Advice To Ensure Your Suit Fits Perfectly

By Stephen M

Fashion trends are mostly transient, but style is everlasting. If you really know what you want, choosing a suit can be very easy. However, whether what you’ve chosen would fit you well is another thing altogether. If you want to be on top of your fashion issues, especially when wearing suits, then there are several things to consider.

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Modernity has given birth to new suit trends, and there is something for every occasion, formal or casual. You need to know what you want and for what purpose. Or you may want to try something new like the suit with shorts. Here are some things to check when you want to go in for something fitting and classic.  

The shoulders

The suit’s shoulder must be at the same length and in line with your shoulders. If what you pick is smaller, bigger, or longer than your shoulder length, drop it. It would definitely not fit you. Don’t even think of doing some alterations on the shoulder to make it fit. It’s not worth the struggle because it would end up affecting the suit’s style.

Chest area

To check whether the chest fits perfectly, slip your flat hand under the lapels while having the top or middle button of the suit fastened. Now try to fist your hand. If the suit pulls at the fastened button, then it is a perfect match. That said, you should consider your personal style of suit. Some people prefer their suit a little loose. If that’s your style, go for it.


Always check where the top button or middle button the suit falls. If you are buying a two-button suit, then the top button should not fall below your navel. For a three-button suit, the middle one is where to check.

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The sleeves should always fall within your wrist line or somewhere around where your wrist meets with your thumb base. However, there is an exception if you love wearing watches. You can find something a little above the write. Your tailor can do a little alteration on the suit sleeves to fit perfectly.