5 Easy Tips For A Healthier Gut

By Anthony K

Your body has trillions of bacteria that determine psychological and physiological processes like digestion, general mood, and immunity.

Image source: lecreuset/Unsplash

Jack Gilbert, an expert in the matter, believes that a diverse gut microbiome may affect fitness performance, mood, heart health, and recovery. Below is Gilbert’s simple guide to help you build and maintain a healthy gut.

Eat Different Types of Plants

Your diet should include at least twenty plants and vegetables to build microbial diversity and reduce gut bacteria.

Take vegetables in your lunchtime salads and morning smoothies for the best experience. You can supplement fruits and vegetables with nuts, beans, and whole grains.

Wash the Body Strategically

Most of your skin contains bacteria that may wash off easily when exposed to antibacterial soaps. Use warm water and regular soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers when cleaning your hands.

Focus on your privates and pits more than other areas to reduce the risk of microbial resistance.

Put Your Hands in the Dirt

Dirt can improve your child’s immunity and resistance to harmful bacteria.

Adults are encouraged to educate their immune systems by putting their hands on the ground and allowing soil microbes to enter the body through the skin and inhaled air.

Go Easy on Fermented Foods

Fermented foods and beverages are recommended sources of probiotics/ beneficial bacteria essential for a healthy gut.

Image source: jordanr93/Pixabay

Unfortunately, excess sugar can generate bad bacterial heightening inflammation. You can cover the bases with a plant-based diverse diet.

Avoid Probiotic Supplements

A diverse diet helps you build and maintain a healthy gut better than probiotics.

Some research claims that probiotics can help with irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and eczema, but little evidence is available to prove that probiotics can alter your intestinal bloom.