sounds like it could be a pretty decent name for an album, but in reality, it is just a silly joke made by Burger King. However, we think that the reply that they got was even funnier than the original Tweet!

Image Credits: David Curran/Photographer and burgerking/Twitter

This Twitter user made sure to let Burger King know that there has been at least one time before that someone wanted to have a “drive stay.” Judging by the photo, it wasn’t intentional. We applaud thelexikitty for a short but strong clapback.

Relationship Problems

It seems that Kraft just keeps falling into the trap of getting clapbacks on Twitter! This time, it was not a celebrity who put the company in its place. It was just a regular user that replied to their #MayoDividedCouples sweepstakes.

New to Money (Instagram)

In all honesty, we are not too sure who Kraft was trying to appeal to in their original post. It’s an odd topic to base a raffle on, and we cannot imagine any relationship problems have mayonnaise at “the core” of them. At least Kraft admitted they had no idea what to say next!

Can’t Handle it

If you haven’t noticed, many brand accounts on social media try to be friendly in their interactions with general users. Sure, they may banter with each other, but overall, they want to seem appealing and trustworthy to potential customers. Microsoft is a great example of this, as you can see.

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

This Twitter user was very quick to call Microsoft out for their fake niceness and prove what it really is — “corporate humanization.” It seems cold, but simonlauchlan was right. It’s all a front to appeal to customers and increase their credibility.

Hi, Marvin

Whenever you see something strange in your local store, you just HAVE to post about it on social media so that the whole world knows about it. That is exactly what this user did when she spotted a lizard in her local 7-Eleven.

New to Money (Instagram)

Before replying to 7-Eleven, she remembered the saying that “snitches get stitches” and refused to give up which store she was at. Why? Because she knew that the store owners would get in trouble, and poor Marvin might even get evicted.

Bad Template

We have already seen quite a few examples of customers, and even other brands, shaming companies. But it’s always funniest when the brand ends up shaming itself. Just like Walmart did here. They tried to put up a nice front, but made a big mistake…

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

It’s no surprise that companies have templates for certain social media posts, especially if it’s something corporate wants all of their locations to follow. But whoever runs this Walmart’s Facebook account didn’t read the memo. Thank you social media manager’s name.

Clapback Pie

We just cannot get enough of the roasting that MoonPie gives on social media — they have to be one of the best accounts out there! They don’t go for the fake friendliness or harsh comebacks like the other brands do.


We agree with sigurbjornl; whoever runs the MoonPie Twitter account is wasting their comedy talent managing a corporate social media account. To prove their point, MoonPie replied to the user with a comeback that is equally insulting and comedic. Hopefully, sigurbjornl wasn’t too hurt.

Poor Journalism

There is a recent trend in journalism that involves reviewers posting very negative reviews of popular things. This is a way to ensure that they get clicks, as people are curious as to what the disagreement is, so that they can leave an angry reply.

Twitter/ BrandsOwned     YouTube/ M0vie

Thankfully, there are users out there who are keen to call out brands for this terrible marketing tactic, which makes sure that other people know the truth of what is going on. We really hate this awful form of marketing!

Same Company

We just cannot get enough of the users that call out companies when they banter with each other. Take this one, for example. Cheetos and Doritos were trying to give each other clapbacks on Twitter to try and get people talking about them.

This user wouldn’t let them get away with the cheap marketing tactics. Cheetos joked about their competition with Doritos, when in fact, both of these companies are actually owned by the same parent company, so it doesn’t matter who’s better. Both of them lost at this one!

The Ignore List

Here is another example of a celebrity giving a brand the clapback that they deserve. For this one, it is the famous comedian Chelsea Peretti, known for her hilarious work on Brooklyn 99. She tweeted about being hungry, and Stouffer’s took the opportunity to get some attention.

New to Money

Chelsea Peretti tells it like it is, and Stouffer’s isn’t immune to this. She wasn’t addressing anyone in her Tweet, so Stouffer’s had no legitimate reason to chime in. We just love how sassy and direct she was in her response. You go, girl!

Top Replies

This one might be a little old, but that doesn’t stop it from being absolutely hilarious. Burger King posted a list of tweets that were the “top replies of 2019,” including things like “delete this” and “silence brand.” It was funny, but it did open them up to some comments…

Know Your Meme

RedBox replied to the post, trying to slam Burger King for some online engagement. Of course, Burger King quickly shot them down, reminding them who was the real oldie in the relationship. Our favorite part, though, is the use of the phrase “dude” in Burger King’s reply. Classic!

Linked Out

Social media has a lot of positives, but there are still plenty of downsides. If you’re trying to stay in a good mood, the Internet is not always the place to be. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others you see online, which can be more disheartening than motivating.

New to Money

LinkedIn is one of those sites that are perfect for making you feel terrible! Seeing everyone being so successful and apparently hard-working on there can be pretty annoying, so this user made sure to put the official account in their place.

Awful Arby’s

It really seems that Arby’s just cannot catch a break! The official account tried to claim a smiling, three-heart, and cowboy emoji as their own unofficial emoji. Naturally, the Internet wouldn’t let this go unnoticed and someone called them out…

To prove that the Tweet was just a cheap shot for attention, a Twitter user searched the phrase “let’s go to Arby’s for dinner.” Well, nothing showed up. It seems that nobody wants to go to Arby’s. This just goes to show that lazy Tweets like that won’t get companies anywhere.

Poor Spelling

When you’re a public figure, small mistakes don’t go unnoticed. As we’ve seen with some of the clapbacks, the Internet is not a forgiving place for brands that are online just to gain attention. Wendy’s discovered what happens when you make a spelling error…

Wendy’s (Twitter)

They really should have known to check their spelling before posting. It’s easy to make small spelling mistakes, and with such a short text, it’s not difficult to use a spell checker to confirm before posting. We are not surprised that someone called them out for making such an obvious error. It’s ridiculous!

Poor Bud

Here is another clapback involving a celebrity and a brand account. But this time, it wasn’t the celeb that roasted the brand! A completely different Twitter user took advantage of the interaction for their own witty retort. Check it out…

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

They made sure to let everyone know that nobody out there is voluntarily drinking Bud Light, which must have seriously stung the account manager. Take this as a lesson — do not get involved in things that do not involve you.

Throwing Up

Here is another thing that we absolutely love about the Internet: the comradery. The Internet is home to strangers as well as the workers out there who are treated unfairly by big businesses. Amazon is well-known for being awful to its employees.


When employees don’t behave properly, it’s no surprise that companies try to figure out who is responsible. Unlike the previous replies about not snitching on the employee, this person took the opportunity to shame Amazon. This was absolutely the right answer!

Housing Crisis

It can be pretty fun when brands get real for a second; when their social media accounts are managed well, the “company” can have a funny take on the situation. However, this next entry is sure to make any millennial feel a little upset at how truthful it is!

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

It is quite strange that a company as big as Dr. Pepper tried to make a joke about something pretty serious, which many millennials are facing at the moment. There is something rather sickening about the whole thing, and we feel uncomfortable.

A Little Chilly

Hooters is well known for their staff…and how they dress. Some employees arrive at work in their uniforms, but that’s probably not an option for their staff during the winter. Even when they’re at work, getting near an open door or window would surely be uncomfortable.

Wendy’s roasting Hooter’s is expecially hilarious, given the female mascot. Although some people enjoy Hooters, we’re glad that somebody called them out on their inherint sexism in the workplace. Plenty of restaurants are successful without skimpy clothes. Get those women something warm to wear!

Falcon Fail

This one might not be a brand getting a clapback from a user, but we still cannot help laughing at the accidental owning in this video! When SpaceX launched one of its rockets, the historic moment was live-streamed around the world.


However, it appears that Mother Nature had a completely different idea in mind because she sent a falcon into the shot. The bird photobombed the whole thing and stopped anyone from being able to see the rocket take off. We just love how it’s tilting its head, as if saying, “what’s everyone looking at?”

Planting Potatoes

Sometimes, people just like to post things on social media about their accomplishments or fun daily tasks. Still, certain brands feel that they need to insert themselves into the conversation. Obviously, this is because they want to get some promotion, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Specsavers probably thought that they were contributing something useful to the conversation, but they were wrong there. This user made sure that the account manager knew how much they disliked random brands chiming in random converstaions. Potatoes are in no way related to glasses. Why did they pick that post to comment on?

Pandemic Problems

No matter where you are or what your job is, we can all agree that the recent pandemic has affected all aspects of life. With more people working from home, offices were emptier — obviously. However, it seems that Bojangles missed the memo…

New to Money

Eater NY wasn’t going to let them get away with a useless grab for attention. Their social media manager gave a great clapback to Bojangles message thread. Honestly, what were they trying to do with those Tweets? Clearly no one was in the office…

Broken Machine

It is now time for another reminder of McDonald’s broken ice cream machine. Like Walmart did in an earlier entry, the account manager for McDonald’s forgot to edit the the post and remove the filler text. Don’t worry, Wendy’s was on the case!

Wendy’s hit McDonald’s with a two-in-one, criticizing them for the broken Tweet and borken ice cream machines. Do you think McDonald’s will ever take the hint and take the time to fix their ice cream machines? Everyone’s talking about it, and not in the good way.

Rotten Recommendations

Don’t you just hate those random pop-ups that ask you to complete a survey? It doesn’t matter what the product is. Sure, every company would appreciate feedback, but sometimes it can be too much. This person showed Microsoft the problem with their surveys.

BlackShadow153 (Reddit)

Microsoft must have regretted including the text box. We totally agree with this user; unless you work in the computer sciences or at Microsoft, this isn’t something that comes up in normal conversations. Sure, Windows 10 had a lot of buzz when it came out, but not in day-to-day discussions between friends.

Mad McDonald’s

McDonald’s can’t seem to catch a break. In all honesty, though, they deserve the roasting that they got for this tweet. They were probably going to announce some new menu item or drive thru feature, but the open-ended statement was the perfect opportunity for a burn…

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

They were the ones who actually ended up with a surprise, as this Twitter user took the time to remind the company just how badly they pay their employees! We love that the Internet is sticking together to get people treated better.

Awful ASOS

Brands try to use positive messaging to gain attention. After all, who wouldn’t want to share a motivational Tweet with a friend. Take ASOS, for example, which wanted to remind people that they could accomplish great things “just like Beyonce.”

New to Money

This Twitter reminded them that ASOS also has the same number of hours in a day. So, if their customers can be productive, why can’t they? This is something that we would love to know the answer to, and we do not think ASOS expected this reply!

Pride Month

Whenever June swings around, you can be guaranteed that plenty of brands will change their branding to make it seem as though they support LGBTQ+ — and “always have.” They will add rainbows to their products, as a subtle yet simple reminder.

smashingyngman / Reddit

In reality, these companies could not care less about the plight of LGBT+ individuals, and they just use this month as a way to sell more of their products. Thankfully, this user decided to take a stand against shameless “pinkwashing.”

All Your Fault

Climate change is one of the biggest problems affecting our world. There is no easy fix, but there are small changes we can make in our daily routines to minimize our impact. Vox decided to shame pet owners for having fur buddies… and Breck P. Kent/Shutterstock

Sure, cats and dogs can increase your carbon footprint, but limiting the number or types of pets in your home won’t stop global warming! Thankfully, cuberti came to the rescue and defended everyone with a fur buddy while simultaneously shaming oil companies. They are the real culprits to blame.

Rowdy Passenger

Our next entry took quite a turn at the end. This user mentioned American Airlines to get their attention, claiming to have a problem on their flight. Naturally, American Air responded to this tweet. As we’ve seen before, companies tend to respond if there’s something that could damage their reputation.


Well, it turns out that the incident hadn’t happened…yet. This user had a funny comeback, announcing their intentions. We doubt that they went through with it, but we do wonder why rad_milk posted in the first place. Maybe they wanted to see if American Airlines would reply at all.

Reduce Your Footprint

Here is another example of Twitter users telling the truth about global warming. This time, it was one of the culprits trying to “save the planet” through awareness. Well, the Internet wasn’t going to let them get away with it.

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

Everyone can do something to reduce their carbon footprint, but some can do more than others. Companies, for example, could do a lot more to help this planet. Their oil spill in 2010 certainly had a greater effect on the world than most individuals do.

Tiny Girl

So far, we have seen a lot of users and brands getting clapbacks on Twitter, but that’s not the only place for roasts! Facebook is still quite popular, and GameStop’s social media manager is on top of messages on all of the platforms they post on.

When one user criticized GameStop’s apparent false advertising with a “tiny girl,” the GameStop account manager took this critique personally. So, they decided to roast the user instead, which was a pretty savage move. We love how direct it is!

Square Burger

Wendy’s doesn’t hold back. We’ve seen them giving and reciving harsh burns on this list. When someone tried to insult their food, Wendy’s wasn’t going to let it slide and had a funny comeback. We have to applaud these social media managers for being so witty.

We don’t usually see square foods in nature, so we can’t blame this user for noting that Wendy’s burgers feel fake. But there’s nothing natural about burgers! We’re just so used to round patties that any other shapes feel wrong.

“Why Would I Do That?”

There are some things that you absolutely should not talk about on social media. It should go without saying that the Internet is not the place to talk about crimes you commit. And mentioning companies is sure to get you some attention…

BrandsOwned (Twitter)

Naturally, Lyft wanted to know which employee was doing something illegal. As we’ve said before, these companies take their reputation seriously and want to reprimand any employees undermining their image. Thankfully, it seems like it was all a joke; we doubt that the user was really announcing their crimes.


Our last entry is arguably the most savage. We all use our phone cameras today to capture moments in our lives we want to remember or share with friends. Samsung wanted to use this common habit as an opportunity to gain attention.

Demevalos (Reddit)

Unfortunately for them, one Twitter user was happy to be brutally honest about the first picture they took using their new phone. What surprises us is that Samsung actually replied! We would have expected them to have a laugh behind their computer and just ignore it. Well done, Samsung and savEdward!