Advice For Men: 3 Tips For Choosing A Career You Love

By Stephen M


Life is full of challenges and related surprises, especially for men. You will surely encounter rise and fall, disappointment, setups, and backstabbing. But in all, you need to always make the right decisions, especially when choosing a career. It is imperative to choose a field you are passionate about, however, do not limit yourself to just one career path. Unless you have a high-paying job, limiting yourself to one thing always throws you into financial instability and stress. As such, we are here to guide you through how to choose the right career and how to create other side hustles.

Choose something that interests you


Working in the wrong industry can be very depressive and stressful. Know your strength and choose something that interests you. Something you can do over and over without getting bored. Start by penning down all the jobs you are interested in. Narrow your list to the best three jobs, and amongst them, choose the one that meets your qualities. If your interest is in the tech or healthcare industry, research the various aspects of these industries. You should know which one is in high demand, lucrative, and comes with a good salary.

Look for a mentor

Effective mentoring creates effective leaders. You can’t be an island in an industry that has existed for several centuries. Surely, some people have passed through the ranks and achieved great experience in that field. Find someone who inspires you, and you can understudy or seek advice from. You can even do this before choosing a career. Mentoring builds you up, makes you avoid petty mistakes, and gives you an edge over your colleague. A great mentor would be ready to pass on all the knowledge they have acquired throughout their career.

Further your education

Thanks to technology, there are several ways to upgrade yourself without having to sit in a classroom. If your current career is earning you less or you feel you’ve lost interest in it, switch. It may even be that your current certificate needs an upgrade to earn you a better position. Pick up an online evening class to upgrade yourself. Furthering your education puts you better positioned to renegotiate your employment terms or find a new job that suits your talent.