7 Tips For The First Date: How To Score A Second

By Luka E

It’s totally normal to feel nervous when you’re out on a first date. Before even arriving at your date spot, you probably will have a lot running through your mind. We’re constantly trying to balance our emotions – showing excitement while not coming on too strong, or showing intelligence without becoming overbearing. These tips will help your first date be less daunting and more fun!

Avoid One-Sided Conversation

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While you should, of course, share things about yourself, you also need to ask questions about them. Show them that you’re genuinely interested. 

Don’t Be Too Touchy

A first date should be warm, friendly, and natural. Try not to be super touchy and all over them – it just shows that you’re desperate or clingy. That said, it’s wonderful to give them and hand out of the car or perhaps offer them your arm as you walk through a crowd. 

Be Present

Avoid being drawn into outside distractions, like your phone or work stuff. Be in the moment, take your time, think before speaking, and make the most of the time together.

Split The Bill If They Suggest It

It’s a sweet gesture to want to treat your date, but if they want to split the bill, then don’t force it. It’s important that they feel comfortable and that their boundaries are respected. 

Give a Polite Compliment

It’s really nice to feel appreciated. Stick to neutral compliments, like “you look really good tonight,” or “I love your laugh.” Don’t tell them how good their butt looks in those jeans. That’s inappropriate.

Be Humorous

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Dates should be light and flirty. Make use of your funny side; everybody responds well to laughter. Find a topic you both agree on and have fun with it. 

Remember To Have Fun!

These tips should go a long way to making your date feel comfortable, but remember that you should be too! Try to have fun, relax, and be yourself – it’ll make the chances of a second date much more likely.