3 Best Steak Cuts And How To Cook Them

By Stephen M

Men love their steak and always want to enjoy that sumptuous taste, be it at home or a restaurant treat. What exactly is steak, how is it cut, and which are the best cuts? As you read on, all these questions will be answered.

What Is Steak?

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For some people, steak is just a piece of meat nicely seasoned and grilled. Not at all. A steak is a piece of meat (mostly beef) cut across the muscle fiber of the cow and may sometimes contain a bone. You can grill, pan-fry, or even use it in cooking sauce.

Best steak cuts:


Ribeye cut, as the name hint, comes from the cow’s rib section but is mostly boneless. Also known as Scotch fillet, it is one of the popular steaks in the world because of its strong flavor. Its tenderness and well-marbled fat make it juicy as well as flavorful. In addition, the easy-to-cook characteristics of ribeye make it the favorite for many steak lovers. You can grill or fry it as your dish dictates. It’s pretty versatile.


Found at the loin section of the cow, tenderloin is the tenderest part of a cow. Also called the fillet mignon, the cut spans from the short loin to the sirloin of the beef and is located beneath the ribs along the spine. If you prefer the texture to flavor, then tenderloin is what you need. You can, however, enhance the flavor with a sauce.

Strip Steak

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Strip steak comes from the short loin of the cow. It is low in connective tissue; hence, it’s tender. Strip steak is next to ribeye when it comes to flavor, thanks to the marbling fat content. If you feel for a flavorful grilled beef with a reasonable price, go for strip steak.