45 Things That Are Now Hidden Beneath Murky Waters

By Doreen R

There’s something about the deep blue waters that frighten, intrigue, or downright mesmerize most mortals. For some, seeing the iconic film Jaws brought on a fear of the ocean, while for others, Jacques Custeau’s love of all things maritime grew into a fascination with anything ocean-related. For many of us, there’s either a love of the treasures found deep down below the surface, and for the rest, there’s a fear of the unknown, whether rational or not. The thought of swimming on the coast of Spain and seeing a statue of Neptune rise out of the water leaves most of us awestruck. For others, it’s the history of the Titanic that still lays beneath murky waters, more than 100 years after it sank. Whether it’s fear or curiosity, take a moment and check out these amazing finds and decide for yourself if you’d like to explore more in person or are happy with seeing a virtual version. No judgments either way. To each his own.

Need a Hand?

Lorenzo Quinn’s humongous hand sculpture in Venice, Italy, is definitely a statement piece. The sculpture is aptly named “Support” and shouldn’t be missed when visiting the area. The idea behind the hands, according to experts, is it reflects man’s ability to destroy the globe while also having the ability to ensure the world’s continuation as well.

Image Courtesy of Yung X Akimbo/Reddit

Installed in 2017, it’s been featured in the media ever since and isn’t missed by visitors to the area. Quinn, the artist, developed the much talked about piece with the aid of the Halcyon Gallery in London, yet it was built in Barcelona, Spain.  

Good Luck Finding This Street on the Map

Yeah, finding this address might be hard for some folk. French Street in Lumberton, Texas, after a recent hurricane was fully submerged underwater. It is not hard to understand why this area has been renamed ‘Flash Flood Alley. The more insane part of the story is that this isn’t a strange occurrence.

Image Courtesy of Jerrinq/Imgur

This particular image was taken in 2017, but a simple web search shows that this has happened at various times over the years. Some useful trivia is that it takes about 40 inches of nonstop rain to achieve this result on the now infamous French Street. Researching this state, we were saddened to learn that flooding is the primary cause of deaths due to weather. Here’s hoping this city manages to better prepare for the elements in the future.

Boat or Island? You decide

We’re not sure what to make of this image. We see it’s a boat grounded in the middle of nowhere with trees growing out of it. This boat has turned into some sort of makeshift island, and the creator just might be on to something. To be honest, it is an abandoned boat wreck that, over the years managed to morph into an island.

Image courtesy of Ted Hardy _/Reddit

The more amazing fact is that the creator of this vision is none other than Mother Nature. This took some 50 years to get to this point. Believe it or not, during WWII, Dutch Marines actually hid their ships from enemy planes using foliage. They figured that turning their naval ship into an unassuming island would help them remain safe.

This is One Way to Handle a Drought

Sure, it looks like a swimming pool design that has gone wrong, but this was intentional in design. It’s also not a swimming pool but rather a reservoir to preserve water during droughts. This particular reservoir is located in Emmendingen, Germany, and is quite successful at routing water during flooding in the area.

Image Courtesy of Trizo cbs/Reddit

We get that this design is functional and intentional, but still, it gives us goosebumps. We still can’t help but imagine a bad horror flick with teens meeting up there late at night and things going terribly wrong. Come to think of it, it might be the next big blockbuster.

Not Sure What the Artist Had in Mind

J. Seward Johnson’s unique sculpture, The Awakening, can be found at National Harbor. The much-buzzed-about art piece is a must-see when heading to Washington D.C. The statue measures 72 feet and shows a giant creature striving to emerge from the deep dark waters.  

Image Courtesy of Imbugss/Imgur

The art is made of aluminum and was installed in the harbor in 2008. It’s definitely up to the viewer to determine what the artist intended, but either way, it shouldn’t be missed when visiting the area. Important to mention that the area is full of other outdoor art installations that visitors are allowed to touch and admire.

Egypt’s Deep, Dark Treasures

Imagine the excitement of the divers that came across this beauty, that hadn’t been seen before. Thonis-Heracleion was at one time Egypt’s main port. The city was originally located on the Nile and was a major stopping point for merchants and visitors to what would later become Alexandria.

Image courtesy of Ceniza rey/Reddit

This treasure buried deep beneath the surface is Hapi, the fertility god. The divers couldn’t believe their luck when they came across temples, antique money, statues, and jewels in the area. The city was discovered in 2000, 1300 years after it became submerged. Archeologists, needless to say, were thrilled at the finding of this long-lost city.

Nothing Goes to Waste

Much like bell-bottoms and flower-covered VW vans, subway cars also become outdated. We were surprised to learn that when subway cars are no longer in use, they aren’t sent to some metal scrap yard. Nope, they are given a new purpose in life, sort of. At last count, some 2,500 older model subways found a new home.

Image Courtesy of R3d Shi1ft _ 706/Reddit

Their new home, though is at the bottom of the ocean! Yep, that’s right; they’re discarded in deep waters. Many were dropped off in New Jersey, Maryland, South Caroline, and Georgia, amongst other locales. Whoa, calm down all you naysayers out there. The metal equipment is stripped of all toxic paints and other hazards and is totally safe for the environment and sea life in the area.

Beware: Water Filled Tunnel

These images are a bit off-putting. Even more so because it’s an underwater tunnel intended for drivers. The fact that the tunnel was built for driving and still has water pouring in it, had us wondering who thought this one up. The tunnel is the Baltimore Tunnel and is made up of two-way traffic and is between 50-100 feet underwater. The road is used regularly by local commuters, and we’re just thinking how it would feel during peak traffic hours.

Image courtesy of Dark Blue 222/Reddit

This image is not that unusual. Water regularly flows onto the driving lanes, and most drivers are adept at navigating the water-filled lanes. Slow and steady driving is required normally, and in this tunnel, even more attention and care is needed. Drivers, pay attention and drive with caution.

A Bit Too Life Like

Even the biggest fans of the “Jaws‘ films would flinch if they came face to face with this while out for a swim. This bad boy is just a prop, made for a film, but it still caused us to flinch when seeing it at first. Jaws first came out in 1975 and was a blockbuster. Many moviegoers admitted to being terrified of the ocean after seeing the film. Some on our staff, who were around to see the movie way back when admitted it was a groundbreaking film and terrified them to the core.

Image Courtesy of 1092 Drawde/Reddit

The film was directed by then newbie director Steven Spielberg and his career catapulted thanks to ‘Jaws.’ Universal Studios realized the popularity of the film and they went ahead and created one of the most popular rides to be enjoyed on their iconic tour trams. We’re just glad to know that this underwater monster is a prop and nothing more.

This Organization Needed an HR Team

We’re envisioning the hiring process at Silver Islet. For those who aren’t aware, Silver Islet is a relatively small island near Ontario, Canada. It was home to the most lucrative silver mine on the globe. Sure, it shut down in 1884, and we’re pretty sure we know the reason for that Maybe it is the fact that the mine was underwater and staff hired weren’t told this until they were welcomed on the job.

Image courtesy of just j bweld it/Reddit

The majority of the new hires left upon seeing where the mine was located, but those who remained were in for an adventure. The area boasted quantities of pure silver in 1868, thanks to the Montreal Mining Company. The area was developed over the years, and a mining town was soon erected. The mines operated for more than 16 years, and it shut down in 1884, after over 3 million dollars worth of silver was mined.

Italy’s Ghost Towns

Long before ghosting was a term, ghost villages were a real thing in Italy of all places. To better understand the concept, take a look at the picture below. It’s not the only ghost village in Italy, there’s actually a tour of ghost towns that are located around the country, and their popularity is rising. It’s a great way to see how life in the boot-shaped country once was, and it’s an eye-opening experience.

Image Courtesy of carrie the fairry/Reddit

This submerged village can be found in Tuscany. It dates back to the 12th century and is known as Fabbrice di Carregine. The village was a vibrant community up until 1946, when it became submerged after a flood. Every few years, the lake is drained in the area, allowed the village to resurface. We suggest checking this area out while sipping some vino in Italy.

Just Another Day in the Mines

Mining has got to be one of the harder jobs out there; no one is debating that. It’s a given that the job is usually upwards of 12 hours per day and mostly done in the darkest of surroundings deep underground. Check out this partially submerged coal mine. It makes us cringe just thinking that someone was subjected to working here day in and day out for long periods of time.

Image courtesy of sub _ Lunar/Reddit

We take for granted the perks we have on the job today. Break rooms and coffee stations are basic, but what about employers like Google? Can you fathom a Google employee working even one day in these conditions? Hallelujah to state regulators and worker’s rights. Amen, people!

We Guess Those Seats Really Didn’t Turn Into Flotation Devices

Wow, just look at this submerged aircraft. If not for the diver, you can barely tell it’s underwater. What’s odd is that the plane appears untouched and seems to be waiting for the passengers to board. There sure does seem to be a lot of space between the seats, which has us thinking this was downed long before low-cost travel became a thing.

Image courtesy of Quinn Pill 19/Reddit

Seeing this image does make one want to pay more attention when the flight attendant starts her safety lecture. We wish we knew the reason how this plane found its demise underwater. If anyone recognizes this, we’re happy to hear more details. Till then, we’ll just assume the inflight movie was Poseiden Adventure.

Burying Our Heads in the Sand

Next time you find yourself in Cancun, make sure to visit the Punta Nizuc Underwater Museum. It’s a treat for the eyes and the mind. The museum tour is as educational as it is enjoyable and is a must when in the area. The museum’s focus on protecting the reefs and the ocean is to be admired as much as the visions one comes across while on the tour.

Image Courtesy of Robo Flav/Reddit

Everyone knows that Cancun is famous for its coastlines and party atmosphere, but this bit of culture shouldn’t be overlooked. The museum has more than 500 underwater statues that must be seen to be believed. The museum was opened in 2009 with the purpose of attracting marine life to the artificial reefs, such as the one in the image above.

Dinosaur Lovers, Pay Attention!

This image is for the budding paleontologist in us that is just dying to get out. When Jurrasic Park ruled the box office, kids everwhere were dreaming of becoming archeologists. Oh, and let’s not forget Ross Geller from ‘Friends‘ who made being a geeky paleontologist ultra-cool. Now imagine walking along the French beaches and seeing this on your stroll.

Image courtesy of Mathieu PIERRE/Flickr

The official name is Serpent D’Océan, and it’s located in Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins, France. This art installation is made entirely out of aluminum and is meant to be a Chinese mythological dragon. It is the creation of French/Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping and was completed in 2012. The artist was making an environmental statement relating to man’s mishandling of the ocean and all its’ creatures.

Stephen White’s Holland Island

This image more resembles a painting, but it’s a real landscape. The location of this haunting structure can be seen on Holland Island, in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. The area was once home to farmers and fishermen but is now abandoned and damaged after years of neglect. The area is slowly but surely disappearing due to rising water levels.

Image courtesy of Fun _ Independence _ 282 / reddit

The house in the image is appropriately named ‘The Last House’ and is currently owned by Stephen White. He bought the residence for only $70,000 in the hopes of preserving the structure and ended up creating the Holland Island Preservation Foundation. Until 1914, Holland Island was a bustling town of merchants, visitors, and a local post office. Due to rising shorelines, the only house remaining is this solitary structure, making the image even more haunting.

Another Shipwreck in Lake Superior

We arent exactly sure why Lake Superior is the home to many underwater ships and vessels. It’s been rumored that the lake contains over 350 vessels, yet most haven’t even been found. Many believe that due to the fact that there are no harbors in the area and extreme weather conditions throughout the year, many ships and boats simply never make it to their destination. This could explain the underwater graveyard that has accumulated over the years.

Image Courtesy of duluthnewstribune.com

Just take a look at the image this underwater photographer managed to take. It’s almost as if we can imagine life aboard this cozy ship. Amazing details and intact furniture makes it seem that it’s caught in some sort of time warp just waiting to be set free.

History Lives On

The Axis Alliance was comprised of Italy, Japan, and Germany. These nations understood Germany’s power during WWII and her control over the region of the Mediterranean. U-boats were an integral part of this alliance. They were used to prevent US ships from bringing much-needed supplies to Europe. The U stood for ‘underwater’ when it came to these particular vessels.

Image courtesy of King Neptune 767 / Reddit

It has been reported that nearly 3000 u-boats were used during WWII. It’s hard to imagine that only four of these boats remain, while some 50 have yet to be accounted for. The u-505 submarine can be seen at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The tales surrounding the u-boat are vast, and it’s not surprising that so many books and movies have been made on this topic.

One Sad Wet Roller Coaster

Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast of the United States in 2012. The Jersey Shore was hit particularly hard and the damages were astounding. For those who don’t know, the Jersey Shore is more than just a cheesy reality show; it’s a popular beach town in New Jersey. The area boasts a boardwalk and amusement park that was also damaged in the hurricane.

Image Courtesy of seattletimes.com

It’s been almost 10 years since the hurricane, and most of the damage has been repaired. One victim hard hit was the iconic Jet Star roller coaster, which found itself underwater after the hurricane passed through the beach town. The damaged coaster remained in the water for some seven months before rebuilding the area took place. The roller coaster has been replaced by a newer version as of 2017 and millions of dollars have been spent in repairs.

This is No Yellow Submarine

Before one is ready to work on a submarine, much training is required and done. Training and simulations aren’t carried out on actual subs though, rather they are carried out in specially designed towers made for this exact purpose. The first such tower was built more than 70 years ago in the UK called the Gosport. Training required submerging one in a tank of water that was at least 100 feet deep while using breathing equipment. This was done to give the diver the feeling that they were in the ocean. We’re thinking much like astronauts do before getting to ride in a space shuttle.

Image courtesy of Dracula 24 / Reddit

The Gosport training center was closed down in January 2020. The historic facility has since been replaced by the SubMarine Escape Rescue Abandonment and Survival Training Facility aka SMERAS TF. The staff from The Gosport have moved to the new facility as well.

King of the World at the Bottom of the Ocean

No one will ever forget Leonardo DiCaprio standing on the bow of the most famous ship in the world. He stood there with his arms spread out , shouting ‘I’m the king of the world,’ and even though we knew how it would end, we still hoped and prayed he’d survive. Alas, unlike a fairy tale, there was no happy ending for most of those traveling that day on that infamous ship.

Image Courtesy of huffingtonpost.ca

The Titanic sank in 1912, it’s in the history books, and many films have been made; we get that. Many experts believe that we only have a few years left to view the remnants, which some believe will disappear forever by 2030. Some think that the bacteria in the water will cause the ship to fully disolve in the next few years. Let’s hope that there is a way to lift up what remains of her left on the ocean floor and have it preserved in a museum where it truly belongs.

The World Discoverer Sadly No Longer Discovers

Before it became a sad state of affairs, this once impressive cruise ship was proudly named The World Discoverer. The ship was designed in Germany by Schichau Unterwese. The stately ship cruised French Polynesia, Antarctica, and the waters around Argentina. All that came to an end in the Spring of 2000 when the cruise liner was in the Solomon Islands and hit a reef that caused to ship to become immobilized.

Image Courtesy of The Depressed One 1/Reddit

There were no casualties, unlike say ‘The Titanic in 1912. The ship to this very day remains in the waters where it became unusable in the region o the Ngeela Islands. The shipwreck is now a macabre tourist destination in an otherwise exotic locale.

Let the Games Begin!

This impressive work of art is in honor of Australia’s Riot Games. The artificial reef was made to mirror the characters in the popular video game. It’s believed that over 42,000 contestants completed the games and have had their names enrgraved on the reef. The reef is situated east of the wreck titled ‘Rock Driller’ in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Image Courtesy of Blue Breeze 52/Reddit

For those, like many of our staff who don’t know what the Riot Game is, here goes. Riot Games aka ‘League of Legends’ is a video game that was first launched in 2009 and became insanely popular. So popular that statues have been erected in its honor. At one point in 2013, the game boasted the most players by count. We hope this clarified the situation for those who never heard the term ‘Riot Games’ before today.

Beware the Wrath of Neptune

This is for the Greek mythology lovers out there. This impressive statue of Neptune protruding from the water can be found in Spain. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this Greek God can be seen from the beaches and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Depending on weather conditions, the waves breaking on the statue have an awe-provoking effect that leaves one speechless and mesmerized.

Image Courtesy of Yamms and a side of guac/Reddit

The statue is the creation of talented sculptor Luis Arencibia and is made entirely out of bronze. Legend says Neptune is standing guard, protecting the picturesque island. This statue is situated on the Melenara shoreline and, while appearing ominous, stands in what is considered a mostly peaceful town.

An Environmentalist’s Worst Nightmare

It is safe to say that every environmentalist seeing this image is rolling their eyes and shouting at their screen. This oil rig weighing in at an impressive 17,000-tons was left stranded in 2016 when weather conditions made it impossible to tow. This rig was supposed to end up in Malta, but the towline broke and the crew needed to be rescued.

Image Courtesy of bdemin/Reddit

The rig, as you can imagine, contained nearly 300 tons of diesel fuel, and some 80 liters managed to make their way into the surrounding waters. Local environmental agencies, as well as the Coastguard and Marines immediately initialed water testing to monitor the amounts of oil in the water.

More Pandemic Victims

The recent global pandemic claims more than just human lives; it also destroyed businesses and industries. One such industry was shipping, whether freight or travel. The cruise ship industry was hard hit during the pandemic, and this image illustrates the damages so perfectly. This abandoned cruise ship hasn’t left the dock since March 2020. It’s has been stripped of anything useful nothing but a bare metal skelton of it was left.

Image courtesy of that Sexy Light Skin / reddit

Metal yards are having a hard time keeping up with the need for bits and pieces from abandoned ships. Due to spacing issues, many cruise ships are just sitting in harbors in Greece, just waiting to be picked clean. It’s a sad state of affairs when luxury cruise ships are left to become nothing more than hunks of metal rotting in the sea..

Toxic Waste or Natural Wonder, We’re Not Sure

Okay, we’ll admit it, it’s a beautiful image. But, always remember a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s exactly the case here. This snapshot looks heavenly and serene, but all is not as it appears. This is Geamăna, a beautiful village in the Carpathian mountains in Romania. Yet, it’s also a toxic disaster of immense proportions. The water in the image we’re viewing is full of cyanide, copper, and other toxic waste that’s a health hazard too big for words.

Image Courtesy of pearl spaghetti/Reddit

The village boasted some 400 families in 1978 when all hell broke loose. The families were transported more than 100km away. The government, led by Communist Nicolae Ceausescu, emptied the village to make room for the toxic dumping ground he needed, thanks to the nearby copper mine. It is estimated that close to 30 million tons of toxic waste have been dumped from 1978 to date.

We Prefer Yachts to Cargo Ships

Yeah, we’re thinking a three-day Below Deck-style cruise in Europe would be much more appealing than this option. We’re still wondering if these are staff or stowaways on this cargo ship. We get that it’s a great shot that leaves much to the imagination. We’re also seriously trying to understand how you get back on board the ship once the thrill of swimming has worn off.

Image courtesy of Durbn / Reddit

We’re figuring it’s a staff-approved break, especially because the swimmers have on swimming trunks. I guess we think of cargo freighters as more business only, but we are glad to see the other side of things. It only makes sense that they’d also be in need of a break after making what is sure to have been a long journey.

Volvo on the Rocks

We’re not sure where this was taken. All we know for sure is that this Volvo 850 was found submerged in a lake that was frozen over and hasn’t been moved in several years. It’s been rumored that a tragic car accident occurred in the area but that the driver was rescued.

Image Courtesy of radioactive anomaly / Reddit

We found this image on a social media site that had gone viral. The image sparked a lot of rumors and theories. It’s a talking point; we get it. We like that it may even one day become an urban legend. We do wish we had some more facts to be able to give an opinion either way, but for now, we’ll leave this here in hopes that more details will come to light.

Underwater Church

Try to envision this scenario; it’s 2008, fishermen are going about their day, trying to catch some seafood to sell. All of a sudden, they come upon a church cross protruding from the lake. Well, this happened, and it happened in Tachira, Venezuela. Under the cross, the entire church was found intact, totallysubmerged underwater. Sadly this wasn’t a natural disaster but rather a human decision that submerged the Church of Potosi.

Image Courtesy of independent.co.uk

In 1985 the city of Potosi was intentionally flooded due to the building of a damn nearby. The town’s residents were moved to neighboring areas, and the town was flooded. What’s even more surprising is that this isn’t so uncommon. In St. Thomas, Nevada, the same flooding was implemented to solve drainage issues, and the town is now submerged in lake Mead.

Naval Mines Are Still a Thing

Princess Diana brought the issue of land mines to the forefront. The same can’t be said for naval mines, which apparently still exist. For those less knowledgeable, naval mines are explosive devices that are found in the oceans. They were used to attack approaching vessels. It’s not surprising, or maybe it is, that some countries still use this form of weapon.

Image courtesy of businessbend.com

Many countries and governments also employ minesweepers to find and destroy naval mines in various bodies of water. According to international law, anyone employing naval mines is obligated to disclose their whereabouts. Sadly, some countries still refuse to abide by international treaties and laws.

Warning: No Shallow Waters to be Found

Many tourists to Italy are looking to see churches and eat some fresh pasta, we dig it. However, there are a few thrill-seekers out there who need a little more adrenaline pulsing activities when visiting the land of pizza and gelato. The Y-40 Deep Joy pool fits the bill perfectly. The pool, the deepest in the world, is the design of Emanuele Boaretto and can be found in Padua, Italy.

Image courtesy of lonelyplanet.com

At over 42 meters deep, it’s a bit intimidating to most mortals, but we’re sure there are a few extreme sports lovers who simply love to give it a try. The pool opened in 2014 and even landed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The project was initially intended for divers and boasted thermal waters, making it a major stop for water enthusiasts. For those who are not as adventurous, and prefer spectating, there’s also a tunnel to view the pool, not requiring the visitor to swim in the facility.

Be Sure to Check Out the USS Speigel Grove

If you’re ever in the Florida Keys and looking for a real adventure, consider diving near the USS Spiegel Grove. The ship, measuring 25 meters, sank in 2002 and has remained in the same spot ever since. The highlight of exploring the ruins of the ship and the marine life that now calls it home, shouldn’t be missed. Between the manta rays, sharks, and colorful fish, there’s an array of sights to be enjoyed.

Image Courtesy of Marie Cake Antoinette/Reddit

The vessel remains shipwrecked and untouched. It’s still upside down, leaving the bow to be seen from above the water. The ship has become home to the ocean’s inhabitants and a stop for many tourists and diving enthusiasts. Be careful though, some six lives were lost over the years while near the wreckage. This tour isn’t for amateurs, and experienced divers should be aware of the harsh conditions.

Underwater Sea Life

Our staff was amazed at what they learned while researching this article. For instance, in Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, there are a plethora of underwater art installations that are simply breathtaking. While, for most, the area isn’t top of the ‘must-see place’ on our respective bucket lists, we’re sure you might reconsider after checking this out. Take a look at this sea dragon statue located just under the water at Lake Neuchâtel.

Image Courtesy of Av3le / Reddit

The same area also boasts an underwater shark statue that has frightened many a diver. It’s almost like every installment of the “Jaws‘ franchise becomes a bit too real when checking out what’s on display in this area of Switzerland. FYI, the dragon sculpture was created by Jean-Pierre Zaugg and measures 8 meters high, which made our team do a double-take and shudder at the thought of encountering it in the murky waters of the lake.

The Biggest and the Best

For many years Russia and the Soviet Union were a force to be reckoned with. When they developed the world’s largest submarine in 1981, the world sat up and took notice. The submarine was capable of carrying nearly 200 nuclear weapons, and a crew of 120 could reside aboard for months at a time with no complaints. The underwater wonder was nuclear-powered and had stashes of ballistic missiles, just in case, wink, wink.

Image Courtesy of Big Cheemus/Reddit

This image shows the inside of one of the pressure hulls that sported a swimming pool for the crew that sometimes lived for some 120 days at a time totally underwater. We’re trying to envision the interior of the sub before it was decommissioned, during its heyday, and can see the crew chugging down their vodkas while singing the national anthem. Any sub that caters to the crew with swimming facilities gets a thumbs up from us, regardless of our nationality or allegiance.

Jason Voorhees Sighted at Crystal Lake

Fans of the classic horror flick genre always smile when one mentions the ‘Friday the 13th‘ franchise. Interesting fact, there are currently 12 films in the franchise, and we’re all hoping that a 13th installment will be considered. For those who never viewed the classic films, it all basically takes place at Crystal Lake Camp, where serial killer Jason Voohees is on the loose, killing innocent and not so innocent humans that come across his path.

Imag eCourtesy of darkness.com

Crystal Lake is a real place and is located in Minnesota. For movie buffs who weren’t aware, there’s a life-sized statue of Jason Voorhees underwater in a lake in Crosby, Minnesota. It’s been there since 2013 and pays homage to the 4th installment of ‘Friday the 13th.’ The site has become a popular tourist attraction, and many divers are seen in the area getting a first-hand look at the immortal murderer.

The USS Midway is Still A Classic

Many history buffs can recite the historical facts of the USS Midway. It took nearly 18 months to build, and it never partook in any active duty during WWII but saw a lot of action during the Cold War. This aircraft carrier is the longest-serving carrier of the century. Completed in September 1945, it only went into operation in 1946, with Operation Frostbite. At the time, it was the first ship to work primarily in the sub-Arctic.

Image Courtesy of Gurk Sallad / Reddit

By 2010 over 5 million visitors have seen the impressive ship, making it a popular tourist destination. The historic ship was decommissioned in April 1992. It has since been residing in San Diego to welcome the many visitors that regularly make their way to see the ship. It was the largest vessel in the world, until it lost that spot in 1955.

A Great Way to Spend 45 Minutes

This 45-minute adventure is a must for those visiting the island of Oahu. The historic submarine is located deep underwater amongst some 25 acres of wondrous choral scenery. It’s not the cheapest thing to do in Hawaii, but it is rated highly, and at over $150 per person; it’s important to do your research beforehand.

Image Courtesy of lindir of kelis / Reddit

The tour of the submarine requires booking in advance, as it’s quite popular. A tour guide will detail the history of the sunken submarine, and you’ll walk away not only amazed at what lies beneath the surface but also more knowledgeable on the subject. The excursion is a popular destination of visitors to the island and is highly rated on numerous travel sites. Consider checking it out.

Let’s Give Em Something To Talk About

We’re not sure how to even get started on this one. We can’t decide if it’s a work of art, a talking point, a statement piece; we’ll just leave that for our readers to decide. The creator of whatever you want to call this is an avid lover of all things maritime-related. He’s a sailor and lover of the ocean, but many times he’s left alone too long, which may explain how this came to be.

Image Courtesy of Board Room Series / Reddit

The ‘artist in question, spent long periods of time alone on his boat, needing a break from the solitude, but had a hard time getting strangers to come aboard and visit. So what’s a sailor to do? How about creating an image of a sinking vessel requiring immediate assistance. Boats and ships sailing by would see the sinking boat, offer help, only to find out that the scene was intentional. We have to admit; it’s a great way to meet people and make for some interesting conversation.

A Warning to Divers

This art installation, created by Duilioi Marcante in 1954 and is titled ‘Christ of the Abyss.’ It can be found 17 meters underwater in Italy. The statue is in tribute to the artist’s friend Dario Gonzatti, who was the first Italian to ever don scuba diving gear. Dario, unfortunately, died as a result of a diving accident, propelling his friend to create this amazing work of art in his memory.

Image Courtesy of salutations 247/Reddit

The statue of Jesus with his arms outstretched is made of bronze and was completed in August of 1954 and in honor of his close friend’s passing. The artist’s intent was to not only pay tribute to his dear friend but to remind other divers of the dangers of the ocean. This image only gives us an inkling of what it must be like to come face to face with this amazing work of art.

2019’s Photo of the Year

While most mortals are terrified of what goes on deep deep down in the ocean, others can’t get enough of the mysterious deep blue waters. Take, for example, the famed photographer Matej Bergoc. Bergoc’s photos can be seen in National Geographic and other esteemed publications; just take a look at his Instagram and you’ll be amazed. It was this photo taken in 2019 that took everyone’s breath away, and rightly so.

Image Courtesy of Kegba/Reddit

Judges had to sift through more than 5k photos before they unanimously decided that Bergoc’s chilling image of a woman sitting on the bottom of a ship underwater deserved mention. The image was appropriately titled ‘My Place Under the Boat.’ Surprisingly, the photographer was only a runner-up in the competition, but in our books, he got the best photo of the century. Well done, Bergoc!

More Than a Bit Creepy

Someone in our office mentioned getting bad guy vibes from this image. Flashbacks of Batman’s Joker came to mind after glancing at this art installation. For those who aren’t yet aware, in Austria every summer, there’s an art festival called Bregenz Festspielhaus. The festival is a huge event every July and August and the festivities are usually opened by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Image Courtesy of Lostin Tirol / Reddit

Our staff was surprised to hear that events at the festival are booked well in advance, and many events are sold out thanks to the throngs are visitors. Floating barges are a must-see at the event, such as the one in the image above. The theme of one festival was Verdi’s Rigoletto, which explains the unusual floating art piece. The orchestra performed on the barge to the enjoyment of some 200,000 visitors that year.

Titanic Treasures Can Still Be Found

If you haven’t seen the iconic film ‘Titanic‘, you’re missing out. The history of the world’s most famous maritime disaster is world renown for a reason. The historic ship was a sight to behold and was considered the height of luxury till cruise ships became affordable for the masses. The workmanship that went into the ship’s building took three long years, and it was clear to see why.

Image Courtesy of IMr _ Nobody l/Reddit

Remnants of RMS Titanic’s propellers are still nestled deep underwater, some 4,000 meters in the North Atlantic. The ship sank in 1912, and over a hundred years later, the decay has taken its toll on one of the propellers, as seen in this image. It’s believed that more than 1500 crew and passengers died that fateful night. For those who still haven’t seen the film, let’s go, it’s not too late. You can thank us later.

The Story of The SS Probitas

This picturesque coast in Albania looks pretty run-of-the-mill for shorelines, but it’s got a real treat waiting for visitors. Nestled some 300 meters from the shore is a true treasure for history buffs. Tourists in the area, as well as locals, all make at least one visit to the SS Probitas, which is buried under the waterline. The Italian cargo vessel measures 115 meters long and is resting there waiting for visitors.

Image Courtesy of alpha juliett 1337/Reddit

While the main portion of the ship is submerged some 18 meters underwater, you can still view it from higher up in the water. The ship was originally built in 1919 and was damaged in 1943 during WWII by a military airstrike. The direct hit managed to destroy the ship’s ability to continue past the Santi Quaranta coastline. SS Probitas has been in the same spot ever since, in the Ionian sea.

The Wonders of Filtering Water

Environmentalists will be happy to know that Michigan takes water filtration seriously. They have to, considering the number of factories and other industries near the state’s lakeside. The governing body in Michigan isn’t playing around when it comes to filtering the area’s water.

Image courtesy of copper dog 626 / Reddit

This particular plant illustrates how water is filtered via the relevant shafts through the various processes of filtration. This specific plant was abandoned and sealed off. However, break-ins still happen, and why you might ask? Simple, curiosity to see a little bit of history of the state. We couldn’t understand why anyone would want to break into a closed-off water plant, but it’s a thing apparently.