Blow-Off Steam With These Weight-Lifting Workouts

By Goodness M

If you feel stressed, hitting the gym is the best way to deal with your situation. Although it cannot substitute therapy, lifting weights helps you release your frustrations and stress. This article will outline the heavy-lifting routines that you must follow to help you blow off steam.

Locomotion Workout

This workout requires equipment such as heavy dumbells, loaded sled, and turf space.

1. Farmer’s Carry: You must hold your weights in your hands while standing tall. Walk forward using heel-to-toe steps with your chest out and shoulder blades must be pulled down and back. The equivalent of your body weight must be carried. 90 seconds of resting between carries are required.

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2. Sled Push: Position yourself from behind the sled and lean your body forward to push. A fast pace is required when pushing the weights.

3. High Box Jump
: Squat with your arms behind your hips and jump fully extending your legs. When landing ensure that it is in the same position you started. Finish the movement by standing up and locking your hips.

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Isometric Mayhem

To perform this specific workout you require safety pins, squat cage, a barbell, and benches. You must work hard in this workout to achieve your goal of blowing off steam.

1. Isometric Deadlift
: The pins must be put to the lowest setting on the squat cage. The bar must be wedged between the pins and the bottom of the cage and set up for a deadlift. In between sets of lifting the machine from the ground, rest for 60 seconds.

2. Isometric Bench Press: Use a bench or squat cage with pins. The setup must allow elbows to bend at 90 degrees. Also, the racked bar should be above your chest instead of the eyes. After loading the bar with weight above your 1RM, press hard into the bar for 30 seconds. Between sets rest for 60 seconds.

3. Wall Sit: Your knees must be bent at 90 degrees while you seat against the wall. Engage the quads by pressing your back hard onto the wall. Repeat this until you get tired and rest between sets.