45+ Spicy House Of The Dragon Memes That Are Hotter Than Dragon Fire

By Aakash M

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When the historic show Game of Thrones came to its end in 2019, more with a whimper than with a bang, fans were left wanting more. Thankfully, HBO heard the fans’ cries and made another show based on George R.R. Martin’s series.

House of the Dragon‘s first season may be coming to an end, but the hype was so real that it was renewed for a second season before the first one even ended!

Since it’s basically the main hot topic in the world of entertainment, it has also been the target of too many memes to count. Without fail, after each new episode, the internet delivered some premium memes to match the epic drama that is House of The Dragon. Alright, we’ve waited enough. Let’s check out some of those memes!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Tome time

It’s getting harder to remember, but there was a time when we didn’t have Netflix. A long time, actually. But that didn’t mean that people couldn’t get comfy while they read. Just think about it; you, snuggled up by the fireplace with your significant other…

Image credit: Game of Thrones Shameposting/Facebook

…and you got comfy in each other’s presence. Or, for a really intimate evening, you can read aloud and share the tales together. When it starts getting steamy, just press pause by slipping in a bookmark to save the page.


After only one episode, fans already knew who was their favorite character. Unlike Game of Thrones, the verdict on the best House of The Dragon character seemed to be unanimous. That’s right, it’s the expert marksman, wielder of amazing hair, and wooer of men and women alike — Legolas!

Image credit: MediaB*tch21/Twitter

Shout out to the Legolas stans. He really seems poised to blow this whole thing wide open. Personally, though, we’re going with Marilyn Monroe. Now THAT’s a good pick! You see how she swooped in and put Legolas in his place on that bridge? Crazy!

Lil Bro

This scene exudes some INTENSE little brother energy. We were half expecting Daemon to pop out, demanding to finally get his turn ruling the kingdom. And honestly, Viserys kicking his little bro out of his castle was peak big brother energy.

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

Little brothers are one of the best-evolved creatures when it comes to holding grudges, so Viserys better stay woke. Man, it kinda sucks that this sibling rivalry is probably going to throw the entire region into chaos. Still, it’s going to be great TV!

Nuthin but a G thang

Ser Otto doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. He said the game was ugly, and he wasn’t kidding. Pimping your daughter out to the king is a truly devious strategy to gain power. Machiavelli (and probably a few modern politicians) would be proud.

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

We might not be historians, but we remember enough from high school to say this: these kinds of things seldom end well. Hightower was just as good at making contingency plans as he was at power grabs, and though he was in deep, it wasn’t enough to save his butt.

Say the line!

It’s a fact that whenever Daenerys said “Dracarys,” something big was about to go down. No matter how often we heard it, fans would always jump in anticipation when she uttered that word. The cold and calculated way that she wielded the firepower of her dragons was a cornerstone of the entire show.

Image credit: RaviAhuja20 / Twitter

Even people who were underwhelmed by GoT‘s finale were sad to see the show go as we wouldn’t get any more battle cries. Three years later and we finally have House of the Dragon to fill that gap and Rhaenyra to give us her “Dracarys.”

Secure the bag?

For those who are interested to know how old Corlys Velaryon’s daughter Laena was in the first episode, we’ll only say that she was not nearly old enough! A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do in order to get that bag, we guess.

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

Apparently, the show took a lot of flak for this particular plotline. However, child marriage is still perfectly legal in numerous places across the world even today, so how morally superior to Corlys can we actually claim to be? Didn’t expect us to get all philosophical, did ya?

Playing the game with no shame

Our boy Daemon is COLD. His sister-in-law and nephew died on the same day, and he decided to celebrate in a brothel with some illicit substances. And he really thought he was still going to inherit the throne after that? The audacity!

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

And his excuse? Everyone grieves in their own way. Well, in that case, Viserys will grieve by kicking you out of his castle. Be thankful that you’re still alive. We don’t know if we would’ve been that lenient, honestly.

Spoilers Sans Context Part 2

OK, it’s quiz time. Can you match each one of these pictures to the respective moment in the show? We’ll give you a sec… OK, time’s up! How many did you get? We’re four for four as of now, but this is definitely going to get harder as time passes and more episodes come out.

Image credit: kaylakedavra/Twitter; Savicic/Shutterstock; keithjj-2328014/Pixabay

If you didn’t get it, don’t worry. There are plenty more chances to play the “spoilers without context” game. These put us in mind of going to a foreign country where the locals speak openly, assuming we don’t know what’s going on. We’ll call these our secret signals for the fans scanning the internet.

Oscar candidate

Riddle us this: Alicent married Viserys, but she only got into that position because of her power-hungry father, and Viserys was meanwhile supposed to marry strategically and not out of love. So, who was the gold digger here? That crown sure is worth a lot, and we need answers.

Image credit: watrmelonsugarr/Twitter

Honestly, Hightower was a coward for not doing it himself. He obviously forgot that he has an obligation to kiss the homies. There’s nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than spending the rest of your life together with your best bro.

All in the family

Everyone is going to act like this is repulsive in public, but we know a lot of you would secretly kill to be in Alicent’s position. Sugar daddy? Yes, please! What is it about slowly rotting older men that get y’all going so much?

Image credit: irregraceable/Twitter

What a great way to encourage close family ties. Just marry each other’s best friends! Why shouldn’t your mother-in-law also be your bestie? Sounds like a sweet deal to us. Just don’t think about the implications of your friend *being with* your dad, and everything is ace.

Lil Bro Pt. 2

What did we tell you? Little brothers know how to hold a grudge. We thought snooping on the private meetings was bad? Well, how about trying to incite a civil war? It’s a good thing Rhaenyra, seemingly the only adult in the room, was there to break it up.

Image credit: INEJSKNIVES/Twitter

You could see it in Daemon’s eyes: Little bro was unsatisfied with how his revenge plot turned out. Scorning his woman wasn’t the best move, nor was alienating his favorite niece, but a player’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, right?

Spoilers Sans Context Part 3

That hunt was crazy! Forget about the constant reminders that Alicent and Viserys actually ended up together; everyone kissing the king’s butt was hilarious. While the white hart approaching Rhaenyra wasn’t a surprise, that pug certainly was. Since when are there modern-day dog breeds in Westeros?!

Image credit: HOTDNewsHBO/Twitter

And the whole battle at the Stepstones was a bit confusing. First off, why did the Crabfeeders need to send out their whole army to take on one guy? The fact that Daemon’s plan worked was what surprised us the most in the episode.

The Coffee Conundrum

Everyone still remembers the infamous coffee cup gaffe in Season 8 of GOT, right? We should’ve known there and then that the show was not going out with dignity. Well, it seems the Targaryens are mixing coffee and cameras again. Dangerous game!

Image credit: Game of Thrones Shameposting/Facebook

But wouldn’t you know it? Starbucks was just a distraction! Immediately after the airing of Episode 3 of HOTD, fans were quick to spot a CGI blunder once again. King Viserys, who was supposed to be suffering from rot, had apparently regrown all of his fingers!

Westeros, Louisiana

The masculine urge to host a crab bake to spite your goody-two-shoes brother — that’s something we can wholly sympathize with. And man, was Daemon mad because we didn’t even get to see what he did to the Crabfeeder, just the aftermath.

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

It raises an interesting question: Do you think there’s Old Bay in Westeros? If not, what do they eat their seafood with? Hopefully, they at least use butter, or else we can imagine that the lack of flavor would make you pretty CRABBY. HA.

Spoilers Sans Context Part 4

Since the get-go, poor Rhaenyra has been bombarded with reminders that ladies in the court are required to marry and bear children. Viserys did his job as a good father to make it as easy as possible for her to find her prince.

Image credit: HOTDJester/Twitter; Allard One and al1962/Shutterstock

But, nope, Rhaenyra shunned the endless lineup of men asking for her hand in favor of returning home and rubbing her rebellion in her father’s face. It was rather sad that we saw her having more fun sneaking around town than she did in front of potential princes.

What a twist

Daemon’s relationship with Rhaenyra gave us whiplash! Did he want to be a good uncle? An object of desire? An absolute troll? We might never get the answer, and we’ll just have to live with it. His mind games in episode 4.

Image credit: obscurereference234/Reddit

We’ve become accustomed to Daemon’s risque behavior and Rhaenyra’s rebellious teenage antics, but the writers still managed to shock us in that scene. You know the one — when we were screaming at the TV about bad decisions, yelling at both of the Targaryens in the brothel.

Gigachad school

If you are at all internet savvy, you’re probably aware of the phenomenon of “alpha male” influencers on the internet. If you’re worried your child is being subject to toxic internet content, there’s a chance it’s not all about women haters…

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

But Daemon Targaryen is still toxic content. You can get a serotonin overload from watching hours of Matt Smith giving his all to the camera. You might just get caught up in his antics and miss out life happening outside your door.

In the dead of night

If we discovered a hidden passageway in our rooms, we would probably be as eager as Rhaenyra to explore them. Then again, maybe the heir to the throne should be a little more cautious about sneaking around without a guard — especially if there was evidence someone had been in her room!

Image credit: suprcol/Twitter

The little page boy look was actually pretty cute. Rhaenyra can rock whatever outfit she puts on! As for Daemon…that cloak was too on point. Seriously, could he look any more villainous than sneaking around with a dark hood on?

Unexpectedly expected

Intra-family relationships are almost a requirement in any Game of Thrones media, but that doesn’t mean that we approve. Sure, it’s historically accurate but it’s too much to see from today’s eyes. Perhaps that’s why fans were quick to pick up on Rhaenyra’s and Daemon’s escapades…

Image credit: Nina_labyrinth/Twitter

We can’t say this enough: we might have expected it, but that doesn’t mean we liked it. Every time they moved closer, we whispered prayers under our breaths that, somehow, we’d escape that aspect of GoT. Daemon came through for us in the end (sort of) when he shut her down.

Catch 22

Maybe you missed it out of shock, seeing what happened in the previous hour of the show, but we’d like to take a second to recognize that the king finally asserted some dominance. He gave her the ultimate “Drink Me” potion with that Moon Tea.

Image credit: memetomoray/Twitter

There’s only one issue: Even if Rhaenyra did drink the tea, no one would know the actual truth about what happened that night. Sir Criston misunderstood what it meant to “protect the princess.” Or maybe he knew all too well.

Citation not included

The web of plotting Otto weaved was intense! From the get-go, we knew what he was planning — why else would he send his daughter into the grieving king’s chambers, wearing the nicest dress she owned? Otto’s several-year-long plot was pretty clever.

Image credit: RukaDocic/Twitter

But, how did he know that Rhaenyra would be eloping with Daemon? Were the two collaborating? Or was Otto just waiting for Rhaenyra to slip up? Either way, Viserys’ blind trust in his advisors had us facepalming the whole time.

Yeah…no thanks

Being a pawn in your father’s scheme is all sorts of dirty, and we couldn’t help but sympathize every time we saw Alicent interact with the king. She wasn’t outright being rude, but the woman couldn’t help but let her true feelings show.

Image credit: Visenya_Rhaenys/Twitter

Good thing Viserys is oblivious. Either he didn’t see the dirty looks she gave when his back was half-turned, or he just didn’t care because a pretty young woman was giving him attention. We have to give Emily Carey serious props for the great face acting.

Teacher’s pet

Ser Otto’s job is easy; we used to do it every day at school. That kid throwing paper airplanes? Busted. Drawing on the chalkboard? Hold this L. Breaking the other kids’ Lego spaceships? Oh, actually, that one was us.

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

But you know what else comes with being a teacher’s pet? Diplomatic immunity! Y’all should be relieved that we weren’t this eloquent when we were eight because it would’ve been over for you b****es. Surveillance states should really employ more eight-year-olds to help with compliance.

YOU are my political headache!

So it’s not exactly a secret that Viserys is on his way out, but there’s no way that Rhaenyra hasn’t shed a good, say, five years off of her dad’s life through stress alone at this point. It’s hard being a teen when your actions can literally cause society to collapse.

Image credit: Derzelaz/Twitter

It’s not like the king’s reaction isn’t justified here. Would any of us be able to keep it together in the same situation any more than Viserys did when Otto broke the news? Not likely. The fact that Daemon wasn’t killed on the spot is a testament to the king’s good nature…or his naivete.

We got this on lock!

Everything about Rhaenyra’s wedding was stunning — not that we expected anything else. What really caught our eyes, though, was that dance! The costumes were phenomenal, the lighting was just right, and the choreography was perfect! Seriously, the choreographers didn’t get enough credit for that.

Image credit: rhaenyshive/Twitter

But the moves won’t look good unless you’ve got good dancers to make them work. The smug grins on Rhaenyra’s and Laenor’s faces were priceless. They knew how to play the game and give the people what they wanted. But that dance; that was for us!

Wrong time, wrong place, wrong everything

When Rhaenyra finally agreed to marry Laenor, we breathed a sigh of relief. Not that we’re happy that she married her cousin, but we were glad she finally settled into her role. She would be an excellent queen, but not if she kept being a rebellious teen all her life.

Image credit: suddenlypaula/Twitter

Seriously, though. Rhaenyra and Daemon flirting on the dance floor was a slap in the face to Viserys. And to us viewers, too. We thought they got over it! But nope, those two couldn’t help but make a spectacle of themselves on the dancefloor.

Do it again, and again, and again, and again…

If anybody deserves props for making these shows great, apart from the cast and crew, it’s the VFX team. Those guys put in work. Do you know how hard it is to make a computer-generated dragon move believably? Well…actually, we don’t know either, but we bet it’s difficult as hell.

Image credit: r/freefolk / Reddit

Thankfully, they had a bit of practice in GOT. When we say a bit, though, we mean it. For HOTD, take one dragon and multiply it by 50, then give them all slightly different features, personalities, and movement styles. Yeah, we’re gonna guess the VFX department spends a lot on coffee.

Spoilers Sans Context Part 6

We said it before, but Viserys did not age well. But, then again, with the medical technologies at the time, it’s a miracle he lasted as long as he did. Especially given his frequent injuries. And he lived to be a grandfather! How sweet!

Image credit: camitwomeyy/Twitter; photomaster/Shutterstock

The dynamic between the brother/cousins/whatever was harsh, but not unexpected. The pig prank was a bit much. Being the only royal without a dragon must already sting, and no one wants their perceived failure rubbed in their face. What jerks!

Time Warp gone horribly wrong

Some people age gracefully, but man, we can’t say the same about Viserys. We’re not dissing anyone who didn’t age like fine wine; we just can’t help but make fun of the semi-competent king. At the very least, he lasted way longer than we expected.

Image credit: rileykpow/Twitter

Some eagle-eyed viewers noted a striking similarity between everyone’s favorite mediocre king and one of the stars of the famed cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh Riff Raff, did you manage to time-warp yourself back into the kingdom of Westeros?

Blind to the truth

Alicent turned into one heck of a queen, though we’re not surprised. She maintained her composure well in the first few episodes — nail-biting aside — and learned how to play the game. We’re glad she found her voice more and was more open with Viserys over the years.

Image credit: andromeda_paradox/Reddit

Viserys had his blinders way up. Seriously, was he willfully oblivious or just trying to protect Rhaenyra? We felt for Alicent at that moment because we were thinking the same thing. Even if we rooted for Rhaenyra, we wish Viserys was a more reasonable person.

Genetics? Never heard of it

The genetics of the Targaryen house is baffling! We went a whole five episodes assuming that it was a dominant trait, given that Aegon had white hair. Rhaenyra’s brunette kids were problematic in more ways than one. How did Alicent have white-haired kids but Rhaenyra only bore brunettes?

Image credit: RadicalThought/Twitter

And the confusing genetics isn’t even the worst part here. We’re still baffled by Rhaenyra’s sass and confidence in showing off her disregard for traditions and respect. Was she just having more kids in the hope that one would have white hair?

The real prize to be won

Say what you will about Viserys as a king, but he was a good father and an even better architect. That model set of Westeros is every five year old’s dream! We bet that it was in his chambers so that the kids didn’t get to it.

Image credit: TOZAR_N7/Twitter

We want a Lego Movie spin-off with model Westeros. With a set that intense, we’re sure there are little dragons roosting somewhere. We’ve seen all the drama about who is sitting on the throne, but Viserys never named an heir for his mini Westeros. That’s the real prize.

Pack the necessities

We couldn’t get enough of Rhaenyra and Laenor’s bizarre marriage arrangement. Honestly, they got the best ending they could have hoped for. Too bad the inexplicable genetics — aka the inconsistency of how the white hair is passed down — ruined their happily ever after.

Image credit: doingmoonstuff/Twitter

But, dang; she straight-up invited her husband’s boyfriend to join them! That’s the best wife Laenor could have asked for! Her understanding and acceptance, even when the consummation of their marriage didn’t work out, was too wholesome for us to handle.

Spoilers Sans Context Part 7

We’ve got another “spoilers without context” collage. Are you ready to play the game? The first one is a freebie. After all, it’s a GoT series. It wouldn’t be complete without a few deaths, right? And if you’ve seen episode 6, it’s obvious whose funeral it is.

Image credit: Winterbob4/Twitter; Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

The scrappy kids get two pictures here, and rightfully so. That fighting scene was short, but it was packed with so much emotion and action. Are we the only ones secretly wishing that Vhagar scorched Aemond? It would serve him right for stealing the dragon!

Troublemaker no more?

For the first half of the season, we knew there’d be drama every time Matt Smith showed up on the screen. Daemon was an absolute demon in the court and was always stirring up trouble. We were actually surprised to see how much he mellowed.

Image credit: vee_dandelion/Twitter

Perhaps he calmed down when he noticed how over-the-top everyone else had become. There’s only room for so much drama. We can’t even imagine how chaotic the court would have been if Daemon from episode 1 was let loose during episode 7.

Rhaenyra, the LGBTQ+ ally

We are still rejoicing at the inclusion of an LGBTQ+ character in the series. After all, the spectrum of s*xuality and s*xual preferences have existed for as long as humans have. While Laenor’s parents did not get it, his wife certainly did.

Image credit: AshleyG84288214/Twitter

That line killed us! Actually, his lamenting over his homosexuality killed us, but Rhaenyra said what we were all thinking. No one should have to feel ashamed of who they are. We were on her side before, but that line cemented it for us.

The years have not been kind

When we stumbled upon this meme, we were so relieved that someone else had the same reaction: why is Viserys the only one that aged so drastically? Corlys, Rhaenys, and even Daemon; they all looked the same between each time jump.

Image credit: KingZairois/Twitter

We understand that being in a position of power — much less one with a dangerous seat — can age anyone quickly, but this is a bit much. We’re actually surprised that the makeup department didn’t do even minor aged-up changes for the other adults.

Spoilers Sans Context Part 8

Oh, did you think we were done with these? Nope, but we only have a few left! Let’s get right to it, then. The picture of Erik is perfect; Viserys even has the half mask on the same side of his face!

Image credit: oochotd/Twitter; JINIERULES/villains.fandom.com; Movieclips/YouTube

We know the maester said that Valerian steel cuts cleanly, but that Fruit Ninja-esque slice was too sharp. Any meme compilation would be incomplete without Leo from The Great Gatsby. We do have to give it up to Rhaenyra and Alicent for the genuine toasts they gave.

100% done

As conniving as they all are, everyone in and around the court is really bad at lying. Maybe it’s the excess sass that can’t be contained, or simply the lack of caring, but many of them make no effort to hide their intentions.

Image credit: oochotd/Twitter

Of course, Daemon is the reigning champion of wearing his “heart” on his sleeve, as it were. We were all Daemon at that moment. The second Alicent walked in, we braced ourselves for trouble. Just what power games would be played this time? How much back-stabbing would occur?

Uncle of the year

The first few episodes, we were constnatly wondering what Daemon’s plan was. Why was he flipping back and forth between being nice to Rhaenyra and antagonizing her? Some theories were that he was trying to cement her seat on the throne.

Image credit: ashlielovegood/Twitter

But those last few episodes, he was playing at uncle of the year. The way he was so quick to defend her honor was precious. Okay, he was a bit too quick to take action, but that’s just Daemon’s way of doing things.

Silent but deadly

Matt Smith is a stellar actor — there’s a reason he was the Doctor for three seasons. Perhaps that’s why he got so few lines. In fact, it took us until this meme to realize just how few speaking lines he had, especially in those last few episodes.

Image credit: vasilisonka/Twitter; Zhukovskyi/Shutterstock

He gave us such a performance without opening his mouth! Sure, actions speak louder than words, in which case, he was screaming. But we still have to give it up to Smith for giving us one of the best characters in the show.

Just chillin’

The real shame of Daemon not being named heir to the iron throne is that we didn’t get to see him sitting like a boss as much. That dude even manages to have swagger, style, and low-key dominance while sitting down.

Image credit: HOTDsource/Twitter

He sort of reminds us of Loki. The mischievous nature, the reformed villain story arc, and chilling in a chair like an absolute boss. Yup, those two are pretty similar at this moment. Now we can’t help but imagine Matt Smith as Loki…

The first or second of his name?

The whole “Viserys named Aegon his heir” debate isn’t as much of a he-said, she-said as it is a game of broken telephone. It was sweet that Viserys told Rhaenyra the prophecy in confidence, but it meant that only she would’ve know what he was rambling about.

Image credit: oochotd/Twitter

Look, we get that using the same first names in royal lineages is historically accurate, but when there’s so much at stake, maybe it’s time to break convention. Viserys already went against the norm with naming Rhaenyra his heir; he didn’t need to have a son named after the same king in his dream!

Spoilers Sans Context Part 9

We are at the penultimate spoilers without context collage. How did you do with the previous ones? Did you guess all four, or did you need a bit of context to get through them? We’ll give you another minute to guess before we spoil this meme…

Image credit: oochotd/Twitter

Honestly, we were confused about Alicent taking off her shoes. Was it some weird GoT lore we didn’t know about? Nope! Now, moving swiftly on, the SpongeBob picture is way too perfect. The text wasn’t added to fit HotD. It’s a direct SpongeBob screencap! As for Shrek, we’ll get to that in a minute…

Reap the benefits

The writers spent the first 90% of the episode telling everyone what a bad king he would be. We were at least glad that he didn’t want the job…at first. But the way Aegon basked in the cheers had us absolutely terrified.

Image credit: spillaney89/Twitter

Otto did all the legwork in getting the kingdom on board, his mom made sure he was cleaned up enough for the coronation, and the guards rounded everyone up. Aegon was absolutely the kid in class that did none of the work but still excelled.

Putting the team on his back

Matt Smith is tired, y’all. House of the Dragon isn’t wanting for better acting by any stretch of the imagination, but every scene Daemon is in is just a cut above. Maybe it’s the hair. There’s no way you can maintain hair like that and not snap.

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

He knows he’s good at what he does, too. The only way you can single-handedly Rambo your way through a quarter of the Crabfeeder’s army is if you’re used to putting the team on your back. Just another day at the office.

The oracle

Helaena is quirky, but we love her all the same. Though with her oddities, it seems that people tend to ignore her — a mistake we hope they don’t make again. Just like the characters, we mistook her line as a throw-away piece of dialogue.

Image credit: HOTDsource/Twitter

So, is the beast beneath the boards the dragon or the princess? Perhaps it’s the fire that burns beneath Rhaenys. Either way, we’re sure that people are going to take Helaena more seriously now. Forget the song of ice and fire. We want the song of the spiders!

Watch it for the plot.

Look, we love cerebral power struggle tactics as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just want to turn your brain off and see stuff blow up. We may not always have the mental energy for human interactions in HOTD, but we’ll never say no to…

Image credit: House Of The Dragon Memes/Facebook

DRAGONS. It wouldn’t be a GoT series without them. The producers can feed us as many lines of dialogue as they want as long as we are rewarded with that sweet, sweet payoff of watching a dragon vaporize a couple of fools where they stand!

No, thanks

Even once he was given the crown, Aegon was still being a pouty child. We half-expected him to stand up, turn to Aemond, and hand off the crown. That’d be a happy ending for everybody, right? Well, not quite, but there’d be two fewer unhappy people in the court.

Image credit: _docinsane/Twitter

Aegon agreed that he was not king material, but his insistence that he shouldn’t rule should’ve been the first (and only) time anyone in the court listened to him. Did no one take it as a warning sign that the guy they wanted to put on the throne didn’t want the job?

Say the thing!

At first, we weren’t sure why Rhaenys didn’t kill the Hightowers. Rhaenys is the definition of composure and restraint. She was in a position of power and with one word could take the throne for herself. But the princess was just “flexing.”

Image credit: dannyreccs/Twitter

Alicent had a change of heart, or so it seemed, but Aegon and Otto absolutely deserved to be in the line of dragon fire. As was previously established, he didn’t even want the job! This screencap is too accurate. We absolutely whispered “say it” at the screen.


This picture is too perfect! Damian from Mean Girls is the spitting image of Rhaenys — or is it the other way around? While she may not have been the only woman in the crowd, being a princess among commoners is close enough for this meme.

Image credit: IceCreamTony/Twitter

We could practically hear her thoughts and her desperation to shout out “he wasn’t even supposed to be king!” As awesome as that would have been, we’re glad she maintained her composure. If she hadn’t, the guards would’ve captured her and we wouldn’t have had the kick-butt end scene.


Those last few minutes were intense! Though we’ll admit, they really dragged out the drama. First, the question of “whose dragon is it” and then “will she say it” took too long to answer. But we’re thankful that they didn’t leave it as a cliffhanger.

Image credit: W78527202/Twitter

The second Rhaenys inhaled as though to speak, we almost expected the screen to cut to black and for the end credits to play. The screenwriters spared us from a cheap cliffhanger, and they were kind enough to tell us explicitly why she spared them.

Spoilers Sans Context Part 10

To kick off the season finale memes, we’ve got our final spoilers without context collage. This one feels a bit like cheating. Then again, with all the back and forth about who would inherit the throne, it was nice to see Rhaenyra wearing the crown.

Image credit: mpk_y2k/Twitter; jaysoobs/Unsplash; NDAB Creativity/Shutterstock

But that birth scene was traumatic! We knew that HBO wouldn’t hold back, but that was still pretty intense. We couldn’t help but think back to Aemma’s words in the first episode. As for the bottom right, well, we have some memes specifically about that scene.

The finale in four words

Some people can’t stand to watch with captions, while others refuse to watch without them. We’ll admit to using them in the last few episodes. There was way too much mumbling and whispering for us to grasp everything that was going on.

Image credit: jesuussromero/Twitter

If this doesn’t sum up the finale, we don’t know what does. The characters are traumatized, and so are we. Of course, part of that comes from the anxiety of knowing that we have to wait two years to see what happens next.

We’re gonna head out

One thing that hasn’t changed in the era of binge-watching is the frustration of cliffhangers. With the ability to binge a whole season at once, fans can skip the week-to-week anxiety that comes with waiting for Sunday night to roll around again.

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But, like any TV series, the writers needed to leave the fans wanting more. And boy do we want more! Sure, we have sort of an idea about what’s coming next, but the details are what eludes us. These next two years are gonna be tough.

Battle in the sky

The second Vhagar’s shadow appeared in the cloud, our jaws hit the floor. They were hinting at a dragon battle in the sky, but we weren’t prepared for how dramatic Vhagar would look. It left us awestruck, but thankfully, one Twitter user gave us a good description.

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With that size difference, the crocodile and house lizard comparison makes sense. And, on a technical note, it was a good way for the directors to show us just how big she is. We knew that there was a size difference, but seeing it is chilling.

Meme of all trades

Yes, we know we have another meme with the same picture, but this one was too perfect to omit. Maybe it says something about House of the Dragon that violence is actually an answer. We know the characters think so.

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Without a doubt, we’ll be there in 2024, cheering on whatever Rhaenyra does. In 24 hours she lost her father, her child, and her other child! One right after the other, she suffered at fate’s cruel hands. She better let out the biggest, baddest Dracarys next season.

Just one eye

Aemond’s confrontation with Lucerys in Lord Borros’ chambers set us on edge. After the promise he made to his mother, we were anxious that it’d end right there. In fact, we were a bit relieved when he drew his sword.

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That scene was almost too much to handle. And the fact that the dragons are the ones that escalated the battle made it even worse. We’ve seen this Pikachu meme plenty of times before, but the mouth agape is the perfect representation of Aemond in that moment.

That moment when…

Aemond’s obsession with getting revenge makes us shiver every time he brings it up. We’re not glad that Aegon is king, but we’re certainly glad Aemond didn’t get the crown. We can’t even imagine what the kingdom would look like with him in charge.

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We are glad he knew the gravity of the situation. Let’s give it up for Ewan Mitchell for the phenomenal face-acting. We will never sympathize with Aemond, but we are glad that, through his insanity and rage, he knew to be shocked.

Reporting back

One of the things we’re dying to see in the next season is just how Alicent is going to react. They better not do a time jump and skip out on the juiciest piece of drama we’ve seen so far!

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Aemond’s face might have been one of horror when he saw Arrax torn to shreds, but, knowing his character there’s a good chance that it won’t last long. We know he wouldn’t look to embarrassed, but it’s fun to imagine him looking so chastized.

We stand with the queen

When Rhaenyra turned around from the fireplace, we were shaking with fear. There’s no love like a mother’s love, nor is there any wrath more terrifying than a distraught mother. And losing two within a day is too much for anyone to bear.

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Whatever happens next, we’re with you, Rhaenyra. Do you want to burn down your home? Go for it! Are you going to lay siege to all of Aegon’s allies? We’re here for it. On a side note, Milly’s acting was absolutely phenomenal!

Merch, please

The first time we saw the battle map, we got chills. We’re not sure if this was accidental symbolism or not, but the darkened table made it look like a map of a long-dead kingdom. Or maybe we’re just overthinking it…

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But the second they lit up the table, our eyes lit up, too. Forget Viserys’ Lego city, we want that light-up map of Westeros. Seriously, where can we get one? Yes, the flooding of light was dramatic, but we don’t care. It was awesome!

Cycle of Abuse

We never understood how poorly GOT treated us until recently when we experienced a toxic relationship for the first time (whaddup; you know who you are). The lows are rock-bottom, and the highs hit like hard drugs in comparison. So yeah, GOT kinda ruined us, but we kinda liked it.

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Since then, there has been an emptiness inside that we needed to fill as best we could with other things. What we wanted — nay, what we craved — was to be emotionally ruined. So yes, House of the Dragon is our new, shiny, toxic lover, and we couldn’t be happier. For now.