The Workshop Of The Absurd: 40+ Hilarious Wooden DIY Creations That Defy Explanation

By Saptargha D

Nowadays, DIY or “Do-It-Yourself” projects have become extremely popular. People greatly enjoy using tools to craft unique items from different raw materials. Some say it’s even therapeutic! One of the most common types of DIY projects is wooden creations. From something as small as a box to a massive, elegant table, people are now devising all kinds of things from wood.

However, not everyone is born with a talent for craftsmanship; some creations can be huge misfires. Some are actually downright dangerous! There is a subreddit called “Bad Woodworking,” where people share all kinds of DIY fails. Today, we’ve selected 45 such creations that will definitely make you laugh. So, dive right in, critique, and cackle at these hilarious fails by amateur artisans.

This Chair is a Recipe for Disaster

Who doesn’t love a good old rocking chair? Going back and forth on these seats instantly makes you feel relaxed after a long day. The individual who devised this clearly had a “rocking chair” in mind. But this particular item will cause you more harm than good!

Image by thaquatic on Reddit

The person simply secured a black folding chair on two wooden logs. Thus, not only will they be unable to rock back and forth while seated on this chair, but they might also fall to the ground with just the slightest movement!

How is this an item holder?

In this unique DIY fail, someone tried creating a wooden holder to store his personal items. However, it is apparent from the photo that he gave up on the idea during the initial stages of the project itself. As a result, he got stuck with this eyesore.

Image by joshuaquiz on Reddit

This item holder is just a piece of a wide wooden stump. The person who crafted it just sawed a hole in the log to put things inside it. Overall, the creation looks half-done, rugged, and nowhere close to what they initially had in mind.

A Sad Excuse for a Toy Car!

Everyone loves the look of a little toy car. They are not only fun to play with but also look incredibly cool. However, the small wooden car in this photo does not bring people joy or happiness. It was obviously made in a shabby manner and almost looks unfinished.

Image by Now-done on Reddit

Although the car has been outlined with black paint, wooden pieces still stick out. Also, the screws in the middle of the two wheels look like they are minutes away from falling out! Thus, despite the considerable effort that went into making this car, the artisan still needs practice.

Is Wood a Good Alternative to a Lid Handle?

Wood has a wide variety of uses. This versatile material can do so much, from building doors and cabinets to being used as fences or logs for fires. However, this individual found another unusual use for wood, as seen in the photo below.

Image by rpmerf on Reddit

This lid’s handle had probably fallen off. Thus, this person deemed replacing it with a wooden scrap pile appropriate. Although it seems like a quick and unique fix, this creation is unreliable. This temporary solution will undoubtedly give away in a day or two.

Be Wary of This Bed While Sleeping!

We all love a nice bunk bed. You not only grow closer to the person you share the bed with, but it can also be extremely fun sleeping in one. However, the bunker bed in this photo seems anything but enjoyable. In fact, it could quickly become a hazard, with people incurring injuries.

Image by Ghostballsinyourface on Reddit

The upper bed has been affixed with the help of some flimsy pieces of wood. Thus, it is clear that the upper bed is too heavy for the supporting logs. We don’t know about you, but no amount of persuasion could convince us to sleep on this, especially the bottom bunk!

Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals

It is a well-established fact that dads all over the world are obsessed with woodwork. They love to spend hours in the garage crafting things, and sometimes, they make wonderful pieces. However, their efforts don’t always bear the most desirable results, and the table in this photo is an excellent example.

Image by rpmerf on Reddit

The guy who shared this photo revealed that his father tried to make a table. However, the creation was a bit too short. So, he added long wooden pieces to increase the length. He even used black bands and tape to keep his creation from breaking!

A Soap Holder You Have Never Seen Before

People are constantly coming up with new designs to store the most basic items. When it comes to things like soap holders, especially, you will find a lot of unique designs in the market. But the brains behind this particular one seems to have had an entirely different idea in mind.

Image by dimitrix on Reddit

They decided to make a DIY soap holder from wood. To make it even more interesting, they screwed in some nails to create a boundary so the soap doesn’t fall off. You already see the problem with that design, right? We wonder why they didn’t.

A Super Inconvenient Chopping Board

Chopping boards are of great significance inside the kitchen. They not only protect your countertop from being damaged but also help you chop vegetables, fruits, and meat quickly. However, the chopping board in this photo takes the cake for being extremely inconvenient.

Image by BlumpkinLord on Reddit

It is just a big block of raw wood. The board is not wide enough to place all your veggies or meat on top of it. Also, using it can be very unhygienic as the naked wood can easily absorb and trap microbes, contaminating the food you chop on it.

Will Shoes Stay on This Shoe Rack?

Shoe racks are some of the easiest pieces of furniture to build. However, sometimes things can easily go haywire, and you end up making the most unusual-looking shoe rack ever. The one pictured here not only looks outlandish, but it also doesn’t seem like it was built to keep shoes!

Image by Dill_picklex on Reddit

The rack was shabbily crafted with the help of the bark of trees. While the design is unique and gives off rustic vibes (from afar), the shelves have not been aptly fitted. As a result, keeping your shoes here can be troublesome, as the racks may fall off at any moment.

Wooden Regulator

Due to wear and tear, the control knob of an appliance may come off over time. Therefore, replacing it as soon as possible is crucial as the regulator is pertinent to inputting manual adjustments. However, in this case, the person decided to use a wooden knob instead of the regular one.

Image by Elan2413 on Reddit

While the wooden piece may work for some time, it will give away faster than you think. Moreover, it is not as hassle-free as the normal one. Nevertheless, props must be given to the person who thought of this for coming up with this brilliant idea on such short notice!

It is Not a Work of Art

One of the most important things to note while working with wood is to ensure you correctly nail the pieces. If not done right, the pieces may loosen, or the poorly secured nails may hurt somebody. So, this photo is an excellent example of what not to do when it comes to wooden DIYs.

Image by ILove2Bacon on Reddit

Here, the wooden log seems to have been inadequately secured with nails. That’s why the pin’s top and bottom parts stick out. This makes the whole thing an eyesore and a potential hazard. Sometimes, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

A Prized Wooden Possession

It’s more challenging to make things out of wood than you think. That said, this unique creation has an adorable story behind it. The person who made this wooden pencil holder shared that he had made it when he was around 5 or 6 as a gift to his dad.

Image by Aidan_Baidan on Reddit

The boy added some nails at the front and bottom to make it look like a caterpillar! How adorable! What this pencil-holding wooden box lacked in design and proper finishing, it made up for in pure love and innocent intention. No wonder the father treasured this gift!

Is This a Table or a Door?

Homeowners always try to make a great impression on their guests with beautiful furniture and centerpieces. The peculiar table in this photo, which is an amalgamation of a big door and some legs, will undoubtedly leave an impact, but not the best one!

Image by mrdoctaprofessor on Reddit

It doesn’t seem like a lot of woodworking went into making this. The person behind this DIY creation simply affixed a white wooden door over a pair of foldable metal legs. That said, while this may not be the most beautiful table ever, it is bound to be a huge conversation starter!

Where Does This Frame Go?

Everyone loves a nice wooden photo frame. It is one of the easiest and most convenient wooden furniture one can create. Upon completion, you can add your favorite photos to the frame and display them on a mantle or gallery wall. However, there is something amiss in this DIY photo frame.

Image by LadyBaconHands on Reddit

The creator took the wrong measurements of the edges, and that’s why there is a considerable gap at the bottom left corner. Because of this blunder, the frame can’t hold any pictures, making it useless. However, people who love modern art might use it as wall decor for its abstract design.

The Perfect Side Table Does Not Exist

Everyone wants a gorgeous side table to go with their sofas or other furniture in the house. It not only helps us store essential items but also makes the house look prettier. While the man behind this side table had an excellent idea, he couldn’t execute it properly.

Image by icebergelishious on Reddit

The side table here was built so scruffily that bits and pieces stick out on the corners. Anyone could easily nick themselves on the uneven edges and get seriously hurt! Besides, the raw materials used in creating it are not the most pleasing to look at.

The Most Unique Tricycle You’ll Ever See!

Almost all kids wish to have a beautiful tricycle. Riding one is so much fun, and it also helps children improve their balance and coordination. But the tricycle in this photo, made out of an old bicycle, will make a rider feel more uncomfortable than relaxed.

Image by rollobones on Reddit

It not only lacks pedals but its padded seat is also replaced with a thin piece of wood, making it challenging to ride. It looks more like it was meant to be a scooter than anything else. But as much as we love scooters, this is not one we’d hastily ride.

A Wooden Table in the Middle of Nowhere

Contemporary wooden furnishings come in unique shapes, designs, and forms. Most of them are usually eye-grabbing in a beautiful way. However, the same cannot be said about the wooden table in the photo below. It will indeed attract everyone’s attention, but not in a pleasant way.

Image by SALTYP33T on Reddit

As you can see, a sturdy tree trunk forms the table’s base, while a round and polished piece of wood makes up the tabletop. Sitting or even standing around it is bound to be uncomfortable. We can’t help but feel sad that that beautiful top had to be paired with a dull stump.

A Treehouse Built to Fall

Growing up, we saw numerous beautiful treehouses in films and TV shows. “George of The Jungle’s” abode, in particular, haunted our dreams! Although our parents never built us one, today’s kids often get their own cottage on top of trees. However, these creations aren’t always as beautiful as you think.

Image by pmags3000 on Reddit

For instance, this treehouse is a far cry from the picturesque ones we see on screen. Here, a house (if we can even call it that) has been flimsily affixed to a tree’s bark using small pieces of wood. Just one wrong move, and the whole structure comes crashing down!

Is This What a Contemporary Chandelier Should Look Like?

Nowadays, people do unique things with their decor. From incorporating more greens to making interiors come alive with eclectic centerpieces, modern-day house owners have many out-of-the-box ideas up their sleeves. However, the wooden light fixture in this photo is unlike anything you have ever seen!

Image by edgasilk on Reddit

This guy just picked a big wooden log and put it through the ceiling to form the base of a chandelier. Then, he attached a bulb to it with the wire going around the log. Whether you find it beautiful or not, this wooden DIY lighting fixture is sure to catch anyone’s attention.

This is Not How You Fix a Car

Human beings love to feel self-sufficient. Hence, they often avoid seeking help from experienced professionals, even when they need it badly. This photo is a perfect example of why some things are better off being done by experts. Not everything is a Do-It-Yourself project!

Image by DKplus9 on Reddit

The car in this image was badly damaged when a part of its body was crushed. But instead of taking it to a garage, the vehicle owner tried repairing it themselves by sticking a broad wooden piece to the damaged area. It not only did little to nothing but also ruined the car’s aesthetics.

The Most Uncomfortable Swing Ever

Enjoyment at the park is incomplete without sitting on the swings at least once. Going back and forth on these things is never not fun, even as an adult. However, the wooden swing in the photo below is highly underwhelming and disappointing.

Image by Little_woodymaker on Reddit

This picture proves that not everything made of wood will be 100% effective. It seems like the swing hangers barely hold the entire thing and might give up anytime. Though wooden swings generally give off an elegant rustic vibe, this one just screams ‘potential hazard.’

This Drill Holder Stands Firm by a Thread

Due to the durable nature of wood, it can hold a wide variety of items. However, utmost attention must be paid while designing a wooden storage space for heavy tools. This picture of a “drill holder” is the perfect example of what you shouldn’t do while crafting a wooden drill holder.

Image by whiskeypatriot on Reddit

While the drills have been set in place somehow, they could easily fall, damaging the devices and possibly injuring someone. Also, these electrical machines are considerably heavier than the wooden rack holding them. Thus, this type of DIY wooden setup is not suitable for storing them.

A Never-Before-Seen Kettle Handle

Teapots heat up quickly, so you need a nice handle to hold them comfortably. The person behind this wooden holder was fed up with being burnt by their kettle whenever it heated up. Thus, they came up with this unique idea for a teapot handle.

Image by Sharkhips on Reddit

While the handle being hot may not be a problem anymore, this is still a potential fire hazard since wood tends to catch fire very easily. As a result, the owner must now be extra careful when placing this teapot on the stove.

The Oddest Stairs You Will Ever See!

From narrow and steep stairs to spiraling ones that you must tread on cautiously, all of us have seen our fair share of odd stairs. But the one in this photo beats them all by a long shot. Here, small and uneven pieces of wood have been used to form a type of makeshift staircase.

Image by SpinnySpinn on Reddit

The first step is just a piece of flimsy wood placed above two bricks. Anyone stepping on it could break not only the wooden piece but also their leg. Meanwhile, the other remaining steps have been shabbily affixed atop each other, making this one of the world’s most dangerous staircases!

A Botched Shelf

If you have a good amount of sturdy wooden pieces, it should not be hard to build a cabinet out of them. After all, there are tons of tutorials available online. But not everyone is cut out for making wooden masterpieces, and this photo is proof of that.

Image by Grillenium-Falcon on Reddit

The person who made this said that they needed some extra kitchen shelves. But they decided to make some themselves instead of hiring professionals for the job. So, they ended up making these strange shelves, sticking out weirdly in an unpleasant way. Well, they get an A for the effort, at least!

In-House Gym Equipment Made of Wood

In-house exercise equipment is a great way to release pent-up frustrations, especially for fitness freaks who do not have enough time to hit the gym. The creator of this wooden weight holder had clearly envisioned an in-house gym setup. However, he failed to bring his vision to fruition.

Image by MichaelSander on Reddit

It is evident from the photo that the barbell on top is too heavy for the wooden structure to bear up against them. As a result, it can fall anytime and cause grievous injuries to the person lying on the gym bench below. We’re wincing just thinking about it!

Optical Illusion Gone Wrong

You’re mistaken if you assumed this is a picture of an optical illusion. Instead, it’s a construction fault! The owner tried to make their home look more spacious by skirting the floor and interior wall surface all by themself. Unfortunately, the results were far from good.

Image by slumericanfan on Reddit

Though they probably wanted to conceal gaps between the walls and the wooden floor, the disconnect is evident. The wooden pieces were cut sloppily, making it look untidy. This shows the importance of hiring professional interior designers and carpenters for construction work instead of taking things upon yourself.

The Most Fragile Mallet Ever

Mallets are essential tools in the arsenals of most handypersons. They impart a significant force when fixing wooden pieces together. Contrary to what you may think, the tool in the picture below is actually a mallet! It might be missing the barrel-shaped head, but it functions like a regular mallet.

Image by Deeplymine on Reddit

The person behind it revealed that this was her very own creation. However, she is quite aware that this mallet doesn’t hold a candle to other professionally-made ones. She just wanted to showcase her DIY creation, so she posted this picture online. Hats off to her courage and ingenuity!

Good Idea Meets Bad Execution

A dice tower is a unique device gamers use to roll the dice fairly. If you are a board game enthusiast, you must have heard of it. This user is also a board game player, so they tried building their own dice tower. But the end result was disappointing, to say the least.

Image by Coastal_wolf on Reddit

The wooden pieces were glued together very clumsily. As a result, some parts stick out in clumps, making the tower look like a complete mess. However, though it’s not the best-looking dice tower in the world, it can still perform the necessary function to avoid cheating in games.

Poorly-Built Wooden Wardrobe

Wood can be used to build beautiful cabinets and shelves. Cupboards made out of it can add a rustic touch to your home. However, it is unclear what the person who made this had in mind while creating this wooden wardrobe.

Image by willdotexecutable on Reddit

They simply nailed long pieces of fragile wood together to make them stand upright and hang their clothes on their creation. How long this wardrobe will stand is only a matter of time. It’s evident that the structure will fall apart as soon as something heavier is added.

This Person Should Just Buy a Stand

Generally, sturdy, durable stands are great tools for reaching high surfaces. As a result, they can often be spotted in homes. However, nowadays, many people build their own stands. Unfortunately, while some people ace DIY projects, others do a dismal job at it.

Image by BladeLX 7 on Reddit

The creator of this stand revealed that they crafted it out of the available scraps they had at home. Anyone can tell it is highly unsteady. Just one step and you can easily fall and break something. So, getting a robust stand crafted by a professional carpenter would be a better idea.

Not Everything Has To Be Handmade!

Everyone loves phone accessories. From mobile covers to phone holders, we love buying these nifty items for ourselves. Sometimes, people even successfully fashion their own mobile accessories from various raw materials. But many a time, the outcome is not worth it.

Image by FelixTheCrazy on Reddit

Here’s a DIY wooden phone holder specifically made to use in cars. Sadly, it seems not much went into the creation, as only a few nails hold the wooden pieces together. While this unique holder serves its function, even the slightest jerk could make the phone fall and get damaged.

A Unique Way to Usher in Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is an 8-day Jewish festival of great significance. Everyone has their unique style of ushering in this festivity. Usually, most people light one candle a day throughout the eight days of celebration post-sunset while chanting prayers and singing songs.

Image by cbogie on Reddit

But in this photo, the celebrations kicked off with a special type of “Hanukkiah.” Instead of using a store-bought one, this family hand-crafted a Hanukkiah from wood. However, the wooden structure looks a bit outlandish by nature. Also, having an open flame so close to wood is never a good idea!

Don’t Lean on This Railing

Railings or handrails lend a certain edge to staircases. In many cases, they even serve as a safety measure by preventing falls and injuries. However, the handrail in the image below is an excellent example of how not to build one.

Image by follow_the_light on Reddit

This is a wobbly structure, as the wooden pieces do not follow the correct measurements. In addition, the upper portion of the railing is slightly longer than the lower part. Thus, it gives the impression that the wooden pieces could fall apart at any moment, eventually requiring professional assistance.

DIY Toddler Deterrent Latch

Toddlers have an annoying habit of walking around and touching things that are unsafe for them. Since parents cannot always be around, they install protective barriers to prevent their kids from getting into places they should. Unfortunately, these baby-proofing tools can be a bit expensive.

Image by BaldingAndLovingIt on Reddit

So, these parents decided to make some wooden barriers themselves and attach them to the cabinet latches to prevent their children from opening them. However, this barrier can be a danger in itself. The edges of the wooden piece are rough and can easily injure kids.

Kitty Door Installation Gone Wrong!

If you have a cat at home, we’re sure you constantly shower the little feline with love and affection. The person behind the mishap in this photo also tried to pamper his furry friend but failed miserably. While he built a near-perfect kitty door, he made a grave mistake.

Image by PiotrSanctuvich on Reddit

Instead of carving the hole at the bottom of the door, this cat owner did it at the top. Unfortunately, the poor kitty can’t reach that height! The man even fashioned a tiny cat tail on the door, but all his efforts were in vain. So sad!

A Wooden Maze

This guy’s vision for this piece of wooden furniture is unclear unless they wanted to create a shabby-looking maze. This item actually serves no purpose. One can neither sit on it without breaking it nor use it to make their home look beautiful.

Image by LogicalFig1759 on Reddit

The creator of this DIY stool randomly stuck a bunch of wooden pieces together. We even wonder how they assembled the logs in such a peculiar way. But it looks like they are now stuck with their creation since we doubt anyone would want this.

Even the Dog Doesn’t Like It!

We humans constantly try to make the lives of our pets easier. The lady behind this DIY creation tried doing the same for her little canine. She built a wooden ramp so that her little pooch could easily access the house. However, the dog wasn’t a fan of this inclined plane.

Image by moistsymposium on Reddit

While the ramp was a good attempt, the canine must have found its appearance unappealing. But maybe she’ll give it a try soon. After all, it takes pets some time to get used to new things. The woman could try tempting her with delectable treats so that her wooden creation gets some utility.

Unique Problem Demands a Unique Solution

Tired of his kids frequently losing the TV remote, this person devised a hilarious way out. His solution for this recurrent problem was simple but funny. Instead of sharing the much-needed knowledge about the need to look after important things, he stuck the remote to a long wooden log.

Image by Kitchen_Turn_4017 on Reddit

Given the sheer length of the item, the kids will never lose track of the TV remote again. Well, this smart dad is proof that even a simple piece of wood can come in handy while imparting crucial lessons to children!

A DIY Method to Keep Your Device Upright

Tablet or mobile stands are available in the market in many shapes and forms. Nowadays, creative people even try to develop their own customized stands. Likewise, the person behind this unique wooden creation also tried making their own phone/tablet holder, but the result was not so satisfactory.

Image by Lux_Interior9 on Reddit

The stand looks slightly rugged and could use a neater finish. The creator could achieve it with the help of some sandpaper and maybe a coat of paint. That said, the end product isn’t completely bad. It can still be used to hold a mobile or tablet in place, which is the most important thing!

The Most Useless Desk Ever!

Who doesn’t love a good old desk? The man behind this photo revealed that he got the most unappealing surprise in the form of this shabby little desk. It was left behind by the old owners of his new house.

Image by Gaming_Moth on Reddit

Clearly, its previous owners had as much dislike for it as most people. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have left it behind. Flimsy pieces of wood appear to have been weirdly stuck together to give off a desk-like appearance. It’s a mystery how it’s still in one piece despite its shabby design.

A Sad Attempt at Making a Wall Look Presentable

This person tried to give his room’s wall an edge but failed miserably. From the image below, it is nearly impossible to figure out what the guy had in mind. The white baseboard pieces don’t look seamless in any way!

Image by DIYwithDave on Reddit

Well, this is another reason why you must always hire professionals for interior design. As you can see, three weirdly cut baseboard pieces were placed in the middle of the skirting, trying to give the wall a flawless look without success!

There Can Never Be Too Many Screws!

While joining two pieces of wood together, screws are your best friend. For a long time, these good-old screws have been part and parcel of every woodwork-related project. But unfortunately, some people tend to overdo it from time to time.

Image by onehappyb on Reddit

It’s evident that the individual who made this was afraid of her creation falling apart. Hence, she used more than five screws to secure the logs correctly. In fact, we can only see one side of the wooden piece here. So, imagine the total number of screws that went into putting this whole thing together!

This Bird House is a Little Too Small for Comfort

Birdhouses provide safe spaces for little birds to roost, lay eggs, and protect themselves from predators. Making a DIY nesting space for birds is a noble act, and many people engage in this activity nowadays. The person behind this unique creation also seems to have tried their hand at it.

Image by gentillekes on Reddit

But this wooden birdhouse is too small. Thus, the common birds we see on a day-to-day basis won’t be able to enter the box, let alone build a nest inside it. Plus, even if the creator realizes their errors now, they cannot repurpose these small pieces of wood for anything else.

A Piece of Modern Art

Sometimes, you can use scraps to form a unique creation, and this picture is proof of that. Nowadays, people love to recycle things, which is how this eclectic frame was born. The creator randomly put together wooden pieces of varying lengths and widths to curate this abstract piece of art.

Image by Uncle_Chef on Reddit

He used a combination of square and rectangular-shaped pieces. He even used different colored wood, from deep brown to white, to add aesthetics to the piece. However, despite the efforts, this wooden frame didn’t make much sense to anyone, including the artisan.