3 Ways Men Can Improve Their Mental Health

By Stephen M

Men usually have a shorter life expectancy compared to women. What could be the cause of this? Are men undergoing so much stress to meet family and friends’ expectations? Do men keep a lot to themselves instead of confiding in others? Or are they just blasé about their general and mental healthcare? No matter your current state, here are some ways you can improve your mental health as a man.

Exercise is key

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Exercising is key to one’s general and mental wellbeing. Without it, and coupled with other inactiveness, you can find yourself falling into depression. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. This shouldn’t be anything tedious like lifting weights. You can do some jogging, push-ups, squats, and side crunches. You can also do 20 minutes of walk daily. Find something that you enjoy, and that feels good.

Ensure financial wellness

Being on top of your finances while doing away with unnecessary debts brings you peace of mind. Achieving this is rare for many men due to the burden of taking care of the family’s financial needs. You can learn about financial literacy yourself or hire a professional to teach you the essentials or have them take through the whole process. It will also help when you shy away from profligate spending.

Talk to someone

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Men must understand that it is ok to speak to someone or seek help when going through depression or other problems. Don’t worry about being stigmatized for talking about your mental health or seeking help because keeping quiet can be downright dangerous for you. When you feel depressed or need help, talk to someone close or seek help from a counselor or psychologist.

Another way is to mingle with others or find new positive relationships. One thing mental health problems come with is isolation. People going through such situations mostly try to isolate themselves by decreasing social connections. Don’t seclude yourself, but instead, try to join positive social clubs around you or occupy yourself with positive people. This will limit any sad thoughts and hopefully lead to recovery.