Cat Chat: Memes That Capture The Spirit Of Our Cute Cat Companions

By Ana J

This article was originally published on funcatz

There are two popular animals to have as pets. People who prefer having one animal usually have strong feelings about the other. This debate is so prominent in daily life that people fall into two categories, cat people or dog people! Both feel so strongly about their preferred pet, and there are plenty of memes on the Internet emphasizing what they have to offer. Spoiler alert: This article is about cat people, so if you are a dog person, this is your cue to leave. Loving a cat means accepting that these creatures firmly believe they rule the world. If there’s one thing cat people understand, it’s that this is a cat’s world, and we are just living in it. Sometimes cat owners would like to articulate their love and appreciation in words or memes to their cats, but there is a language barrier. Meow. So, here are 45 memes you’d probably want to share with your cat.

All images in this article are courtesy of @memesiwish on Twitter.

1. Stretchy

All cats believe they are predators and that they are at the top of any ecosystem they find themselves in. This rule applies to big cats as well as domesticated cats. However, heavy is the head that wears the crown. So…

… these kings and queens need to take a moment to rest. Self-care is important, and cats understand it better than most humans. We should learn from our feline friends. Make time in your day to stretch a little and take a moment to take slow, even breaths.

2. Christmas tree

Humans have this tradition where they decorate trees around December, and they keep these decorations until January. If they are a bit lazy, the decorations can remain until spring. However, cat owners struggle with maintaining the decorations before December 24th. Because of their cats…

… LOVE the shiny baubles decorating the tree. There is something about the Christmas tree that just makes cats go crazy. They will knock the tree down, destroy the fragile ornaments, and scatter tinsel. There’s no stopping this chaos. That is, unless your cat is afraid of tangerines.

3. Avril Lavigne

This Tweet is hilarious. These two kitties have very special fur markings. One looks edgy with spots and patterns that make it look like the kitty has a skull on its chest, and the other has markings in the shape of…

… a heart on its chest and lil’ whiskers! Someone was a comedian because they combined the two odd cats and captioned it with a lyric from the Avril Lavigne song, “he was a punk, she did ballet, what more can I say.”

4. Friendship

If your cat could talk or read, this is a meme you would probably be tempted to show your cat. However, that would be a big mistake. Because if you did, the cat would probably think you are lame and…

… ask you to go out and make some friends. Cats don’t like clingy people. They are independent creatures. In fact, during the pandemic, some cats became depressed because they were used to having their own space. Keep this meme to yourself.

5. Pizza

Speaking of needing some personal space, cats will run into the wild to find it if they can’t get it at home. They come back, though, because it’s easier when you bring them food. So while you are getting your pizza …

… you might want to keep your cat close so it doesn’t go out seeking space! We don’t know what’s the real story behind this statue, but it’s fitting to call it “man grabbing his pet while carrying a small pizza.”

6. Trees

Oh, here we go again. Believe us, this will not be the only post about cats and their unrelenting dislike for Christmas trees. This is a common theme! If you showed this meme to your cat, it would relate 110%!

The cats must feel so badass when they eventually tear down their absurd enemy number one. Maybe this meme can also be captioned with the lyric “cool guys don’t look at explosions, they blow things and then walk away” by Lonely Island.

7. Prophecy

This picture is funny on its own. However, the caption is what makes it HILARIOUS. Do you know that meme that points out coincidences that kind of look like glitches in the Matrix? Like two people having the same outfit, or…

… two people with the same haircut in one place? Well, here’s one for you. What about a cat on a box that looks exactly like the cat inside the box? Glitch! And captioned, “his coming was foretold in the accent murals.” LOL.

8. Skills

Have you ever met someone who is just naturally gifted at something? For example, they are really good at singing but have never taken a class, or they taught themselves to play an instrument, but their professional live are mundane, like… 

…accountants or something? Well, this is not the case. Instead, this person is hilariously incompetent at drawing. We don’t know if a cat would appreciate this because cats think they are perfect. We’d only share it if the cat has a sense of humor.

9. Box

We saw a cat in a box that looked like the cat on the box designed to look like a cat in a box. Wow. Our heads are spinning. Anyway, what we didn’t mention is how much cats LOVE boxes. You can buy…

… every toy in the store, and a cat will ALWAYS go for the box. Or the Christmas tree, if the season is right. This is just one in the series of memes dedicated to boxes and how much cats love them.

10. Goals

It’s the end of January 2022, the time when the excitement for all those New Year’s goals is beginning to fade. The momentum is going away. But here’s a goal for you, it might not be attainable within a year…

… but it does not hurt to try! How about setting a goal to convince every cat that you are their friend? If you watched The Secret Life of Pets 2, this goal could bring you a lot of things in life.

11. Intelectual 

Ah, well, we discussed how cats prefer boxes and Christmas trees over any toy you can find in a store. However, this little dude surprised us. This rebellious black kitty is special. They do not care for traditional cat preferences.

Nah-ah, this guy prefers a pocket Thesaurus to $40 worth of toys! Now, we are not surprised that a cat refused human-bought toys. However, we are surprised it chose a pocket Thesaurus. Maybe they just want to enrich their vocabulary?

12. Guards

Do you know those cliché fancy gates with two lions on each side? We don’t often see them in our daily lives, but they exist. Well, this meme shows something similar. Most of us can’t afford massive gates or even houses…

… so, here’s an alternative. How about two cats who hang out at the entrance of your basement? Sounds more doable, right? This person woke up and found their cats in the basement “guard” position, but if you want to see this every day, you might need to train them.

13. Zen

Zen is a Japanese school of Buddhism that emphasizes the value of meditation. Today, the word “zen” is synonymous with peace and relaxation. Sounds a bit like a cat’s goals, right? So, can you use your cat’s zen to relax you?

Yes, you can! Here’s an idea. Turn your relaxed cat into a Zen garden! The cat won’t mind, and you might get some “zen,” too. From the looks of the post, it appears like a relaxing activity for everybody involved. 

14. Trees

Ah, Christmas trees and cats; arch-nemeses to the end. Can they find a common ground? Can they coexist under the same roof? One cat lover found a way around it, believe it or not. You might have to compromise on the…

… appearance of the tree. What we mean by that is that you might have to compromise on harmonizing the ornaments, but in return, you will get some new and unique decorations! So place some cat beds around the tree for a peacefully coexistent Christmas.

15. Rent

Most of us don’t know our neighbors these days. If you live in a big city, chances are you have no idea who lives in the apartment next to you. So if you see a “for sale” poster in your neighborhood, you will naturally be…

… tempted to check. Out of curiosity, if nothing else! Well, this person checked their neighbor’s “for sale” house and found out that they share a cat! The cats do whatever they want to do. You need to be ready to share!

16. Stealth 

This next one is hilarious. It took us a few minutes to spot the promised fourth cat in the picture. How long did it take you? Let’s just say this fourth cat has stealth skills that can put a chameleon to shame!

This Twitter account is hilarious. The pictures are great, but the captions enrich the photos so much. If it wasn’t for the caption, we don’t know if we would have spotted the cat! How do you think a cat would react? They would probably not be as impressed.

17. Oh, no

Being chosen as the cuddle buddy by an animal is very special. We don’t want to move when we are selected because we feel like the animal will walk off and go about their business elsewhere. Moving while cuddling is a risky business.

So, when you see your pet on the bed, you want to enter as gently as possible so you can continue cuddling. However, the chances of your pet moving are high. Oh, the heartbreak. Your cat might not get it, but we do.

18. Obligations

Cats are not known to be clingy. However, when you are chosen by a cat, it’s a privilege, and they won’t hesitate to show their clingy side! This person was lucky enough to be chosen by one of these majestic creatures. But, there are…

… some downsides. Forget about your privacy; it’s not happening. Your personal space is gone now. It’s OUR personal space, as far as the cat is concerned. Clingy cats will appreciate this meme, for sure. “Let me in!” RIP personal space.

19. The Lion King

If you’ve seen the Disney classic The Lion King, the chances are you cried. If you didn’t cry at the biggest betrayal on screen nor the aftermath of it, you are one heartless creature. Anyway, many cats on the Internet…

… recreate this iconic heartbreaking moment. Some encouraged by their owners, some accidentally. This one is accidental. We would laugh if the original picture didn’t trigger our trauma. Hopefully, the cats on the right had a better ending to their story. 

20. Aw

One of the perks of owning a pet is that every now and then, when you are down, they will step up their game and turn the course of your day or night. Sometimes, all you need is a hug.

And the pets know it. How can anyone be sad when they are chosen by an animal as their cuddle buddy? Cats are picky, and when a cat picks you to cuddle, how can you be sad? There, boom! Sadness over.

21. Pants

Have you ever wondered how cats would wear their pants? Would it be on all four leggies or just the two in the back? Well, this cat wears them on the two back leggies and their tail! Look at it.

As we said before, this Twitter account enhances the experiences with their caption. This kitty would have been adorable on its own, but now that we are thinking that they have pants on, it’s even cuter! It has tiny pants!

22. Oh-oh

When you spend enough time with somebody, your personalities might merge into one. You end up finishing each other’s sentences or copying the other’s catchphrases. But when you spend a lot of time with a pet, how do you know that your personalities merged?

In this meme, we can see how this human can predict what their cat will do, and their timing is impeccable. They put “my cat will try to eat this” on a board and caught the cat trying to eat it! 

23. Slap

At some point in your life, someone must have annoyed you so much that you wanted to slap them. However, this is frowned upon in society, and violence is never the answer, really. Therefore, you did not go through with it (hopefully).

BUT! If you are a cat, you can just do it. You can just slap anything or anybody without any repercussions. Humans might tell you, “Ah! Bad cat!” But there won’t be serious consequences. You will still be cuddled and fed.

24. Roomies

Cat people pride themselves on the fact that cats are pretty independent. Well, that is in comparison to the other contender for the main pet. With walks alone, dogs need more care than their feline counterparts. So cat owners often see their pets…

… as roomies! Cat owners never know if the cat is still in the house, or off on some grand adventure, or being adopted by the neighbor who might be in the process of selling their home (we saw it happen!). 

25. Decoration

Ah, we know this meme is old. Why? Because who has seen an office in two years? Anyway, back in the day when people were working from something called “the office,” and they had their “office desk” decorating it was…

… important and exciting. You could put a personal touch on an otherwise bland corporate setting. That’s when we were all working from our houses, if anyone remembers. Anyway, not many offices allowed pets, so cats would be forbidden decorations. Cute, though.

26. Two types

Here’s a meme your cat might appreciate. There are plenty of “two types of people in the world” memes going around, but this is personalized for cats. Or is the word certified? Because personalized is for people? Maybe we are…

… looking too much into it. Anyway, here’s the meme – two types of cats! One type loves to be petted everywhere, and the other only in specific spots, sometimes. What type of cat is your cat? We prefer the cuddly types.

27. Beans

The little beans on cat paws are probably one of the most adored parts of a cat. What if the cat came with extra beans on their paws? How amazing would that be? Well, this little orange kitty comes with…

… extra beans! Don’t you want to squish them all? Squishy squish. And the Twitter account “memes I wish I could tag my cat in” strikes again with comedy gold “check out this season’s bean harvest.” Great harvest. 10 out of 10.

28. Questions

Sometimes our questions just shouldn’t have answers. You might think the answer will help you sleep better at night, but that’s not always the case. Like in this situation, somebody asked what kind of pest would only eat the tops of plants.

Their succulents were only missing tips, and they thought it was some bacteria. However, they got their answer soon, and it’s not a pest they can get rid of quickly. Or a pest they would want to get rid of at all. 

29. Hardcore

Have you ever seen a black cat yelling at a skeleton? Well, if not, now you will! You might be wondering what kind of situation would lead to a cat yelling at a skeleton. Apparently, the cat wasn’t fed on time and…

…. that requires drastic measures. Honestly, relatable. Who hasn’t felt like yelling when they didn’t get food on time? However, we have to wonder what kind of line of work you have to be in to have a skeleton on your bed?

30. The detective

Okay, this caption takes the cake. If cats understood memes (and human language), we are sure they would absolutely love this meme and approve of the caption. In the picture, we see that there’s a broken TV and a cat behind it…

… with the caption “Detective Mittens investigates who could have knocked the TV over.” Hmm. Who could it be? It’s certainly not a situation of “he who smelt it dealt it.” It can’t be Detective Mittens! Mittens is as surprised as you are.

31. Bed

A few times on this list, a human purchased something for their cat, and it turned out to be a completely failed investment. But have you ever seen a cat not using a bed? Maybe you’ve seen a cat opting to be in a box instead of their bed…

… but this cat does not care for such stereotypes. This cat naps in a dustpan instead of a bed. Yeah, you read that right. A dustpan! Maybe the kitty is just trying to be courteous and shed directly into the dustpan.

32. Pizza box

It is no secret that our animal companions prefer human food when it comes to the choice between human food and pet food. As we humans know, the grass is always greener on the other side. Why do we expect them…

… to act any better than we do? Anyway, @memesiwish on Twitter has a theory. The tiny holes in pizza boxes are designed specifically for cat paws. Now that we think about it, they might be, if this picture is anything to go by.

33. Communism

We don’t know about you, but we love those “your/our” memes. If you love this meme template and you love cats, here’s a meme for you. The setup is that you just poured yourself some water, and the cat takes…

… a sip and says, “OUR water.” Sharing is caring, after all. And as we said, pets agree with the adage “the grass is greener on the other side,” so your water just tastes better. It’s forbidden water which makes it spicy. 

34. Pets

Cat people and dog people will disagree on a lot of things. But as we promised, this whole article is for all the crazy cat people out there. One thing cat people are not too crazy about, though, is breeds. 

Dog owners of even mixed breeds will go out of their way to know the exact mix. Cat owners really couldn’t care less, and that’s what this meme is about. There are plenty of twists on this meme, but this one classifies the breed as “cow.”

35. Drink

If you had the chance to have a glass of wine with your cat, would you do it? This sounds impossible because cats should not be drinking alcohol. Don’t come for us; we didn’t double-check this, but it sounds like a safe bet.

Anyway, it looks like there is a company developing a recipe that will make wine safe for cats. Now all your cat needs to do is learn how to hold a wine glass and voilà! Just be careful, because odds are they’ll try to spill red wine on the couch.

36. Artist

Remember the mom who drew the cat and epically failed? (Scroll back to #8 if you need a refresher. We’ll wait.) If we didn’t know any better, we’d guess this is the same artist! Do you see the resemblance? We surely do. However, this time…

… we see some improvement in her art. There are legs for one! And ears! And a nose too. Wow. There are even some flowers and leaves in the corner. Anyway, we hope this skilfully drawn cat remained safe in the house.

37. Opposite Day

We’ve seen a fair share of cats choosing everyday household items instead of their expensive beds and toys on this list. Instead, in this picture, we have a cat who is living its best life and appreciating all the luxury.

The caption is that the human works all day to provide a good life for their cat, and boy, oh, boy, does the cat enjoy it! For all the cat owners out there, it’s doable! Your cat can appreciate it.

38. Nap time

It is an honor to be chosen by a cat. Cuddles on the couch, someone being super excited to see you, ahh, to be loved by a creature that is so independent. If your cat loves you and chooses you, they might…

… fall asleep on you. Cats love the warmth and comfort you provide, which is why they like to settle on your laptop. But if they fall asleep on you, you will wake up to their little noses in your face. Aww. 

39. Types

Did you know that cats actually domesticated themselves? They decided that while they could do all the hunting and stuff, they would just rather let you do it! So what happens if the cat has to remain in the wild?

They just go back to being the predators they are. They hunt and take care of themselves. The fact that cats are not fully domesticated makes it hilarious when some house cats are entirely spoiled, like only eating tuna or fancy wet cat food.

40. LOL

Okay, this picture is just pure chaos, and because of that, it’s funny all on its own. It doesn’t need a caption. If you showed this picture to your cat, do you think they would get it? We can’t even…

… begin to explain it with our human words! We will try, but we can’t promise anything. So, there are two angry ginger cats. One is real, and the other one is on the sweater. Overall, all three of them look confused about being there.

41. Harvey

Harvey is a very special boy. Harvey is so special that he gets his own little Christmas tree that he can do whatever he wants to! And wow, Harvey looks mesmerized by his little tree. Go on, knock it down.

It’s all yours! You deserved it! Well, it seems like there are happy endings to cats and Christmas trees mixing. You either make the cat beds on the tree, oooor you get your cat its own little tree. Let us know if it works.

42. Matchy

Okay, we can’t handle how cute this picture is. All we want to do is wrap this little kitten in her matching blanket and cuddle with it for the night. Maybe share some cat wine? Seriously, how can one picture…

… be so adorable?! How do you fit so much cuteness in one picture?! Her blanket matches her face, right down to those big green eyes! Aaaah! We just want to scream, “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die.” Someone needs to attach that meme to this pic. 

43. Appointments

Okay, this one is relatable for every human in their twenties. Actually, it’s pretty relatable even in the thirties. Honestly, can we just make moms contractually obligated to make our doctor’s appointments indefinitely? Like, for the rest of our lives?

Today, we have apps for everything, even things we don’t need. Why has nobody made an app where your mom will call the doctor and make appointments for you? We definitely want to see that one on the app store. Please, make it happen.

44. Artist

Twitter account @memesiwish asked their followers, “what would you shame your cat for?” We would answer “for nothing” because cats are perfect. Maybe ask us again after the first shame-worthy incident. Anyway, this person shamed their cat for “performing the opera.”

We don’t know about you, but we would be interested in hearing some cat opera. At a more appropriate time, though, not at 4:30 AM. But we all know how eccentric artists can be. They don’t work on our time.

45. Last one

And here we are. This is our last meme for the collection. For more content, you can go follow the Twitter account “memes I wish I could tag my cat in.” Our last picture is here to remind us that cats…

… do whatever they want. They move in where they want and sleep where they want, like this cat above. This cat said: “your sink? More like OUR sink.” Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this collection as much as we did making it.