A Smart Guide To Maintaining And Caring For Your Beard

By Goodness M

After noticing the importance of growing a beard in men, I have come up with the best tips and routines that you must follow in the maintenance of your beard.

Moisturize Your Beard

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This can be achieved by using natural beard oils that have essential oils with therapeutic properties. Also, use beard balms because they can provide hold for your beard when you are styling. Do not use beard oils that contain chemicals or silicone.

Keep Your Beard Clean

It is important to clean your beard daily. This helps to remove food particles, dirt, dust, bacteria, and dead skin cells trapped in your beard.

Washing Your Beard

You are recommended to wash your beard with a natural beard shampoo. This is because it cleans without removing the much-needed natural sebum oil produced by your body. However, avoid using regular hair shampoo because it contains chemicals that remove natural oils from your beard leaving it dry.

Brush & Comb Your Beard

Photo Credit: uk.braun.com

Many benefits can be achieved through brushing and combing your beard.

1. Brushing distributes natural oils evenly throughout your beard.

2. Brushing creates a path which your beard must follow when growing.

3. Brushing increases blood circulation which promotes the growth of your beard.

4. Combing untangles your beard.

5. Combing helps to style your beard.

Trim Your Beard, Cheek & Necklines

When you are beginning to grow your beard do not trim for 6-8 weeks. After growing your beard, trim it regularly to keep it shaped and on point. Also trimming helps to create a healthy beard.

Live Healthily

A healthy lifestyle has a remarkable effect on your beard. Make sure that you drink lots of water, have enough sleep, and exercise regularly. The growth of your beard depends on these activities.