Batman’s New Car May Steal the Show 

By Francis Tunwase

The Batman hit the cinemas as we get another story about the famous caped crusader, and though Batman is undoubtedly an impressive figure, it may be his car- “the batmobile,” that steals the show in this new movie.

The batmobile is a crucial part of the Batman story, and the latest movie gives a whole new look to this famous vehicle. The usual batmobile is a sleek, otherworldly car that can be used to perform several incredible feats. However, the batmobile in the latest Batman film appears like a car you can run into on the street.

Some features of the latest batmobile 

The batmobile looks a lot like an American Dodge muscle car because it has rear-wheel drive and a base platform. Furthermore, the car sounds like a car with a V8 engine and a supercharger. This is also consistent with the Dodge Challenger model, confirming the fact that the new batmobile is a speed demon. 

Like every Batman car, the new batmobile also possesses a jet engine that allows for a rocket afterburner. When you look at the rear quarter of the new batmobile, you will also see a striking similarity to another speed car – the McLaren Speedtail.


Some critics of the ride have stated that it doesn’t appear as high-tech as the cars that we have come to associate with the superhero. However, since the movie is based on the early years of Batman, it is likely that this is the very first batmobile ever built.